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  • The Great Blurring

    It pains us to quote Thomas Friedman but this, unfortunately, sounds on target:

    It is both eye-opening and depressing to look at our banking crisis from China. It is eye-opening because it is hard to avoid the conclusion that the U.S. and China are becoming two countries, one system.

    How so? Easy, in the wake of our massive bank bailout, one can now look at China and America and say: “Well, China has a big-state-owned banking sector, next to a private one, and America now has a big state-owned banking sector next to a private one. China has big state-owned industries, alongside private ones, and once Washington bails out Detroit, America will have a big state-owned industry next to private ones.”

    Yes, an exaggeration to be sure, but the truth is the differences are starting to blur.

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    5 Responses to The Great Blurring

    1. Mark,Houston says:

      And we can thank the democratic controlled congress for the mess and the peoples taxes for the clean up.

    2. Caleb - Mansfield, T says:

      Eerily similar…

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    4. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      Where's the "exaggeration"? And the differences aren't merely "blurring", they're disappearing!

      Yes, it's true who to thank, but, more accurately, just take the "Democratic", delete the "ic" and replace it with a "-Socialist", and you get the most accurate description of who to thank and what we're faced with: A Democrat-Socialist controlled Congress.

      As for "the people's taxes for the cleanup": As always, with Leftist/Socialist/Big Government, there's no "clean up", only ever more of a Socialist mess, unless we Conservatives at least find another Ronald Reagan, enough true Conservatives for Congress, and put a stop to the Socialism before the U.S. is entirely Socialist, at which point it really will be too late.

    5. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      What "exaggeration"? Not entirely unlike the proverbial "frog" who doesn't yet fully realize they're being "boiled to death, 1-degree-at-a-time" (in this case into Socialism), it is, unfortunately, already too true, and being made more so, without any exaggeration.

      Plus, along with it, we certainly do have the Democrat-Socialist controlled Congress to thank for such a mess.

      As usual with Socialists and their Socialism, there is no "cleaning it up", but only more Socialism, under the guise, of course, of "cleaning things up".

      And to top it all off, it certainly is being made increasingly evident, almost daily, that, especially with "Obama, Reed, Pelosi, and Company", the "brakes are being taken off" the slow slide down "the slippery slope down into Socialism", in favor of a headlong dive down into it.

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