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  • Morning Bell: A Capitol Travesty

    Like everything else that comes out of Congress, the initial intentions were good: to build a visitors center that shields citizens from extreme heat and humidity and provides greater security for people working in or visiting the U.S. Capitol. But what began as a $265 million project in 2000 ballooned into a $621 million boondoggle that finally opens today. Like far too many legislative proposals that pass through its chambers, Congress could not help but add its own priorities. Even though not included in the original design, the structure now features new offices for lawmakers, a theater, media studios and even a tunnel to the Library of Congress. This all-too-familiar runaway Washington spending is not even the worst part of the final product. That honor goes to the violence the center’s “educational” exhibits do to the Constitution.

    Article I of the Constitution begins: “All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States.” Section 8 of Article I then goes on to enumerate those powers, of which James Madison wrote: “If Congress can do whatever in their discretion can be done by money, and will promote the General Welfare, the Government is no longer a limited one, possessing enumerated powers, but an indefinite one, subject to particular exceptions.”

    But according to the Capitol Visitors Center, the Constitution is not about limiting powers. Instead, it created six “aspirations” that Congress is charged to realize. The explanation for the first aspiration listed, “Unity,”  falsely identified “E Pluribus Unum” as our nation’s motto. Wrong. “In God We Trust” is our nation’s motto. But do not expect to find any discussion of God in the new visitors center. “Minerva, the goddess of wisdom and righteous war” gets a mention, but any other indication that the Founding Fathers believed that all men “are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,” like it says in the Declaration of Independence, has been safely sanitized by the political correctness thought police.

    The liberal bias does not end there. The sixth aspiration, “General Welfare,” celebrates the creation of Medicare in 1965. We can debate whether Medicare is, or is not, good public policy. But it is a travesty of history to pretend the Constitution requires it. Summarizing his thoughts after an early tour of the center, Heritage constitutional scholar Matthew Spalding wrote:

    This exhibit is Congress’ temple to liberals’ “living Constitution,” the eternal font of lawmakers’ evolving mandate to achieve the nation’s ideals. No fixed meanings here, only open-ended “aspirations.” In this distorted view, the Constitution is an empty vessel, to be adapted to the times, as change requires. It means nothing — or anything.

    The center opens to the public today at 1 p.m. if you’d like to have a look at this travesty with your own eyes.

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    37 Responses to Morning Bell: A Capitol Travesty

    1. C.A. Piper III, Rapi says:

      As I prepare to leave for work this morning I can't help but wonder how many citizens of our Nation will take the time today to think…to think about the apathy which has allowed this downward spiral to increase in velocity. Might be time to reread "The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire."

    2. Ricky Powell Nashvil says:

      All in all it just proves that the american people are blind and just have their hands out.We should call,e-mail and tie up everything in Congress for them not to bail out anybody (THE BIG 3 ESPECIALLY) and no more money to wall street or banks. This is still a free country and Congress has to answer to God at some point.

    3. Michael J O'Bri says:

      It is no wonder that congress has a 19% approval rating yet we keep re electing these dummies over and over. Any nation that can consider Al Franken as a serious elected representative is seriously flaw in its thinking, oops, I forgot its Minnesota, the same state that gave us Jesse Ventura. This all makes sense now. We should dread the coming of the new congress that will be sworn into office this January. If we think the 110th congress was creepy, then just wait for the coming 111th. We will soon be a bankrupt nation, with a budget deficit of over $1 Trillion, and national debt of over $2 trillion. Someone must pay this money back, and yes, it will be the next generation, our children. The Detroit automakers will be presenting their recovery plan to congress today, and it will include that these incompetents keep their jobs, and the AUW keep their benefits. The taxpayer will be picking up the tab for these union folks legacy costs, with the approval of Congress. Senator Levin from Michigan stated that the European automakers receive help from their government; we should use that as our business model. Now here is another elected official citing Europe as an economic model for the United States. France has a top tax rate of 70%, chronic unemployment of 14%. Italy has entered its 4th recession in the last decade. Examine the economics of the state of Michigan, unemployment, crime, bankrupt cities. Most of this we can thank the UAW for, with the assistance of the big 3. And our elected officials want to give them our money. We should never expect our elected officials to do the right thing and honor the Constitution, most of these dummies have no clue what it is. We the people.


      Unbelievable, how a bunch of public servants can continue to roll right over 200+yrs. of AMERICA, WHO DO THESE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE, AND WHY THE HECK ARE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE JUST SETTING ON THEIR BUTS….I guess we get what we get….

    5. Tim Coleman, Boston says:

      It is amazing to me that people dishonor our heritage by continuing to push a "living Constitution". Is there any way we can right this injustice so that our children can learn about not only about the limitation but also separation of power?

    6. John P. Michigan says:

      In my opinion, the education of our children started the downward spiral in the past 20 years by teaching political correctness, instead of common sense, and careful thought. Thank the education unions for that. It came to fruition in this past election. Nothing of substance was elected, just a fuzzy notion of 'change'. And the results are still on display each day with Master's Degree credentialed 'leaders' leading us to ruination on debt and promises. Again with no substance or common sense.

    7. Paul A. Schwab, Cent says:

      It is about time that we reinact the Boston Tea Party.

      I suggest that we force the issue of TERM LIMITS for Supreme Court, President AND THE CONGRESS. The term in Washington should not be a life time in office. These folks should be working for us, not against us. They do anything they want with our money, including giving themselves raises. They should be forced BY THE PEOPLE, to adhere to the same laws that they impose on us.

      When are the people of this Nation going to stand up and revolt against these KNOW IT ALL Pharasies?

    8. Paul A. Schwab, Cent says:

      I just happened to think that this is the 111th Congress coming up in January. Does anyone know what the 111 is in bowling? That's right and that is exactly what we will having represent us in Washington in the 111th Congress.

      P.S. If you do not know what 111 is in bowling ask a bowler.

    9. Patricia DeFina New says:

      Here I sit, another day trying to read everything I can to make sense of what is happening to our great nation. I am stunned at how quickly and apparently without challenge these changes are being made..

      I am not a historian nor a great scholar but I too recognize the danger to our constitution.

      How many people have uttered the phrase"I'm glad my father isn't here to see this happening"……

      I have ZERO confidence in Congress.

      The ruling elite…

    10. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      I thought the Supreme Court Interpreted the Constitution.

      Am I wrong?

      THIS is the ONLY time in HISTORY

      when the USA has had a "Recession"


    11. kent/virginia says:

      The bad news just keeps coming. The liberal 'social engineers' in our country are finally pulling out all the stops and pushing our Nation of Sheep towards what they envision as a Humanist Utopia. Now that they have the numbers, the power, and the money, the Liberals in our top heavy Federal bureaucracy will begin to tell us all how to live in what was once the 'Land of the Free.'

      If anyone cares to do the research, this began back in the 1930's, when some of our leading educators and intellectuals wrote and signed the 'Humanist Manifesto.' It was revised and added to in the 1940's and again many leading, left leaning intellectuals added their signatures to the growing list. One prominent name stands out from those of the original framers of this document, educator Thomas Dewey. What is the 'Humanist Manifesto'? Simply an anti-God view of the world based on the affirmation that 'man is the measure of all things.' Any good library should have a copy of both manifestos. These humanists began planting the seeds of their atheistic world view throughout our educational system.

      In the sixties and seventies the apostles of this world view began their attack on the first amendment of the Constitution and also began forcing all university professors to embrace their 'politically correct' world view or face loss of tenure and ostracism. People with this world view began to be elected to government positions.

      In 1968 the SDS disrupted the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. America, for a short period, became aware of some of the subversive organizations in their midst, then the media–which was also undergoing a radical shift in agenda and point of view–moved on to topics that sold magazines and newspapers. But the SDS and others like them did not go away. They changed their tactics. Following "Pappa Joe's" Marxist admonitions, as well as the then illegal 'Red Book' of Mao, they went 'underground.' It's called subversion–working from within. They've continued to gain money and power and today we are beginning to see the results of their generations of hard work.

      No professor in a U.S. College dare mention the possibility of 'Intelligent Design' when teaching the Religion of Evolution. Creationists are considered ignorant buffoons. Our Congress, our Judges, our governing system, is moving towards the same Liberal Fascism. No Democrat dare stray from the 'Party Line'–just ask Zell Miller. Look at the news–what our lock-step liberal 'social engineers' in the media chose to tell us–it all leads to one inescapable conclusion. OUR UNITED STATES IS FAST BECOMING A SOCIALIST STATE.

      Government OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people is in danger of perishing from this earth.

      We need to send a clear message to the growing Washington Ruling Class–it's time for term limits and a dismantling of the Federal Bureaucracy!

      We need more Zell Miller Democrats!


    12. Danelle H, Charlotte says:

      "If congress can do whatever in their discretion can be done by money, and will promote General Welfare, the governement is no longer a limited one, possessing enumerated powers, but an indefinite one, subject to particular exceptions." James Madison

      "I apprehend no danger to our country from a foreign foe … Our destruction, should it come at all, will be from another quarter. From the inattention of the people to the concerns of their government, from their carelessness and negligence, I must confess that I do apprehend some danger." Daniel Webster, June 1, 1837

      "Corruptisima republica plurimae leges." Tacitus (The more corrupt a republic, the more laws.)

      "The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly, is to fill the world with fools." Herbert Spencer, Essays, vol. 3, "State Tamperings with Money and Banks" (1891). from The Columbia Dictionary of Quotations

      "Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves." William Pitt, 1783

      "Democracy is a form of government that cannot long survive, for as soon as the people learn that they have a voice in the fiscal policies of the government, they will move to vote for themselves all the money in the treasury, and bankrupt the nation." Karl Marx, 1848 author of "The Communist Manifesto"

      To all,

      The above thoughts are the original intellectual property of those before us. These thoughts are located somewhere between youtube and myspace on the internet, in books, in papers, on the pages of journals and were once in taught, memorized and discussed in the classrooms. These ideas should by now be so far ingrained in the collective conscience that they are as much part of our being as the noses on our faces. These words remind us that freedom and liberty can only exist by the constant vigilance and independent spirit of the individual man. They tell us that to find freedom, liberty and true equality, we should and must look no further than the extent of our own person. They tell us that in order to protect these ideals we should and must ask for the assistance of no one other than our own selves and especially not of an inefficient and ineffective central government. These words have been forgotten in the ecstatic and feverish grab for "aid", "programs", "protective laws" and misguided concepts of the definition of "justice" with no regard for the consequences of our actions.

      Our world has moved into a new era of quick fixes, band aids and dissolution of freedoms in an effort to protect the immediate desires of the lazy, the ignorant and the careless. We cave to fear and happily hand over our freedom for a promise of continued false bliss that festers in the bowels of almost universal ignorance. We are crippled by the fear that if we do not agree with the demands of big government the stock market will crash, we will be bombed or poisoned, we will lose our educational resources, we will lose our jobs, we will be homeless, jobless and hungry, we will be killed by gun wielding thugs, our kids will be addicted to meth, drunk drivers will spill out onto the streets, the oceans will dry up and every animal will become extinct. We are paralyzed with the fear that the few "theys" know better and can do better than "we the people". This fear of our own ignorance and our apathetic unwillingness to educate ourselves has caused us to instead struggle to live beyond our means in an attempt to keep up with the Jones' and deflect our responsibility as sovereign individuals to protect by action the freedom and rights of all sovereign individuals. The shallow and personal immediate satisfaction of temporal and insignificant agendas has trumped the very core of the democratic principles laid out by our fore fathers. It is easier to buy another Iphone and hope for a bail out than it is to demand the government remember the limitations set upon it by those who saw all of this coming and deal with the personal responsibility that true freedom entails.

      Maybe we will all wake up before it is too late. Maybe we will not for as Thomas Hobbes so aptly put most of us are too busy putting food on the table to understand while others are too negligent to be bothered with knowing. There is no true safety net. Reliance on the government only raises the platform from which we fall.

      Sorry for the rant.

      Danelle Haggerson

    13. Linda Fisher, South says:

      It sure looks like we might better get prepared to live like those in socialist countries.Pray like crazy for God to intervene for us. This is so sad and outrageous that our so called government, who is supposed to protect all of us, is so out of control in doing their job. We should be able to fire the lot of them. I will be praying very hard for God to intervene. He said he would if we pray and repent and seek His face. I really think He is coming back soon and am looking forward to my heavenly home.

    14. kent/virginia says:

      To Danelle H.

      A very readable 'rant!'

    15. Judy Bradshaw , west says:

      I'm going to rant! WHY are we letting "that one" (I refuse to write his name) get by without producing a proper birth certificate? Would we have let any other candidate for President get by with such a slap in the face to our Constitution?

      I maintained before the election and I still maintain "that one" is nothing but an empty suit and a Manchurian Candidate. He cannot be trusted.

      Someone- I wish it could be me – should kick his skinny butt out of OUR country!

    16. Danelle H, Charlotte says:

      All must be well in the world. Obama, the everyman president, just bought his wife a 30,000 dollar ring.

      Just another quick thought. God has already answered our prayers for intervention. He gave us two eyes to see, two ears to hear, a brain to discern the truth and two legs to march to action. If we pray for anything we should pray for the ability to use those powers at our disposal in the best manner for the long term continuation or reestablishment of our birthright of personal freedom. Pray for strength to fight for the right even when the intermediate results seem grim. Pray for the power to see that the short term sting is worth the ultimate goal. Pray that we become leaders of the rebirth instead of commentators and audience members of the demise of this great country. Pray that we are not solely Republicans but instead that we are sovereign citizens residing in a common collection of sovereign states who are willing to take on the struggles and responsibilities that will be the midwives of our continued freedom. And once we pray that quick prayer, we must be willing to do all that is necessary.

    17. Larry Scripp, Boston says:

      I received this newsletter from the Morning Bell as a result of downloading an article from the Heritage Website. As an independent voter I wonder what conservatives fear from "E Pluribus Unum" a fundamental ideal of the government of these United States. It now seems obvious to me that the conservatives will continue to lose the confidence of the American electorate if they do not realize that most Americans yearn for unity and hope, a principal message of the Obama campaign that has already led to a diverse coalition of diverse cabinet choices. As for the senate race in Minnesota – why do Republicans seem to recommend not counting all the votes (in this case absentee ballots? I hope and pray for the integrity of our country's democracy, and, if it takes a fairly elected congress to uphold the principal of fair elections, then so be it!

    18. Eileen says:

      There is a reason why these immigrants’ illegal and legal travel here to risk their health and life to come here and I highly doubt it’s to leave one socialist Country to enter another one.

      That would certainly stop the immigration issues for the illegals to enter this Country, when it’s no different from their own. Those illegals that remain, the unemployment will be too high to find a comfortable job, home, car and anything else they desire. But I’m sure the democrat will try everything in their power to make others pay for these people’s homes, cars and the luxuries they promised them, if only they would vote democrat. But as those who are well off, and no longer want to pay the piper, decide to take the money and move elsewhere to retain what wealth that remains. Who then will be the new banker? Will Barbra Streisand and her liberal Hollywood friends be force to liquidate their funds that are being hidden from Uncle Sam in off-shore accounts? I’m sure promises were made to them as well, if they too would support the Democratic Party.

      The democrats for years have wanted to savior the Socialist ideals but were afraid to come right out and say it. So, they slowly manipulated their way into power and domination. My grandparents were democrats when they stood for the working man, but I cannot ever believe that they would be on board with this socialist views, which would make them conservative Republicans, which is what I am now.

      The Democrat’s desperation to create this Utopian Socialist Society is nothing but a myth, fantasy they want the American public to buy. But, if you look at those Countries that are Socialist there is nothing good. Socialism encourages dictatorships of one men in control of everything, he/she controls business, the economy, banks, finances and the press to name a few. They are filled with both civil and human right violations, when those who disagree with the laws and policies are subjected to all forms of torture until they come around to there way of thinking but minus an arm or leg for their troubles. Where will the ACLU be when this becomes part of the same American life they’ve been hostile to for years. They want the prisoners in Gitmo out because they believe they are being tortured, but what side will they be on as Obama’s Secret Police/Army starts hurting those who go against his and the liberals socialist society. That thought is even scarier.

      There is no “spreading of wealth” in a socialist society there is only taking the money from the “people” and keeping it for themselves and their elite friends. The people they claimed they wanted to help will never rise above the fate that those in power promised them, and that’s just the way they want to keep it. Should they become angry they’ll throw them a crumb or two to placate them until the next outburst. They count on the people’s ignorance and lack of knowledge of what’s happening to them.

      It appears that the Muslims/Islamic religious zealots believe that their religion should be the entire worlds and anyone who objects will get a grenade up their arse. They have used the same tactics the democrats have used, to slowly enter countries, slowly increase their number until the minority becomes the majority. They are one of the most dominate religion on so many continents.

      World Peace will never be a reality as long as intolerance is the message that seems to rule. Our world is far too mess up as the playground bullies try to take control. So you either recoil in fear or you face them and fight them. The liberals in this Country are the playground bullies and we need to decide whether we stay inside or venture out to the playground and beat them at their own game. If you bring a defeatist attitude to the playground without the knowledge or understanding on how to fight those who refuse to follow the rules or play dirty, then you will always lose. So you study their tactics and you enhance your own to make it a fair fight.

    19. Ronald Moore says:

      Fear is sweeping this country, we need to resist this hysteria. We are going through a rough period but we will be ok. We need to make some changes in our system and it will take time, and changing Washington is difficult, but we will get it done.

      Faith is the thing we need right now, everyone is so negative and fearful that we are seeing monsters behind every bush. We need to vote out the people that are supporting the policies that we disagree with, and absolutely demand term limits. These career politicians are the problem, guys like Ted Kennedy.

      These guys that stay in office thirty years become very powerful, and corrupt our system. America is in our hands and we need to organize and use the vote to clean house, and then use a little discretion as to who we elect to represent us.

      First things first get angry not fearful, use that anger to motivate you to become involved. We became complacent and the liberals were motivated and organized, determined to patiently gain control and they have achieved that. Now we must assume their struggle and retake the country, one vote at a time.

      But this is no time for weak kneed whiners we can't complain our way out of this, we need people to become involved in the party, we need people writing their representatives and speaking their minds,and we need to start now to work toward the next elections. That is how we can undo this fiasco, stop doubting and fearing and have faith in the country and your party, and have faith that we will restore order in our system.

    20. Moises, Mesa, Arizon says:

      Seems the people are unquestionably working for the US Government. Wasn't this the reason our ancestors left England? What a shame… :(

    21. Eileen says:

      Larry Scripp you have my sympathies for believing the tripe the liberal press spooned fed you this election cycle.

      Your comment regarding the Minnesota election regarding the recount, I believe most Republican would like a “fair” recount and from what’s been reported it’s anything but. As long as Al Franken’s lawyer keeps digging into every crevice or oracle where he can find any new, suddenly discover absentee ballots, we will accept them as long as the liberal accept the militaries absentee votes as well. Which was according to some reports only about half that were counted in the national election? Let me take a guess and say they found all the ones that went to the democrats but lost or couldn’t find the republican ones. So we’ll accept the 3,500 absentee ballots that Mr. Franken wants to look at, and of course discard any of those that go against him “for cause.” As long as the democrats accept the military votes not counted in the President election. Chances are they weren’t for Mr. Obama.

      But, seeing you live in the mothership of liberal causes Boston, Massachusetts where one of the first rebellions took place over a 1 cent tax was imposed by King George, it’s just a shame that was the last time any member of the Boston or Massachusetts community made any sense to the rest of America.

      But you continue to keep that great benefactor known as Barney Frank who is a wiz at running the United States House Committee on Financial Services, who encouraged and demanded that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac provide funds to those citizens that didn’t have the capital to repay the homes they were given, but created laws to force the banks and mortgage lenders to continue this asinine practice. Who was to pay these loans back? There is a point to what a government can do to assist those who are unprivileged. Low income housing would be a great idea, don’t you think? Provide the tools to better themselves and help change the course of their lives? I had thought that Barack Obama wanted to do that for the people on the Southside of Chicago when he became their state senator. He utilized his power, provided the funds and the people in the Southside are still waiting for the low income housing he promised them.

      I made a choice to investigate the evidence that was out there instead of listening to the blockheads in the media, they created a great illusion, but unfortunately it’s an illusion and the reality that they omitted is dangerous. But, don’t came back crying when you lose your job or your home so that our Congress can fulfill their promises to the new inductees.

      So keep drinking your cool-aid but swallow carefully because if you start to choke no one will do the Heimlich on you.

    22. jjay - Louisville, K says:

      Great illustration of mixed up thinking…

      "…venture out to the PLAYground… to FIGHT…"

      Well duh! Those looking for a fight generally get one.

      NO WONDER some are so fearful of diversity and understanding one's 'enemies'. They are confused by their own flawed reasoning and defeatist attitudes.

      It is too sad they are so frustrated that so few accept their mixed metaphors ( or worse, intentional reverse meanings ) and misleading innuendo.

      For those who so readily claim "God" and Christianity as a founding principle of this nation and yet are so ready to go to war killing not only one's 'enemies', but innocent civilians; why not look at the "Sermon on the Mount" for your guidance, as a step beyond the "10 Commandments", where Jesus clearly says "Love your enemies".

      Tough choice, though no doubt as to what he said and what it ultimately means if one is to profess themselves as a Christian, that is a follower of the Christ.

      We cannot expect our enemies to love us until we demonstrate for them what it means to love. Christ gave his life to and for this principle, not to the principle of war and retribution.

      If Christians are to be true to Christ and his teaching, then war is the LAST thing to be considered. Even more astounding and revealiing, it is not even on the list to be considered.

    23. jjay - Louisville, K says:

      Great illustration of mixed up thinking…

      "…venture out to the PLAYground… to FIGHT…"

      Well duh! Those looking for a fight generally get one.

      NO WONDER some are so fearful of diversity and understanding one's 'enemies'. They are confused by their own flawed reasoning and defeatist attitudes.

      It is too sad they are so frustrated that so few accept their mixed metaphors ( or worse, intentional reverse meanings ) and misleading innuendo.

      For those who so readily claim "God" and Christianity as a founding principle of this nation and yet are so ready to go to war killing not only one's 'enemies', but innocent civilians; why not look at the "Sermon on the Mount" for your guidance, as a step beyond the "10 Commandments", where Jesus clearly says "Love your enemies".

      Tough choice, though no doubt as to what he said and what it ultimately means if one is to profess themselves as a Christian, that is a follower of the Christ.

      We cannot expect our enemies to love us until we demonstrate for them what it means to love. Christ gave his life to and for this principle, not to the principle of war and retribution.

      If Christians are to be true to Christ and his teaching, then war is the LAST thing to be considered. Even more astounding and revealing, it is not even on the list to be considered.

    24. mike hutchings texas says:

      i believe the time has passed to accept that the left has a patriotic vision of our nation that is different from ours and face the fact that they are the enemy and have to be fought and beaten. there is no social contract on a battle field and that is where they will have to be met and defeated. it is up to us to shape it the way they have and turn thier tactics back on them.stop thinking of yourselves as republicans and start looking at the structure of both parties and you will find them the same.it is time to stop being fools and look at what is there and deal with it.read noam chomsky thats thier bible. know your enemy but know your self first. we are now the counter culture and they the establishment. when republicains send out prefects from washington like allen keyes or mrs dole to be beaten or rule over the peasants for a term and mccain shuns the people who would have dragged him over the line. by the way how is that new party working out for you jhon? i dont think you wanted to win. you were just a ringer and now you want to claim the people who voted for you as followers no doubt to give you and the david brooks rino wing position to stick it in the back of mrs palin or any of the tattered remnants as dare stick thier heads up.we wont follow your kind to defeat when victory is there to be had.draw the line and invite them across and see what happens but stop treating them as people of good will. they are not.

    25. Judith from Detroit says:

      The fact that there are only 18 comments so far to this column says it all. The people of the US just don't seem to care that much what is happening as it's too much trouble to become involved. Sure, they grumble to their friends when something happens that they don't approve of, then forget about it. That is partly the reason so many incompetent people are re-elected over and over again. The fact that this Visitors Center was even being built was a surprise to those I mentioned it to. Even my school teacher daughter! As my favorite radio commentor often says, "Our most costly commodity in this country is Ignorance".

    26. Michael J O'Bri says:

      Mr. Scripp – I think your facts are wrong, but you are of course entitled to your opinions.

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    28. Stan Armstrong Terre says:

      What ever happened to common sense? May GOD have Mercy on us all.

    29. Dennis Aderholt says:

      The visitors center that opens today is a joke on the American people. Reid made the statement that this building will keep the "scent" of the tourist out of the building. I wonder what "scent" elected him to his office. This seems to be the thinking of most of Congress, the smell of the common man is a stinch to their nose.

      We need to have a term limit on these people, they need to learn again who they work for, not aganist.

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    31. Kathy from Illinois says:

      Yes, I am thinking that term limits may be a good idea. The thinking used to be that the reps had term limits by virtue of their re-election, but now..I don't know. Term limits will probably take away the rights of some people…to re-elect their favorite, but term limits may also impress upon those in office of the seriousness of what they are to do, which is to represent us. It does seem as if some get extremely arrogant the longer they are in office. I was deeply impressed with Sarah Palin's talk of "returning government back to the people". I don't believe I have ever heard anyone say that before. I agree, this "visitor's center" and what they have enshrined there is a travesty. I just heard about it myself this week. It definitely looks like more of us are going to have to get involved in order to effect change.

    32. Darrell Beck, Ramon says:

      Great civilizations die from suicide, not murder. This is a travesty and a continuation of our downfall. I plan to write letters to the editor, to my congressmen, to the Democrats and to the rest of the people (not the tourists according to Harry Reid) who are stinking up Congress. We must educate the people about the constitution.

    33. Kathy from Illinois says:

      I blogged about the Declaration of Independence a couple of weeks ago and was impressed by this language: "…that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that, whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organising its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness." It does seem to me that we have arrived at this place, the destruction of these ends. http://www.imataxpayertoo.wordpress.com I believe we are seeing the work of people in our federal government for whom all is relative, there are no absolutes and therefore no accountability and no responsibility. I tend to lean on absolutes such as Scripture and the founding documents of the nation.

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    35. mary Miller Houston, says:

      We are heading for the bottom of the barrel!


      can start climbing out!When are we going to come

      out of the shadows and scream ENOUGH!!!

    36. Harry Blomstrand, Ch says:

      I experienced this same sort of thing at the National Archives in D.C. when I was in town for the fall Presidents Club meeting. I was there to look upon our founding documents with my own eyes and reflect upon their genius when I was horribly distracted by a sign on the wall explaining the documents and their "meanings". Of course their meaning was framed through the liberal view and removed all historical significance by ignoring key insights. Within the first three lines, the sign was quick to point out that our Founders believed our rights didn't come from "kings" or "governments" but then went on to ignore where our Founding Fathers believed our rights did come from….GOD! There was no mention of our Founding Fathers belief that our rights come from our "Creator" and not man. Why point out one and not the other? To change our history and heritage, thats why!

    37. gorio says:

      This was an excellent article, it clearly shows to me the evidence of the demographic shifts occuring in our "culture" as the result of our almost open border policy and "come on down" tourist/immigrants policy. The "aspirations" of the liberal designers are simply reflecting the

      lack of moral definition common in the new electorate who come from mostly socialist societies which are rife with corruption which usually accompanies socialism/marxism. The average "immigramt" could give a hoot about our constitution or what is morally right/wrong but only cares about how to get the free "whatever" in this land of plenty. THAT is why one sees the current government pursuit of "asspirations" as they pander to the new demographic and the newly

      progammed PC youth. We need to get our kids OUT

      of PC schools, have lots more kids and teach each

      one about free speech and gun saftey, and how to shoot straight, so they won't injure a right winger.

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