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  • Ford's UAW Contract

    Ford's UAW Contract

    Surely, some concessions can be made, right?

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    14 Responses to Ford's UAW Contract

    1. Barry, Ft. Worth says:

      This picture says a thousand words, but the press is saying thousands against anyone who doesn't want to bail them out; of course it is the republican's fault.

      This is the standard format of what America has come to be in every industry; lawyers, contracts, lawyers and more contracts; but like the housing industry (mortgage contract), it is simply a worthless piece of paper. Once breached, you need to hire the lawyers who wrote it to defend it and round and round you go.

    2. Deborah A. Fetkovich says:

      For decades the UAW has held American consumers hostage to higher-priced autos so their members could enjoy salaries and benefits far in excess of those received by unskilled laborers in other industries.

      Back in the 80s, President Reagan was faced with a similar crisis when PATCO (the Air Traffic Controller union) went on strike. He solved the problem by firing them all and rehires were forced to accept lower wages and fewer benefits.

      If "saving" the American auto industry is of such importance, then a similar scenario should be underway.

    3. Dave Avery, Blue Rap says:

      President-Elect Obama is not a President Regan!

    4. Ward, TX says:

      How symbolic that a Diet Coke is in the picture. This contract needs to lose some "weight".

    5. Arthur, Tustin, Cali says:

      I learned in college that total power breeds corruption (50 years ago. Union leaders for years have ignored the future and were concerned only with the present. Not leading but promising members pie in the sky more that a free economy can supply and now instead of giving thier members something they could vote on, ie. reductions in wages, reduced persion, or less paid vacations etc. they continue to make all of the decisions for them even if it means permanently losing thier income. Whose interests are they consured with?

    6. Norm from Left Coast says:

      President Bush has a last chance to show Conservatives he can lead. I respect him for many accomplishments, including his silence in being slammed continually by the drive by media, but he has dissapointed in others. If his staff can get into GM's books and do a Corker with the UAW, I will be proud of him. UAW workers, who are hired in the future and those outside of 5 years of retirement need to earn Toyota wages. The employees of automobile manufacturers' support companies and the owners of those companies should not be burdened with bankruptcy of GM and take 30 cents on the dollar for their goods. An adult solution is needed.

    7. Hannon says:

      Incredible. Looks like the Constitution for the UN in size. Bunch of overlapping constraints that renders markets and those people who engineer the markets ineffective.

    8. David, Hartford says:

      Is this printed on both sides using 8pt?

    9. Jim "The great says:

      Well, I can tell you firsthand what unions are doing to GM, Ford and Chrysler, I'm salaried and I'm a degree'd engineer that is just about paid on par with my fellow forktruck operators in the plant…

      I am not envious, just dubious of the UAW. I am not coveting, just find this pay scale a bit frustrating. Out of it all, I'm going back to Graduate school, educating my way beyond the imbalance and will make sure my children stay far away from union's, but not engineering and higher skilled jobs.

      I can tell you how to correct this situation…

      End jobs banks = Save approximately 2.1 billion in 3 1/2 years… Total expenditures exceed 20 billion since 1983…

      Force trade-school to be required for all jobs, with a payscale commensurate of those talents learned. If someone wants to make more than the level they are educated to, then they can certainly go start their private firm or company.

      Also, review all top Executive pay and compare it to our beloved Senators, Congressman and you'll find a similiar payscale, so I think we can all step away from blame game. I also think if you run a fortune 500 company, your pay is your business and obviously your education and talent will be rewarded to operate and direct a massive company. Our CEO, Rich Wagoneer truly deserves every penny he makes. No one called into question Barney Frank or Chris Dodds salary, nor the perks from our banking industry.


      There is more to our economy that meets the eye, the media pundits are oblivious of economics 101, so let's just stop there…

    10. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      UAW represents a productivity cancer that has metastasized. The only hope is to let the host bodies die.

      If I were running Ford, I would simply announce that starting in 2009, all Ford plants in Michigan will be shut down. I will shut every NA plant until the UAW backs down from its coercive tactics supported through political campaign bribery. Ford and GM are profitable elsewhere. Transfer all manufacture to outside the US or to southern right-to-work States.

      In addition, I would stop selling cars in California and other States that are not auto-friendly. Ford has a diesel compact car that delivers 65 mpg. but the government will not allow its importation- emission scare.

      We have to have the producers of this country band together and start shutting down their facilities, as put forth by Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged. The evil collaboration of organized labor and the anti-capitalists must be broken.

      Can you imagine what would happen all the coal-fired electric generation plants were to shut down for a week and announce that they would continue to do it until the obstructive government is removed?

    11. Dean, Idaho says:

      I vow to never buy an American made no scratch that. I vow to never buy a union made car ever again if they get this bailout. I will buy American Made foreign cars from now on. I can't believe we are being blackmailed like this. And not just some of us but all of the American people. It’s sickening.

    12. R.Reagan, Butte, MT says:

      Let the "Big Three" declare bankruptcy and renegotiate the bloated union contracts. No bailout for the UAW!

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    14. Dave, Michigan says:

      I would like to say that you should not judge jobs that you have not done yourself. Unfortuately, the American public only hears one side of the story. We do make $28/hr, but that is nearly the same as Toyota workers. Toyota does have a job banks program also. The difference is largely due to legacy costs, the Big Three have retired workers, while the implants currently do not. That is the difference.

      As a union autoworker, these jobs are difficult and many that get hired quit within the first week due to the fact that they are physically demanding. You are told when to go to the bathroom,and can not stop unless the line stops, there are heavy lifting and airtools that take hurt the body. Also many of my fellow employees have degrees and have choosen to stay as an autoworker. I myself will recieve my degree from U of M in the fall.

      I am not saying the union doesn't have to change, but without the union this country wouldn't have a middle class, there would be not OSHA and other government rules that protect employees from company abuse.

      Just don't be to quick to judge, if you haven't been there. These American made cars are the best out there and I would hope that American's support their own, just like we support our American troops. We are all in this together.

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