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  • Monthly Archives: December 2008

    Morning Bell: Permanent Tax Cuts Only Please

    There are still plenty of terrible economic stimulus ideas coming out of President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team, but there were some encouraging admissions from Obama senior adviser David Axelrod this Sunday on Meet the Press. Asked by NBC’s David Gregory if Obama would break his promise to the American people … More

    Obama's Phony Health Care Facts

    The ‘Participant Guide‘ for President-elect Barack Obama’s Potemkin ‘health care community discussions’ includes an ‘Over of the Problem’ section that is filled with false facts. The false claims include: “Large medical bills have contributed to half of bankruptcies and foreclosures.” This widely reported factoid simply isn’t true. Bankruptcy expert George … More

    Shovel Ready Indeed

    From the Newsroom of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums: Zoo and Aquarium Infrastructure Projects Important to Communities Silver Spring, MD (December 19, 2008) The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) today called for shovel-ready zoo and aquarium infrastructure projects to be eligible for Federal stimulus funding. According to a … More

    Double Standards In Minnesota Will Lead to Florida Repeat

    Having been a county election official myself many years ago, I know how difficult it can be to administer an election and make the proper decisions when problems ensue. However, the flawed and extremely questionable decisions being rendered by the Minnesota Canvassing Board are remarkable for their inconsistency except for … More

    Has the Chinese Investment Wave Begun?

    The wire services have seized on a comment by a Chinese official that the PRC’s official foreign reserves actually fell in October. This is the first drop in almost five years, during which time China’s reserves went from $400 billion to $1.9 trillion. The decline hasn’t been confirmed, much less … More

    Room Full of Obama Lovers Love Obama's Health Care Plan

    That is not the headline to the New York Times story on one of Obama’s Potemkin ‘health care community discussions’ today, but it should be. Here are some highlights from the article: When a dozen consumers gathered over the weekend to discuss health care at the behest of President-elect Barack … More

    Liberal Media in Tank for Obama's Socialized Medicine

    This morning we highlighted the Obama Administration’s flagrant attempt to pass off their Potemkin “health care community discussions” as actual open and transparent democratic government. If the prestigious Columbia Journalism Review is representative of the liberal media establishment, we should expect the silencing of dissenting health care reform views to … More

    Morning Bell: Deck the Halls With Odes to Socialized Medicine

    If you are anything like us at The Heritage Foundation, the last two weeks of December are a time for visiting friends and family, securing last minute Christmas gifts, and planning your Christmas and New Year’s menus. But President-elect Barack Obama wants to add another item to your to-do list. … More

    Russian Crisis Acquires New Dimension

    The crisis in Russia is revealing new features proving it is quite unlike the global downturn. Last week saw numerous actions protesting a hike in import duties on foreign cars that were staged in an array of Russian provinces. The government had passed a decision to the effect to protect … More

    Some Pro-Growth Alternatives to Obama's Fantasy Based Stimulus

    Massive deficit spending on a level not contemplated since World War II is not the only policy option available for addressing the recession. Some worthy ideas ripped from today’s op-ed pages: Clive Crook for free trade in The Financial Times: Opinion in the next Congress, with its enlarged Democratic majorities, … More