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  • What the Stimulus Will Cost Working Families


    Shanea Watkins and Patrick Tyrrell of the Center for Data Analysis at The Heritage Foundation put President Barack Obama’s trillion-dollar spending plan into terms we understand:

    Many people have trouble picturing such an enormous amount of money. To put it into perspective, $825 billion is worth approximately $10,520 for each family in the United States, or $22,445 for each family with children under the age of 18.

    Average spending for all family groups in the United States is similar to that of families with children. On average, families annually spend:

    • $2,330 on apparel and services,
    • $3,595 on health care,
    • $4,322 on food at home, and
    • $11,657 annually on shelter.

    If all families were asked to equally shoulder the burden of the $825 billion “stimulus” package, it would be like asking them to take on an amount of debt equivalent to what they spend on food, clothing, and health care — or most of what they spend on shelter — for an entire year.

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    26 Responses to What the Stimulus Will Cost Working Families

    1. Ozzy6900, CT (The Bl says:

      Show me where the taxpayer shouldering a $825 billion dollar bill is stimulating anything! The Left is going to stick us with the bill again -LITERALLY!

    2. Diana, Georgia says:

      Please, we must all do everything we can to stop this absurd "so called" stimulus package. In no way can the "pork barrel" gifts included in this ridiculous piece of legislation stimulate any economy. Only things like reducing corporate taxes, incentives for renewable energy, incentives for creating new jobs, (in the form of legitimate tax breaks) CAN CREATE NEW JOBS. Stop penalizing the rich for participating in the American dream and forcing them to support those who will not work for a living. Stop rewarding and paying for illegal immigrants who break the existing laws of this country. Stop rewarding with entitlements people who do not work their way OFF of welfare. Let businesses who have mismanaged go under. The Gov. forced mortgages to be given to people who, under any normal circumstance, could never have qualified for a bank mortgage. Mortgagees who KNEW they could not afford mortgage payments on a house and took the money anyway should not be given even more. The people who took this mortgage money should not be bailed out by forcing lending institutions to take losses to do so. This is a free market economy and those of us who worked hard, saved our money for retirement, and, don't buy what we cannot afford to pay for are being penalized and forced to pay for those who simply believe they are somehow entitled to be supported from cradle to grave with no sacrifice on their part, like hard work. Our businesses will be further forced to outsource manufacturing overseas by higher corporate taxes and penalties for not being able to afford to provide health insurance. HOW IS THIS GOING TO STIMULATE JOBS IN THIS COUNTRY? HOW IS THIS GOING TO STIMULATE THIS COUNTRY'S ECONOMY? These are the questions that must be asked by all Senators and Congressman of conscience. Not only was the first bailout a serious mistake, and has already been misspent, but this new and even bigger giveaway will destroy the very foundation this country was built upon. We must all do everything we can to stop the "new giveaway."

    3. Grace, Florida says:

      I think we would all feel better if we had a voice speaking up us. I feel that we are not being heard at all. I don't know who in their right mind thinks a bill like this will do anything but make things worse. Failure is always the best ingredient for success. If we continue these bailouts we are going to be a nation of has beens. I have e-mailed our Senator and Congressmen and will continue to do so; but we need a good strong conservative voice to start yelling about all this.

    4. Bob in St. Louis, MO says:

      These people in Washington are completely out of their minds! Ditto to Diana in Georgia!! I'm sick to death of congress giving my hard earned tax dollars in a big giveaway! All they're concerned with is what is going to make me look good to get re-elected! Too many damn lawyers up there determining our future and that of our children, and not enough accountants who understand how to budget! The republicans better stand up and vote NO! Better to vote your principles and conscience rather than cow-tow to the liberal, leftist, socialist democrats! You can't spend your way out of this mess!! Cut taxes and capital gains would be a great start! Vote no to Obamanomics!!

    5. Linda in Texas says:

      I feel that we conservatives are on a boat headed for very rough waters without a captain, rutter, and/or paddles. We need someone to organize the conservatives so we can have a definite voice instead of just hearing about what is going on. We are sinking and the liberals will take this country if we are not careful.

    6. Mary says:

      DON'T DO IT! If this administration is hell bent on spending all that money why don't they send the $10,520 dollars to every family? I bet the economy would take off pretty quickly.

      This is insane!

    7. rtchard traxler wei says:

      Legaly robbing the poor to give to the rich, and to those who choose not to work. A blatent attempt to buy themselves power forever.

      Our country will not survive very long under the Obamaniac bail out, welfare entitlement mentality.

      I pray America wakes up before we loose our once beautiful country…

    8. rtchard traxler wei says:

      Legaly robbing the poor to give to the rich, and to those who choose not to work. A blatent attempt to buy themselves power forever.

      Our country will not survive very long under the Obamaniac bail out, welfare entitlement mentality.

      I pray America wakes up before we loose our once beautiful country…

    9. David in Social Circ says:

      I like the way the speaker of the house is saying that abortion is a good means of contraception and less children means less strain on the economy and a quicker turnaround to end the recession.I'm not a animal vet.But I know a horses butt when I see and hear one.May GOD bless


    10. Marshall Hill-Michig says:

      This is not a mistake by this Administration,it is

      intended to bring the Entire Nation down to the

      point that full blown Socialism will prevail!

      How many Lawmakers will wake up!

    11. William, Washington, says:

      This comment is to those calling on legislators or someone in Washington to do something to stop the federal government's takeover of the U.S. economy:

      This abominable stimulus bill – and worse – will become law, the free enterprise as we know it will cease to exist, and a new form of government will be shoved down Americans' throats unless and until average Americans OUTSIDE of Washington organize and speak up – over and over again even when it seems fruitless.

      Take it from one conservative Washington insider, almost no one INSIDE Washington, even long-time conservative stalwarts, have the vision, courage, and will to stand up to the Obama juggernaut.

      Many conservatives desperately want to believe that Obama will govern from the center now that he is in Washington. That will only happen if political realities generated by average Americans make it impossible for him to govern as a socialist/Leftist/progressive.

      (Look what he's proposed in ONE WEEK: eliminating military detention of even those enemies of the U.S. who have committed war crimes, restricting U.S. intelligence agencies' to fewer and tamer techniques for interrogating terrorists than those available to state and local police officers questioning a car thief, a $1 trillion bill that takes a major step toward total nationalization of banking and industry, and U.S. funding for the culture of death around the world. Here's what he and his Attorney General-designee Eric Holder have refused to take off the table: prosecuting members of the previous administration [a step characteristic of every tyrant in history]; restoring censorship, including the euphemistically named Fairness Doctrine, against those who disagree with him and his administration[see previous note about tyrants]; and extensive new nationwide restrictions on firearm ownership [ibid.].)

      Obama will cater to the Leftists who financed him and made him their stealth candidate unless and until average Americans force him to do otherwise.

      Don't wait for your knights in shining white armor in Washington to rescue this democratic republic. They aren't coming. It's up to you; it's up to me.

      Buck up! Stand up! Speak up!

    12. Jerry Bulla, Findlay says:

      ditto to all the comments, I thought we defeated naziism, and communism, if the leftist like it so much let them move to cuba or china, and try to speak out against the government like they have for the last 8 years. if this bailout out is a stimulus package who's it for NOT THE AMERICAN PUBLIC! The lefts "ideas" are just failed "ideas" that they've regurgitated and try to put a new face on. Boo to the legislater's and the president, if you really want to promote change listen to the people a vast majority of us don't want anything to do with your socialist agenda, but in true facist style you'll dictate what YOU want not the American people. You all remind me of another historical figure I won't say his name, just this, "ZEIG HEIL"

    13. Mary Medford, NJ says:


      Everyone, sign and pass it on to all your contacts….it's time to FIGHT BACK!!!! C'mon….let's FIGHT this destruction !

      God Bless America

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    19. Pete OB in NJ says:

      You know they will vote for it, it will line thier pockets not ours. They need to devide the money out to the public that will stimulate spending.

    20. Jason, Shelby, NC says:

      It's time for true Americans to stand up to Communist sympathizers (Democratic Congress). Our country was built on freedom, and free market principles. Our current chief usurper will wreck what's left of this great nation. I thank the GOP Congress today for not selling out, and sticking to their principles.

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    23. Mike, Hickory, NC says:

      Not only would imposing any $825 Billion "Stimulus (Porkulus) Package" be like requiring each family in the United States to pay $10,520 per year, and $22,445 per year from each family with children under the age of 18, or in other words requiring all families to "equally shoulder the burden" by taking-on an amount of debt equivalent to what they spend on food, clothing, and health care – or what they spend on shelter – for an entire year, but also I have heard it illustrated much closer to the actual amounts, and perhaps more impressively, on the radio as follows:

      (Quote): "If all the trillions of dollars in spending and debt which Obama and his allies in Congress want to impose was converted into dollars and piled on top each other, they would tower out into space beyond what was spent on the American Revolution, The American Civil War, FDR's "New Deal", both World War I and World War II, plus what was spent on the War in Viet Nam, LBJ's "War on Poverty", the Left's "social/entitlement spending" since then, and what's been spent on The War Against Terror in Iraq".

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