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  • How to Stop Obama's War on the Middle Class

    High taxes and steep housing costs have been forcing middle class Americans out of New Jersey for years. Now President-elect Barack Obama has nominated New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection commissioner Lisa Jackson to head the federal Environmental Protection Agency. On Monday, New Jersey’s DEP unveiled a global warming plan that was developed by Jackson. It is filled with public policies that will only further harm the middle class:

    • Prohibit construction new coal-fired power plants.‘Clean’ energies like wind and solar account for less than 2% of U.S. energy production. Outlawing new coal plants will function as a new energy tax by raising everyone’s energy costs. Don’t believe us? Just ask Barack Obama.
    • Ensure that 90 percent of development occurs in areas already served by roads, sewer lines and other public infrastructure. – ‘Smart growth’ policies like these may reduce transportation energy consumption, but only for those people that live in those areas. Good luck affording the price tag to get into these communities because these property right restrictions are guaranteed to send housing costs skyrocketing. Don’t believe us? Just ask Paul Krugman.
    • Require all new buildings constructed after 2030 would have a net zero energy consumption. – Another clear housing cost burden. If net zero building codes were not more expensive, than government coercion wouldn’t be necessary to enforce them.

    Again, just like the California Air Resources Board plan we detailed last week, the scariest part of the New Jersey policy is how it was implemented. None of these policies were ever approved by New Jersey voters. Instead the legislature passed, and Gov. Jon Corzine (D) signed, a set of fanciful carbon emission goals and then delegated extremely broad authority to the state Department of Environmental Protection to create the specific policies.

    It is becoming extremely clear that this is exactly the same strategy the Obama administration will pursue at the federal level. There will be no repeat of a legislative fight over a cap and trade program in Congress. The left knows they will get killed in that debate. Instead Obama will pursue a much more circuitous route like the ones followed in California and New jersey. Conservatives tempted to cave to Obama on some vague but safe sounding global warming legislation need to internalize the lesson from the Wall Street bailout: do not delegate broad authority to the executive branch based on promises they will use the power as narrowly as possible. You, and the American people, will get burned in the end.

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    4 Responses to How to Stop Obama's War on the Middle Class

    1. Mithras says:

      "Obama's war on the middle class."

      That's really funny. You go with that. With allies like conservatives, does the middle class really need enemies?

      "On Monday, New Jersey’s DEP unveiled a global warming plan that was developed by Jackson."

      All those proposals sound great to me, especially the anti-sprawl one. Nothing jacks up real estate taxes (a central tax problem in a state like New Jersey) than developers not internalizing the costs of building new housing projects out in the boonies. Not to mention the loss of green space.

      "None of these policies were ever approved by New Jersey voters. Instead the legislature passed, and Gov. Jon Corzine (D) signed, a set of fanciful carbon emission goals…."

      Oh my god, you mean the legislature passed a law the executive signed and that's it?? Treason. Without direct democracy, the terrorists will truly have won.

    2. Thomas Gray South Ca says:

      Bubba why don't you power just one manufacturing plant with solar or wind in NJ before you answer people that live in reality,

      but go with what you believe, your electricity bill is going to be a bit higher than mine soon enough for you to know you are wrong, the piper is coming.

    3. Robert A. Flowers 3 says:

      The Stimulus Bill should have not been full of unnesesary crap that offered no help.What kind of a congress have we elected ? For this Nation to survive this Congress we must weed it of every bum. Somehow the nation has elected very poor office holders that seemingly want to fill their own pockets and have a intent to do so at our national expense. They could not even hold their poor desires back in the wake of our needed Stimulus Bill.Our nation is in danger of becoming a second or third world country if we don't wake up and act.The Media is divided and they are dividing our country.Many of our citizens accept what non truths they print and seldom check them. We have both left wing and right wing television programs also to confuse us even more.What happened to the truth ? I am not in support of harming or restricting writers opinions,but they should be listed as opinions and not the words of the media or newspaper.Our Nation has been overrun by the owners of the news and its media. Help !

    4. Dan, Monroe says:

      So let me get this straight.

      The Stock Market continues to deteriorate.

      The Recession continues to deepen.

      The Housing market continues to fall.

      The incentives to give to charities? Obama gets rid of that in the new budget.

      The tax incentives of being able to write off the mortgage interest on your house? Yeah, that's gone too now.

      The tax incentives for starting a new business are gone.

      There is increasing taxes on VENTURE capital, the one industry that creates new jobs.

      There are no sustainable, long term protection of natural resources or increasing long term industries.

      No fixing of the invisible CDO derivatives markets, and making THEM transparent – as are ALL OTHER derivative markets, to increase liquidity and allow everyone to see what the toxic assets are really worth with fair accounting rules.

      Why is this being called "The Stimulus Package"

      Isn't it about time to call it the "Economic Detriment Package"?

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