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  • Corporations of the World Unite!

    So the Big Three automakers returned to Washington yesterday, this time with slightly more specific plans on how they plan to spend taxpayer money to fix their faltering businesses. But it turns out that not all three of the automakers are really even asking for cash right now:

    While GM and Chrysler emphasized their immediate cash needs, Ford said it was financially prepared to weather this storm. Barring a bankruptcy by one of its domestic competitors or a more severe downturn, Ford said, it does not anticipate a liquidity crisis in 2009.

    Nevertheless, it too asked for federal money to be set aside just in case. Ford requested up to $9 billion in financing and said that could rise to $13 billion if economic conditions worsen. It hoped to return to financial stability, or even profitability, by 2011.

    One gets the feeling that left to its own devices Ford would not be in front of Congress on their knees begging for cash. They are hurting, no doubt, but it sounds like they will get by without taxpayer help. So why are they embarrassing themselves in front of the nation? Solidarity of course! If Ford were to abandon General Motors and Chrysler now, they would not be there for Ford the next time Ford needed some help with Washington.

    Remember, the left LOVES big business. Who else could possibly afford exorbitant big labor contracts? The last New Deal was not about big government punishing big business. It was about big business, big labor, and big government getting together in one room to screw over small businesses and tax payers. The New New Deal will be much of the same. But this formula only works if the big corporations stick together. Hence Ford’s willingness to go to bat for GM and Chrysler.

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    5 Responses to Corporations of the World Unite!

    1. Jerry, PDX says:

      You conservatives are really only interested in killing the UAW and like Reagan kill any union that pops it's head up. Really, it's a sad commentary on American education when you consider how the middle class have sided with conservatives against their own best interests. The only America I'm interested in living in is one with a powerful middle class and a hobbled upper class. With Obama coming into power the middle class might finally have someone with morals, intelligence and the genuine leadership ability to help us drive you conservatives into the sea.

    2. Barb -mn says:

      Wow! When I first noted the title of this article I thought it said "corruptions of the world unite."

      Jerry, why are you so against the freedom of people to prosper independently? Why do you and the democratic party have such a distaste for people that do for themselves?

      One big principle of conservatism is taking on your personal/parental HUMAN responsibilities and not crying to the government for other people's money. Is there something wrong with that in your eyes?

    3. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      Jerry, it is not about middle class versus upper class. In America, people that start low ends in the upper class. This is not feudalistic system of Europe.

      I am middle class and conservative-I believe in our Constitution, in private property rights, individual liberty to succeed or fail. I believe in the founding principles of America. You seem to fondly embrace socialistic staple of class envy and class warfare. That is unfortunately 180 degrees opposite to the founding principles of America. I think you will like France where you can not fire anybody from a job, work 35 hours per week and get vacations in months. Unemployment there is over 10% and the economy stagnates.

      I know how the labor union works because I have worked with them in a shop. If you can get 4 hours of work per 8-hr. shift you are lucky. I don't have anything against the union but their conglomeration must be broken up. If the employers in the same industry were to work in unison, it is an Anti-trust issue. But the labor unions can collude and work as a single entity across many industries. I think their days are numbered like the dinosaurs of the past.

      The Big three must go through bankruptcy so that they can reorganize. Close down all the high cost plants. Union hegemony in Detroit will come to a close.

      If the Democrats pass card check legislation, it will spell the utter demise of the manufacturing industry in the US.

      Did you ever wonder why the foreign auto makers are establishing plants in the South and none in Michigan? The answer is UAW and the closed shop of Michigan. And, Michigan has been in an economic recession all by itself for the past few years. I just wish you can connect the dots.

    4. Marshall Hill-Michig says:

      Did the UAW ask the Senators to back off,due to

      the PAC money they recieved for the Elections? They Will!!!

    5. Marshall Hill-Michig says:

      Now the Unions are feeling the wrath of the same

      Government Politicians they have been feeding for

      Sixty Years!How will this play out?

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