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  • Morning Bell: What Is the Spending Multiplier on a Pack of Condoms?

    This Sunday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) created quite a stir when she attempted to defend Section 5004, of the House’s economic stimulus plan which allows the Medicaid bailout portion of the spending plan to be spent on family planning clinics. The leftist organization Media Matters came to Pelosi’s defense claiming “The National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association says such policies are extremely popular.” But Media Matters and their leftist allies completely miss the policy point underscored by highlighting the stimulus plan’s family planning loophole. The Associated Press explains why this issue goes way beyond family planning:

    While the debate surrounding the overall impact of the measure pits economists and their statistics against one another, Republicans quickly seized on the family planning money as evidence that the Democrats were advancing an agenda that went beyond the economy.

    The entire intellectual underpinning of President Barack Obama’s spending plan rests on the belief that certain types of government spending creates a “multiplier effect” which raises national income beyond the size of government’s initial spending increase. So, for example, Mark Zandi has concocted a table which purports to show that for every one dollar the government spends building “Infrastructure” GDP will grow by $1.59. There is also an entry on Zandi’s table for “General Aid to State Government” which Zandi knows for an absolute fact has a 1.36 spending multiplier. So if Obama’s stimulus plan bails out California’s spendthrift government, and Sacramento then spends that money buying condoms for Nancy Pelosi’s constituents, Mark Zandi wants us to believe that this entire transaction will increase GDP by $1.36 for every $1 in condoms Sacramento buys. Does anybody really believe this?

    Again, the family planning issue is just one example of how the left is using the cover of the stimulus to advance their long-term goals of increasing the size of the federal government. The stimulus plan increases Washington’s control over spending on education, spending on health care, spending on the environment, and even spending on local law enforcement. As the Washington Post editorialized this weekend: “All of those ideas may have merit, but why do they belong in an emergency measure aimed to kick-start the economy?”

    They don’t. Before he had to toe the official administration line, National Economic Council director Larry Summers said that in order to be effective, any stimulus bill must be “timely… targeted … and credibly temporary.” As we have already proven, there is nothing temporary about this stimulus spending. But new Congressional Budget Office numbers show there is nothing timely about it either. According to the CBO cost estimate of the stimulus plan, only 52% of the spending in the bill will occur by the end of FY 2010. This is well short of President Obama’s own standard of 75% of the spending taking effect over the next year and a half. The CBO details the reason for the untimeliness of the spending:

    Frequently in the past, in all types of federal programs, a noticeable lag has occurred between sharp increases in funding and resulting increases in outlays. Based on such experiences, CBO expects that federal agencies, states, and other recipients of funding would find it difficult to properly manage and oversee a rapid expansion of existing programs so as to spend added funds quickly as they expend their normal resources.

    Defending all the left wing spending in the stimulus bill, Speaker Pelosi told Politico last week: “Yes, we wrote the bill. Yes, we won the election.” This statement perfectly reflects the attitude of those in power on Capitol Hill. They are driven to use the current economic emergency to advance their long held partisan interests. There is nothing “timely, targeted, and temporary” about the left’s agenda. By Larry Summers own criteria, this stimulus bill is guaranteed to fail.

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    41 Responses to Morning Bell: What Is the Spending Multiplier on a Pack of Condoms?

    1. Ozzy6900, CT (The Bl says:

      We should call this The Pelosi Proposal so proper homage could be paid by future generations. Where do people like this come from? Nancy Peolsi has proven herself to be one of the (if not THE) stupidest person to ever occupy a position in Washington D.C.! I really hate to say this but the men with white coats really need to pay her a visit – SOON!

    2. Dennis Logan, Round says:

      So why can't the government do more with less $$$ like American Families have to?…because they are Liberal Fascists.

    3. Karin, Norristown, P says:

      I don't want to comment, I want TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS! How do we move away from just blogging and physically reach out to our neighborhoods to tell what is going on and get petitions to stop all this maddness! Most folks have no idea what's going on. How do we teach them?

    4. Walt in El Paso, TX says:

      I understand that the demo's stimulas plan includes millions for ACRON – how do we stop this?

    5. LVKen7@Gmail.com - says:

      What we get with Condom Education -






    6. OGLiberal, NJ says:

      OK, I can handle this argument. Saying that federal funding for these family planning services is not a "stimulant" is debatable. It will help cash strapped states but it may be better handled in a separate bill, not in a stimulus package. I don't view this as "pork" but I'm open to the idea that maybe it doesn't belong in this legislation.

      I can also handle the argument that the states and not the federal government should foot the bill for this stuff. In normal times, I might agree…but these aren't normal times.

      I do, however, have a problem with people objecting to this on culture war grounds. I've seen more people compare this funding to eugenics and abortion than I have seen arguments like the one presented above. Increased use of contraceptives can prevent unwanted pregnancies, and less unwanted pregnancies can lead to….fewer abortions. Is that a bad thing? And is the right now against contraception? As for the eugenics claims – that's tinfoil hat stuff.

      At the end of the day, this is simply a sideshow. The programs in question here are non-controversial with most of the general public and the amounts that were going to be allocated to this funding were relatively small. And yes, I know every dollar counts but is the GOP really going to make this their defining issue…and allow it to be framed in culture war rather than economic arguments? If they are, they certainly didn't learn any lessons from last year's election.

    7. OGLiberal, NJ says:


      You have to understand that for the culture warriors, those things aren't important. All they care about is conception and birth – anything that prevents these things is bad and anything that happens to a child after birth is just not something they worry about. "Fewer pregnant teenagers"? "Fewer unwanted babies"? You're talking about a group of folks who turned Bristol Palin into a national hero. They don't care if 15-year-olds get pregnant…just as long as they have the baby.

    8. LVKen7@Gmail.com - says:

      Robert Reich to Michelle Malkin,

      Sean Hannity, and

      Rush Limbaugh

      "…you have a special responsibility to consider the accuracy of what you say and the consequences of inflammatory and erroneous statements. "

      "I urge you to take responsibility for your words. Words and ideas have real world consequences, and you have demonstrated a cavalier disregard for both."


      The stimulus plan will

      create jobs

      repairing and

      upgrading the nation’s roads,




      water and sewage system,

      public-transit systems,

      electricity grid, and


      And it will



      non-fossil based sources of energy

      (wind, solar, geothermal, and so on);

      new health-care information systems; and

      universal broadband Internet access."

    9. Bob in St. Louis, MO says:

      This is just shameless! Pelosi needs to be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail! This 825-Billion 2nd stimulus package is the biggest waste of future tax payer dollars, ever! It's just a big money giveaway by the democrats who just love to waste our money and those of future generations! Obama is a socialist as well as Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Dodd, Frank and the rest of the Kool-aid kids up there in D.C.. How do true americans vote these idiots into office? I'd say 75% of the electorate is so misinformed! What a sham!! It's disgraceful!

    10. barbara gore, beverl says:

      Pelosi should live in China, this is still a free United States and How dare she plan for American Families. Close the Boarder and we will get less illigals and theier children here. Those people have most kids than working American Citizens. It is time that this Cabinet close our boarders instead they planning how many kids a family should have. I belive that that Pelosi will be punished from the above and soon, she is mendling way above her rediculouse brain.

    11. LVKen7@Gmail.com - says:

      On MY stuff

      you should say -

      Your comment is currently undergoing DELETION

      instead of –

      Your comment is currently undergoing moderation

      At least I KNOW Someone at HF Reads my post

      even tho,

      you don't want OTHERS TO KNOW THE TRUTH.

    12. Mark Y. Durango,Co says:

      The economic stimulus plan Obama is trying to push through should be renamed, it is a SOCIALIST STIMULUS PLAN. The largest increase in government spending in history,doubling the largest deficit in history and increasing the size of government and it's control is not an economic stimulus.Let's use our heads here.

    13. OGLiberal, NJ says:

      @Mark Y.

      "The largest increase in government spending in history,doubling the largest deficit in history and increasing the size of government and it’s control is not an economic stimulus."

      So, in other words, its basically a continuation of the Bush administration's economic policies. Wow…didn't know Bush was a socialist!

      I'm just sayin'…..

      @Barbara Gore


    14. Bob in Pensacola says:

      Stimulus? Condom's will stimulate our youngsters harmons for sure. And statistics I have seen indicate this idea really encourages more irresponsible sex and actually leads to more abortions. Pelosi is such a embarrassment to the Catholic Church. She should be excommunicated along with Bidon, Kennedy and the other liberal so called Catholics who support this abomidable practise.

    15. jjay - Louisville, K says:

      Makes about as much sense as the Bush-Cheney policy of creating war based on lies to make democracy or torture to get real information. EXCEPT, IT DOESN'T HURT OR KILL ANYONE !!! It will in the long run reduce medical needs and expenses which otherwise would clog the system with the unnecessary situations which need not occur, as well as help persons become more conscious of how their own actions make a difference to all of us.

    16. BOB, FLORIDA says:





    17. Jim Medley, Seattle says:

      I am sorry to see all this focus on the family planning part of the stimulus package. Lets talk about the big issue which is the impropriety of the Federal Government being in the stimulus busines. Whether its cars, houses, banks, or family planning, it is all wrong.

    18. joe jackson says:

      As is obvious, elections have consequences. What people voted on was not the right thing for the entire country to benefit from.Putting democrats in complete control of everything is terrifying TO SAY THE LEAST. Who is going to pay for this sickening spending orgy? Unfortunately it is too late for at least 2 more years.The nation as a whole is being stolen from right before our eyes, unfortunately, I fear 2 more years will be too late. What a comletely shameful disaster to a great nation and its people.Please, everyone keep track of who is stealing from me and you and do not forget next time you go into the voting booth, as we will see, it absolutely does matter who everyone votes for.

    19. Peggy, Illinois says:

      Didn't Backtrack Obama swear that there'd be no "earmarks?" Is Pelosi the first to make her leader the "Liar of the free world?"

      When I checked Obama's website for FY 2008, he had campaigned to all the Press in 2007 and promised Illinois cities they'd harvest millions (earmarks of pork) if they cloaked him. They did and he porked for Illinois. Can't see why they charged Blago, when Obama's Pay-to-Play was more transparent.

    20. Dan, New Mexico says:

      In response to the Liberal posts: It is not about "culture wars" it is a matter of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. I am not turning a deaf ear to your comment about less aids, fewer unwanted pregnancies. Contraception is a band aid for a much larger problem of societies acceptance that people are no longer responsible for their OWN actions. There are consequences to actions and in this day and age it is unexcuseable for someone to claim ignorance to the ramifications of unprotected sex.

      I can find no rational explanation to include contraception in an ecomnomic stimulus package. This argument should be taken up separately and not be forced through as part of the stimulus package.

      Additionally, Does anyone realize that by pushing the contraceptive issue that Nancy Pelosi is essentially saying that there are too many people on federal assistance and that we can't afford any additional people on the federal dole! Without coming out and stating it, she has recognized that years of social welfare has created such a problem that it is collapsing under its own weight, thereby undoing the very concepts and tenets of democratic party.

    21. JJSMSL in vt says:

      I agree with so many fellow americans that Nancy Pelosi is off her rocker, she has always been. Who is just noticing? She has always been off her rocker, who votes for her anyway? And who voted for the people that appointed her speaker of the house, are they off their rocker also? keep up the good work America!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    23. JJSMSL in vt says:

      the thing is there are no earmarks, there does not need to be, isnt anyone else seeing this. When barack obama said no earmarks he knew what he was doing, he is very crafty with the deceptive tactics. Why would the dems need earmarks if everything they wanted is drafted in the original piece of proposed legislation. they have made a statement by saying no earmarks of course but who is drafting the piece? the only people who are completely powerless are the republicans who did not draft this, have any input, or any earmarks. so the republicans lose all ways around it.the dems can gloat and say we did not allow earmarks by writing it into the original!!!!!!!! what a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is terrifying me!!!!

    24. Francis Beckwith says:


      What is an unwanted baby? Is it like an unwanted black person? Or an unwanted immigrant? Or an unwanted woman? Or an unwanted handicapped person?

      There are no "unwanted" babies, as if the adjective "unwanted" can be a natural property of that which is intrinsically valuable. There are just adults who have a disordered understanding of their obligations to the vulnerable and defenseless in our community. Reinforcing and nurturing that immaturity by describing the intrinsically valuable as "unwanted" is deeply immoral.

      Bad adults blame the baby first, just as bigoted adults blame the immigrant, the minority, and the handicapped first for their own inadequacies.

    25. Ozzy6900, CT (The Bl says:

      The Left thinks this about Pelosi's Plan





      The reality is it all comes back to Family Values, Personal Values and Respect for One's Self and Others!

      But in today's society, there are very few Families but plenty of broken homes. There is little to no teaching of Family Values because you need a FAMILY to teach that.

      So you can throw out Personal Values because the only thing that counts in today's, Liberal Land is me, myself and I!

      Respect for One's Self can be tossed also because with out Personal Values, one knows nothing of Respect.

      Respect for Others? Not on your life!

      So without the FAMILY, there is nothing. We have endured an entire generation of latch-key kids who come from broken homes or from families where both parents work and "don't have time".

      POPPYCOCK! If you have a kid, it is YOUR responsibility to raise him, not the Government's. YOU should be teaching him what Values are all about, not Sex Education in the Schools. YOU should have enough sense to know that having sex could result in pregnancy and other things. YOU should keep it in your pants or close your legs!

    26. Victoria, Florida says:

      The more I read the news the more convinced I am we live in a fallen and sinful world. This is the major problem all over the world. Leaders in possition to govern around the world are scoffing and rebeling agains Him Who holds each one of us accountable for our actions. We, who are made in His image and in His likeness are behaving as if Congress and the Senate are in control to make change. Change starts by acknowleging the Creator from Who all blessings flow, such as a Nation whose trust is in the Lord are like Mount Zion which cannot be shaken but endures forever. As the mountains surround Jerusalem so the Lord surrounds His people both now and for evermore.

      The sceptor of the wicked will not remain over the land allotted to the righteous, for the righteous might use their hands to do evil Do good o Lord to those who are good to those who are upright in heart.But those who turn to crooked ways the Lord will banish with the evildoers. Pray for our leaders that their hearts may be cultevated to do His will and in turn to give Him His glory.Praise the Lord in all circumstances, good or bad. For He is in control and sees the actions of all men, women, and children.

    27. Audrey D Anderson, V says:

      To Ken in LV, I guess you have never learned that socialism and government interference has never worked. Only Capitalism and free enterprize can stimulate an economy. We are now living in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged,which I suggest you read. Mediocre fools and philosophers who demean the minds of intelectual minds will lead us to disaster and a totalitarian government. Let's hope and pray the thinkers return.

    28. Victoria, Florida says:

      There is no escaping brutality from the wicked who have it in their minds to disobey the Lord Who createded your inmost being. He knitted you together in your mothers womb.We need to praise Him because you are fearfully and wonderfully made His works are wonderful You need to know this upfront. Your frame was not hidden from Him when you were woven together in the depth of the earth. His eyes saw your unformed body. All the days ordained for you were written in His book before one of you came to be. How precious to all those who trust in the, O Lord!! All the talk of our politicians to care about our children is in my view hypocritical. What should matter to all of us sinners,and we do sin,is that we live our lives unto the Creator-God. He should matter more then our politicians.

    29. michael hutchings says:


    30. Oscar says:

      Thank-you, thank-you for this “sanity” check bulletin board.

      Our government spends our extremely, hard earned tax dollars

      way to fast and without sound, “main street” studies (surveys, models etc.)supporting how the money can best be spent – get the most for our dollar.

      I challenge speaker of the House, Nancy P , to spend one week working a nurses job – work a long day, drive home in heavy traffic, cook dinner (because

      you can’t afford to eat out) pack lunches for the next day, then get up and

      continue the routine for the next 4 to 5 days, then on the weekend do all the chores to

      get ready for the same thing next week. I guarantee after one week, working and counting her salary to pay her bills – she would have a much better idea about spending the money. Perhaps, American needs a new branch of government, the “Sounding Board Panel” made up of a doctor, a secretary and a police, an engineer and factory work, well you get the idea, to assist the House and Senate.

    31. Hope Rodriguez Holla says:

      We,the people of the United States of America in order to form a more perfect union,establish justice,insure domestic tranquility,provide for the common defence,promote the general welfare,and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity,do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.This is just the beginning of the Freedom Doctrine our ancestors laid out for the United States of America.They left England because they had no freedom of speech,let alone religion.They were being persecuted for their beliefs.Which is happening now with this new adminisration.Step away from the Hollywood media,take off your rose colored glasses,and remember who the actual Messiah is.;There will be many false prophets,do not fall prey to their false promises,for they will lead you into a life of debauchery and an eternal lake of fire.Conservatives and people on the fence,turn to your Bible and you will see thru all the smoke and mirrors our politicians are playing us for suckers.Open your minds or you are going to pay dearly for what our ;elected officials'are bending us over for….WAKE UP!!!!!

    32. ella quinn kinsto says:

      obama and his adminstration are trying to turn us into a socialist country.thank god for people like sean hannity and rush that will stand up for us.in 2012 we can vote again. we will get a good prerson next time.lets educate everyone we can on voting the right way,the republican way.encourage everyone you know who didnot vote to vote next time.i will work hard on helping people to vote.

    33. H D, Virginia says:

      The contraception funding belongs in the yearly appropriations bill where it would be debated and hopefully voted down. The point is that it has no place in a stimulus bill. That is the problem with most of the spending planned by the Democrats. We are not just talking "earmarks" here or "pork", we are seeing a blatant deluge of spending to pay for votes given to Democrat candidates by voters who were voting for their entitlements.

      More strategic tax cuts and bipartisan oversight on bailout monies both past and future would go a long way to stimulate the economy. What we are getting is solutions developed by the same politicians that caused the problems that lead to the sub-prime debacle. Frank, Dodd, Waters, Moss, Pelosi, Reid and we can go on and on, failed to exert oversight and the American taxpayer is being taken to the cleaners.

      How do we change course? We don't let up. When we see it is wrong, we write our congressman and mention that 2010 is just around the corner. These constant reminders will begin to take their toll if we stay consistently on message.

      In God We Trust

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    35. CR, Oklahoma City says:

      I hope people are also watching C-Span to see what our elected officials are actually saying about this stimulus bill. The major networks skewer the truth.

      Our new US Treasury Secretary,approved in the Senate today-is the boss of the IRS-and the nations bank account. He is the same man who was too stupid to or to crooked to know he had to pay about $40,000 in back taxes and did not pay the bill until Obama nominated him.

      The second day in office Obama signed an executive order releasing millions of taxpayer dollars to be disbursed to the International Monetary Fund and other international aid organizations for the purpose of "family planning" aka- abortion on demand.

      The stimulus package earmarks 200 million to plant a new lawn at the National Mall.

      Millions for contraceptives.

      600 million for new federal vehicles.

      Only 7% to small businesses

      Only less than 30% to the taxpayers.

      Hundreds of Millions to the National Endowment for the Arts.

      Billions to the building of new federal buildings.


      Many of these billions are for projects located in Washington DC.

      I just hope the House of Idiots led by Nancy Pelosi and her evil twin Harry Reid, will allow a few million of our dollars to build a new prison for the Gitmo prisoners. The ideal location to be in Pelosi's home town,in the Washington DC district, or anywhere else in California, New York, or Chicago. Since the politicians and the liberal left are so sympathetic to the gitmo prisoners, perhaps they want to live nearby so they can go visit the prisoners on a regular basis.

    36. CR, Oklahoma City says:

      In addition, won't Nancy,Harry, and Barak be sad when they find out what happens to the Gitmo prisoners once the hard timers teach them about life inside the big house. They'll wish they had left the Gitmo guys in Gitmo. Waterboarding will seem like a piece of cake to the terrorists.

      I just wish Eric Holder's sixteen FLN terrorists had been sent to Pelican Bay or McAlister, maybe then Holder and Bill Clinton wouldn't have had the opportunity to pardon them.

    37. len, Alexandria,KY says:

      If the Pelosi plan would Guarantee that her proposeed Multi Million dollar expenditure Might keep the world safer by not reproducing any more Crack heads like her and her Den of Congressional Lap dogs.. it might warrant another Consideration…

    38. Sally Smith Birmingh says:

      Stop the bailouts. I am sick of having my hard earned money and my diligent financial planning being robbed, yes robbed out of my pocket to give to those who are irresponsible, lazy and/or crooks.

    39. Clair, D.C. says:

      It's disturbing to me to see so many comments claiming, through various wording, that it is "just like those evil democrats to waste federal money."

      Have we all already forgotten who sunk us into this deep economic pit of despair?

      Nancy Pelosi is not "crazy." She is an educated, informed woman who seeks to protect reproductive rights and ensure that there is enough funding to offer reproductive health services to women who need them. It is a proven statistic that for every $1 spent toward family planning, your state and federal government they save $4. To me, that is a signifigant enough return to warrant a spot in the stimulus bill or independent legislation. Not to mention the effects family planning has on the morale of the women of our country. By having the option to plan their family, we are giving them more opportunity to get an education, a good job and be able to really support their children without the aid of the government.

      Even if you don't see the benefits of family planning, you have to see that it is more positive for our economy than the huge tax cuts Bush was handing out to his buddies and business partners.

      Clair Jones, familyplanit.org

    40. Penny Moore, Soda Sp says:

      Let's clarify the term "abortion"!

      "Abortion" is NOT a form of family planning.

      "Abortion" is NOT a form of birth contol.

      "Abortion" is terminating the life of another human being. Aborting a post term legally viable infant is murder!

    41. Mike, Hickory, NC says:

      This is yet another example of those times when you know you're being so "screwed" by the insanely money and power-mad Socialists that you don't know whether to laugh or cry just to at least try to keep your sanity; all you do know is the Socialist power and money-grabbers (Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and Co.) are at it again, it's gonna hurt everybody except them, and sink the ship down into Socialist hell where "everybody's equal", alright, everybody's equally drowned in broke and powerless…except them, that is, all in the name of "the people", of course!

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