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  • The Heritage Foundation's 2009 Resolutions for America

    Big changes are coming to Washington in 2009 with a new administration in the White House and a new Congress. As we prepare for these adjustments, here are the things we hope to see happen in the New Year.

    • TRANSPARENT GOVERNMENT: The Heritage Foundation is working to convince Congress that there should be open and honest debate on President-elect Obama’s proposed nearly $1 trillion economic stimulus plan, so that American taxpayers can be assured they are not funding superfluous projects
    • END OF TARP: Heritage is working to convince President-elect Obama and the incoming Congress to end the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP), deny any requests to use the second $350 billion of taxpayer funds, and instead work to reform the nation’s financial regulatory system that appears to have exacerbated today’s problems.
    • IRAN WITHOUT NUCLEAR WEAPONS: Heritage encourages President-elect Obama to work ceaselessly to prevent Iran from attaining nuclear weapons and will lead an international coalition to do so.
    • NO NEW TAXES: Heritage encourages President-elect Obama to make President Bush’s tax cuts permanent, because we understand that tax increases harm economic growth and that tax cuts lead to greater economic activity.
    • CHEAP ENERGY: Heritage encourages the U.S. to authorize oil production in ANWR and other promising areas, remove restrictions on offshore oil drilling, reform the arduous permitting process for new nuclear power plants, and avoid enacting energy legislation that harms the American economy and increases energy costs.
    • STATE-DRIVEN EDUCATION: Heritage encourages the incoming U.S. Secretary of Education to look to the local level to improve the public education system, and enact proposals that grant states greater autonomy and flexibility in how federal funds are used.
    • NO SOCIALIZED HEALTH CARE: Heritage is working to open public debate on, and to ultimate reject, both a Federal Health Board and a new government run plan. We also urge Congress and President-elect Obama to embrace real bipartisan health care reform that uses a consumer-choice system that provides incentives rather than government mandates.
    • FREEDOM TO WORSHIP: Heritage encourages President-elect Obama to protect the ability of faith based social service providers to honor their religious ideals, ensure federal conscience protections that allow individuals to work without violating their religious beliefs, and provide an honest environment for public policy debate – including debates about marriage – without fear of intimidation or reprisal.
    • NON-ACTIVIST JUDGES: Heritage encourages President-elect Obama to nominate judges who will interpret the Constitution as written, rather than those who would prefer to legislate from the bench.
    • MISSILE DEFENSE: Heritage recommends President-elect Obama commit to a strong missile defense, knowing that in 33 minutes or less a missile launched at the U.S. can hit any target it is programmed to destroy.
    • SUPPORT THE TROOPS: Heritage reminds that the U.S. must continue to fight for freedom around the globe and give all of the support and resources necessary for our troops to bravely protect us and return home safely. God bless them, and to all of you, a Happy New Year!
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    77 Responses to The Heritage Foundation's 2009 Resolutions for America

    1. james, washington dc says:

      ya know this would have been more worthwhile if you had included only things that had at least a 5% chance of happening. we all know that not only will bush tax cuts not be permanent, they wont be extended. in fact, obama wont even have a choice they wont make it to his desk. this is mainly all the conservative wishes that wont happen w/ congress: non activist judges? give me a break wont happen in a million years w/ obama. the 3 biggest goals for 2009 must be stopping 3 radical left agenda issues: the end of secret ballot for unions, the "fairness doctrine", and FOCA. The republicans should be able to get public support at least enough to stop these. 90% of the things you listed won't happen, largley cuz its more conservative than even mccain proposed. but yea, you can always wish i guess

    2. Stan, Greenfield, TN says:

      I too share your wishes for 2009. However, there are several that you listed that I doubt seriously will ever happen.

      1) Transparency and open and honest debate….we have already seen Obama's Transparency in the Blago scandal. There will be no debate on the $trillion bailout either.

      2)End of Tarp…..I can't imagine the Dem's will pass up the opportunity to dole out money with no string attached. Bush screwed up by setting the precident.

      3) Iran and Nukes…..he might have a chance but Bush has already tried everything short of force.

      4) No New Taxes…..they have already announced plans to let the Bush tax cuts expire. See what that does to the markets and economy.

      5) Cheap energy…..There is not a snowball's chance of him opening ANWR, offshore, or starting any more Nuclear reactors. The Dem's want high energy prices….that makes their Green Push more possible.

      6) State Driven Education….well that is just opposite what Obama wants. He will push to "radicalize" all of our schools just like Chicago.

      7) Socialized healthcare……..is coming. Maybe not for everyone but at least for 20-30million. There, of course, will be millions to jump off their current plans to get the free care.

      8) Freedom to worship….yes this will be done. But, Doctors will be forced to offer legalized abortion to any patient based on violation of civil rights violation if the dr. refuses.

      9) Non-Activist Judges……LOL, LOL, LOL Obama has already said he wants judges who will rule with compassion and consider the oppression of the community.

      10) Missile Defense…..look for a fight between Obama and Hillary. This will be her chance to jump off and start campaigning for 2012.

      11) Support for Troops…..this will happen but Obama will also likely start his own little "militia" of civilians with billions of dollars. Isn't that what the National Guard is supposed to be?

      So I believe 2009 will be hit and miss…..mostly miss. I pray that I am wrong.

      God Bless America, please

    3. Leo, Washington says:

      You lost the election, guys…dream on!

    4. jeff boise says:


    5. Michael J., Valdez, says:

      Considering Mr. Obama is one of the most liberal politicians in Washington, good luck with the 2009 resolutions. If we can somehow mitigate the damage he plans on doing to our families and our Constitution, I would consider it a good year. My prayer is that conservatives in this country will wake-up before the clock strikes twelve! We must get back to the bedrock basics of what our founders originally framed and not take no for an answer. It is time to protect our country and families from the internal erosion taking place in our government. "For the People and By the People"! I said it once and will say it again. Terrorism is not the greatest danger to America, but rather radical liberalism which will stop at nothing to achieve its goals.

    6. Gene Laabs McDonough says:

      If medical care (socialized) is put into place that is any different then that for members of congress, it should prove to everone they view us as 2nd class and they are the elite. That fact is also evident in their present retirement benifits. Why arn't they useing social security instead of a special, much better plan for them selves?? Leo (Washington) is an example of good for us, ignore the people and American principals!

    7. William J. Cudlip Gr says:

      How about dealing with "The Freedom Of Information Act" ( Threat! )

    8. zeprin, St.Petersbur says:

      President Elect Obama promises to be "Very, very cross" with

      Iran If it ever uses nuclear weapons.


    9. Robert, VA says:

      Well, apparently the same old Pogo statement is applicable to the philosophies on this site. It only verifies that the Obama philosophy has arrived right on time.

    10. Suzanne in Denton, T says:

      Good luck on the wishes. Will never happen with Congress controlled by Obamaites and Republicans who will be digging for all the pork they can find and abandoning their few remaining conservative principles. While we are wishing:

      Obama and Congress will enact and follow through with very strong, efficient anti-illegal alien legislation, including putting armed national guard on the borders and mandating that local law enforcement support ICE.

      Congress will enact the Fair Tax and eliminate the IRS.

      Congress will return control of public schools to the locals. Said locals who actually use the schools will be the ones who pay for them, not the rest of us.

      Eliminate all welfare, individual and corporate, including Medicaid, Medicare, subsidized food, utilities, and shelter. Allow the the charities do what they do best and want to do.

    11. Joe Ruffino says:

      Your list of things you would like to see, they are pipe dreams. This administration and houses of congress are so good they are about to put out of work thousands of people in places like Hondourus and the Dominican Republic. This new president will sign the S-Chip Tax initiative. Bush vetoed it 2 or 3 times for sound reasons. The Heritage Foundation should bring the facts on this new Tax to the general public. Taxing a legal product to death is not the way to fund childrens health care. Especially when it is the single source.

    12. Nancy J. Thorner, La says:

      Heritage could not have been serious in issuing such a list of hopeful happenings in the upcoming Barack Hussein Obama Administration. It surely must have been a joke. I chuckled as I read the eleven bullet points which depicted the exact opposite from what the upcoming Obama Administration will bring to this nation. To even suggest these "Pollyanna" thoughts seems to be at odds with what the Heritage Foundation should be circulating in the New Year. As a President's Club member, I felt disappointed and offended that Heritage offered up this sort of peace offering to Obama, instead of warning its members what will be once Obama and his socialist friends and advisors take control. Certainly your wish list must have been meant as a New Years joke. I wasn't amused. As a political activist in the conservative movement, I will not just sit back with a "wait and see" attitude hoping for the impossible to happen.

    13. MPKaye Stilllwater, says:

      Not to burst your bubble, but you should re-read FA Hayek's "The Road to Serfdom". Might I suggest you start with chapter 11 – "The End of Truth".

    14. Vello Ederma, Spring says:

      Nine out of nine: you are dreaming, of course.

      One would rather lose an election than to be a party on the road to calamity.

    15. Jim,Poulsbo, Washing says:

      Where can I get some of what you are smoking. As long as we have Leo's out there and people who think like him our fate is sealed.

    16. Ray Pinard, Northwoo says:

      I agree. But I fear we will get none of these proposals.

      Ray in Northwood, NH

    17. Chet Pilcher, Ashevi says:

      "Resolutions" are seldom kept. This is a "dream" list. Just look at the line up of new HR's pending. None of these wishes are anywhere to be found.

    18. gunbibleclinger, Hen says:

      The resolutions are great. I am sure they will come true, but if they don't it will most certainly be George W Bush's fault.

    19. Don, Spokane, WA says:

      You've got to be kidding. Obama and the Socialist Congress will not pursue any of these points. I believe they will do just the opposite.

    20. Ramon says:

      This wish list ? Make it happen America !

    21. Jdelaney, Rochester, says:

      Given the epidemic of political correctness and a giddy electorate hellbent for nanny statism, your hopes–my hopes–for the new year are purely fanciful. I sorely wish that were not the case.

      Rather than wishful thinking, how about a 25 million man march on D.C.? At this point, nothing less will be able to safeguard America and its liberties/traditions. Once our new masters have shown their true colors, is Heritage willing to organize the march? I and many others would follow. No kidding. We're that scared.

    22. E CARROLL, PAWNEE OK says:

      with the incoming administration the resolution list is not going to happen just look at what the last two years of the democrats controlling the congress and senate has got us and the incoming administration looks to be far worse than anything i have seen in my lifetime. too bad mcarthy is not here to help fight off communist taking control of our government. just listen to the proposals and retoric from the incoming leadership.

    23. Nino Borrelli says:

      Amen to all of your '09 wishes. I would have also included stopping the taxpayer funded Freedom of Choice Act(FOCA).

      It's a promise President-elect Obama gave to Planned Parenthood. This heinous Act would result in unrestricted abortions nationwide. For the love of God, we can't allow its passage.

      Will these '09 wishes be implemented is another question. I very much doubt it, but let's see what happens. Based on their past track records and positions, Obama-Reid-Pelosi is a scary trio for freedom-loving Americans who love and cherish God, country, family, and our Constitution. Conservatives will have to fight vigorously to protect and preserve the values and principles our great country was founded and built on. I stand ready to fight the liberal agenda! I have seen its impact on a state level in New Jersey and it's not pretty folks. This is the least we can do for our generation and future generations, and for the brave men and women in uniform who fight every single day to keep America safe and strong!

    24. Roy W. Smith Charles says:

      !.I would be happy if the Federal branches of government just stuck to the federal Constitution's enumerated powers and left the rest to the states and to the people.

      2. Let's see, how about the federal government using trust funds for what they're intended, Highway trust, Social security trust, etc.

      3. And since I'm dreaming, how about letting the words in the Federal Constitution mean what they say and letting the preamble's General Welfare not mean welfare to nearly half of the country by not paying federal taxes.

      4. Property rights would be nice too. and gun rights, and while you're at it free speech and freedom "of" religion, not freedom "from" religion.

      5. Oh Hell, make the Declaration of Independence mandatory reading for everyone, because it applies more so now than it did when it was signed.

    25. William Wynne says:

      I am disappointed to find this kind of drivel published under the Heritage banner. To call a naive wishlist a 'resolution' shows the kind of contempt for language we have become accustomed to from the Left.

      At its core conservative fecklessness is rooted in its endless preoccupation with enumerating, analyzing and complaining about liberal transgressions while being either unable or too timid to formulate plans of action.

      I would like to see Heritage make its own resolution along these lines:

      In 2009 we will devote our considerable intellectual resources and influence to developing practical remedial initiatives to counter the growing power of the liberal establishment. We will begin today.

      Anger without action is merely cathartic. Outrage without action is appropriate to men in bondage.

    26. John Vitale, Glenvie says:

      Ha. Good luck with that…

    27. Kathleen Easler, Flo says:

      Dream on! I share those wishes, but am reminded that if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. The only way we will achieve those wishes if we are prepared to do battle on every front to stop the excesses of liberalism.

    28. Linda Florida says:

      Your wish list is great, I have faith that we will get back on the right track, back to a “For the People and By the People" government. It is time for independent American's to stand together and make our voices heard.

    29. Gary, Raleigh says:

      The suggestions of The Heritage are right and honorable and I will support them; however, O’Bama's history shows just the opposite. For what is left of the Constitution, we are in for a long fight to restore it. If all elected Republicans would show some Reagan Conservative Backbone (RCB) and stop trying to please the Democrats and do what is right by what the Constitution says, then we have a chance for restoring this Nation. Otherwise, we are headed for increased Socialism, higher taxes, Government control, unemployment, depression; or, in general, as my mother would say at the dinner table, "We suffer when we vote against Conservatism or the Constitution. God bless the USA."

    30. Sharon Burton Pease says:

      Great to hear mention of support for our troops. Let us all include the troops that protect us right here in the USA, the men and women of law enforcement and the emergency workers. They daily serve and sacrfice for the safety and well-being of the American people. May we never undervalue our domestic centurions. God HAS blessed America.

    31. Michael J O'Bri says:

      With the likes of Obama, Pelosi, Dodd, Barney Frank, Reid in charge, you can figure the rest. Our chances are slim and none.

    32. Leon, West Virginia says:

      This is the same tired, lame,ideological rhetoric that caused the GOP to lose it all the last two years and govern so poorly since 1992. Frankly, the party has left me a long time ago. We were always the better opposition party in the past(pre-Reagan); with fresh ideas to counter the extreme Left. However, thoughtful opposition can't be effective if we are always on the extreme Right, all of the time. Unfortanitly, the GOP has been hi-jacked by the extreme right. We need to review history and get more in touch with Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt… the real foundation of a proud heritage.

    33. Evan from Anchorag says:

      Saying no new taxes ever, means our children pay for this mess we have left them. It sounds like "union boss" mentality. Choke the chicken that feeds you. Choke the company until it dies.

      The missle defense in Europe should be paid for by Europe, or don't do it. We are broke people. Quit spreading the weath with jobs around the world. Bring the military bases home too.

      I hope the republicans work to get things done this year, even in the middle. Things need to get done. We had our chance and—— and blew it.

      How about alittle fair trade too. Do unto others as they do onto us.

    34. Robert Chatham, Hous says:

      I Also BELIEVE,,,That The Republican Party Should Consider becoming the CONSERVATIVE APART in Name as WELL as ACTION ! !

      Another Thing I feel Is EXTREEMELY IMPORTANT, is That The PARTY require ANY CANDIDATE (running for ANY POST, POSITION, OFFICE, or WHATEVER) Be REQUIRED to Sign a Contrctual Agreement Swearing ("UNDER OATH") That The Candidate will; AT ALL TIMES Refrain from, ANY Form of Corruption, Any Form of CONFLICT OF INTEREST, with the Position being sought.And to MAINTAIN The HIGHEST LEVEL OF ETHICS POSSIBLE while in the Actof performing the Task sought.

      Any Violation of Ethical Standards or Any Form of Dishonesty of Major Conflict of Interest displayed or any Form of Corruption demonstrated,, Will RESULT IN IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT and Removal from Office.

    35. Neil Rush says:

      In your/our dreams. He is the original tax and spend socialist. Hold on to your shorts.

    36. dick park, Houston, says:

      Your ideas are wonderful but naive.

      I have one vote for one Representative

      out of a house of 435. He (my rep) has

      one vote out of 435 IF he can get the

      bill(s) we want to the house floor for

      a vote. We are powerless until we install term limits on every elective office in this country. Until the elite

      monied class runs the show.We have no way to threaten, cajole or influence any outcome without tons and tons of money.

    37. David Nelson, Toledo says:

      Paul Krugman reported today in the New York Times that the Heritage Foundation urged the newly elected President Bush to make appointments based on loyalty, not competence. You got your wish, and you also got the Katrina disaster. Your policies also led to the gutting of enforcement by the SEC, the Office of Thrift Supervision, and other agencies. So you bear responsibility for the Madoffs and Paulson's buddies who ripped off their own banks for the sake of short-term bonuses. My suggestion for 2009 is that you take an earnest look at the evil your anti-government ideology has caused. America is weaker because of your rants.

    38. Teri Hunter, Califor says:

      Splendid and concise, my goals as well! What some of us fail to realize however, is that G_d is still on the throne and those of us who know how to reach G_d's heart must intercede for our nation. That said, I expect every conservative in this nation to get up and get active in your communities! If Mr. Obama has taught me anything at all, it's to become a community organizer (sans the Alinsky method)!

      Get busy people, our nation is at stake!!!

    39. paul r. ducktown,t says:

      ok,and i've got a real nice bridge to sell ya.

    40. Chuck, Wheeling says:

      Leo, we republicans may have lost the election, but we ALL stand a chance to lose our Liberty. Please share how you plan to insulate yourself from the inevitable disaster? That would be a very American thing to do.

    41. Arlene Nokes, Quincy says:

      Wonderful wish list only. Would that it would be done, however, it is just a list of wishes. Liberals are at the wheel for now. Wake up America!!

    42. Gilbert, Largo says:

      Projecting into tomorrow yesterday's failed politics and dreams will not help solving problems neither will restore confidence.

      If after 8 years of permanent campaign you didn't got it, you just can't understand what is going on now.

    43. M.J. Schimmel, Winfi says:

      I hope there is something that can be done for the military this year. My son is a marine, and has already been to Iraq once and is going there again. In the rare times that he has come home, the airlines have pretty much screwed him over, again and again.

      The last time, his flight was canceled, the second plane he got on was canceled, and the only flight he could get back to Lejeune was two days later. He needed to be back on base that day that he had tickets for, but the airlines have their priorities. First class first, second, the people in their "flight clubs". The military comes last. I think this is shameful! Soldiers don't get paid very much, and they must spend 3weeks worth of pay just to get home. The airlines don't even offer military discounts anymore. This is a SIN!!!

      Does anyone else feel this way?

    44. LVKen7@Gmail.com - says:

      How about -

      HF Will work to END

      The Culture, and economics of GREED.

      and extravagance,

      AT THE TOP.

      HF will END their

      Indifference to the Weak,

      and the most vulnerable,

      the elderly,

      poor people,


      HF Will emphasise Justice and fairness

    45. Susan says:

      I just wish that the conservatives in this country would get some backbone. Sara Pallen is the closest we've come. The elites (Republicans) did not even support her, the same way they ran from Newt Gengrich when the Dems went after him.

      Oh Ranald pray for another.

    46. Tom Sheehan, Dalton, says:

      Charles Krauthammer (I hope I spelled his name correctly, makes a very interesting argument for what he calls a "Net-Zero Gas Tax" in THE WEEKLY STANDARD (Jan5/Jan12, '09). It's worth reading and worth considering.

    47. katy texas 77450. says:

      HELP…. the 52% of liberals leftys highjacked my contry.I prey evry night for AMERICA , GOD BLESS AMERICA GIKAS P XABELAS

    48. Victor in DC says:

      What is the point of what The Heritage Foundation wrote? I am serious here. Obama in his whole political life has shown himself to be just as greedy, dishonest, and manipulative as any of the more one sided leaning politicians. THESE COMMENTS ARE NOT A ATTACK ON HIM. They reflect who he is just as the same could be said of the worst of some republicans. The real loss is the continual worship and desire for a miracle leader. America deserves the player that he is. In four to eight years, we will still have big oil, big medicine,big corporations and wealth. He will change none of it since all the above is a illusion of class hate. But, the government will be bigger. And the number of days you work to pay your share of taxes will be more.

    49. ella quinn kinsto says:

      we might have loss the election but the fight is not over. we have 2012 to vote again.we will not give up.pray donot stop praying. do not give up.we are republicans. i will never trust the democrats. Ella Quinn

    50. R.Gates, San Diego says:

      Nice wish list. It's good to be optimistic. And I think you just might get some of what you want, such as I doubt seriously we will get real health care change, it will still be run by insurance companies for those who can afford insurance. And I doubt Obama will oppose the Pentagon's decades old push for missle defense, even if sited as close to Russia as we possibly can get it. And Obama has already committed to greater intervention in Afghanistan, soon to be Obama's Vietnam. So all in all I think you might be pleasantly surprised by 2009.

    51. Chuck, O'Fallon says:

      I agree with you Michael. "Our" country is under a real threat from those within. We do need to rise above this!!

    52. William Granberg, Ne says:

      I think it was a good idea to post this list for 2009. Of course we all know that Obama & the extreme left Congress will go in the total opposite direction. But just the same, this list helps us to keep our eyes on the ball and our course true. This list should be more a list of demands by the American people as a whole rather than a wish list sponsored by our great foundation. The only way that will happen is if Americans are enlightened about these points and then encouraged to actively petition government for them. This list is a good start in that endeavor. We conservatives should keep reaching for the stars until we gradually take back our country. The liberals have slowly eroded the foundations and institutions that has made this country the finest in history. We owe it to the founding fathers but most of all to future generations to take our country back. B.G.

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    54. Tony Moore, Arkansas says:

      you forgot to say once upon a time in a land far far away.

    55. Whit Lester, Georgia says:

      Hope is all that is left when all else fails. The listed items would be great for us Conservatives, but doubtful that many of them will come to pass.

    56. Sjaantje, Seattle WA says:

      Affirmations of what you want is a great way to start the New Year! It is about aiming at what you want, not aiming at just what is possible.

      The former keeps you on tack, the later keeps you compromising.

      I think this list is great!

    57. Victoria, Alexandria says:

      The gainsayers notwithstanding, Obama will have no choice but to eventually consider, if not implement versions of the wish-list Heritage posted since, the United States is already floundering and any socialist encroachment will expedite a downward spiral.

    58. Eddie, Maine says:

      Heritage Foundation, Happy Hey Year! We are truely Greatful for your work!! Drive On!! I have NEVER had information from ANY organization that is so worthwhile as is yours. God Bless all of you!! Eddie

    59. Evangelos, Athens, G says:

      Well, it seems to me a bit unrealistic, but it is definitely worth trying. And I believe that this is the most important thing, that conservatives don't give up but instead do everything they can to get America back on track. That was the biggest mistake conservatives in Europe have made and here is where Europe stands today.

      A Happy New Year to everybody!!

    60. Steve Townes Du Quoi says:

      Wish in one hand, crap in the other; see which fills first.

    61. Sue Whitney MI says:

      Does Heritage Foundation take a stand in favor of Israel's actions in Gaza? Please don't disappoint those of us who support Israel's struggle against continuous attacks from Hamas for the last 8 years.

      There are demonstrations here and abroad denouncing Israel. I pray Heritage will be brave and do what's right.

    62. JC Barr says:

      Term Limits, Term Limits, Term Limits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Wouldn't this go a long way in putting citizen representation back in Washington?

    63. joe livonia michigan says:

      After browsing through these e-mails one thing stood out that has been clear to me for years and I keep bringing it up with my friends and they all agree. Of course I don't keep company with liberals anyway. My point however is Obama is our president because that is who we as Americans deserve. We complain and whine and blame and look to someone like gov't to solve our problems and when they don't we throw fits like little children. I do not speak for all but I feel after being born and raised here all my 40 years I have seen America decay to the point that I and my friends now consider ourselves to be outsiders. Why because we take care of ourselves we pay our bills we use our brains and don't get in over our heads financially. Just because you brought the thing home with you doesn't mean you bought it dummy! We go to church on sunday not just Christmas and Easter. Some of our wives including mine work hard too but still prepare home cooked meals 5 or 6 nights a week why? Because they care that the family eats good food not overpriced restaurant crap with fries. We don't want or need anything from our gov't except military security and decent schools and roads. We believe and know that we were put on the planet by God not the United States of America. We love our country but it is after all just a country and most of the career politicians who run it seem to think they are better smarter and wiser than the rest of us. Which to make my point is why we have the perfect example of that kind of leader as our president. Most Americans, as indicated by their voting records can not now deny that they are in the category of whiners blamers people looking for someone to save them and America when it is they who are the problem. Stop asking for things get them on your own. Stop charging everything teach your kids personal responsability and conservativism in all things. That is the way I was raised as one of 7 children in a 1400 sq. ft. house but you know we had more fun just playing outside with our friends than you could ever have with any stupid xbox playstation or whatever. And we were happy. Change is not necessarily good. Change is what screwed up this country to begin with.

    64. Jerry Frady, Montgom says:

      There was a time when New Year's Resolutions were taken seriously. In the modern world such seems not to be the case.

      I applaud Heritage for its efforts to revive the tradition but

      remain guardly skeptical. Modern radical liberalism constantly

      "snubs its drippy nose" at the sound principles of individual

      freedom and responsibility. For the original natural and constitutional rights of individuals, they have substituted "civil rights." Those are basically "flawed" interpretations "made" by activist judges who "crusade" and "parade" them before the American people as "the original supreme laws of the land." And in just days from now, this nation will install its 44th president who has publically exclaimed his belief in the "flawed nature of the U.S. Constitution" but not in the "liberal judiciary's evolving

      relativistic edicts" relative to it. A huge red flag

      question concerning that event isn't its legitimacy. Rather, it is whether in "all honesty and without reservation" the new

      president-elect can take the oath of office. That oath includes

      the pivotal statement about his willingess "to defend and to

      protect the Constitution of the United States of America." Given his past radical socialistic track-record and his expressed desire to initiate a "socialistic second bill of rights" copied from FDR, he might be "more comfortable" if the

      oath read, "to revise and to eventually eliminate the original Constitution of the United States of America." At this point, one can only hope and pray he will listen to Heritage. Also,

      all true patriots and conservatives must now "stand-up and be counted among the loyal opposition." [Loyal to our nation and

      opposed to any move toward socialistic collectivism.]

    65. Timothy A. Madden, L says:

      I hate to sound like a troglodyte, but, "Yeah! Right!"

    66. Darvin Dowdy says:

      The HF would make better use of their time by working to purge the "Transnational Progressives" from the Republican Party. Get our own dysfunctional GOP house in order. There are 10-20 million Civic Conservative voters out there who chose to "Stay at Home" on both 11/7/06 and 11/4/08. Why? DO YOUR JOB HF!! "Think". You are top heavy with PHD's. Get some High School grads w/common sense in there to balance things out. And, yes, I'm a member. Darvin Dowdy

    67. Gonzalez, David ,Yorkville, Obama (Illinois) says:

      Over the years our congressmen have given themselves too much power, and taken control of too much of our money. As a consequence they’ve become spoiled, undiciplined, irresponsible children with too many toys. Every problem our country faces today, the economy, infrastucture, education, etc., you can point the accusatory finger right at the noses of our congressmen. They’ve proven this fact again with this economic mess we’re in, that they caused!
      Our congressmen have been out of control long enough. It’s time to punish them. It’s time to take their toys away from them. They need to be stripped of their power. To borrow The Rev. Jesse Jackson’s famous quote, our congressmen need to be DE-NUTTED!
      Unfortunately, demanding our congressmen to reform themselves would be futile. Why should they? They’ve got it made. Any reform (such as rewriting the Congressional Playbook) will have to come from the outside and forced down their throats like a bad tasting elixir. Otherwise, the next item on the Endangered Species List will be the Constitution of the United States.
      After all, everyone, it’s our Congress, not theirs.

    68. Danelle H, Charlotte NC says:

      I heard a great saying today “The government that has the power to give you everything you need has the power to take away everything you have.”

      This wish list would not be necessary if we did not live in a time when people are willing to hand over personal freedoms in exchange for bail outs, programs, agenda driven laws, promises of jobs, amnesty from personal responsibility (including our individual responsibility to educate and rear our own children), the list goes on. We the people, whether supporting the lobbies for MADD, Smart Start, Southern Baptists, national speed limits, Just Say No, school lunches, reading initiatives have said in many ways over and over that if the agenda fits we will submit. Inch by inch each and every time we look to the federal government to fulfill some inner need for emotional (or fiscal) self gratification we lose a little bit of say in our individual lives.

      There is no such thing as a free puppy. My main concern is this “stimulus package” supposedly set up to put Americans back to work. What sort of jobs are they proposing? Do you really think the banker with lily white, supple hands is going to leave the unemployment line and shovel concrete to build a bridge? Are we going to bring in migrant workers to do the job so that the idiot who has been building substandard houses can keep his bottom line plump through the crisis while bidding on government backed jobs? Snow machines and covered walk ways are not the way to raise this country from the dung pile we have buried ourselves under.

      The first thing we need to reform is our personal insight into our psyche. We are not all supposed to be bankers, doctors, accountants, attorneys. I can barely add up a grocery list without rounding off numbers which is why you will never see me in the executive offices of Bank of America (Though I may have been able to wing it at Morgan Stanley). We have pumped the sunshine pump and lied to our children by telling them that they are all smarter, better looking and more talented than what the truth reveals. If you know little Jimmy can barely read and hates school by the time he is in the 9th grade. Why push little Jimmy into being a mediocre bank paper pusher? Why not tell our kids that it is fine to be a great painter or a fantastic mechanic or the best ditch digger on the east coast.

      But ditch diggers do not make a million dollars a year right? Here is another news flash. Everybody does not have to be a millionaire. Families do not need 3,000 square feet and 2 BMW’s to raise happy, self actualized children. Families can be happy and healthy without 10 flat screens, a movie viewing room, 14 ipods, 6 laptops, 3 luxury vehicles and the latest clothing from Baby Roca Phat Pharm of NYC.

      As a side note health care in general is a scam. It will not be less of a scam if organized by gov-co. The solution to health care is multi-faceted. First, we need to stop going to the doctor every time we sneeze or trim our toe nails too short. We need to stop over medicating ourselves into oblivion. Just because you see a drug on the tele does not mean you have to make an appointment and ask for a script. The physicians need to stop working for the pharmacy and start working for the patient. Doctors and hospitals need to scale their prices to a range affordable for the common consumer just like any other service industry. Three hundred dollar Tylenol does not make sense no matter how the insurance company codes it.

      Stepping off the soap box…Happy New Year.

    69. Robert C. Wilmingto says:

      YES, to all

    70. Danielle McDonald, T says:

      Wonderful resolutions. All issues stated clearly and concisely.

    71. Barb -mn says:

      I love em' all. And ALL ARE POSSIBLE. Thank you, Heritage.

    72. D Kinsey BT MT says:

      Don't hold your breath.

    73. Biff, Dayton Ohio says:

      James from DC makes some excellent points. This does not mean that should must continually define our philosophy and goals. Losing sight of our core conservative and/or libertarian principles is what led to Republicans to get routed in 2006 and 08. It was by defining and implementing conservative principals that Ronald Reagan was able to win back-to-back landslides.

    74. R W Parker Malvern says:

      When PIGS Fly ! This cruel and unusual punishment to get us to even dream this might happen.

    75. Chris, Oklahoma City says:

      Why not make it part of your resolution to publish what the few congress men and women, like Senator Tom Colburn of Oklahoma, are getting accomplished for the good of our country.

    76. cynthia overland, sa says:

      I am late to opine on this, but I had to comment on the education goal. As an educator for 37 years, (first grade to college, public and private) I know a bit about this subject. The reason our children are not being educated to the depth and breadth we want is that once we take federal money for education, we lose control of our curriculum. A few bullet points to save time and perhaps stimulate discussion include:

      * Eliminate Dept. of Education and NEA

      * No Federal/state tax for education-tax money should come from the local communities(property tax, corporate, etc.)

      * Break up these huge mega school districts that are bloated with bureaucracy and the incompetents it takes to run them.

      * Return responsibility back to dedicated educators and parents who monitor how money is spent directly to benefit children of community.

      * Reorganize our "priority list" putting children at the top and not only talk the talk during election time but walk the walk the rest of the time.

      * Instead of looking to Papa Government to solve our problems, look to examples like Marva Collins. This is a woman who believes our children are smart and need to be challenged and expections set high so that they have to stand on tip-toes to reach and stretch for them. The answer is not to throw more money at the problem;the answer is to simplify the bureaucracy, to return responsibility and control to our communities, to rededicate our efforts, and to challenge our youth. Your thoughts pro/con??

    77. Charlain Marie, Sava says:

      I agree with Chris, from Oklahoma City, please try to make it a point to publicize the good accomplishments of our public servants and hold those who fail us accountable also.

      These people are elected officials and we should be willing to replace them when they fail. They should not be permitted to ride the system – doing nothing to contribute to the good of the country.

      I am a full-time working woman, if I was not productive and contributed to the good of my company – I know I would be replaced and rightfully so!

      Accountability is the key to succeeding in 2009!

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