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  • From the Office Space of the President-elect

    Another electronic circular with the nameplate ”New Common Sense” burst forth from other corridors of The Heritage Foundation late Friday. This one, again anonymously signed “A Conservative,”  takes on the delicate topic of the constitutional authority granted the nation’s president-elect.

     The e-circular carries the headline “The Presumptive President-elect” and reads as follows:

    Barack Obama is doing so many news conferences and speeches, not to mention from a lectern with an official seal proclaiming “Office of the President-Elect,” the casual observer may be forgiven for being confused. The United States seems to have two presidents in office: Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

    The Constitution, in fact, makes no reference to a president-elect. It was the Presidential Transition Act of 1963 (Public Law 88-277) that gave federal office space and a $900,000 budget to the “apparent successful candidate” known as the “president-elect.” Having resigned his Senate seat, Obama is merely a private citizen entitled to government office space — the White House not included. Officially, he has yet to be elected president.

     How so? The Electoral College, which constitutionally elects the president and vice president, doesn’t meet until Dec. 15. Its votes aren’t tallied until Jan. 6 — two weeks before Inauguration Day. Granted, there’s no reason to believe Barack Obama won’t prevail. But constitutionally speaking — and despite the media’s leanings — he is not yet commander-in-chief.

    A Harvard-educated constitutional lawyer, the presumptive president-elect speaks from his office, or rather his office space, as if he already has the constitutional authority to lead the American people. However, a president’s power, unlike that of a king, falls within the span of four years. That power begins and ends as the law prescribes and the people grant.

    To the extent Obama acts, or is treated, like the rhetorical and symbolic leader of the United States, it’s a dangerous development indeed. At this point, Obama is an ordinary citizen. Just like Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush or Jimmy Carter — except he hasn’t been president yet.

    – A Conservative

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    7 Responses to From the Office Space of the President-elect

    1. Barb -mn says:

      When the government of this country is too cowardly to stand up to a person that has no sufficient proof of a birth record to this country, especially at this time of terrorists, illegal immigrants and the diminishing of democracy, you're right "there’s no reason to believe Barack Obama won’t prevail."

      He is selfish, arrogant and does not respect AMERICA or the people that took on what freedom means.

      Freedom is to take care of ourselves. Without government…soon obama's plan will carry out our forced dependency to the government as obama proudly sets every business up for failure.

      By the way, what charities and how much did he donate off his book sales? This is a man that lived off government, had no real job as it is all with government. Yet he seems to be very well off. Government is OVERPAID.

    2. Dennis Aderholt Soci says:

      This just goes to show that a President was not elected. His staff member on Meet the Press in the recent past has already declared that he will begin to RULE on Jan 20 2008. Does the term RULE have any meaning to any one.He has fogotten that the President is only a leader, elected and unelected by the people. It is just to bad that so many were spoon fed a long glup of political garbage, and they ate it with gusto. It will remain to be seen just how well the "message of change" digested.

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    6. carol, az says:

      Point well taken from the article above. But at least our President elect is taken a pro-active leadership roll as a problem solver.

      Where may I ask, is G.B II?

      "Where are you George?"

      It is pretty clear to me that when the movers and shakers of major F.F.Hundred companys can't read their own balance sheets, Negative in the trillons, and begging for bail-outs,in the trillons do ya think that the gift giving is not connected to the old boys club and G.W's chosen few. Oh yes there is one thing. The current president did finally utter the phase, "we are a recession." Were you impressed?

    7. Joe Motor says:

      Want to read the "New common sense" document being circulated by Occupy (OWS) and many others. This has been sent out to everyone (congress etc.) they will not be able to ignore this much longer. Go to link or just google this thing. It is quite amazing :

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