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  • No Proof Jesus Walked on Water ... Will Obama?

    We’re just asking, because the USA Today has the following headline today:

    No Proof Washington Said ‘So Help Me God’ Will Obama?

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    16 Responses to No Proof Jesus Walked on Water ... Will Obama?

    1. james ferguson says:

      Just shows that USA Today has no idea what they are talking about with JESUS. As far as Obama walking on water well as far as christians are concerned only Jesus did that for any lenght of time.

    2. Lynda, Colorado Spri says:

      As a Christian actively living my faith, I only have one question – Does it matter? Totally a personal choice, don't think it changes anything.

    3. Mike, Pittsburgh, Pa says:

      I do believe it matters-as far as adding another piece to the Obama pie is concerned. Pardon the metaphor, but this man is not an entree. He is a conflagration of a little of this and a little of that. For example, his refusal (for a time) to wear the flag on his lapel. His comment about the Constitution and it's negative liberties and the remark about the gun-loving religious fanatics of the country. Obama is many things but stupidity is not a glaring fault of his. He realizes that to get a man to eat something he does not want, you must mix it in with large amounts of that which he enjoys. That is how Obama operates and that is what America has begun to swallow…. One bite at a time.

    4. Idarae Stockton, CA says:

      Obama might try to walk on water, he could be the "great imitater" the imitater is suppose to be of Jewish decent, Obama's mama was from the tribe of Dan, so lets see what happens.Michele is also of Jewish decent from the tribe of Judah.

      So all of you Christians out there get ready look up and "watch"

    5. Greg Godek Windsor L says:

      You can paste whatever label on me that you please, but comparing any man, under any circumstances, to the Son of the Father, is pure and simple blasphemy! I wouldn't want to answer to the Lord for any statement of the like! I read the Word, have studied the Word, and I do believe the Word. I suppose some would call me a fundamentalist! I believe in seperation of church and state, and was educated through history classes about the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. These documents, along with my Bible, are the cornerstones of my faith in God, in my country that I serve and love, and in my fellow man, who authored these documents. May God continue to bless the United States of America and keep us near to Him,in SPITE of those who attempt to steer us away from Him! Amen! Keep on keeping us informed, Heritage Foundation! Thank you.

    6. Mike, Pittsburgh, Pa says:

      Right on Greg!! For those of you who think Obama is the savior of the country remember, when Christ came he gave everything. He saved us by giving, not by taking away. Let's see how well that principle is applied by "the annointed one".

    7. Gary Blake says:

      Greg, be careful with the statement, "These documents, along with my Bible, are the cornerstones of my faith in God…" I am a Biblical literalist, and remember that Jesus lived during the reign of a repressive, non-representative rule of a foreign land. When asked if the Jews should pay "taxes" or, maybe, any form of allegiance, to this government, Jesus told them to give to Caesar what is his. Our kingdom is NOT of this world; while in this world we are to serve our King, but the documents of the government are man made, certainly with good principle, but not worthy of being a foundation block involving our faith. God has a great way of surprising us, so don't get too convinced of the "end" just yet!

    8. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      Well the USA Today people need to read their Bible,my Bible says Jesus walked on water, that is all I need to know. As for obama, no he can not, much to the dimay of the liberal media. I believe in a short time the people of this country will began to see the mistake they have made and regret the day he was elected.

      The ACLU and the DEMS are working each day to do away with any reference to God in anything. The ACLU beleives it is wrong for any form of our government to mention God,not only does the ACLU believe this so does the SUPREME COURT JUSTICES, just look at their past rulings on suits that have been filed. I wonder how much longer "freedom of religion" will be allowed to stay in the Constitution???

    9. Scot,Boston says:

      WE have more proof that Jesus was existed then we do that Dumbo NObama was born in this country.

    10. Lisa,NC says:

      I believe that it is time for America to awake from her sleep and realize if we do not take a stand for our freedoms they are going to be taken away from us.We as Americans must remember our government was founded on biblical principles and if we want to continue to be a blessed country we must abide by those principles.

    11. luther ward, waco tx says:

      let him go ahead .if we as christian demand that the rep. party get back to the right. they will not be re-elected by me.

    12. U.C. Europe-Romania says:

      US is still a moral country?

      New vision means to think-see clear things and under-stand the human nature corectly. Vertical Leader-ship and Model-ship its an honor not a title and a mission not a business.

      Character its more important than reputation.

      World view morals are more important than just situational ethics of USA view, spirit is more sophisticated than mind. God spirit is in our spirit and our spirit is in our body. We have divine nature and human experinece. Hope we understand world-mentality not just a country- mentality.

    13. jason says:

      No man can walk on water, it defies the laws of physics. And IF Jesus even existed, I doubt very seriously that he walked on water. You blind people of faith will probably follow Obama or any leader, since you ignorantly follow some mortal man, and blasphemously put him as high as God himself. Christians are the downfall of this nation, with their fairy tales of miracles, and defying the laws that God himself put in place. Ignorance is pulling this country apart. Yet you christians believe that your ignorant fairy tales are the only way. Because 'the word', written by 2000 year old men who's intelligence level is far below that of man today, is 'infallible'. Can you not see that these 'miracle' supposedly happened because of one of two theories. Either they were too dumb to know any better, or they just exaggerated the whole thing.

    14. jason says:

      We as Americans must remember our government was founded on biblical principles…

      The founding fathers of this country were mostly unitarian. The ones that weren't unitarian, were deists. Where's your proof that this nation was founded on the bible? What does it matter anyway whether he says so help me God or not? Believing in God is not a religion, nor a religious denomination. There doesn't need to be a separation if it doesn't use a specific religion. Whether he says it or not, doesn't change anything.

    15. jason says:

      God gave us Logic, Conscience, Reason, and Morals. These are the virtues that should guide our country.

    16. jason says:

      Clearly, the founders of our nation intended government to maintain a neutral posture in matters of religion. Anyone who would still insist that the intention of the founding fathers was to establish a Christian nation should review a document written during the administration of George Washington. Article 11 of the Treaty with Tripoli declared in part that "the government of the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion…" (Treaties and Other International Acts of the United States, ed. Hunter Miller, Vol. 2, U. S. Government Printing Office, 1931, p. 365).

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