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  • Morning Bell: Will Obama Ditch Transparency for Stimulus?

    When Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) first came to power she promised, “the most honest, most open, and most ethical Congress in history.” She has since flagrantly and repeatedly broken this promise. It is part of the reason Congress has record low approval ratings. Now President-elect Barack Obama is also making grand promises to create a more open and transparent government. We hope that, unlike Pelosi, Obama chooses to keep his promise to the American people. But so far the signs are not encouraging.

    Starting in mid-December Obama’s advisers have huddled with congressional Democrats crafting an economic stimulus plan that is likely to cost the American taxpayers at least $1 trillion. Obama has previously demanded that the stimulus bill be ready to sign by his January 20th Inauguration Day. To meet this deadline Pelosi is considering passing the trillion dollar spending measure without going through the committee process. Her spokesmen Drew Hammill even claims that the House already completed all the necessary due diligence on their trillion dollar gambit last year: “The House has already laid the groundwork for this package with numerous hearings and the bipartisan package passed in September.

    Since Pelosi long ago broke her promise to the American people to govern in an open and transparent manner, the House will probably pass the trillion dollar spending spree by January 12th without holding a single hearing. The story is different in the Senate where Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) still has the 40 senators necessary to keep Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) somewhat honest. Yesterday McConnell laid the groundwork for an actual Senate debate on the matter: “Surely the Democrat leadership in Congress doesn’t plan to spend a trillion dollars of taxpayer money — nearly $10,000 in new debt for everyone who pays federal income tax, charged to the credit card for our children to pay — without safeguards, without appropriate hearings to scrutinize how tax dollars are being spent.

    Considering that there are scattered reports leaking around the country that the Democrats’ trillion dollar spending spree will include taxpayer money for polar bear exhibits, casino pedestrian bridges, mob museums, and snow-making machines, surely the American people deserve a full inventory of where this trillion dollars will go. We have previously stated our principled opposition to federal spending as a means to stimulate the economy, but at the absolute minimum the Obama administration should take Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) up on his request that the entire text of the stimulus bill be available online for a full week before any votes are cast. Otherwise, the very first bill Obama signs will also mark his first broken promise to the American people.

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    17 Responses to Morning Bell: Will Obama Ditch Transparency for Stimulus?

    1. LVKen7@Gmail.com - says:


      but the DEMO only have a Majority in the Senate

      they do NOT Control congress

      and MOST of the Pelosi measure that passed the house

      NEVER were brought up in the Senate.

    2. Melissa@politicafe.c says:

      Let him break his first promise! It sets us up better for 2010. I am looking forward to the Conservative Movement in the country making a come back, so the more they break their promises the better it is for us.

    3. Dan, New Mexico says:

      Has anyone considered what this "stimulus" is going to do to the price of oil (gasoline, ashphalt, concrete steel and any other construction materials? There's going to be hyperinflation for these materials if we try to do all of these stimulus (sic) projects.

      If you want real stimulus cut taxes sigificantly, eliminate useless federal progarms and return governance and authority back to the States.

    4. Dave McDuffie, lagun says:

      I continue to be amazed, stunned and disgusted that we, as Americans, do absolutely nothing to remove the crooks in Washington who steal ours and our children's childrens' money on a daily basis, while totally mesmerizing the ignorant buffoons in our so-called media. We allow the same people who created this mess, Frank, Raines, Dodd, Gorelick and so many others, to continue on with their smoke and mirrors as if they are completely immune, just like NIXON! The time is NOW to throw them all out of office, better yet, prosecute them for crimes against the American people and put all their assets back into the treasury. We cannot allow any group of politicians to control us and all of our money and basic livelyhood as they have been doing for the past twenty years or so. Just look at the social security system! Are you people so scared of what you will find? The "politicians" know that and they also know YOU WILL DO NOTHING ABOUT THEM GIVING AWAY YOUR TRILLIONS OF HARD EARNED DOLLARS, YOU FOOLS! When you are ready to retire its going to hit you right between the eyes and only then will you realize you have been BETRAYED! And that is just the beginning of the mess they have made. WAKE THE HELL UP!

    5. Dave McDuffie, lagun says:

      There is NOTHING "magic" about OBAMA. he has never even held a job in the private sector, he has never led any major group of people much less a country of 300 million people, and the reallity is he has never created any jobs, never created any wealth except for himself through Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac and the political process, never had any solution to any problem facing a family, a city, a state and certainly not a country. His complete failure will not be his fault but rather the fault of the Clinton Gang who still do not know how to create jobs in the "PRIVATE SECTOR"! Earth to you morons in the democrat party; a government job does absolutely NOTHING for our economy except RAISE OUR TAXES AGAIN TO PAY FOR THAT GOVT EMPLOYEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Eileen, Alabama says:

      It’s truly unbelievable that the Democrats have a long history of lying to the American public, yet they keep being re-elected time and time again.

      The question is does the public acknowledge the lying? This is a test of deceit that continually goes unreported by our media/press who sits very comfortably in the back pocket of the democratic leadership; who work overtime to try to tell us the democrats are doing a fabulous job. Based on Congresses low rating, the latest being 7% feel they are doing a great job (will it go in a minus category in 2009) tells me and others the media snow job isn’t working. That means 93% feel they are inept, deceitful, lying, unrepentant career politicians who think more about themselves then the American public, and disapproval rating shows they could give a crap.

      They have a stranglehold on our economy and are sucking what life is left out of it, as they continue to payback those who helped elect them in power. When will the public ever realize that Congress, politics and politicians are about the art of lying and looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy. If they were a doctors, they would need a massive amount of malpractice insurance and a really good attorney. They make about as much sense as a 500 lb women trying to fit her fat arse into a size 2 thong bikini and that image is just too much to bear.

      This trillion stimulus package being touted by the media, as the media tells us of Obama’s brilliance at solving our economic woes, is just another snow job in a world full of Global Warning practitioners who are the true clueless morons. Having recently found out that my IQ is higher then the President-elect’s. I’m not really sure if he is able to grasp the dangers we face as the Democrats in Congress demand he follows in lockstep with their ideas on how to fix the economy, which they tanked. If the Bank, Mortgage Companies and Wall Street bailout has shown us, it’s that Congress is just as irresponsible as the billion recipients. Well, we are only now hearing about the misuse of the funds, that were suppose to help them get by are being used for Christmas bonuses, trips to luxury spas, purchasing other banks, huge bonus to top executives, increase in top executives salaries, pay stock dividends, paying lobbyist millions to stifle pending regulations of the mortgage industry and list of misuses goes on and on.

      Congress, mostly 25 Republicans and a few Democrats were against the bailout, that had no strings attached, no safe guards for the American taxpayers, no transparency or restrictions on how the money should be used. In Alabama, both Senators, Shelby and Sessions, voted against the bailout because of the reasons list above and apparently they were right to question any Bill that would not place safe guards for the American public.

      Now, the automakers have their hands out, Pelosi, Reid, Frank and Dodd gave them what they wanted and Bush agrees. Americans said enough and the lame-duck President and Congress found a new way to bypass the public by using TARP funds to help them out, and the likelihood that these funds have restriction, transparencies and irresponsible spending will only continue as Congress continues to rip-off the American public at every opportunity that presents itself.

      America has entered a new era, the era of greed, from Congress, Corrupted Corporation, Banks and Wall Street, as we watch the daily updates on the corruption charges aimed at Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich tries to gain personal wealthy by selling Barack Obama’s Senate seat to the highest bidder. He was once considered to Democrats choice for President as they set up the financing to help run the campaign. Someone within the Democratic party either changed their minds on who would be the best candidate or looked at Blagojevich history of greed and made the choice to push Obama forward over Blagojevich. He still seems very bitter that he wasn’t the choice.

      The problem, Illinois has a history of over 100 years of corruption within both political parties, and the likelihood that Barack Obama hasn’t place his toes into the cesspool of corruption is highly unlikely. It will be an interesting 4 years as Obama tries to distance himself from his former corrupted friends, in a live version of dodge ball game. Who lobs the final ball is still up in the air. But, I’m certainly not willing to accept his pat answer that he’s investigated himself and his staff and found no wrongdoings. Just think that if Nixon did the same thing the public would be up in arms. Why aren’t they doing the same thing with this anointed one?

      What Blagojevich is saying that he’s done nothing wrong and I wonder what his defense will be, that he was only practicing the Democratic version of Capitalism?

    7. Joe Dunlap, Tucson, says:

      Even though the DEMs have been in control of Congress for the last two years they, the Dem's, will still try to blame our current situation on a government that they inherited from the Republicans. This is were Conservatives, Republicans, hell all honest, hard working Americans need to stand up and get into the face(s) of those who try this and shut'em down. Whom ever is in charge MUST be held accountable for our current state-of-affairs. If we don't go after the Blame-Sayers our government will continue to harm us and eventually own us…These.. Politicians need to stop all of the good they do for themselves and made to remember just who they work for.

    8. Sheila Cameron says:

      Although I have long realized almost all aspects of the US government are corrupt, it is only recently that I've realized the world, including US citizens, has valid cause to despise US "leaders" in Congress, the Senate and the Executive Branch, i.e. ALL members of our self-serving greedy "Me first, and only me" criminal bipeds running wild throughout the USA!

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    10. Roy G Callahan says:

      Nicely put together. Succinct, and a good read.

    11. Sue Whitney, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      The mainstream media portrays beleaguered Israel as aggressive and inhumane,yet Southern Israel has been bombarded with Hamas rockets for the past 8 years. Why did Israel wait so long to retaliate?
      What does Heritage say about Israel finally defending herself against an enemy that wants her and all Jews wiped off the face of the earth?

    12. Big Al, America says:

      What does Dennis Kucinich's belief in UFO's have to do with this story? Please don't start with the namecalling where it is neither warrented nor needed. UFO's existance isn't a partisan position, and involking it as a putdown may just be slamming a part of your own constituancy… something we often accuse the 'other side' of doing. Kucinich is a big enough nut without having to toss out catchers such as this.

    13. sandy brooklyn new y says:

      comment: America throw the bums out term limits a must

      does america believe that the politicians didnt know that mortgages given to people with no job or down payment couldnt afford homes or is there money to be made if this mortgage sham continued votes to the democrats and Hillary, banks, insurance, real estate taxes all tied up in these mortages Fannie mae and Freddie Mac gave salaries based on how many mortgages are given and became wealthy.is the proposed secretary of state going to have confirmation hearings about arms length relationship with arabs who contribute to libraries

    14. Doris Morgan, Oklaho says:

      I just can't wait to see how this new chapter works out; President Clinton stated that this is a great opportunity for any new President to come into….almost anything will make it better…..

      creating a sign of relief that would be a healthy thing for this nation.

      If we believe it will get better, it will…………but Wall Street has to believe it, too.

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