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  • Obama's Phony Health Care Facts

    The ‘Participant Guide‘ for President-elect Barack Obama’s Potemkin ‘health care community discussions’ includes an ‘Over of the Problem’ section that is filled with false facts. The false claims include:

    Large medical bills have contributed to half of bankruptcies and foreclosures.” This widely reported factoid simply isn’t true. Bankruptcy expert George Mason University law professor Todd Zywicki writes: “The conclusion is based on a study in Health Affairs. Reviewing the study, it appears that the estimate that 50% of bankruptcy filings are precipitated by a “serious medical problem” cannot be supported based on what that study actually examined.”

    Uninsured trauma victims are less likely to be admitted to the hospital and are 37 percent more likely to die of injuries.” This factoid is based off of one single study conducted in one single state (Wisconsin). And even that study fully admits it only examined one type of trauma injury: automobile accident victims. Expanding this to all ‘trauma’ injuries is at best misleading.

    Only four cents out of every health care dollar is spent on prevention and public health.” For this proposition, Obama cites Brookings’ 36-page Hamilton Project study. But don’t expect to find that 4 cents number mentioned anywhere in that report. Instead we get this sentence: “No solid estimates exist on how much is currently being spent on prevention in the United States.” Really? No solid estimate? Because “four cents out of every health care dollar” sounds like a pretty solid estimate to us.

    Unless, of course, Barack Obama is just making stuff up.

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    37 Responses to Obama's Phony Health Care Facts

    1. Bill, Anchorage Alas says:

      Conn Carroll………you and the heritage foundation are certainly out to try in trip up Obama at every chance. The entire world is aware that the U.S. healthcare system is the best for those that can afford it. By almost all statistical standards, however, we are clearly lagging industrial nations in the health of our citizenry because of the poor emphasis on prevention and a sick-care, indemnity approach.

      Why don't you try to work with the new leadership to actually improve this country. Somehow the Heritage Foundation mistakenly believes that private corporate non-governmental solutions are the answer to everything…..hmmm privatize the profits and socialize the losses.

      Good governance got this nation out of the great depression, good governance and cooperation will help solve the healthcare problem…and it is a huge problem.

      Empoyer based healthcare has outlived its time and we must realize that a universal health coverage system for not only the U.S. but the world will be in the economic interest of everyone. Many employment decisions are skewed by the employers health care benefits offerings. Imagine the huge economic benifit when we realize the a healthy working class will spur entrepreneurial behavior and opportunities not here to for envisioned.

      The U.S. already has government healthcare via medicaid and medicare and the VA. It's time to merge these programs with a large private insurer pool and create the best healthcare system in the world by helping create the healthiest working class folks in the world. Obama is truely trying to partner with the private sector to do this.

      Surely you must understand the the current and prior administrations have not created healthcare security, have not created energy security (the opposite), and have not regulated the financial industry to avoid the wild speculative actions encouraged by deregulation of that sector.

      It's easy to critizize….why don't you be part of the solution and work with Obama and quit fostering an us versus them "gotcha" approach.

      What is your intention anyway?

    2. John, CA says:

      Why not address the real problems with the rising health care costs? Free healthcare to illegals and out of control lawsuits. But you socialists don't want to talk about the cause, just your warm fuzzy blanket cure which once again will punish the working class in this country who always pick up the tab. Many healthcare providers (ie. doctors and nurses) are already struggling financially and will leave the healthcare profession in droves when this nationalization occurs. Funny nobody talks about the high cost of college tuitions and nationalizing colleges. Oh, thats right, acedemia is run by the far left moonbats which seek to nationalize medicine but keep free markets for their own bloated salaries. Funny how the left can be hypocrites like that isn't it? California's healthcare is in worse shape than its state government financially. I have personally seen facilities declare bankruptcy and close in my town because of the effects of the free care provided to illegals. Most of California's budget problems can be attributed to the entitlement class handouts and the freebies given to illegals. Socialism always fails when the bill comes due!

    3. Mike, Dallas says:

      To Bill in Anchorage-

      You said 'good governance got us out of the great depression…" You might want to check your facts. There is ample evidence that our government both prolonged and worsened the great depression. It was World War II that got us out of it, not government programs. If you think government programs and government spending will make health care better, you need to look at the ample evidence that says otherwise for that issue too. Look at what's going on in England, Norway, etc… Their health systems are crumbling under the massive cost and the rationing of care is the only thing preventing their systems from total collapse. The real solution is to get government out of the equation (except for the very poor). Get employers out of the equation too. If we all could pick and choose our own insurance and our own doctors, costs would have to come down. Third and fourth-payer systems, and the bureaucracy that comes with them, cost more, not less. If Obama or anyone else were to come up with such a solution, I would be all for it.

    4. JP, Ohio says:


      You state that "good governance got us out of the depression" has been rightfully challenged. http://newsroom.ucla.edu/portal/ucla/FDR-s-Polici…. Government interference most likely lengthened it.

      Government interference in health care has helped to send it on it's downward spiral. We don't need politicians making medical decisions. Leave that to doctors and nurses.

      Putting the same people in charge of our ailing (but not dying) system, that helped us to this point is not a good idea. And I don't currently have heath care myself. I don't want someone in Washington making my choice for me.

    5. E Brynes, Boston says:

      In connection with that "estimate" of four cents out of every dollar spent on preventive care — how could anyone even come up with anything approaching a solid estimate? Suppose somebody decides that he's overweight, decides to eat less, follows through on the decision, and probably emerges healthier? No additional expenditure is involved at all.

    6. Les-Albany, NY says:

      FDR prolonged the depression with too much government. Gov't needs to get out of the way and let the citizens of this country keep more of what they earn and let them stimulate this economy. We don't need gov't control of anything. People or businesses who make bad decisions need to suffer the consequences of thos decisions. No mor bailouts for stupidity.

    7. cjeight, Oklahoma says:

      I believe their intention is not driving the health care system into bankruptcy, like say California's health care for everyone. The 6th larges economy in the world about to be drug under by whacko health care schemes.

      What has gotcha got to do with it. The man has dreamed up facts, made up stats and is attempting to pushing them off as factual. How am I supposed to give and administration a chance when they are shoveling bull before they are even in office.


    8. William, Illinois says:

      My employer provided health care plan provides for a free yearly physical, free preventive dental care, and a prescription benefit plan. Perhaps Bill from Anchorage needs to talk with his employer about his plan if he doesn't receive these kinds of benefits, instead of looking to the almighty government, (the rest of us taxpayers) to foot the bill for what his employer is either unwilling to or unable to provide because of over-taxation by our elected officials.

    9. Scott Brittain, Hous says:

      A big war fighting socialism and fascism got us out of the great depression, not government intervention. Social medicine will get the "citizenry" of this great nation mediocre medicine "for all". The "citizenry" can make US medicine greater if they are allowed to vote on health care with their dollars. Give us self-directed medical accounts to pay for our own health prevention and watch how choice will make US medicine even GREATER!

    10. James in Jacksonvill says:

      Good governance got this nation out of the great depression, good governance and cooperation will help solve the healthcare problem…and it is a huge problem.

      This is untrue the only thing that got us out of the depression was the war, Roosevelt kept making work for people but nothing work, we went for years in a depression

    11. Jack Lohman says:

      Bill (Anchorage): Heritage receives funding from the health insurance industry, so the last thing in the world the want is reform. Get used to it.

    12. DeeCee says:

      Bill in Anchorage writes:

      "It’s easy to critizize….why don’t you be part of the solution and work with Obama and quit fostering an us versus them “gotcha” approach.

      What is your intention anyway?"

      Bill, WTF do you think has been the SOP of the Dems and the MSM for the last 8 years? Their sole mission/intent for the last 8 years was to undermine the Bush Administration with no regard for the consequences.

      Get used to it Bill, it's payback time and Obama is in over his head!

    13. Nancy, Ma. says:

      If YOU enroled in one of the government health care programs, you wouldn't be spitting out such hogwash. Ask ANY Vet if they get the treatment they deserve. Ask if it's even available in the area they live in. Ask any medicaid covered person if they get what they need from the program. Do you know neither group has dental coverage? Do you know anything at all about these programs?

      Take a look at other universal health care programs. Look at how well the programs started out, and where it is NOW. "Good governance" got them them what could be afforded. If you look-that's not much. Is this what you propose for us?

      It's clear YOU have no understanding of what you speak of. Move out of the U.S. Join a universal health care program, then come back and give us an informative view..

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    15. Bill, Wa says:

      Nancy beat me to the point, but I would like to add to it. Anyone remember a certain VA hospital that was in the news because of poor cleanliness and other problems that affected the patients? (Walter Reed) They had to close that hospital down to clean up the mess.

      That is what happens when the government is put in charge. I also refer you to Social Security, Welfare, CAFE standards for cars, the current mortgage mess…

      Anything the government touches gets screwed up. Personally I would prefer that my medical decisions are not made by a governmental beauracrat.

    16. Lorraine,Florida says:

      Bill,Anchorage – you need to check out the real facts and not accept the Dems or MSM views as correct. I worked in social services and education for 40 years. Those people who are covered by programs such as medicaid, VA, and medicare do not receive the best services. There are "caps" on what can be covered and on what medicines can be used. Preventative care is often not covered, we are a nation that looks at using drugs rather than prevention. Also check your history – the government did not get us out of the Depression, WW2 did that!

    17. Robert, Ga. says:

      Bill has it right. We need less governmental intervention and more conservative invention now.

      America is still the only country where people are trying to get into in order to be able to enjoy our freedoms. Protection of our borders, founding principles, and an emphasis on better government at the least is what needs to be stressed today. Over toleration is an affliction of society. We should all be Americans first.

      Maybe a closer watch on our representatives would be a better way to insure our future. They are not as elite and entitled as they think.

    18. Greg, Ky says:

      Reminds me of 15-20 years ago when we used to get "a joke a day" on our fax at the office. I am a vet. The gov't care is a joke, yesterday, today and I don't want the joke tomorrow. I don't want it especially for my family. It is bad enough that I have to put up with it, but it makes me very angry to think that "ruler" Obama is now going to force it on my grandchildren.

    19. Virginia, Idaho says:

      Bill (Anchorage): You need a history lesson. FDR prolonged the great depression and worsened the unemployment rate. Read "The Forgotten Man" by Amity Shlaes. Yes there are problems within our health care system but the government certainly will NOT fix them. Government did far more damage when they introduced Medicare. And anyone that thinks government controlled programs encourage preventative care, think again. I have worked in the healthcare industry for over 15 years and have seen the worst of the worst. Medicare, Medicaid and state programs are by far the most abused by participants. Many of these people really believe they are getting care for "free" and consequences be damned. When a decision comes down to exercise, PT or surgery….they'll pick the surgery every time. And the rest of the participants have to suffer through mediocre or very poor care. I don't want a Medicare, Medicaid type system at all not to mention having a government paid imbecile decide what medical care I am qualified for. Read about some of the very poor decisions being made in Britain right now regarding care for people the government deems not worthy because they are older or just don't have good odds for survival. Yes it is happening. When all of Congress and Mr Obama opt in for this kind of Medical Insurance for themselves and their families, perhaps I will give it a second look.

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    21. Curt, Kansas says:

      Government Health Care, be careful what you wish for. I visited a country last year with government health care and as the shuttle bus was taking me back to the airport the driver was pointing out landmarks. As we passed the government run hospital she said "this is where you go when you are sick" a few more blocks we passed a private hospital she said "this is where you go to get well"

    22. Jim Krieger says:

      Health care in the US is second to none, Every person will be care for in ER's, And if they don't have insurance, there are other programs to pick up some of the costs. Yes Costs are high to help cover those that do not pay. But they are taken care of.

      Goverment should keep out of health care, let Doctors do there job and let the Doctors treat the person, not some clerk behind a computer in some office that started there job the day before.

      Goverment put in place HMO's was the worse thing that could be done. Look at the canada, to get good health care they pay for goverment health care and if they want good care they buy insurance to help them get better care. Then look that a lot come to this country for health care.

      By the way, you need surgary in Canada and your procesure and Goverment Clerk put you on a waiting list.

    23. Barb -mn says:

      Bill in Anchorage,

      WOW! You have the best governor in the country in my opinion, which also led me to believe the most self-reliant, responsible, dignified citizens in one state. Universal health care is out of the question. People working in health care, paid by the government are doing it for just that…the pay. When it's private, the medical employees are doing it for the will of making poor health better and keeping it private. Human beings should know what their responsibilities are as individuals but they refuse to take those responsibilities on. One being the responsibility of their own existence. You don't exist in this world because of me. Why should I be responsible to the costs of your health and care? What Obama has been doing in my eyes, is deliberately standing by ignorant results with a narrow mind and excuses for the most expense. LYING through his teeth to fear the weak, bleeding hearts, and the easily manipulated. He is NOT SUGGESTING SOLUTIONS. He is IGNORING THEM.

    24. Stan, TN says:

      There are actually two major problems with the healthcare system here in the U.S.

      1) As stated previously, the illegal aliens who come here cannot, by law, be refused medical care in any hospital in the U.S. Even if they have no intention of paying for the service (none ever pay). My parents worked hard for more than 50 years to be able to retire only to watch illegals waltz in here and get better medical care for FREE. Who pays for it? Every citizen who can pay with cash or insurance.

      2) The second thing that is driving medical costs through the roof is the Damn Lawyers and the prevalent mentality that "I will just sue someone". There are too many lawsuits without merit that are filed and Doctors and Hospitals usually settle out of court to minimize legal fees and publicity. When the case actually goes to court, the liberal judges are always too willing to give the "little guy" an award because "big business" is loaded with doe. I am convinced that we need Tort Reform. We need a preliminary hearing before a panel of citizens who could determine if the case has merit to proceed. Then, if the plaintiff is allowed to proceed, they accept the burden of "LOSER PAYS" for the legal representation. This would stop the ambulance chasers. No more taking cases on a commission basis.

      Too many people think it is the compassionate thing to do, to give free healthcare to everyone. The problem is that nothing is free…..guess who will pay…..every WORKING citizen who pays taxes. Sure I make tons of money……I don't mind sharing with deadbeats.


    25. DANA (New Mexico) says:

      Is it not amazing to be an American? Who would'nt want to live here? It's great to have choices. I choose to get up every morning and go to work, I choose what car I drive, what clothes to wear, what happens in my everyday life and yet the politicians insist they know what's best for me. I am an adult and I take responsibility for myself. We all make choices everyday, some good, some bad, but that's what makes us unique. I don't want the government telling me what I can or can't do with my life. The Obama-manics seem to be just fine with that, I assume they also want jobs given to them also. And how about subsidized housing, we could all have a little cookie-cutter house and all wear government approved clothing. Sounds like George Orwell's future might be right around the corner. Since when is it a sin to be wealthy? The Dem's seem to want us all to be alike, take from the rich and give to the poor. Shouldn't that be their choice?

    26. Bryan St. James, Min says:

      How about a perspective from someone who has lived in both private (US) and government-run (Canada) healthcare?

      I lived in Canada for 2 years recently. The experience for me and my family was terrible.

      'Free' healthcare- isnt! At least 20% of the over-burdening tax load up there goes into the blackhole of healthcare spending.

      When everyone believes they have a 'right' to healthcare from the government, they demand all and any treatments. You could easily spend a million dollars a head with this 'rights' approach. The only problem is that no government on earth can afford it. The system also becomes over burdened because people go in for every little ailment and/or because they want someone to talk to or give them attention (a symptom of a lonely, aging baby-boomer bulge of people). This approach lacks an understanding of human nature and practical outcomes.

      Due to the above, the bureaucracy becomes a force for rationing. How would you like a bureaucrat to decide you were too old to waste money on for surgery? This happened to my wife's grandmother. 83 and pancreatic cancer? Too bad! (she lived to 89 in poorer health) These choices should be made by the affected person and their family's!

      The quality also plummets because there is no free market mechanism to allow people to vote with their feet and their dollars. The doctors have no repercussions for poor service like they do in US. The only backstop would be malpractice.

      The bottom line is that there are no practical outcomes with socialized healthcare. It’s based on fundamentally flawed Socialist theories. You give up critical choices around your health. The costs will skyrocket (like they have in every foreign country or failed US state attempt at socialized healthcare) while access and quality plummet. The dirty secret is that politicians and wealthier Canadians typically pay for private healthcare so they don’t have to wait forever for care with the masses. If it’s timely critical care, cutting edge treatments, or drugs needed, surprise! They come to the US for our ‘failed’ US healthcare.

    27. KP, Columbus says:

      This is one item that I sit toward the left on, if you want to separate it on which side of the aisle. I am not sure if a national health care plan is the answer but we are having other people make this decision that frankly do not have to worry for the rest of their life or their family. Lets put them on the same plans as you and I. Also, if they get elected out they have to go find it just like you and I. They would not like that. They have to decide to spend it on medical care vs. their BMW or private plane. But, what I am really wanting to say is that in this country NO ONE, who is a citizen, should have to go broke to get a heart operation, to fight cancer, have to pay these huge monthly medication bills just to live a normal life. Should we have to pay something if we go to the doctor for a cold and such. YES! But, for these huge obstacles in life NO ONE should have to go broke to be covered. I wonder if Senator Kennedy would have gone to a national health care provider under his plan if they were in place.

    28. Dennis Aderholt Soci says:

      Government run health care is not the answer. Look at the other countries that now have that system. The wait for care is a long line. Why do so many from these countries come here for the care they need???? Often times the care they need is now, not in the next six months or a year. If you had a disease that required immediate care and were told " that is not in the budget" at this time, but were aware that you could go to another country for the care, where would you go??

      I agree health care has gotten out of hand in cost, but it is the best in the world. Supply and demand will turn the cost around.

    29. KP, Columbus says:

      I do agree with you Mr. Aderholt. I have lived in England for a while working as a consultant and it is a mess. I also paid around 50% taxes. What a crap. As well as, many Brits came here for that same company and loved our health care compared to what they had. But, at what point do you say supply and demand? I strongly believe that the rule of economics unfortunately does work in this industry but true capitalistic market does not. This is an oligopoly. Prices are fixed and manipulated. Please describe your thoughts and why. Economics being the way it is Demand is high so cost are up. Demand of people being sick is never going to be a problem in this industry. So these being linear or proportionate when does the model change? Supply? Supply of what: hospitals, doctors, medications or what? I see more and more hospitals being built with no reduction of costs. More medications are out there or are you stating when they come off patents? I have this dark feeling that does the medical industry really want to cure cancer? What a money maker! What about the companies that are suppose to protect when an illness? They sure are not doing a great job. How many families get denied everyday to help a loved one? I have a sister-in-law that has worked for a large insurance company for approx. 20+ years. She found out she had cancer just three weeks ago. The doctor wanted her on a certain drug and first thing they do is deny that drug. I wonder how long she will be covered. They can send jobs overseas, hire non-us citizens for jobs still here, pay for a hockey arena, pay for NASCAR and do this. I hate government control and especially what this new administration is going to do. Complete socialism. But, we have to get this health care handled so people DO NOT GO BROKE WITH WHAT THEY HAVE EARNED because of an illness.

    30. Gary, Rolla, Missour says:

      After reading this blog, there was some misinformation by one contributor. Walter Reed is an army hospital and is not a VA facility.

    31. Barb -mn says:

      The point is, it's run by government! POORLY!

    32. Marshall Hill-Michig says:

      You want Health Care like the U.K.? It takes an

      average of Eighteen Months to get in Physical

      Therapy in the U.K.!

      Gee why did our Families leave such a Progressive


    33. Stan, TN says:

      I agree with the statement Dennis Aderholt makes about supply and demand straightening things out. A free market is the best solution. But what we have is not a free market…..the government being so hell-bent on helping the illegal aliens that they have mandated that no one can be turned away from a hospital emergency room due to inability to pay. What does that do for the rest of us? WE PAY FOR THEM!!!!!

      We need:

      1) Better health reimbursement accounts. This would force people to manage their own expenses for routine doctor visits. When the "runny nose" account dries up (no pun intended) each would pay for his own expenses.

      2)Catastrophic Healthcare Plan. This type of plan would provide an umbrella for ONLY catastrophies like heart transplants, cancer, kidney failure, etc. This type of insurance would be much less expensive because all the routine runny nose costs would not be included.

      I have seen too many people visit the emergency room for a headache or runny nose instead of taking off work early to go to the doctor. Their insurance is paying so why not take advantage of it. Think about it……wouldn't people be more frugal with their own money combined with their employer's contributions in an account that they use when needed for routine office visits and meds?



    34. Eddie, MO says:

      I agree with Stan, et al.

      As a preventive medicine specialist (MD, MPH), I had interesting discussions with the mostly socialist MPH faculty and students. Forcing people into a system where they will get lowered quality of care (most people) for minimal potential benefits (a few people) is, by any definition, unethical. Our "ethics" professor agreed and followed it with "but" he would do it any way. Some ethics! Those are the people who will refuse your coverage.

      Most of the people I meet (including my patients) feel they should get everything they want and if they don't it is malpractice or some how it is a sign of poor quality. Most people with back pain do not need an MRI every time they have a flare up. Not every bulging disc needs surgery (… actually, none of them likely need it). Not every sore throat is strep, requires a strep test and/or antibiotics. In a truly free market, people would decide whether or not they want to pay for "the extras".

      I could go on and on, but I won't…

    35. Raleigh, CO says:

      So where are the back up studies to follow these "dis-proved studies?" No trolling here, i just want some numbers. It's seems the author only wants to try to muddy the argument not actually disprove it.

    36. Ken Lathrop Davenpor says:

      I don't like what I have seen in the Obama healthcare plan and would not vote for it if I had a choice. What I like even less are the misleading statements made by both sides. It's the Democrats against the Republicans and no lie is too big to slander the other side.

      The Republicans try to demonize the Canadian healthcare system even though 72% of Canadians like their system compared to only 50% of Americans. Will fox news report that? I don't think so. Obama dismisses legal reform out of the gate even though combat healthcare practices are driven by legal fears from providers.

      Canadian healthcare costs less than half of what Americans pay and they seem to like it better. Maybe some of what they do might work for us. In the UK healthcare costs about 1/3 of what Americans pay. Maybe we should find out why and report that.

      The American people deserve to at least hear the facts from both sides. Wake up America and start demanding the truth from politicians on both sides of the isle.

    37. Gary, Hayes, VA says:

      Large malpractice suits, my eye. Here in Virginia like many other States it is all but immpossible to sue. After a screw up in 2007 I have managed a bankruptcy (even though the Republicians managed to pass a bill against indiviual suits) for owing with with a great insurance plan over $100,000, did I mention losing my job, house and car? My doctor makes over $400,000 so he and the hospital are ok and that is what you Rebulicians want so I guess we are ok?

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