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  • Yearly Archives: 2008

    $10-a-gallon Gas?

    Enjoying the $1.67-a-gallon gas for your holiday travels? Well, enjoy it while you can because the guys President-elect Obama is appointing in key positions want gas prices to be much higher. Let’s start with his Secretary of Energy, Dr Steven Chu. From our friends at the National Taxpayers Union: Somehow … More

    Tankosphere Today: Dec. 18, 2008

    Multiple States Pushing “Sin Taxes” So They Can Continue Spending Our Money – FreedomTalks It seems that many state governments are freaking out about the current economic climate, and are trying to find ways to deal with their impending budget problems. This week alone FreedomWorks has issued calls to action … More

    Paul Weyrich: A Committed Warrior for Human Liberty

    America has lost a great patriot with the passing of Paul Weyrich. He was an individual who understood the miracle of America and believed it was worth investing a major part of his life in protecting and preserving it. So, he became a committed warrior for the principles that had … More

    The Special Interest Politics Game

    From the Machinery of Freedom by David Friedman, Milton’s son. Special interest politics is a simple game. A hundred people sit in a circle, each with his pocket full of pennies. A politician walks around the outside of the circle, taking a penny from each person. No one minds; who … More

    Electroshock Therapy We Don't Believe In

    Just like Keynesian economics, electroshock therapy was first introduced in the 1930s and then gained widespread use in the 1940s. Now President-elect Barack Obama “anxious to jolt the economy back to life” is considering a federal stimulus package that could reach a whopping $1 trillion. Now that is a shocking … More

    What will $10 billion Get You? A Lot of Nuclear Energy

    From Reuters: China has started building a new nuclear power plant in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong, the second of three Beijing aimed to begin constructing in the final two months of the year. The 70 billion yuan ($10.2 billion) Yangjiang plant, in Yangjiang City, will have six units … More

    Crack Clogs

    In April 2007, the U.S. Sentencing Commission lowered the sentencing guidelines for crack. That move was largely uncontroversial as there was wide bipartisan belief that the 100-to-1 crack-to-powder ratio for cocaine offenses were too harsh. More controversial, however, was the Commission’s decision to make the lower sentences retroactive. This past … More

    Morning Bell: Fixing Border Security

    The Department of Homeland Security announced earlier this week that it completed the 500th mile of the congressionally mandated border fence — 170 miles short of its goal. In 2005, then-Sen. Barack Obama voted for the fence. President-elect Obama now says “he wants to evaluate what’s working on the border … More

    Conservative Leader Paul Weyrich Dies; First to Lead Heritage

      Paul M. Weyrich, chairman and CEO of the Free Congress Foundation and first president of The Heritage Foundation, died this morning around 1 a.m. He was 66 years old. Weyrich was a good friend to many of us at Heritage, a true leader and a man of unbending principle. … More

    75 Years Ago, Ford's Better Idea

    “A Conservative,” that anonymous scribe within Heritage, surfaces again for the second time in three days with a cautionary tale for the Big Three about Henry Ford, FDR and Big Government strings. This latest edition of New Common Sense, titled “Ford Faced Down FDR’s Blue Eagle,” reads as follows:   Out … More