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  • $10-a-gallon Gas?

    Enjoying the $1.67-a-gallon gas for your holiday travels? Well, enjoy it while you can because the guys President-elect Obama is appointing in key positions want gas prices to be much higher.

    Let’s start with his Secretary of Energy, Dr Steven Chu. From our friends at the National Taxpayers Union:

    Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.”

    Here is the original WSJ source. Chu has also been quoted saying, “Coal is my worst nightmare.”

    For Department of the Interior, Obama selected Senator Ken Salazar, D-Colo. Back when gas was four dollars per gallon, it was Salazar on the Senate floor who would be perfectly okay with $10 per gallon gas.

    Granted, Salazar’s complacency with $10 per gallon gas was in objection to drilling in the United States, calling it a phantom solution. But one sure way for gas to reach these astronomical prices is to restrict supply. And the amount of energy available offshore, 19.1 billion barrels of oil and 83.9 trillion cubic feet of natural gas—approximately 30 years’ worth of imports from Saudi Arabia and enough natural gas to power America’s homes for 17 years, is nothing to sneeze at:

    The Institute for Energy Research has the full scoop on Salazar here.

    So we have two men, heading up two extremely important energy departments, supporting gas prices in the upward bounds of $10 per gallon. Happy holidays!

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    12 Responses to $10-a-gallon Gas?

    1. Thomas Gray South Ca says:

      By the people for the people, ya riiiight.

    2. David, Great Falls, says:

      The Dems/liberals/"progressives" would love nothing more than seeing America with gas prices higher than Europe's…until it actually happens, at which point they will demand that Congress/President/etc do "something" to fix it.

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    4. Dennis Aderholt Soci says:

      The dems do not want independence in the energy field. They only want us to remain dependent on foreign oil. The wants and demands of the public is ignored by congress and the dems.

    5. Patrick Bell, Vienna says:

      If the recession we're currently experience bottoms out any time soon, oil prices are likely to climb again. Why? OPEC is doing its best cut production, and oil companies are now delaying much needed investments in infrastructure.

      Short version: when demand picks up again, look for prices to respond accordingly. And if in the meantime, we get saddled with policies that put a price on carbon in the economy, we could get to $10/gallon pretty fast.

    6. Kevin, Lees Summit, says:

      Who's padding his wallet anyway?

    7. Kent, Virginia says:

      Europe has established extensive passenger train service and alternative systems for people without money to get from one place to another — in town and between towns.

      A person in Manhattan or Chicago has choices, but transit systems here, for the most part, are skeletal or non-existent. When Americans start shouting about the gas prices in Europe, I hope they'll remember that we don't all live next door to a subway station and across town from a major train station.

      Many poorer people in the US will be unable to get to work. And their service-industry jobs won't pay enough to get them there.

      Let the Congressman pay 10 bucks a gallon. HE CAN AFFORD TO.

    8. Jeff, California says:

      The cost of gas just about trippled during Bush's term. How about all the idiots he appointed to key positions? Also he's apparently all for socialism by approving all these bailouts, so it's not just the Dems but the Republican "God" party too. Both parties suck!!

    9. SoaringEagle1 says:

      Its time for a Potomac Tea Party. I hope the hell that this country is ready for what the future has coming. There won't be anyone setting on the fence, the second revolution is starting, get ready America, freedom or slavery, you will have to make a decision. We must stop fighting each other and fight this evolving socialistic government.

    10. Thomas Gray South Ca says:

      Everyone knows [ I hope, ] the using of oil is a dead end street, in the event of a supply interruption causing wild price rises we need to be able to function as a country if oil suddenly becomes unaffordable, NG prices are no more secure but I know little about NG supply security.

      The many million's of barrels of oil we and other country's use every day guarantees the price will soon begin it's infinite climb so we must plan to install another energy source for transportation to continue at soon to be much lower personal travel levels when the price returns to 147 +, again.

      If and or [ hopefully, ] as our economies recover the oil price increases will return.

      Our transportation fuel sources must begin reforming now not when the whole economy has collapsed becouse of unaffordable transportation fuels. ten years into the future prices will be higher by twenty years there will be supply restraints further increasing prices thirty years oil will become unavailable due to declining oil flow levels from known oil producing fields for most of the earth.

      Perhaps Detroit could put my electric car on the market since thy are not doing much at the moment and are getting a lot of YOUR TAX money.

      We must plan to install another energy source for transportation now. Pick the fuel you like just not OIL.

      Drilling for more oil and NG will give us more time but my answer remains the same.

    11. ceseco, colorado says:

      I knew this was coming at the beginning of the elections.

      "Now that per gallon prices for gas has dropped back down to acceptable levels my feeling is that people will be lulled back to sleep on this issue of fossil fuels. Don't fall for it, the new administration that will be in power here soon has made it quite clear one of their efforts will be to reduce or eliminate our dependency on foreign sources." http://ceseco.blogspot.com/2008/12/biofuel-wave-o

      "The commission will also recommend tying the fuel tax rates to inflation. Right now the federal tax is 18.4 cents a gallon. Diesel is 24.4 cents a gallon. The commission wants to raise these amounts by 10 cents a gallon for gas and 12 cents to 15 cents a gallon for diesel."

      This is just the start of things to come. A federal commission is placing the suggestion of increased taxes under the guise of road improvement. Pres-elect and his administration will increase taxes per gallon till it forces consumers and industry to seek out alternatives to the current fuels.

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