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  • DeMint Laments 'Business As Usual'

    Sen. Jim DeMint at The Heritage Foundation

    WASHINGTON – Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) offered long term solutions for the ailing economy today at the Conservative Bloggers’ Briefing held at The Heritage Foundation. Before a packed house, with FOX News cameras rolling, DeMint clarified what is necessary to create economic growth: providing an environment in which businesses are ready, willing and able to take economic risks.

    “The [businesses] who really create the jobs would laugh at [the current stimulus plan], because what they need is to be able to look out 5, 10, 15 years to see a predictable business environment where if they take reasonable risks they can expect a reasonable profit. Right now, in our economy, the risk-reward balance is out of balance. What we have now is uncertainty, and it’s uncertainty that causes recessions,” he said.

    DeMint recommended the two-part strategy outlined by Heritage’s J.D. Foster and Bill Beach, in which permanent, across the board cuts of individual and corporate tax rates would overcome government-induced marketplace instability.

    Writing in a January 22nd op-ed in The State , DeMint called the Pelosi-Reid-Obama Debt plan “junk food for our starving economy. We don’t need another check-in-the-mail debacle, business credits that expire after a single year or special-interest corporate welfare.”

    Perhaps most dangerous of all is the precedent being established that spending=stimulus. If government spending solved recessions, why would there ever be recessions? Governments would simply spend their way out of them.

    “This is not change you can believe in,” DeMint said. ”This is business as usual if I’ve ever seen it in Washington.”

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    5 Responses to DeMint Laments 'Business As Usual'

    1. Solly, St. Louis says:


    2. Dick, Nashville says:

      wasn’t jim demint the guy who said, “freedom’s not free, it costs folks like you and me….freedom costs a buck o’five”???

    3. Ruby K. Gerisch, Bel says:

      Thank you Senator Demint for fighting the good fight for conservative values. You continue to represent the best interest of South Carolina and our great nation. I pray that you will stand strong!

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    5. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      If government spending solved recessions, why would there ever be recessions? Government would simply spend their way out of them."

      Exactly! Documented facts show and prove that if government spending (and taxes), increased or not, was or is any "solution" or "cure" for such as the current so-called "recession", then the current so-called "recession" would already be ended.

      Indeed, such government spending, increased or not, has not ended, is not ending, or will not end economic downturns in this country, but has, does, and will instead exacerbate the causes of such economic downturns, no matter how Leftist government elitist Politicians may deny that fact and their accomplices in academia and the media may try to cover for them accordingly, even going so far attempting to re-write history (such as about how Hoover made “The Great Depression” worse but FDR ended it, when the documented facts are they both made it worse; Hoover by signing Leftist government elitist legislation, and FDR by both pushing and signing such legislations).

      To better understand and identify with this fact: If you have ever spent at a deficit and perpetuated debt (including credit card debt) and the consequences of it, or if you have ever or are engaging in and perpetuating any such spending and debt beyond yourself and your own lifetime (meaning “sticking” others with your debt and the consequences of it), and see government doing the same thing, then you and I understand, or you’re about to learn, how neither you nor government can “spend your way” out of economic trouble!

      Indeed such spending and debt is evidently and obviously both wrong and counter-productive as anything other than an excuse for Leftist government elitist politicians to grab more money and power under the guise of “solving” any economic woes, etc.

      Why is that? There are two reasons I can immediately think of to start with:

      1. Because engaging in such irresponsible spending and perpetrating such debt, and even passing it on to others, including subsequent generations, is in fact morally bankrupt, irresponsible, unjust, and altogether inexcusably wrong

      2. History repeatedly shows and proves to this day that such trying to "tax and spend" out of any so-called "economic down-turn", "recession", or "depression", simply doesn't work, and in fact exacerbates them, however useful doing so is for Leftist government elitist politicians to gain power and tax money through such taxing and spending

      These things are true, no matter how well-intentioned any Leftist government elitist, or "Keneysian", politicians may claim to be, and no matter how they may demagogue and pander to get away with such irresponsible spending, etc, which gets most of the people (including business people) into bankruptcy court, and/or punished by the IRS, and/or even convicted and sentenced to prison, etc, for wrongdoing.

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