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  • Will U.S. F-35s Face Russian S-300s?


    Russia and Iran seem intent on crashing President Barack Obama’s honeymoon. Last month the deputy chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s Commission on National Security and Foreign Policy told Iran’s official Islamic Republic News Agency that Russia had agreed to deliver S-300 missile components to Iran. Heritage Senior Research Fellow Ariel Cohen breaks down the impact:

    Allegations that Russia may be supplying Iran with S-300 missiles have circulated in the media since 2005. Such missiles could boost Iran’s defensive capabilities against possible airstrikes targeting its nuclear program. In the past, Moscow denied Iran’s statements that such deliveries had taken place.

    The latest row over S-300 sales came after Iran’s official Islamic Republic News Agency cited a senior Iranian MP, Ismail Kosari, as saying that Russian and Iran had finalized the S-300 deal and Russia had started supplying the systems. This was predicted last fall in Washington by a visiting Russian official with good knowledge of the region. While Iran has neither confirmed nor denied the statement, military experts do not rule out the possibility of on-site S-300 assembly from components allegedly supplied to Iran.

    Although the sale of the S-300 to Iran is not prohibited, such a deal would be a game-changer in the Middle East. First, with S-300′s range of close to 200 kilometers (120 miles), Tehran could threaten U.S. and allied troops deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq, if it were to deploy the system along Iran’s borders. Second, it would boost the defense of Iran’s Bushehr reactor, which Russia has built. Finally, Tehran also could use S-300s to protect its Natanz uranium-enrichment plant.

    Iran’s current air defense system is outdated and would not defend against a massive airstrike aimed at its nuclear facilities. Israel, or under certain circumstances, even the United States, does not rule out the possibility of such a strike. If S-300s enter into service in Iran, they may deter potential strikes by Israel, unless Israel either acquires new American F-35s capable of destroying S-300s or executes a pre-emptive strike on Iranian S-300s before they become fully operational.

    It’s all a question of timing and capabilities. Experts estimate it may take up to one year after delivery for Iran to install S-300s and make them operational. The F-35s will be available to Israel no earlier than in 2011-2013, according to defense industry estimates. The sand in the Middle Eastern doomsday scenario clock is running out.

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    10 Responses to Will U.S. F-35s Face Russian S-300s?

    1. Tom, Århus, De says:

      Regarding this rumoured Israeli attack on Iran we've been hearing about for three years at least:

      Israel and Iran do not share a border. Therefore Israeli aircraft would have to fly across third-country territory in order to reach Iran. The Iraqis and the Americans have already told the Israelis that Iraqi airspace is off limits. So what specific route would Israeli warplanes fly to reach Iran (then what route would they use to return to base)?

    2. lfmorgan, Newhall CA says:

      We clealy should try to speed up F-35 production and increase the ultimate number of them for allied use around the world—it is far superior to anything the rest of the world can supply for the next 20 years! Locheed-Retired Scientist and Software Systems Engineer Frank Morgan

    3. theo levi, AZ says:

      Can we just look surprised while Israel makes 'em glow?

    4. len, Alexandria,KY says:

      I seriuosly Doubt it IF the new Administration has the Gonads to actually keep Iran from :

      a) getting these missiles and

      b) Preventing Nukes from being made by Iran…

    5. Jim, Virginia says:

      I believe that Iran has Weapon Grade Uranium from N.Korea already. Iran knows it will not survive a full scale conflict with Isreal, which is inevitable, unless Iran stops..which they may, because they already have Weapon Grade Uranium. The Koran talks about attacking the jews in physical combat.I dont believe that an atomic attack on Isreal is desired because they want the land back. The uranium will be used to hit I believe to be an american target- NYC. Read Revelation 18-19 .The United States is The Great Satan in the Radical Muslin world.

      Stopping the enrichment is going to happen and the security in place post 911 will relax because of the false sense of security that will follow. How will they do it? I suspect that a Oil tanker laden with Crude and a Atomic device will sail into the Manhattan area and effectivly be the largest Naplam bomb ever detonated. It will throw burning crude miles from its detonation point.

    6. bill rowe says:

      This is a good example of utter absurdity and bias of Israeli/American biased media. S300 systems are strictly defensive missiles and are only useful to IRan in fending off attacks on its territory. Hopefully Iran gets these systems operational as doon as possible to deter any illegal attacks on its territory. If the US wasn't such a hopeless foreign policy failure,it would be offering its own defensive military systems to Iran.

    7. Marshall Hill-Michig says:

      As Isreal defends itself,the real Republicans can

      stand up while its still allowed in our country!

      Will you people recognize what Iran and its home

      grown Terrorist Groups are doing! If Canada was

      doing the things that these people are doing to

      Isreal,we would be crossing the Border on the first Day!

    8. Marshall Hill-Michig says:

      Rahm Emanuel will not tell any American when or

      where to Volunteer!He is taking up valuble space

      that could be filled by anyone else! (Puppet)

    9. Bubba says:

      Bill Rowe:
      I can always tell a crybaby Liberal when they start whining. Who do they plan on defending against. I suppose you want to wait till Iran gets Nuclear weapons so they will be Offensive and Defensive and war ready. How many people would die? All of the Iranians, half of the people of Isreal and maybe a few Europeans and just maybe a city in America. You don’t live on the East coast do you?

    10. shirley trejo USA says:

      I believe that Israel will have to defend herself or will seize to exist. Iranian President has made it clear in several speeches that he intends to wipe Israel off the map. Yes I believe Israel will have to destroy their nuclear plants are they will be bombed by Iran. And I think Israel pilots are smart enough to find a direction to get to their plants.

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