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  • Caulking Our Way to Economic Prosperity


    The Los Angeles Times has a brain dead article out today explaining Why Obama’s green jobs plan might work. It contains all the usual leftist green collar job lies and this little gem from green collar jobs activist Van Jones:

    “You can employ a lot of people very quickly with off-the-shelf technology like caulk guns,” said Jones, founder of Green for All, an economic development group.” This isn’t George Jetson stuff.”

    Color us skeptical on claims that our economy can be saved by paying millions of Americans to go around caulking every window site. We are more apt to believe President-elect Barack Obama’s new budget chief, Peter Orszag, who wrote a report last January saying that some forms of alternative-energy spending “are totally impractical” for stimulating the economy and others “could end up making the economic situation worse” by adding to the federal debt.

    And don’t believe any figures anyone on the left throws out claiming to show how many green collar jobs federal government spending can create. The very woman who coined the term green collar jobs, Apollo Alliance co-director Kate Gordon, recently admitted to the Wall Street Journal that the job creation numbers her group throws out are “just to inspire people.”

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    3 Responses to Caulking Our Way to Economic Prosperity

    1. Kate Gordon, San Fra says:

      Dear Heritage Foundation,

      Here is my response to the article entitled “Does Green Energy Add 5 Million Jobs? Potent Pitch, but Numbers Are Squishy.' You will find that I was misquoted.

      The Wall Street Journal, in an article about clean energy investments and green-collar jobs printed on November 7, 2008, incorrectly asserted that varying job creation estimates are “squishy.” I was surprised by a quote attributed to me that implied that Apollo’s five million job number is “just to inspire people.”

      Well, the projection of five million green-collar jobs is accurate and inspiring. It is inspiring to think of a federal investment strategy that can catalyze the American economy by creating new demand for clean energy and energy efficiency systems. It is inspiring to think about the investments in job training to help scale up America’s workforce to prepare to make, install, and maintain these products. It is truly awe-inspiring to think of the millions of Americans that can be put to work all over this country, in a huge range of occupations, moving America toward a clean energy future.

      But it is not just inspiring – it is accurate. In the New Apollo Program, we argue for a $50 billion investment program over ten years. It is an investment in all sectors of the American economy: from green construction to energy efficiency retrofits; from our transportation system to our power grid; from our existing factories to cutting-edge research, development and deployment opportunities. Based on a comprehensive study on a very similar set of proposals that was done for Apollo in 2004 by economist and Nobel laureate M. Ray Perryman, this level of federal investment will create or retain at least five million jobs in America. Most of these are on-site construction, manufacturing, and transportation jobs – jobs in industries that tend to pay a family-supporting wage and benefits, and that have anchored America’s middle class for generations.

      Dr. Perryman’s data show also that the economic benefits of the Apollo investment strategy don’t stop at on-site jobs. These investments will create millions more jobs in associated industries, like the trucking companies moving the wind turbines, the lawyers and accountants helping broker deals between new clean energy businesses, or even the small restaurants and stores catering to the linemen and women upgrading the transmission grid in countless towns across the country.

      Other studies, such as the “Green Recovery” paper recently released by the Center for American Progress, also include the positive economic impact created by, for instance, lower energy bills as a result of more clean energy options. Lower bills equal more money in consumers’ pockets, equal more spending in the local economy, equal more jobs. (See CAP’s response to the Wall Street Journal article here: http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/2008/11/su

      These “indirect” jobs are included in President-elect Obama’s green jobs calculations, explaining why he comes to the five million job number with a lower initial investment. The different numbers are by no means “squishy.” They are the result of different initial assumptions, leading to different results.


      Kate Gordon

      Co-director, Apollo Alliance

    2. Mike C, Texas says:

      For Kate Gordon,

      Look around you sometime, that is if you ever get out of DC. Most of the people caulking are illegal aliens working for maybe minimum wage. That is going to help our job situation? As for "Green Recovery" solar and wind energy are only possible because we have on-line back-ups of coal and natural gas power plants. The price of renewables starts where coal and gas end. Where is the savings? I would also dare to say that most people that think like you don't want powerlines in their back yard. So tell me again how it is we are going to butcher our skylines with the big white fans and run thousands of miles of additional powerlines. I guess you wouldn't be where you are if you were stupid, so I will be polite and say you are naive. Or have investments in renewables.

    3. Sally says:

      "brain dead". Indeed. Man, who needs pot when you can toke on stuff like this! For reals, peeps. I mean, it sounds like a Maoist thing. "Everyone ! IN the name of the reverend Chairman, grab a caulk gun and empty the cities!" Yea. I mean. America is fosraken. Yet the sheep won't mind.

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