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  • D.C. Schools Chancellor 'Terrified' of Left's Education Plans


    After D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee met with both John McCain and President-elect Barack Obama during the campaign, both candidates tried to claim her as his own. Obama even called her a “wonderful new superintendent.” But since taking over the D.C. school system in June 2007, Rhee has battled the Washington Teachers’ Union for the right to fire ineffective teachers and reform the unions cumbersome tenure rules. While Rhee is a Democrat, she also knows which party has always favored teachers’ interests over students’ education. Explaining why she ended up voting for Obama, Time magazine reports:

    She chose Barack Obama because one of her closest friends had begged her to give him a chance. “It was a very hard decision,” she says. “I’m somewhat terrified of what the Democrats are going to do on education.”

    So far it appears that Rhee may have chosen poorly:

    Obama’s decision to elevate campaign adviser Linda Darling-Hammond, a Stanford education professor whose positions are often aligned with those of the unions, to lead his education transition team worries the reform community. “The idea that Obama was wholeheartedly behind school reform might have been the triumph of hope over evidence,” says Mike Petrilli of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute in Washington.

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    9 Responses to D.C. Schools Chancellor 'Terrified' of Left's Education Plans

    1. Paul, Oregon says:

      Casting a vote because a friend begged you to is absolutely irresponsible. She wasted her vote, just like these people did:


    2. kenth, Georgia says:

      So she chose Obama merely because a friend begged her too? She based her decision of the head of the most powerful nation on the planet based upon her friend's cajoling, and not because of any hard thought as to the decision making that will affect her life and the lives of her children in school?

      Well, it's better than if she were to vote for him because of his looks. It's not much better, but a tad bit better. Yikes.

    3. Mark,Houston says:

      She voted for Obama on the advice of a "friend" yet she admits of be terrified of what the nut ball left is going to do to our schools . sounds par for the course as far as liberals go .

    4. Bob in St. Louis, MO says:

      What a baffoon! I'd sure like to be sitting on the school board when her contract comes up for renewal!! Since she made it public that she voted for nutjob Obama and his new "Clintonista" cabinet it would fair game to mark her with an "F" for judgement!! What planet did she attend college??!! I sincerely believe that when it sinks in that Obama isn't going to put gas in their cars and pay their mortgages, boy! Are they going to hacked off or what? But it will serve them right!! I voted based on facts, not emotion.

    5. Gordon Dryden, New Z says:

      As a New Zealand-based author (see http://www.thelearningweb.net to read the first 34 pages of a new book: UNLIMITED: The new learning revolution and the seven keys to unlock it), the full Time cover story is appalling. Right problem. Almost completely the wrong solution. Get rid of poor teachers: fine. Pay great teachers much better: excellent. But it's your crazy system of standardized testing (and thus confusing rote memmorization with real education) that continues to appall. Imagine an 11th grader (in the home of Silicon Valley and Microsoft) still struggling to learn Word. In my country (see photo on page 9 of the new book) six-year-olds in grade one are already shooting and editing videotape on their first day at school, and learning computer animation in their second week. Proof of student competence? Certainly. But multiple-guess, standardized testing as the "proof"—in the country whose strength is built on non-standardized innovation? Not for me.

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    8. W Howard Baker, Bard says:

      Having known people in the "teaching profession", this doesn't startle me. Doesn't anybody look at the logical conclusion to this socialistic administration? Since socialism isn't practical as it is defined as a worldwide ideology. the only way for it to go is FASCISM, which is nationalized socialism combined with totalitarianism. We already have some of the totalitarianism in that the government tells you what kind of toilet to use and which lightbulb, come 2012, and which washing machine and TV, digital, and numerous things about our cars.

      As one comment brought out, there are going to be a lot of dissatisfied people, about 60 Million or thereabouts, when they find themselves in an inflationary depression of the order of the Weimar Republic in 1933 and need $2 Million dollars to buy a loaf of bread.

      Not to worry though as Bill Ayres, Obama's terrorist friend, is in a Hugo Chavez thinktank and old Hugo is working on how to get the law changed so that he is president for life. Obama just needs to use the same procedure here to be President of the U.S, for life and we have no options except one. Hugo confiscated all the weapons from the "civilian militia" before the end of his first term. There are so many "unknown" weapons in the U.S, that Obama won't be able to accomplish this and an effective "sniper corps" could be initiated against his SA, "brownshirts", that his government would collapse. Look to previous "Foundry" articles about the Obama SA, Sturmarbeiten, or "Brownshirts".

      James Madison, while working on the Constitution and the Bill od Rights lamented that tyrants had an easy time as all the weapons were in the hands of the "standing army" under control of the tyrant and there was no "civilian militia" to rise up against the tyrant. This is the reason for the Second Amendment, not home defense or "hunting". The Second Amendment is there to protect us from OUR OWN GOVERNMENT!

    9. rodger craft says:

      Hey, don't worry the democrats will just lower the bar so anyone can jump over it and we will become last in educational standards in the world. Bell curve our way to extinction on a global scale.

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