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  • Green Job Initiative May Actually Dip Into Red

    President-elect Barack Obama is set to take command a week from today. One of the programs he’s been touting from the beginning of his campaign is a massive green jobs initiative. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Obama can kill two birds with one stone with green jobs; he can solve our environment and recession concerns.

    The bottom line, as economist Walter Williams puts it, is this:

    Where does Congress get the money to create the jobs?” They won’t get it from the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus; they must get the money from taxpayers. That means if Congress collects $100 from a taxpayer for highway construction, he cannot use that $100 for some other expenditure that would have created a job. If Congress borrows the money for highway construction, it causes interest rates to be higher and therefore less job-creating investment. The bottom line is that Congress can only shift employment or unemployment but cannot create net new jobs.”

    Unfortunately, throwing the word “green” in front of jobs doesn’t make it any different. The Institute for Energy Research recently released its report, Green Jobs: Fact or Fiction? Among the key findings:

    Obama’s green jobs plan] would likely increase consumer energy costs and the costs of a wide array of energy-intensive goods, slow GDP growth and ironically may yield no net job gains. More likely, [it] would result in net job losses.”

    And they make a point similar to Dr. Williams:

    [The Center for American Progress] estimates that this “fiscal stimulus” will result in the creation of two million jobs. Yet the CAP methodology treats the $100 billion as manna from heaven; it does not consider the direct and indirect adverse effects (including job destruction) of imposing higher costs on a wide array of energy-intensive industries and thereby raising prices for consumers.”

    IER’s full economic report can be found here.

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    9 Responses to Green Job Initiative May Actually Dip Into Red

    1. L. Steve Taylor Lu says:

      I agree with Dr.Williams, you can't spend your way into prosperity, this is not hard to understand, a given, so why does the Obama bunch not understand this, how can they be stopped, to stop them you need allot of political power, what is the solution to getting this power in time

    2. Barb -mn says:

      It is as simple as pathetic, it is as simple as despicable, it is as simple as undermined, it is as simple as the majority of this country. The government is in over their heads. Just where Obama wants them. Those that speak of intelligence have no idea what the word means. Especially if they speak of Obama. Everybody in government knows the amount the deficit will be, yet nobody has the intelligence to avoid it or stop it from getting to that point? Plenty of ideas that will work today, just no ambition to, no courage, intelligence or strength from the majority mouths of government.

      If there was anybody besides Sarah Palin, Marty Seivert, Michelle Backman, Barb White and the like, there would be know such thing as a DEFICIT to the people! You're not fooling us, Obama, you're killing us. And you know it. The only intelligence you have, Obama, is to destroy what America has created equal. and because it was founded under Judeau-Christian beliefs, you'll destroy that too.

      Just to put a bug in your ear, Obama, "Black Theology" is not Christian. It is arrogant, ignorant, sympathetic and racist. Fitting for you, Obama. Oh, and to say again, Jesus Christ was not born BLACK. He was not born RED. He was not born YELLOW, He was not born WHITE. Jesus Christ has a skin color of the combination of all men, Obama. You true, devout, anti-Christian, you. Jesus, from the middle east, built strength in human life. He taught FREEDOM. And to do for yourself. He OPPRESSED NONE! The OPPOSITE of where you want to take us.

      You want to create jobs that are temporary and promote human weakness and dependency. You want to narrow the minds of intelligence, freedom, innovation, etc. And keep the ones that are narrow from WIDENING TO THE TRUTH. You want resentment for a horrendous act of government that ceased 237 years ago. But you insist, no matter what efforts resolved and delegated change to eliminate slavery, that nobody forgets or forgives it's existence in this country alone. There are many true Christians from slavery decent that have forgiven and move on but many that haven't. I thought you wanted everyone to get along? Why are you reluctant to encourage it, yet insidious to discourage?

      All the trillions already spent still doesn't cut it for you. You refuse to acknowledge slavery has been around since man and all over the world. Otherwise known as employment in the beginning…there was no McDonald's. It would be greatly beneficial to you to know what freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness means. The constitution, the declaration of independence. The good, bad and ugly of the truth in the history of this country. To know that rights to the citizens of this country exist under EQUAL LAW ONLY and for the common good of all mankind.

    3. Physics Hunter - Nor says:

      As usual Dr. Williams is right. This should be an economic analysis exercise similar to systems engineering. If you take energy (money) from some economic sectors to help one other, you should make sure that the payback to those successful sectors is at least nearly equal to the cost or you drag down the entire system.

      But worse than this, it would be interesting to see if, for example, the life cycle cost of solar cells and the batteries that store their output is sufficiently cost effective to proceed with the investment.

      It is not difficult as a conservative to get behind energy independence, but doing it at the expense of economic dominance is unforgiveable.

      It is a sad commentary on our society that in science, technology, history, or even chess class that we do not train people to look beyond first consequences.

    4. sandeep channa, new says:

      "With the oceans covering over 70% of the earth’s surface, they are the world’s largest collector and retainer of the sun’s vast energy – and the largest powerhouse in the world. Jacques Cousteau said it was equivalent to 16,000 nuclear plants. This energy is continually renewed and is available 24/7.Just a small portion of the energy conveniently stored in the oceans could power the world" … these type of information/articles/comments are posted by the experts who work with JustMeans… if you are an expert related to CSR, Green Jobs, Ethical Consumption, Clean Technology, Energy, Environment etc then please do share your thoughts, ideas and equally you can learn from others only at http://www.justmeans.com … Green Jobs an ongoing debate pre and post Presidential election of USA. Lets get to know what the experts, green companies and individuals from US and other countries are saying on this, only on http://www.justmeans.com , JustMeans is the only platform for everyone to discuss green, social and environmental issues and educate everyone about the advantages related to these sectors. Many experts, energy environmental and social companies and individuals in these sectors share this site to express their thoughts and debate; they are using this site at large. Even in this recession I am able to find at least 40 to 50 new and quality green jobs on JustMeans site and if we compare with other sites then they have an update of only with 5 to 15 jobs a day. Also I would like to mention that JustMeans is the only site to learn new stuff revolved with "Corporate Social Responsibility" "Green Jobs" "Waste Management" "Energy" "Ethical Consumption" "Politics and Governance" "Social Investment" "Social Media" and "Sustainable Business". "Green" jobs listed by job category, searchable by keyword and location. Job seekers can sign up for custom job alert emails and register to post a resume… only at http://www.justmeans.com

    5. Mike, Hickory, NC says:

      Think about. Just that alone, the Center for American Progress's (CAP's) "estimat(ing) that this (Comrade Obama's) 'fiscal stimulus' will result in the creation of 2 million (government make-work) jobs (which are indeed revealingly akin to jobs to dig ditches repeatedly to refill ditches repeatedly) does indeed promote the destructive, freedom and economy killing myth which the Left (and their willing accomplices in academia and the media) have far too many Americans believing:

      To wit: First of all, they have too many Americans believing as if money is "the government's money" when, (according to the founding principles of this country) the fact is it is all our money, We the People (as in private citizens) do all of the investing and producing, etc, which generates all incomes (including "government income" through "taxes"), and (according to the Constitution) merely delegate the minting and printing of our money to our government; and as if any money which government doesn't tax away is what government allows us to keep as if out of their "omniscient (all-knowing) and omnipotent (all-powerful) good graces", and therefore (secondly) "government money" and "our money" are two different things; and thus also, third, as if "what we pay for directly is one thing, which isn't 'free'", and what the government pays for is a completely different thing, many of which are supposedly therefore "free", all (again) as if we don't do all of the producing and earning, and all "government" has to do is "just go out the back grab more money off some "majic government money tree", as if we don't pay for it all anyway.

      And Leftists and government elitists, such as George H.W. Bush, called Ronalad Reagan "a Right-wing fringe cook pushing 'voo-doo economics'"?

      There's your freedom and economy killing "voo-doo-economics", people, in the form of the above described Leftist/government elitist "majic government money tree"!

    6. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      Government can not create jobs but can only distort the market. It is just common sense. Just think where the money comes from for the government to spend. It taxes productivity-bad for the job growth as it siphons off the capital. It prints money. Without any backing, that is purely inflationary-another form of taxation. It can borrow money destroying capital formation.

      Government spends money to secure votes for its power. That is not efficient allocation of the money confiscated.

      FDR proved that the government spending will not and can not create jobs. Up until our involvement in WWII, unemployment rate remained stubbornly high from 1930 to 1940.

      Our founding fathers are correct in limiting the size of the government. Spend less, tax less and allow free enterprise to fail or succeed without interference.

      The so called green jobs are a myth. Jobs must be based on productivity of the enterprise. Just throwing money into an as yet to be invented basic technologies will not create any meaningful jobs. Wind and solar can not be alternate energy sources. Why? They are distributed form of energy and it will take enormous energy to convert them into continuously available form of usable electric energy. Look at Europe. They installed all those windmills but they are being held hostage by the Russians on gas supplies. Germany has requested permission to install more than 30 coal fired electric generating plants, not more windmills. Same approach for Italy. Conventional power plants including nuclear can solve our problem of energy independence but our government is standing in the way. Government is pouring subsidies into ethanol and renewable energy production but has not made a dent in our energy supplies. We need enormous electric storage devices yet to be invented for any of the renewable to make any gain.

      Sandeep's posting points out the socialistic approach to energy production. Earth's atmosphere and the oceans translate the solar energy absorbed (certain wavelengths)into wind, ocean current etc. Everything that we see here on earth is a manifestation of solar energy. Coal, oil and gas are all products of solar energy. Extracting electric energy from the distributed ocean so that millions of people can live comfortably using it will be expensive because of the distributed state of that energy. It does not mean in hundred years it may not happen. Fusion research is now over sixty years with no end in sight. In the fifties and sixties, fusion was thought the way to go as it can convert hydrogen into helium, just like the sun. The idea is sound but sustained generation (first step) has eluded us because of extremely difficult technical problems. Commercial production is well beyond that point. The government stopped pouring money into it in the sixties as the space program got the top billing then.

      The best thing the government can do is to cut its spending, cut taxes across the board, stop borrowing or printing money and stop picking winners and losers artificially. That will create more meaningful jobs and make the economy grow.

    7. Physics Hunter - Nor says:

      Dear Heritage staff,

      Can we *please* filter the advertizements, especially for the "Corporate Social Responsibility" types. It is nice of them to reach out to conservatives, but an invitation does not need a slogan tagline with the *third* repeat of their URL.

    8. Physics Hunter - Nor says:

      Oh, and nice writeup SpiritOf76. I almost set off to write something similar. Like if they think that 2DegF warmer Ocean water is going to power Colorado, they really need a class in Thermodynamics.

      Your tying eons of Solar (and Geothermal!) energy producing the carbon based energy that we have such easy access to is spot-on.

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