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  • Freedom, Growth and Organized Labor

    Last week both the AFL-CIO and the Center for American Progress claimed that seven out of the top ten countries on our 2009 Index of Economic Freedom do not require secret ballot elections for union organizing elections. Of course, being strong supporters of card check, CAP and big labor don’t call it that. They both called it “majority sign up as an option for workers trying to form a union” (See, it’s just a harmless sign up, like joining a kickball league!).

    CAP and Big Labor both go on to argue that the high ranking for these card check countries shows “the hollowness of [Heritage] attacks on the Employee Free Choice Act.” The only thing hollow hear are CAPs facts and their analysis:

    • The Index of Economic Freedom covers ten specific factors, of which labor is only one. And card check is only one small aspect of labor law which can be rendered next to harmless when part of a very different labor law regime.
    • So for example, Canada handles card-check on the provincial level and 62% of Canadians still have the secret ballot to protect them. The United Kingdom has card check but unions do not have exclusive bargaining power. New Zealand has card check but unions do not have exclusive representation powers. These are huge differences which have a tremendous impact on how much of a dead weight unions are on economic growth
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    5 Responses to Freedom, Growth and Organized Labor

    1. Ozzy6900, CT (The Bl says:

      Union ballots should always be secret. Not everyone believes in unions anymore because unions have overstepped their bounds for too long. Unions have been known to go after workers that vote against them in the past. Ask anyone who lived from 1945 through 1965. Unions were basically terrorist organizations! And to think, I am a member of a union – not by choice! I work for a company that is a "Union Shop". I have no choice because I have to pay the dues no matter what so I may as well be a member and try to vote good people in when I can.

    2. Jim, Wisconsin says:

      Good one Ozzy, I used to belong to a union until they ended up killing the shop I worked in by strikes and ridiculous demands. When I attended meetings and asked pointed questions I was labeled a malcontent and some of my supposed brothers avoided me. Some of us crossed the picket line on the last strike so the union called a meeting. The head of the union was a lawyer, he stood up and made a statement directed to everybody that was working, he said "POX ON YOUR HOUSES", can you imagine that. From that time on I have no respect for unions.

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    4. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      I used to work in a union shop manufacturing technology based products. If you get 4 hours worth of work in a day you are lucky. Union work rules delving into every minutiae to slow everything down is the fundamental reason why a lot of American companies left for overseas for manufacturing. We see that same effect today in our public education.

      Unions are a drag on the economy with their mentality of entitlement. When they pass the card check legislation it would mean more unemployment. You can count on it.

    5. Mike, Hickory, NC says:

      First, some definitions:

      Voting: "To express one's preference for a candidate for office, or for a proposed resolution of an issue". (The American Heritage Dictionary [online], definition 1a).

      Secret Ballot: "The expression by ballot, but in no event by proxy, of a choice with respect to any election or vote taken upon any matter, which is cast in such a manner that the person expressing such a choice cannot be identified with the choice expressed" (29, USC [which means 29, United States Code]).

      Now about voting by secret ballot, it requires neither college degrees, nor any credentials as a professor, or a so-called "expert", to know the real world fact that voting by secret ballot has long been a both vitally integral and protective part of what's called "our democratic process" which decides elections or resolves issues while providing protection for us voters against coercion and intimidation which, unfortunately, are factually and otherwise documented features of too many efforts to unionize and other efforts in and by too many unions.

      Add the fact that both so-called "unionized" businesses and workplaces, and union membership, are both a minority of the so-called "workforce", and becoming more so, not only because of the features cited above but also because we are now in a world economy and because the e-commerce revolution and paradigm, both of which are replacing the old so-called "industrial revolution" and paradigm, and altogether the opponents we face are the following:

      Certain union bosses, the politicians beholden to them (including Obama), and their flunkies, are all arrayed against what’s called our “democracy”, including our voting by secret ballot, and more, as shown by their determination and eagerness to subvert and remove such freedom and protection by overruling it with their misleadingly so-called "Employee Free Choice Act", when, along with the facts and features mentioned above, and more, not only do too many union bosses and their flunkies continue to betray any claim of promoting "democracy" and "protecting worker's jobs, etc", but also too many of their efforts, including their so-called “Employee Free Choice Act”, are in effect against the freedom and policies which are conducive to the protection, growth and promotion of freedom, growth, businesses, and thus also jobs, in a free country based upon and populated by people voting with the protection of doing so by secret ballot.

      Such are the opponents, with such as their misleadingly labeled “Employee Free Choice Act”, whom we must defeat if we are to preserve, protect, and defend both what’s called our “democratic process” and protection of voting by secret ballot, and continue to promote the policies and practices which are truly both conducive to and protective of both businesses and jobs.

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