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  • Monthly Archives: December 2008

    The Net Neutrality Rorschach

    One of the key litmus test issues for the online left is support for ‘net neutrality’. Never heard of it? You’re not alone. As a  story in the Wall Street Journal exposed today, net neutrality’s biggest supporters can’t even agree on what the term means. In their story Google Wants … More

    Tankosphere Today: Dec. 15, 2008

    Numbers Dont Add Up for Big Labors Main Goals in 2009 – DC Examiner For pols addicted to polls, Gallup recently released an analysis titled “Americans remain broadly supportive of unions.” Failing to read beyond this headline of the polling outfit’s publication, though, could mislead some into believing Big Labor … More

    Read My Lips, No Industrial Bailouts

    President Bush pushed the Troubled Asset Recovery Program (TARP) through the Congress because he and Treasury Secretary Paulson convinced the nation of two propositions. The first was that credit markets were seizing up and this program was the necessary remedy. The second was that the funds would only be used … More

    Gas Prices Will Not Be Low Forever

    Throughout this summer we documented that while the rest of the world has been busy developing their own natural resources to increase their power production, the United States has been moving in the exact opposite direction. A big part of the left’s game plan has been a coordinated nationwide effort … More

    It's Not All About 'Rights'

    Just in time for today’s recognition of Bill of Rights Day, the anonymous scribe within The Heritage Foundation – self-identified only as ”A Conservative” — pushed the send button on a fifth electronic circular under the nameplate “New Common Sense.” The e-circular, which bears the headline “The Constitution Protects Us Too,” reads as follows: … More

    A Minimum Wage Indeed

    University of California, Irvine Professor of Economics David Neumark and Federal Reserve Board Division of Research and Statistics Associate Director William Wascher have a new book, Minimum Wages, examine nearly two decades of evidence on the effects of minimum wage laws and conclude: Based on their comprehensive reading of the … More

    Bailout a la Russe: Government Establishes Tight Control Over Industries

    The Russian government is aggressively exploiting the current economic downturn to step up its grip over the economy and actually nationalize most of the lucrative industries. The past week saw new examples of this trend. President Dmitry Medvedev endorsed a new business bailout fund to provide direct financial assistance to … More

    No Contradiction Here

    CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo has a must read interview with Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) in Business Week. Bartiromo asks: Should GM (GM) acquire Chrysler? I’m not competent to say. I try to resist the temptation that too many of us in politics and the media fall into, which is telling people … More

    Just Say No to Left's Global Warming Fearmongering

    In the video below Skeptical Environmentalist author Bjorn Lomborg succinctly explains why immediate carbon reduction efforts are terrible public policy. Part of his presentation makes a strong case that the consequences from global warming claimed by those pushing carbon capping are vastly exaggerated and one sided. Lomborg also recently tackled … More

    Poznan in Perspective: Q and A with Rep. Sensenbrenner

    U.S. Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI), is the ranking Republican on the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming.Rep. Sensenbrenner served as an official U.S. observer to the UN climate talks in Poznan, Poland, and took time to answer the following questions I posed to him this week: 1) President-Elect Obama has … More