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  • What will $10 billion Get You? A Lot of Nuclear Energy

    From Reuters:

    China has started building a new nuclear power plant in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong, the second of three Beijing aimed to begin constructing in the final two months of the year.

    The 70 billion yuan ($10.2 billion) Yangjiang plant, in Yangjiang City, will have six units with each having one gigawatt of power generating capacity, the plant operator, China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group, said on its website. All six units will be built by 2017, the official Xinhua news agency said.”

    Each gigawatt is roughly enough to power 1,000,000 homes. It is also noteworthy that China can build six reactors for $10 billion but the estimates for one reactor in the United States has been estimated at anywhere from $6-10 billion.

    $10 billion is a lot of money. Well, maybe not anymore. Regardless, for those (Members of Congress and environmentalists, for the most part) who say that nuclear is too expensive and therefore we shouldn’t built new plants, maybe they should let the companies make that choice.

    Government has no business making any decisions about nuclear power based on costs. Its role should be to provide adequate oversight and fulfill its legal obligations on nuclear waste. It is primarily private companies that produce America’s power, and consumers pay for it. Their interactions in the marketplace should determine the best way to meet America’s energy needs.

    And just because the amount of money necessary to build a nuclear plant in the U.S. sounds daunting, there is no reason for the government to step in subsidize the industry. We make the point here that federal handouts aren’t necessary to rebuild the workforce, either.

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    3 Responses to What will $10 billion Get You? A Lot of Nuclear Energy

    1. Barb -mn says:

      That's right. Government doesn't have a right. Nor do they have the right to speak for the people. They're stepping over the line daily and no one is stopping them! They want us in a desperate position to take us over. When do we move in?

    2. Peter, Sydney Austra says:

      I would have thought a gigawatt would supply more than 100,000 homes. It works out to 10KW per home. Given that most home vary there electricity usage through the day & I would have thought it would be more like 2KW per home

      Currently homes in China use less electicity than Western homes – but they may reach our per capita usage during the lifetime of the reactors


    3. Thomas Gray South Ca says:

      Coal is the only truly secure energy source we have here in the U.S.A. and should be an energy source to save for that purpose and not consume it or we lose that security. Anti energy activist are reeking havoc upon our electric energy suppliers and our electricity supply grid and unfortunately the goal of these very powerfull environgreensocialist league is to drive up the cost of electricity. With friends like these now soon in power in upper levels of government who needs enemies

      In order to save our coal we in reality must build nuclear power or we are all going to pay the piper much sooner as in oil cheap coal will end also. We need to stop exporting coal [ except for humanitarian purposes ect, ] NG, should be kept as a portfolio percentage of our overall energy supply according to it's price risk factor. NG is a major energy source for critical heat on the northern tier of the U.S. in the winter months. NG should NOT be used to produce electricity.

      Transportation, where possible mainly auto must go electric,

      Everybody wants clean air and no pollution energy supplies, you can't have your cake and eat it to, the byproducts of energy production is waste some usefull some not, my choice is nuclear to replace and save the coal and NG and oil.

      It is highly waste full and expensive to use electricity to heat homes and it is highly waste full and expensive to use NG to make electricity.

      IF you agree with me on these points, when you get a chance pass them along to the right people. Thanks, Thomas Gray.

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