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  • Unusual Frankness from The New York Times

    From the NYT‘s write up on President-elect Barack Obama’s promised public works program:

    Mr. Obama’s plan, if enacted, would be in part a government-directed industrial policy, with lawmakers and administration officials picking winners and losers among private projects and raining large amounts of taxpayer money on them.

    Government picking winners and losers. That never goes wrong.

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    3 Responses to Unusual Frankness from The New York Times

    1. Barb -mn says:

      I won't ever write "my" or "our" president elect or president. He will be written as "the president."

      Why is is so hard for people to see this man has one agenda. It is to destroy America. By gov taking on all the charities at taxpayers expense will stop any tax exemptions and all christian charities. One person I spoke with "said that is a christian thing." Well, if it is a christian thing why is it okay to hand it over to government forcing it on people? That's not christian. It is subliminal efforts to get rid of Christianity.

      As far as this short but sweet article, Obama probably has many foreign businesses ready to conduct their duty to Obama. Qualified or not…

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    3. kent/virginia says:

      Welcome to the Socialist States of America. The Federal Bureaucracy, (which continues to grow and grow as the Federal Government grabs, assumes and legislates more and more power) has historically proven worse than inept when it comes to running anything. With the fascist left in power there will be even more power grabs and takeovers, government will dictate more and more to both business and private citizens.

      The voters of our once great Democracy, by a 5% margin, have chosen the 'change' an Obama presidency will bring. Forget campaign promises, those are made and changed from speech to speech to gain votes. All candidates for President run to the middle. Obama has made almost no impression as a Senator, State or Federal. Forget the speeches, all lawyers are taught to talk and Washington is full of talkers and few doers. What kind of President will Obama be? We know Obama taught classes to train Acorn people. Acorn is run by a man who is SDS. Acorn is a multi-million dollar, multinational conglomerate. Acorn has been involved in voter fraud in over a dozen states but so far has not been thoroughly investigated. A close friend of Obama's is SDS–Bill Ayres. Bill Ayres is an unrepentant bomber and terrorist. Obama spent more this election than BOTH candidates combined spent in the Presidential election of 2004. Estimates put the final total of campaign expenditures over One Billion Dollars! Where did he get this kind of money, and why does it appear SOMEONE wants this empty suit in a position of power?

      I am convinced that at the very least we can be certain that an Obama Presidency will be socialist to the extreme and we will move ever further from the principles and ideals of our Founding Fathers and great leaders of our past. That will be 'change' indeed.

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