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  • Don't Mess with Texas

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) told the Environmental Protection Agency that its national carbon capping plans were not welcome in the Lone Star State:

    Implementing such regulations would cripple the Texas’ energy sector, irreparably damaging both the state and national economies, and severely impacting national oil and gas supplies. … Costly regulation that reduces our ability to provide energy and other products to the nation will have a disproportionate impact on Texas.

    Reuters also reported:

    Despite its traditional oil-and-gas image, Texas also has more installed emission-free wind generation than any other U.S. state and has attracted proposals for three new nuclear plants, more than any other state, Perry said.

    Contrast Texas’ free market approach with California’s heavy handed environmental regulations. The Manhattan Institute notes:

    Since the early 1970s, California has instituted new efficiency standards for appliances and the construction of new buildings. It mandated aggressive conservation programs and required a certain percentage of the state’s electricity to come from renewable sources like wind and solar, which it has subsidized. It implemented far-reaching regulations on emissions from car tailpipes and from stationary sources like factories. And it has moved to shut down the state’s nuclear facilities.

    The blunt secret is this: California now imports lots of energy from neighboring states to make up for having too few power plants. Up to 20% of the state’s power comes from coal-burning plants in Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Montana. Another significant portion comes from large-scale hydropower in Oregon, Washington State and the Hoover Dam near Las Vegas.

    “California practices a sort of energy colonialism,” says James Lucier of Capital Alpha Partners, a Washington, D.C.-area investment group. “They leave those states to deal with the resulting pollution.”

    California’s proud claim to have kept per-capita energy consumption flat while growing its economy is less impressive than it seems. The state has some of the highest energy prices in the country—nearly twice the national average—largely because of regulations and government mandates to use expensive renewable sources of power. As a result, heavy manufacturing and other energy-intensive industries have been fleeing the Golden State in droves.

    And what has been the result of all this manufacturing job loss to do excessive environmental regulation? The American reports:

    As recently as the 1980s, Californians generally got richer faster than other Americans did. Now, median household income growth trails the national average while the already large divide between the social classes—often bemoaned by the state’s political left—grows faster than in the rest of the country.

    California has the 15th highest poverty rate in the nation. After accounting for cost of living, L.A., Monterey, and San Francisco counties—all places known for concentrations of wealth—have poverty populations of 20 percent. “San Francisco,” says historian Kevin Starr, a native of the city, “is a cross between Carmel and Calcutta.”

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    11 Responses to Don't Mess with Texas

    1. Crippy, Michigan says:

      From the Reuters article: "Carbon dioxide is the primary gas blamed for global warming". Except for the fact that global temperatures are cooler.


    2. Barb -mn says:

      Every governor of every state should take on Governor Perry's lead. Thank you for your strength, endurance, integrity and common sense. Thank you for the practicality, Governor Perry. And thank you for not falling for this fear mongering to the people from the American government.

    3. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      Thank God for Texas. Please force the federal government to back down and install nuclear power plants and coal burning plants.

      As far as California is concerned, the other State's exporting electricity to enable its nonsensical policies should charge them double for the power. California would then become what it should be- a backward region with third world minded population.

    4. Snake Doctor, Illino says:

      We all knew that when the crap hit the fan, Texas would still be standing.

      Way to go Texas!

    5. Robert Meyer, San An says:

      I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could. :) Happy Thanksgiving. God Bless America!

    6. Kevin, Virginia says:

      What Governor Perry is doing in Texas, is what all conservatives need to be doing in all facets. It is very important to hold the line.

    7. Mayme, NY says:

      I was born in Texas and I left as soon as I could. Robert, thanks for taking my place.

      I am fed up with the oil industry, my brother worked for Texas oil companies all his life as a geologist and there wasn't a harder more dedicated worker anywhere. They treated him like dirt. I have no respect for them anymore. Anyway we can lessen our use of oil, the better.

      I say conserve it for only things that have NO substitute such as air and space travel.

    8. Ward, TX says:


      I was born and raised in NY. I am fed up with liberals. My sister worked for liberals in NY and was a loyal hard worker. Liberals treated her like dirt. I have no respect for them anymore. The more we lessen our need for liberals, the better.

      I say conservatism is THE substitute for liberals.

    9. Gene, Fresno Califor says:

      Hats off to the texas Gov. for standing up for common sense. Our Gov. should do the same thing here in California.

    10. J. Jolene Atkins says:

      Thank you, Governor Perry! I appreciate your stand against this foolishness and the work you do. I am thankful to be a Texan and to have a governor with integrity and good sense.

    11. Werbuska says:

      Privet Vsem! Normalniy sait/ Ostavlyayu oztziv.

      Tak, komu interesno: http://dori-v-top.mylivepage.ru

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