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  • Texas Says No to Federal Dole

    In these opening hours of the federal administration of change, it would appear very little is different. The ill-conceived big-government schemes of the past are being given a 21st Century spin, but are nonetheless the same policies shown to fail mankind over and over. Fortunately, Texas is more wisely governed.

    The Lone Star State is better weathering the economic crises griping the nation because our governor and legislature have refrained from meddling where government shouldn’t tread.

    In this video available on our YouTube channel, Texas Gov. Rick Perry rejected the “stimulus” packages proposed by Washington saying, they are “just bad message, bad policy.”


    Instead, Perry says, government should be focused on keeping the economy free and unfettered from taxes, regulations and frivolous lawsuits.

    Rather than growing government, Perry has ordered the state’s agencies to cut their current expenditures and budget proposals.

    Businessmen and women across the state were… getting nervous about what was happening in their bottom-lines and they started making the cuts in discretionary spending. Governments should be no different than them. We need to be very cautious in our spending this session, prioritize what’s important, and continue to look for ways to give the people their money back to them in the form of tax cuts.

    It’s only by keeping focused on the fundamentals of sound policy in times of fiscal hardship – by not growing government and hamstringing the economy – will we ensure a strong, vibrant future for all Texans.

    - Michael Sullivan is President & CEO of Empower Texans

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    21 Responses to Texas Says No to Federal Dole

    1. Anita Tyler TX says:

      I think this is the time for Texas to secede from the Union ,cuz this Nation is heading downhill.

    2. Gregg - Billings, Mo says:

      If Texas were to cede, it would be great if Montana and Wyoming could make a pact to follow. But what about connecting up with other states in between?

      We Montanans unfortunately are being strangled by the Western 1/2 of our state which embraces environmental extremism and elects 50% of the makeup of our legislature AND fools our majority to elect a "me","me","me" Governer AND our 2 (and only 2) foolish US Senators! Help!

    3. Mike, Dallas says:

      Bravo, Gov. Perry.

      This is the kind of leadership that we desperately need on a national level. Unfortunately, after Johnson, Bush 1, and Bush 2, I don't think another Texan is going to inhabit the White House for a long, long time.

    4. D. Russell, Orlando says:

      We have 50 states. Why don't we just divide them up? Those of us who want to keep our freedoms, believe in small government that actually represents the people, and implementing the fair tax and term limits on those we do elect to office. We could actually decide who we allow into our country and who can legally stay in our country. We could allow our children to pray in school, if they want to (even if they aren't muslin)AND return our education system to one that actually teaches our children to read and write, comprehend math. Let our kids learn that failing at something isn't failure at life and grow from the experience. We could teach them to think for themselves instead of allowing the state to brainwash them into little robots that believe any brainless talking head on TV or a movie screen.

      We could let the bed wetting liberal have San Francisco, heck take all of California and D.C. We'll take Alaska and Texas where Americans have not forgotten what individual rights are.

      What do you think?

    5. Barb -mn says:

      It’s only by keeping focused on the fundamentals of sound policy in times of fiscal hardship – by not growing government and hamstringing the economy – will we ensure a strong, vibrant future for all Texans…just think if every state in this country had the same attitude and understanding of their governmental positions how vibrant the whole country will be. Really, those in government should have the American constitution memorized and understood before they're allowed to campaign for hire.

      I so agree with all but your response D. Russel, has been my exact thought building year after year. I respected the mentioned succession of Alaska and understand why. Why should we be in a state where there are more people getting a free ride while the self sufficient, self reliant continue to be the sole provider of the majority who are not? We would like to be informed of the states who's majority population are productive, self reliant, self sufficient and respect not to infringe themselves on others. So far we know of Alaska and Texas. From one end to the other. Thank you again, Mr. Perry. You are a true patriot.

    6. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      It is so good to hear a voice of reason and leadership from Texas. It is what our founders envisioned two hundred years ago. We need to do something to get those of us that still believe in George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison out of the socialist muck of the current US government. US Constitution is burnt with socialist Molotov cocktail. Forget about July 4! Forget the national anthem! It calls for the "land of the free and home of the brave". We are none of those things any longer. We should at least be honest about where we are as a nation today.

    7. Jim, Alvarado, TX says:

      The issue of secession has been decided by the might makes right method. In other words, the one with the biggest stick wins. More than one legal scholar says that Lincoln's mission of "saving the Union" was as unconstitutional as could be and I agree with that position. No where in the Constitution is the president or Congress granted the power to be keeper of the Union. No where in the Constitution is exiting the Union prohibited. Lincoln was wrong to view himself to be the savior of the Union and the blood of thousands is on his hands. The states joined the Union voluntarily and therefore had full power to withdraw if they so decided. The most important but often forgotten phrase in the Constitution is that the powers not specifically given to the federal government are reserved to the people and the states.(Parapharsed, but the meaning is there)

      As a Scholar of the Constitution, I think the states could withdraw if they so chose. Revolutionary idea isn't it? Just for grins read some of Jefferson's writings about revolution. He would agree with my position if he were alive today.

      Sorry to sound so authorative, it's really not my style.

    8. Wow! You've sai says:

      The American people have been raked over the coals by the politicians that we,Im sorry to say, have elected to office. So much has to be changed and off the top of my head,

      1. Term Limits

      2. Get rid of Dodd and the rest that took the

      restricitions off the banks.

      3. When they want to run for another office, they

      must give up their seat and not get paid for

      running for another office and living in

      another state and collecting your pay and not

      doing the job you were elected to do.

      4. Pay back all the salery that you did not earn.

      5. Any person in office who so much as commits any

      crime should have to forfeit all their

      pensions and benefits.


    9. Dustin Schell says:

      The federal goverment has the ability to control states thru federal funding. Here in Montana legislation is passed that that might not otherwise have been passed if the federal goverment had not threatened withholding of funds for infastructure ect. Our states will never stand on there own until the people we elect make it clear that we will not sucomb to the federal govements wishes which inherentily infringe on our rights and freedoms just so the states can fatten the budgets

    10. J. Rehling, Portland says:

      I feel for you Gregg. Oregon is stuck with the voting bloc of the portland metro area, so while most of the state is conservative (sane) the government ends up being hard left democrat that regularly ignores the vast majority of the state.

      It seems somehow wrong how one or two large cities get to decide the fate of the entire state…. and the nation for that mater. There needs to be some protections against the "City welfare" mentality that is tearing down our states and nation.

      people outside of the big urban areas are silenced by the big city voting blocs and that is just not right.

    11. Tim Zimmer, Bismarck says:

      It was great to hear the comments from Gov. Perry. North Dakota is another states that operates in the black and 53% of it's residents voting for John McCain. With a Republican governor and a hole lot of common sense we will continue to operate in the black. It time for the listen majority to start listening and speaking out on what has and is about to take place in this country with these Stimulus packages. Basically, they have become the pork packages. The recovery will be done on main streets of this country not more pork from Washington, DC…Time for Conservatives and Republican to take a stand and call for taxes cuts and discontinue the bail outs.

    12. Darvin Dowdy Hous says:

      This is an example of the GOP's level-headed side. The side that Heritage wants you to see. And the side that they do not want you to see? The GOP's collusion with the U.S. Chamber to keep the flow of cheap illegal labor flowing across the southern border. This is costing Texas billions of dollars and the tragic costs to our society are immeasurable. Perry has not done all he could do about solving this problem. Not even close.

      Oh how I'd love to see Rick Perry make a clean break from this downward pulling influence of the "seditious" U.S. Chamber and attack this problem of illegal immigration, border enforcement head-on. Being very vocal and public about it. If he'd take the lead on this issue (Palin doesn't seem to want to soil her dainty hands with it) Perry could easily be the next POTUS. Easily. First step, force all TX employers to use the E-Verify Program when hiring. Come on Rick! Take a stand! Darvin Dowdy

    13. Cathy, Houston says:

      It is nice to hear a governor reject this liberal “stimulus” package. Now he has to reject these illegal immigrants.

    14. Jim L, Katy says:

      Most of you are still drinking the Kool-Aid. Don't forget that Perry is running for re-election. As soon as he won his last election, he reversed his campaign promise about strengthing the border. He's a liar.

      He's lying again about the recent headlines about the Trans Texas Corridor being dead. It isn't dead, he's just going to take smaller bites and hope that no one notices.

      Perry is a RHINO. He will say anything to get re-elected because he wants to be on the next presidential ticket in 2012. He's not a conservative and I say to hell with him, Hutchinson and the Republican Party in general.

    15. Jim, Wisconsin says:

      What more can I say, you people have said it all.

      I have to get out of this hell hole of a state before it collapses completely and now I know some of the states to relocate to. And I agree with Jim there are too many Rino's in the Republican party that should be voted out. My advice to anybody thinking about moving to Wisconsin, forget it you will be sorry our governor was asked to be a character witness for the governor of Illinois that should tell you something.

    16. Suzanne in Denton, T says:

      Gov. Perry and our very own Senator Cronyn are just talk. If the "stimulus" bailout passes Congress, and with the Democratic-Socialists in power, I don't see it not passing, Texas will be among the first states to grab for the "pork". I've lived in Texas all of my life, and what you hear from a Texas politician's mouth is not usually the truth. Trouble is, we can't ever get true conservatives elected in this state. I will eat my computer if Texas turns down the pork. That will be a true and amazing "first". I can hear the squeals from the "hand-out" crowd now. Sigh.

    17. Texas Conservative says:

      Governor Perry is one of the best Governors in America. It's too bad that the far less conservative Kay Bailey Hutchison is going to divide the party by running against him in the primary.

    18. Ann Williams, Michig says:

      There are alot of people in Michigan who would like to cede to. We can't get rid of the Gov Jennifer Grandholm.

    19. BOB Spokane Valley W says:

      You people in Texas have it right. You Do not need more goverment but less goverment Keep goverment out of privet bussines keep tax's low

      and you will weather this mess and come out stronger.

      My daughter lives in Dallas and wants us to move to the Dallas area she said that I won'tbe sorry.

      I am starting a air transportation company and it won't be in Washington Texas maybe.

      I hope that Governor Perry keep's his word.

      Only time will tell

    20. Marshall Hill-Michig says:

      It appears that many Texans know about Perry and his Game!So will they put him away,and why not!

    21. Mike, Hickory, NC says:

      If Texas Governor Rick Perry is consistently as Conservative, not only in this case of his saying “no” to the Federal Dole in the form of the so-called “stimulus package” (Porkulus bill), but also in all other cases, then of course now "Liberal" (Socialist) politicians, and their willing accomplices in academia and the media, etc, are going to go out of their way (which is considerable, to put it mildly) to lie, cheat, and steal in every way they can, hire every "willing gun" they can find, and fabricate and manipulate all the lies and half-truths they can imagine and manipulate, all to crucify and destroy him in any and every way they can.

      After all, in their book, Karl Marx forbid that a Conservative Governor survive unscathed and unmolested for such a crime, since that could help spell the beginning of the end of occupying Leftist government elitists, including the RIPO (Republican In Party Only) collaborators who join with them, whether deliberately or by default, which includes: The RIPO's who lost control of both the U.S. House and Senate because they abandoned the Conservative principles which got them elected and collaborated with the Democrat Left for fear of “being called names” (never mind the Left kept calling them names anyway), RIPO Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who says "Republicans must move to the Left", and, yes, "Mr. Middle-of-the road (Roadkill)" himself, Senator John McCain, who evidently finds a perverted glee in acting like a Judas, such as when he correctly blamed Obama for helping ensure the Federal policies and practices which actually led to the so-called “financial crisis” (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, etc), but then voted with Obama for the so-called “financial rescue bill”, after the House actually wisely defeated it, but enough Pork was added to make Senators happy.

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