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  • Obama's Undemocratic Plan for Central Planning on Carbon

    It is looking more and more likely that President Obama will not try to pass any new cap and trade legislation through Congress. This is not the good news it appears to be. Instead, Obama will try and marshal legal authority from existing statutes, primarily the Clean Air Act, to force the reorganization of the entire U.S. economy (all businesses use energy) without any meaningful input from the American people.

    Yes, there will be new legislation with tons of pork barrel spending for ‘green jobs’ that will be part of whatever stimulus the Democratic Congress puts on Obama’s desk on January 20th. But this is only the spending side of the equation. After that look for the Obama administration to abandon the democratic process and focus on a 100% bureaucrat generated plan to cap carbon. Three pieces of evidence for you:

    1) Obama appointed Georgetown law professor Lisa Heinzerling as co-chair of EPA transition team. She authored one of the key briefs for the Mass v. EPA Supreme Court case. She is also a big proponent of using the CAA to sanction state based regional cap and trade programs:

    She and many other legal experts believe that under the Clean Air Act, the EPA can also administer a national cap-and-trade program by writing federal rules to unify independent regional carbon markets. Already, 23 states and four Canadian provinces are forming such markets, with 10 additional states being brought into the process as observers. Experts believe the EPA can promulgate an additional set of regulations that would control transportation emissions — everything from cars and trucks to boats and airplanes.

    2) Obama appointed Center for American Progress senior fellow Robert Sussman as the other co-chair. Sussman is also big proponent of using the CAA to sanction state based regional cap and trade programs:

    In fact, a new administration could enforce new global warming regulations with common sense, focusing on large emitters of greenhouse gases to achieve reasonable reductions while spurring trillions of dollars worth of economic growth and green-collar jobs.

    3) This roadmap for administrative climate action has been widely circulated on the left too:

    Understandably, in the absence of leadership from the present administration, a great deal of attention has focused on Congressional proposals to address climate change. Yet statutes already on the books provide much legal authority for swift action on this most pressing environmental problem. In this essay, we propose a wide and effective array of actions that the new administration could take – without new legislation – to begin to tackle climate change.

    When the carbon capping debate is held out in the open, we crush the left every time. Open debate exposes the facts that carbon capping will kill the economy, will probably not reduce carbon emissions, and, even if it did, the emission reduction targets would not have any consequential effects on global temperatures. The left can net get away with sneaking this policy past the American people.

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    14 Responses to Obama's Undemocratic Plan for Central Planning on Carbon

    1. Barb -mn says:

      Unless mankind created the earth, even the testing is questionable and the results can ALWAYS be manipulated. co2 we exhale to live. Mankind is the result of nature. Environment is the result of nature. Everything made is derived from natural resources, so pollution is part of nature too. The government is wasting such an amount of theirs and our time and wasting every penny of millions, billions, trillions of our money. Governments job is not to the environment, it is to the people. Leave the environment to the private sector scientists with no costs to the taxpayers. We don't trust the government so why would we trust government subsidized scientists?

    2. Alex, Coral Springs, says:

      Barb you're absolutely right.. I believe this issue is being so manipulated by the lefty loony tunes that they have got the government, which I ABSOLUTELY don't trust as well, in their pockets.

    3. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      The carbon capping is the height of stupidity perpetrated by lawyers and pseudo-scientists. It is used as a cover to control the people. It represents power grab by the socialists who hates capitalism. Capitalism is the natural outgrowth of property rights and individual liberty firmly established during our founding. The people that espouse carbon cap and trade are anti-Constitutionalists. They would love to see this country go down economically so that they can say that we are no longer 5% of the world population consuming 20% of the resources, depriving the rest of the world. Obama believes in it as he had stated it plainly during his campaign. The Obama Administration and the Democratic leaders in Congress will try to remake the Country so that our Constitution and heritage won't mean a thing. Conservatives who believe in both will be forced out of discourse in this country. We will become USSR-II.

    4. E.V.R. Arizona says:

      As a life-long working geophysicist, and as close to a real applied scientest as anyone you will hear from the other side, all that can be said is that the global warming agenda may well turn out to be the biggest scam of the last 5 centuries. Figure it this way, there is about 5% misapplied science mixed with 95% hype propelling an agenda which only favors those promoting the issue.

    5. Marshall Hill-Michig says:

      Will government regulate our Breathing while we

      Exhale Carbon Dioxide.This is how ridiculous this

      Fake Program has become!

    6. Marshall Hill-Michig says:

      Since we are Sharing the Wealth,we can share the

      Health Care that Senators get at the Taxpayers


    7. Marshall Hill-Michig says:

      Will someone ask the Politicians how they Travel

      their everyday operations? Ask the House Speaker

      particularly about her mode of travel! Ask Senator

      Reid about "smelling the Tourists".This is a Government Employee who Lies and conducts himself

      in a very poor and disrespectful fashion with his

      remarks.This can be called conduct unbecoming of a

      Senator.He should be removed from his post!

    8. Marshall Hill-Michig says:

      As I look at Senators asking Auto Execs. Questions about a loan and making them grovel

      like they were the cause of the problem was

      very sad to watch.These same Politicians are

      the reason for the Mortgage Mess which started

      all this in the beginning!Did they question

      the Insurance or Banking Industry?Of course

      not,they would have pointed out which Senators

      were involved or looked the other way!

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    10. Thomas Gray South Ca says:

      New jobs = pollution,

      To possibly slow global warming manufacturing must be reduced by more than 60 percent the report says, OK I live in the U.S.A. we enjoy much wealth becouse we WORK, 60 percent reduction in manufacturing = increased poverty increased unemployment federal state and local tax dollars lost.

      This goal is probably going to snowball into the greatest economic disaster in recorded history and cause the deaths of more people than would die had we done nothing about reducing the use of combustible fuels.

      The earth has warmed less than one degree in the past one hundred years and it is well known the future rise will be less than one degree at the end of the next fifty years. The resulting climate change from this rise cannot be predicted only to a certain degree we are in more danger from THE GOAL than we are from climate change.

      doc, 1 of 5, new jobs = pollution. Thomas Gray.

    11. Everett Purcell says:

      I hope you don't go off without contacting qualified scientific information about global warming.

      Contact Jounal of American Physicians and Surgeons (2007) 12, 79-90

      The article "Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide" by Arthur B Robinson, Noah E Robinson, and Willie Soon at Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, 2251 Dick Geoge Road, Cave Junction, Oregon 97523

    12. Dell in South Caroli says:

      All I've got to add to the above comments is..why is the national weather bureau predicting this to be one of the coldest winters on record? If the climate is warming so rapidly, why aren't Vermonters and Alaskans wearing hula skirts? Has no one ever heard of cyclical climate fluctuations?

      Oh, but of course, we aren't really going to have to worry about it..Iran or North Korea will allow one of their crazy leaders to push "THE BUTTON" and obliterate half the world! That's why Obamarama is in such a hurry to dismantle our military defense system..'cause Ajad and Kim jung Il wouldn't DARE push that button while there's still someone in the American White House who'll sit across the table having coffee or tea and crumpets and "talk about it"..ri-i-i-i-i-t! Anybody still got their air raid shelter from the fifties? Believe you're gonna need that more than having to worry about climate change! Ta Ta and good night..

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