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  • Did President Obama’s Speech Sound Familiar?

    If you thought parts of President Obama’s speech yesterday sounded familiar, or conservative, you may be on to something.  Jon Stewart certainly took notice.

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    39 Responses to Did President Obama’s Speech Sound Familiar?

    1. Tracey says:

      I love Obama! Republicans suck.

    2. DRH, Campbell says:

      Bush sucks. Tacos rule. Oburrito supreme!

    3. J.R. says:

      Tracey, go drink your Kool Aid you moron.

    4. Randy, CA says:

      wow. that is an intelligent comment tracey. you must like your cheese only on italian food

    5. Daniel L. Haney, Ale says:

      well done. wow, jon stewart thanks for speaking the truth, finally! hope it continues for 4 years! (or else, what will you laugh at without Bush to kick around anymore?)- DLH

    6. Carol, CA says:

      So transparent

    7. Paul, CA says:

      So transparent, the man can't decide who to emulate, Lincoln, Kennedy, Roosevelt, or Bush.

    8. Parker C. Wiseman, C says:

      George Bush never lost his sense of direction or the courage to follow it. I abhor the meanness in Democratic comment in the Congress, Television and the Press to which the President replied with dignity and magnanimity and often a smile.

      The scowl of Senator Reid is the trademark of democratic


    9. cypher, florida says:

      Different audience listening to a different messenger giving the same message. Good words … let's now see if they can be manifested.

    10. Kent, Virginia says:

      Obama knows what Americans want to hear. He's an inspiring speaker–when he has a prepared text. God, country, family, prosperity, hard work well rewarded, strength in the face of enemies. His speech writers purposely echo conservative rhetoric. All presidential candidates, all candidates for major public office, run to the center. Now Barack Obama is President of our Nation. Forget what he says, watch what he does. How he reacts to crisis. How government grows and government influence on our lives increases under his leadership. Americans have looked at him, a candidate of no substantial political history, and seen their hopes and dreams and fears reflected back at them. He's the media darling, that's why he can say the same things George W. said and be praised for it. His governing will little resemble the last administration.

      Barack Obama will continue to provide us with inspiring prepared speeches that harken all the way back to Reagan, but he and the liberal fascist majority in DC will give us Marx-lite Government.

    11. James says:

      Wow!!! This has got to be a Pelosi / Reid nightmare.

    12. kris dayton ohio says:

      "Just words, just speeches!" like he said himself.

    13. Jim, Wisconsin says:

      Wow Tracey, you realy show the intelligence of the party that spouts unity and change, nanaheyhey goodbye.

    14. Laura Landacre, Wash says:

      It's about time!

    15. C. King Prescott, A says:

      President Bush was a man who told the truth. When ever he spoke one could believe him and know with out a doubt that he meant what he said. He is a true man of truth and a follower of God's truth. Now President Obama seems to have a problem telling how he really sees the world and what he wants to do with his powers. He is a man who does not plan on telling the truth unless it serves him.

    16. cindy, ohio says:

      I hope that hope floats, but so does crap. I hope that his hope will win the war and save our economy.

    17. SANDY STRAIGHT says:



    18. Bill, NJ says:

      Obama's a bag of wind. He will do the opposite of everything he promised in his inaugural speech. I know this from his track record. Actions do speak louder then words. He's now getting on the job training. Just think he's never really run anything in his life and now he's running America. Hold on!!!

    19. Rickgyver, Central C says:

      Regardless of what you think about the Bush Presidency. His legacy to me will always be: 2685 days without another attack on American soil. Let's all pray that continues, ok?

    20. Cate, Pennsylvania says:

      With people like Clinton(conflict of interest….millions and millions from Dubai and Saudia Arabia) Holden(does not believe in second amendment rights for individuals only for the malitia, and has forgiven a man who owes massive back taxes and traded with Iran while they held US hostages ) Geithner (stealing tax monies, claiming his children's camp….and not paying his taxes and was the main adviser for the $350M bailout for Wall Street) Panetta (no experience at a time when terror abounds) Dashel(who wants socilized medicine …hope you don't need a hip replaced after age 65)Education Secretary( don't forget he, his children, Obama and his children were all private school educated) Homeland Security (who is unable to control security in her own state) we may as well call this the Soviet Union, or Sweden, or Norway, or Denmark or any other socialist country you can think of. If they want socialism so badly wouldn't it be easier for them to move there rather than change the minds of 250M people…..Oh I am sorry I forgot they got THEIR MONIES BECAUSE OF CAPITALIZM, they just don't want anyone else to have any. This is control of many by a few. Sincerely God needs to help our nation.

    21. PEC, Alexandria VA says:

      What's disturbing and annoying about this, is that the words they compare are good words: protecting freedom, defending our nation … yet in the end they talk about how they're not good words, but hearing BHO say them are nice. Are liberals really that convoluted? Can't we just send them all to Europe and take real America back?

    22. P. B., New York says:

      Kent…It's time to open your eyes now. I voted for, trusted, and supported Bush until I realized how heavily he'd trounced on our Constitutional Liberties. If you think we need to "watch…How government grows and government influence on our lives increases under his (Obama's) leadership", You weren't paying attention to what was happening under your nose while Bush was at the helm. There is nothing about being safe that makes it OK to thumb our noses at the bedrock of this great country…the Constitution of The United States. Our forefathers gave their blood so that we can enjoy the liberties stated within that document. Under Bush's watch we saw unprecedented violations of the Constitution in the name of safety. He could have fought the war on terror within the bounds of the law and chose not to do so. I hope we see better days ahead for our Country. I hope the fearful give our new president a chance. And I hope that he is successful in getting our country back on track. Even if he is a Democrat.

    23. Mo Fredericksburg VA says:

      Obama doesn't want our country back on track. That would interfere with his Marxist agenda. George Orwell wrote 1984 because he had been immersed in socialism, at first supporting it, then seeing the danger in it. That book and Animal Farm were warnings based on experience, not instruction manuals. Our country needs to stay as far off that track as possible, but Obama wants to lead us there while euphoria is still blinding many. "Four legs good, two legs baaaaaad".

    24. Steve P, Londonderry says:

      "When Obama says this stuff, I don't think he really means it, and that gives me hope."

      These two hope he doesn't mean: pride of our way of life, determination to protect our shores by resisting terrorism, emphasizing freedom for all, faith in "the Almighty"? I'd be tempted to think this could be a conservative spoof of the fecklessness of media Liberals — except that it's on the Jon Steward Show so we know it ain't that! Turns out to be just another appalling expose of how a these people think.

    25. Harry in Chicago says:


      Could you be more specific when you say that Bush violated the Constitution? I have been hearing this crap for 5 years and have yet to be told what part of the Constitution he supposedly violated.

      Also, its kind of ironic that liberals think Bush has shredded the Constitution when they have been wiping their behinds with it since the 40's! It would be interesting if Bush used the same liberal philosophy of a "living Constitution" to defend his policies. I wonder what all the libs would say then?

    26. Rosemarie Topor,Flor says:

      Why is everyone jumping the gun. Obama has not been in office one full week and already people are criticizing him. Give the man a chance

    27. Dan Gross says:

      True Obama hasn't been in office that long, but even before he was sworn in people were hyping him up so much you'd think it was the second coming of Christ.

      I agree with Harry in Chicago, I too have heard the nonsense that Bush has violated the consititution. And Yet to hear a reason why. I want to hear what P.B. in New York says when the libs start banning or in their terms regulating, parts of the consitution and the amendments. First They will tackle the Second Amendment, then we only have freedom of speech as long as it doesn't offend anyone, then freedom of religion as long as your religion is tolerant of all thing liberal. I can see it now…… Maybe I will buy that 40acres in the mountains and vacation for the next 4 years.

    28. Renee, Seattle says:

      Already Obama has been an advocate of terrorists and an enemy of children in the womb (not to mention the taxpayers who will have to fund abortion worldwide).

      But hey, let's not jump the gun and criticize him or anything. Got to give the man a chance.

    29. Tony, Cincinnati OH says:

      1st of all, Bush wasn't perfect, but lets make one thing clear – it was BILL CLINTON that caused the financial mess we're in right now! It was the Clinton Administration that pressured Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to make risky "subprime" mortgage loans to people who simply didn't qualify. That's what mainly caused the mortgage crisis, the need for the bailout, and the eventual recession.

      Don't believe me? Well it was predicted back in '99 during Clinton's administration- http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9C

      2nd, BHO got elected for one reason – the media slammed Bush for 8 years (like they slam most conservatives) and that influenced public opinion. If it doesn't then why the heck does Coke and P&G spend billions on advertising?

      The media fell inlove with Barack ("Because its time for Change"), and never showed one negative thing, but McCain/Palin got slammed! Don't believe me – well checkout the documentary, survey results, and video clips on http://www.HowObamaGotElected.com.

      And you might wanna checkout http://www.ObsessionThe Movie.com if you think US soldiers are dieing for Oil in the Middle East. Newsflash – Radical Muslims want us dead! For not being Muslim! Not because of our foreign policies, not because Brittany posed in a bra – but because they believe it is Allah's will for them to kill non-Muslims! Hear it for yourself from Their Mouths!

      Lastly I end with a quote from Obama…

      "When you spread the wealth, its better for everyone".

      …and HOW is this guy not a Socialist?

      Go find a dictionary, and then a history book!

    30. Mike, Hickory, NC says:

      Any allegedly "conservative" rhetoric coming from Leftist government elitists, such as Obama, is at best nothing other than a disingenuous "smoke and mirrors" ploy of rhetoric designed and intended to do serve the same purpose as a "decoy" and "a Trojan Horse"…defeat all efforts against a Leftist government elitist Obama and his Leftist government elitist allies.

    31. richard sprinthall says:

      We all knew that Obama was really a Reagan conservative. He just posed as a socialist.

    32. Penni Eads, Kaysvill says:

      It's hard to know what to say, but I do feel that Americans need to be grateful for our blessed country and be grateful to our former Pres. Bush for taking necessary action to protect our nation from terrorism. Americans need to also be grateful for the military and their sacrifice to maintain our freedom. Let us all remember the values of hard work and personal responsibility for ourselves and for our families. Let us be good citizens and continue to be free to work, to educate ourselves, to own property, and to worship as we please. Let us ever be grateful to God our Heavenly Father for this blessed country of the United States of America and stay far away from socialized government, including socialized medicine, welfare, legalized abortion, and illegal immigration. Let our government leaders learn that we as Americans demand honesty and integrity in our leaders and let us be true to our God, ourselves and to all men. Let liberty ring!

    33. David, California says:


      What your comment (2685 days without another attack on American soil)conveniently forgets is the last time terrorists attacked in country was about that many days before 9/11 – the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993. All the last 7 1/2 years has shown us is that terrorists are patient, waiting. Impossible to say Bush is the reason we've not been attacked. More than that – just naive and blind faith in what Bush tells you. Bush hangs his legacy on how he's kept the country safe. What could be further from the truth when Sep 11, 2001 happened on his watch? Yes. Thanks GW for only allowing the worst attack on our soil in history to happen. Thanks so much.

    34. peach buffalo ny says:

      All i have to say is "GOD HELP US"

      How would you feel if that was your son, daughter, husband, wife or grandchild who was killed in 9-11, it might be in the next attack, and we will be attacked again terrorist have no morals, they chopped off heads of people and showed it on the t.v. and other places so remember that if and when we are attacked again, it may be someone you love.

    35. Shea, New Mexico says:

      K, Obama has only been in office one week, but come on, just from the 2:56 of footage, his speech practically mirrored Bush, which is a pretty good sign that he doesn't know his sh*t. And then Obama wants to bring our troops home ASAP but wants to defend our country? Just from those two points, I don't trust Obama as our president-and I didn't even get into the fact that there's almost no mention of him having any executive experience in any elected office or even in running a business.

      Don't get me wrong Obama lovers-I believe that he is a great guy, at least off-camera and out of politics. I believe that he means well, and I hope to God that I and every republican that hates Obama is wrong and that he'll lead our country to be even greater than before. But the problem is that Obama's left zero reason to be trusted with the fate of our nation, at least so far.

    36. Jeff, Missouri says:

      Bush, Obama, McCain, all puppets….when are people going to realize nepotism pervades all aspects of the government…..Our own public servants are not there for us…..the media even wants you to believe that we are a democracy! False, the nation was established a constitutional republic…..research the forefather's thoughts ideas, what they had to say. And so many people take this sort of news as the gospel. When will we understand, there is no truth in the news and there is no news in the truth. The lame stream media reports what they are told….

      How many know that Mexico is on the verge of collapse?

      How many know that more people were killed in Mexico last year than in Afghanistan and Iraq combined?

      How many people know that Phoenix was invaded by Los Zeta last year?

      How many know that 60 of our citizens were kidnapped and or murdered from Laredo last year?

      How many know that Los Zeta was trained by our own Rangers and Special Forces at the School of the Americas?

      How many people know the difference between a democracy and a republic?

      Get out of the TV and back to reality…your country needs YOU!


    37. john, jacksonville, says:

      Hussein made strong statements about the war against terrorists. In his first week he managed to close Gitmo, end a trial for the terrorist who set up 9-11, and announced he will meet with the Hitler of Iran. All words and no substance – as usual from the chosen one.

    38. Chip Ft Stewart says:

      What an fool we put as our POTUS…If he thinks that taking all of the power away from the people by throwing money at things and forcing us to pay it back over the next couple of generations will work his IQ about the same as his shoe size, about a 9.5 I just wish he would actually mean what he says for just one time in his life. Try having something actually worthwhile to offer rather than just paying off your democrat cronnies for the election…How much pork can the American public take..I realize they aren't very smart, heck look who they elected, in 10 days already the same wavelink as Nixon..they are both about the same level of politicians, and probably the same levels of corruption, Thanks Chicago.

    39. Tammy, PA says:

      Regardless of what party you are with, it is hard to deny the fact that some Democrats did vote to go to war with Iraq, Clinton did have the chance to get Bin Laden, and we have not been attacked since Bush was President. Let's hope Obama can at least follow in the footsteps as Bush and do that one thing. Oh wait, he promises to bring change and do everything differently than Bush. I pray he didn't mean that when it comes to keeping our country safe from terrorists!

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