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  • And The Winner Is...The Hollywood Elite


    Just in time for the Oscars, the Pelosi-Reid-Obama Debt Plan has tabulated the results, opened the envelope, and announced the winner is…wealthy Hollywood donors. An idea so far fetched, it could only have been produced in the late hours following the Golden Globes.  $246 million has been earmarked in tax breaks for movie studios that want to purchase film equipment, such as movie cameras and film.

    According to National Journal, the tax breaks would enable companies to write off the cost of 50 percent of equipment for Hollywood blockbuster movies.  Companies that use this new tax break would be ineligible for another incentive which allows production companies to deduct 100% of production costs up to $15 million. 

    Tax breaks are always welcome in the debate on how to ‘stimulate’ our economy, but in this case select lobbyists and Members of Congress are picking winners and losers in this Debt Plan and wealthy Hollywood executives are the only ones benefitting. The 2001 and 2003 tax cuts for all Americans need to be extended and the Marginal Tax Rates for individuals and businesses need to be reduced by 10% to create new jobs. With more people working and keeping more of their paychecks, more people can afford to go to the movies, and that’s a script we can all enjoy.

    Best Picture Nominees Are:

    Stimulus Millionaires
    The Curious Case of Trillion Dollar Spending
    The Reader (About the one person who was able to read all 1,000 pages of spending)

    Best Actor and Actress: Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, for continuing to convince America that we can spend our way to prosperity.

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    9 Responses to And The Winner Is...The Hollywood Elite

    1. Thank You Gov't says:

      IT WORKS!!!

      I am a newborn Louisiana Actress and ready to risk my last pennies on my education: Veleka Gray, Jerry Katz, Joseph Vance, because the tax incentives is proven to work in Louisiana for Louisiana Film Industry and I am willing to bet my last 300 on these ministers of Education, because these tax breaks facilitated this business built out of nothing and increased my faith that there is an industry coming here, so I changed my life and risking my bottom penny that acting classes and crew classes is the way to go to create a Brain/Heart from Louisiana and finished Talent work ready for the industry that is coming here #2 in the nation, economy proof, yes. What a ripple effect: going from a minimum wage worker $8,000/per year bagging groceries with a college degree from LSU, and now have hope for the future-thanks to Mr. Chuck Bush, Rep. Stephen Scalise, the fathers of our Successful yet to be improved tax incentives program building our film industry and creating and facilitating new workers (me), hopefully to make that much in a week or month as a finished Actor. Where is your money, Mr. Theater, Mr. Kasper/LeSuit, Fashion, Mr. Steakhouse, Mr. Chair, Ms. Photographer, Mr. Musician–IN MY POCKET in my state's and USA's pocket through SALES TAXES and yes, hopefully one day PROPERTY AND LICENSE TAXES. What goes around comes around and all have a piece of the pie. Who benefits, my acting services, headshot photographers, restaurants, dept. stores, organizations, State of Louisiana, and the USA from the bottoms to up. Your Louisiana Sunshined, Susie Labry

    2. Belinda Kasmiersky, Missouri City, Texas says:

      This frightens me, the lengths that our President will go to payback all of his money donors and also create a welfare nation with this bill.

      I just watched Honeywell and other CEOs whose corporations will benefit with the new monies say we should go along with the President.

      I do not want to see this package get passed because we taxpayers will be paying these large corporations and movie makers.

      Cut taxes for the average taxpayer (not the people who don’t pay taxes) and for small businesses.

      Call and write your senators and respresentatives to stop this manipulation of the masses.

    3. Tricia Tellez Giron, Sierra Vista, AZ says:

      If Hollywood is so supportive of socialism, why don’t the big money makers there start by spreading their own wealth??? They could make everyone in California equal. Is that not what they want? If they were to make some quality movies, worthy of the term “Art”, I might not be so opposed to that part of the package. However, the whole package smells in my opinion.

    4. Peter Malkmus, Knoxville, TN says:

      Give Hollywood a tax break and a pay break. Stop buying their product.

    5. ANDREW, OHIO says:

      the dem-o-rats are destroying america. social all the way. more money for the great teachers union (nea) they cannot teach kids to read on graduation. our forefathers could read out of the fourth grade. but yet this is pay back for teachers backing the new hussin prez.

      then we now have all the hollywood dumpies getting money for making movies, %50 wright off. are these the same as 600 private jets in washington for the big charade. i call this the big washington hoax 2009. people do not listen or read and that's what washington knows, a country full of dummies.

    6. jerry springfield,m says:

      am i the only one that recalls what nikita kruschev said!?? " we will bury you"?? think further on about that. (JUST ASKING)!!

    7. Eli, Al. says:

      You all can bet your buns that nobody but liberal leftists will win an Academy Award.

      Sean(the traitor) Penn will win.

      And if there is a category for being a loud mouth fool, look for Alec Baldwin to win.

      It's the same thing all over again. Clintons should have moved the White House to Hollywood.

    8. Pingback: Hollywood Hat Trick | pamibe

    9. Sam kendall, Wiscons says:

      Gee, and here I was thinking it was the Democrats who kept complaining about "tax cuts for the rich". I also cdoubt that I'm the only person who thinks that earmarks could be used for money laundering.

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