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  • Obama's Stimulus Plan in Sixteen Words

    Speaking on a panel at the New York Times Center this Sunday, NYT correspondent Peter Baker put the lie to President-elect Barack Obama’s economic stimulus speech from last week:

    He hasn’t asked anybody for sacrifice. His whole economic package is about giving things to people.

    Truer words were never spoken.

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    8 Responses to Obama's Stimulus Plan in Sixteen Words

    1. Mark , Houston says:

      It,s about time to bring back the old media term "YELLOW JOURNALISM".

    2. Linda, Clyde, TX says:

      Its easy to promise to give away 'Other peoples Money' by taking from the 'haves' and giving to the 'have nots' one can build a powerful constituency who will vote him, his party, his ideology into office time and again.

    3. Lee, Houston says:

      Funny, Obama did not get involved in the first 350B bailout, but he sure has his hand out for the remaining 350B. He wants it there on day 1.

    4. Larry, Bedford, NY says:

      I'm not sure why an economic recovery plan should involve sacrifice. The only thing we need to "sacrifice" is our urge to give in to the paradox of thrift. The stimulus plan should help us out by increasing the marginal income tax rate slightly and restoring the sales tax deduction so that we can break even by stimulating the economy ourselves. Incentives for saving are not needed – the destruction of wealth has taken care of that. What we need now is an incentive to spend.

    5. Lyyn, Pittsburgh,PA says:

      My comment has to do with being a parent of children serving in this U.S. Military. When they signed up the country was not perfect but not marxist. When my kids signed on they thought they were defending the U.S. and our freedom. They now have buyers remorse and don't want to participate in Mr. Obama's Change. As a parent all I can do is hope they come through the next few years finding some way to cope with a government they no longer trust or respect. Give me some advise to pass on to them please. I am not equiped for this delema.

    6. Ozzy6900 says:

      Obama is going to be a "giving" President. The problem is he doesn't realize that the Government is not a magical bank. The Government is a bank of taxpayers money so if he gives and gives, so do WE!

    7. Barb -mn says:

      Lyyn, Pittsburgh, I so relate to your concern. We see the governor of this state shaking the hands of those being deployed and it gives me aches and pains. They believe they are fighting for the principles and values of this country, while the government of this country is taking the principles and values away from all. What I believe is taking place is too negative to share at this point. But it seems to be going that way.

      I'm sorry, I have no substantial advice but to be strong and aware. Know that God is watching all. And will JUDGE ALL!

      I thank you and your children and pray for you and your children. Please take care.

    8. Barb -mn says:

      "sacrifice" is the key word in Obama's shoutouts. And if you're already sacrificing, well then you can sacrifice all that much more…WHITEY!

      Obama wants to feed the world with Americas money, he doesn't want them to have to do for themselves. And he especially doesn't want Americans to do for themselves. POWER, CONTROL, and other peoples MONEY is what he is all about.

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