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  • Monthly Archives: November 2008

    Thankful for Our Piece of Pie

    He or she is at it again.  An electronic circular,  originating elsewhere at Heritage and signed only “A Conservative,”  marks Thanksgiving by recalling the Pilgrims’ fleeting flirtation with socialism 387 years ago — whilst establishing Plymouth Colony under William Bradford’s leadership. (“A Conservative”  last week e-circulated thoughts on how the Electoral College benefits an … More

    Tankosphere Today: Nov. 25, 2008

    Card Check: Highly Refined Nonsense – Shopfloor.org From a Politico story on the political pressure Senate Democrats face over the anti-democratic Employee Free Choice Act… Slowdown May Affect Green Investment, Says NYT – OpenMarket.org An article today in the New York Times notes that the worldwide economic slowdown may hold … More

    How the U.S. Should React to Chinese Price-Fixing Case

    Today’s Wall Street Journal has a story about China’s defense of price fixing with potentially vital implications for American trade policy. A group of PRC vitamin-makers admit illegal price fixing in the United States, but claim they are immune to prosecution because China’s Ministry of Commerce made them do it, … More

    Wind Suppliers are Paying People to Take Their Energy.

    Yes, you did read that title correctly, and no, it is not a joke. This is what happens when wasteful subsidies distort the market: In the first half of 2008, prices were below zero nearly 20 percent of the time. During March, when negative prices were most frequent, prices were … More

    SNL Does Auto Bailout Right

    SNL hit a homerun with their opening skit this weekend hitting Congress and the Big Three on the inevitable auto bailout. The best exchange is between Fred Armisen (as Barney Frank) and Will Forte (as GM CEO Chuck Wagoner): Frank: Uh, Mr. Wagoner as I look over your proposal it … More

    Medvedev Preparing Putin's Return to Presidency?

    ?he upper house of the Russian parliament will most likely pass constitutional amendments tomorrow, November 26, (article in Russian) paving the way for Vladimir Putin to return to supreme power in the Kremlin President Dmitry Medvedev’s announcement last week that he may change the Russian Constitution to extend the presidential term … More

    Morning Bell: Fairness Doctrine 2.0

    After the Democratic Party took control of Congress in 2006, experts predicted the federal government was sure to pass “comprehensive” immigration reform. The new liberal majorities in the House and Senate wanted it, the mainstream media wanted it, a Republican president wanted it, and the eventual nominee of Republican Party … More

    Tankosphere Today: Nov. 24, 2008

    Reason Online: Clinton Admin Credited Deregulation for Good 1990s Economy – NewsBusters.org  During the presidential campaign, we constantly heard from Team Obama and the media (excuse the redundancy) was how Republican-inspired deregulation had let evil bankers and capitalists run roughshod over the economy and created the current credit mess… Most … More

    The Worst of the Old New Deal Still Part of New New Deal

    According to The Center for American Progress, pointing out that much of FDR’s New Deal only prolonged the Great Depression is just a “favored pasttime of activists on the radical right.” Well someone might want to tell George Mason University economics professor Tyler Cowen that he’s now officially part of … More

    Obama to Force Cap and Trade Around Congress?

    According to Carbon Control News, President-elect Barack Obama has named Georgetown law professor Lisa Heinzerling to his Environmental Protection Agency transition team. Heinzerling authored one of the briefs in support of the enviro position in the Massachusetts vs. EPA Supreme Court case. Heinzerling told the Guardian last month: EPA has … More