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  • Is Al Gore Ever Right About Anything?

    This summer Al Gore desperately tried to stay relevant by claiming the U.S. could produce all its energy needs from wind, sun and other ‘clean’ sources (not nuclear, though, Gore hates nuclear) within 10 years. Gore insisted this was technologically possible if only “a new political environment” could be adopted in Washington. Well this Novemeber Gore got his “new political environment.” And yet the U.S. government’s National Intelligence Council issued a report yesterday concluding:

    [A]ll current technologies are inadequate for replacing the traditional energy architecture on the scale needed, and new energy technologies probably will not be commercially viable and widespread by 2025. The pace of technological innovation will be key. Even with a favorable policy and funding environment for biofuels, clean coal, or hydrogen, the transition to new fuels will be slow. Major technologies historically have had an “adoption lag.” In the energy sector, a recent study found that it takes an average of 25 years for a new production technology to become widely adopted.

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    16 Responses to Is Al Gore Ever Right About Anything?

    1. Alex, Coral Springs, says:

      This has been my argument with some crazy looney tunes i know. My point is that I'm for clean energy, but in order to get there we need to build bridges. We need to have an ALL OF THE ABOVE approach for energy independents and invest in clean energy for the future.

      But the crazy lefty loones i know say, now read carefully so you can get a good laugh. They say, 'we are taking energy out of the air and will kill birds'. ooooook! 'we don't know what type of enviromental impact solar panels will have on the DESERT'. oooooook!!! I don't even want to start with nuclear.

      I'm telling you.. Trying to reason with lefty loones, which most leftist are loones, will make you just as crazy as they are. NEVER MIND that if/when wind comes on line; for sure someone will make a good buck and of course they'll be hollering and calling those folkes evil like they're doing with big oil.

      There is no common sense solutions with leftist like GORE. It's like trying to negotiate with a terrorist.. They don't need negotiations, they need a straight jacket and a psychologist.

    2. Mark,Houston says:

      Al Gore could care less about the environment or the planet or those who inhabit it . He , like most liberals , care about one thing and that's control.Control over every aspect of our lives . And if someone should dissagree with his totalatarian point of view than it's the " how dare you not believe" speeches that are played throughout the media. The cold hard fact is is that Al Gore knows nothing of planetary dynamics or anything else for that matter , he is a snake oil salesman . But , as long as people are buying in to his nonesense he(and his liberal movement ) will be a great threat to freedome .

    3. Caleb - Mansfield, T says:

      Any rational thinker has known that for years… Al Gore doesn't fit into the rational thinker catagory.

    4. Barb -mn says:

      Are these energy alternatives really being thought through? Wind turbines for one, have an unsoothing,humming sound, for another, they do kill anything that might fly by, and they are huge pieces of steal that must vibrate the earth when in use. This would surely cause some stirring trouble being planted in the oceans and soil. Plus because it's made out of steal would draw the suns light, hence causing "global warming."

      Natural resources is the best way to go and we have plenty of them. Nuclear is the cleanest and less cost as Al Gore and the like need an IQ TEST.

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    6. Thomas Gray South Ca says:

      Mark Houston,

      It's not so much freedom that I worry about but these scam artist are attacking our electricity supply sources in an effort to make wind and solar more cost effective,

      the problem is they can't be built to scale and we don't have the resources to rebuild our energy grid. If it's not broke don't fix it. What they are trying to do is break down the grid to install their unworkable plan.

      Alex Coral Springs, The desert one made me laugh, thanks. Tom.

    7. DenverDiva says:

      The question says it all.

      Is Al Gore ever right about anything? that is so profound you don't even need an article to go with it.

      He's pathetic….and dangerous!!

      Denver Diva

    8. A. L. BLACK LOUISIAN says:


    9. Norm from Left Coast says:

      Quick; change Global Warming to Climate Change and now to Global Cooling.

    10. duelles says:

      There is[ ORA ] Ormat, a geo- thermal company that is expanding and producing without Gore help. The control is an issue. Lefties [and some righties ] want control since they don't trust us to make good choices. By mandating particulars they taake potetially viable alternatives off the table.

      The Gov't can provide pure science research as a basis for the market to make choices. And that is where I stand and am willing to fight viciously to further this point of view.

    11. Mayme, NY says:

      Where do we put the nuclear waste? It is a great source of energy but no one wants the by product. Find someone or some state to take it and lets start building.

    12. Mike, Columbus says:

      Scientists recently proclaimed that the polar ice cap on Mars is receding. Certain that George Bush is not responsible, they are now in the process of proving that there are no cars or coal fired power plants on Mars.

    13. Kenny, NC says:

      I love how rather than actually think critically about the issues, most folks just throw out ad hominem attacks against Gore and "lefties", along with regurgitation of whatever made up nugget of dime store climatology they last heard from some right wing radio host.

      Congratulations on doing everything you can to keep America from setting ambitious goals.

    14. Stefanie, PA says:

      The issue is not about making attacks against Gore. The issue is how are Gore's and the environmentalists' plans going to affect our economy versus how much benefit they will provide. I haven't been given enough evidence that we even understand the climate issues we are facing, how are we supposed to fix it if we don't understand it? And are these arm flailing attempts to halt climate change going to cause even worse economic hardship for the population of the world? What is more important, possibly causing more economic suffering or fixing a problem that we don't have proof even exists? I understand the importance of keeping a healthy earth, that we need to be responsible stewards because we will be passing this world on to other individuals. But I fear that environmentalists totally reject the negatives outcomes of their suggestions.

    15. Rick, Ca says:

      Mayme, NY writes:

      "Where do we put the nuclear waste? It is a great source of energy but no one wants the by product. Find someone or some state to take it and lets start building."

      From Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integral_Fast_Reacto

      There was a project in development for a "Integral Fast Reactor or Advanced Liquid-Metal Reactor is a design for a nuclear fast reactor with a specialized nuclear fuel cycle. A prototype of the reactor was built in the United States, but the project was canceled by the U.S. government in 1994, three years before completion."

      "Another important benefit of removing the long half-life transuranics from the waste cycle is that the remaining waste becomes a much shorter-term hazard. After the actinides (reprocessed uranium, plutonium, and minor actinides) are removed and recycled, the remaining radioactive waste isotopes are fission products, which have half lives of either 90 years (Sm-151) and less, or 211,100 years (Tc-99) and more; plus any neutron activation products from the non-fuel reactor components. (Tc-99 and I-129 are also candidates for nuclear transmutation to stable isotopes by neutron capture.)

      The result is that within 200 years, such wastes are no more radioactive than the ores of natural radioactive elements"

      This project was killed by Hazel O'Leary and John Kerry. From 1989 to 1993, she worked as an executive vice president of the Northern States Power Company. Draw your own conclusions.

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