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  • Rahm's Plan for Mandatory Service

    There has been a small uproar around Obama’s call for a “civilian national security force” especially one “that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the military. But many have said that these words were taken out of context. If you read the whole speech, they argue, it is clear that he just wants to expand the Peace Corp a little bit.

    Similarly, there was a mild uproar about his call for mandatory service from students, but many said that the programs were never intended to be mandatory. The college program was optional community service in exchange for a larger education credit, and the high-school one was no different from adding an art class or something to the public high-school curriculum. Obama initially called both mandatory on his change.gov website, but after the buzz began he changed the wording and removed several sections of the site.

    But now there is new evidence that the critics are right. He does favor mandatory service and it might be worse than we thought. He has chosen Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff. Rahm Emanuel wrote a book called The Plan in 2006. On page 60-65 of the book Rahm calls for universal conscription of 18-24 year olds for civilian service in order to prepare for a potential terrorist attack.

    All Americans between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five will be asked to serve their country by going through three months of basic training, civil defense preparation and community service.

    In a 2006 radio interview Rahm explains more about the program. He speaks about the dangers of a chemical attack and about the wonderful common experience that all Americans could have by being drafted for 3 months into a civilian national security force training program. He seems to be using the fear of attack to justify drafting all youth into a militaristic civilian security force – something more reminiscent of a dictatorship than a democracy. And all of his calls to unity and common experience only confirm his preference for nationalism or collectivism over individualism and freedom.

    That Obama has chosen this man as his chief of staff should give anyone pause. This man has a “Plan” for the country that involves training our youth like soldiers, and calls upon “a new patriotism that brings us together again in a common mission” for his plan which will “unite us in a higher national purpose.”

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    74 Responses to Rahm's Plan for Mandatory Service

    1. Bob in St. Louis, MO says:

      Sounds like the "Hitler Youth" to me. I didn't vote for the "Socialist" who was elected POTUS! And I'm sure you won't recognize our country in four years!!

    2. MARK , HOUSTON says:

      A "civilian security force" just as powerfull as our millitary , gee I wonder what,s thats for.Just one question , what role will our millitary play WHEN this so called civilian force opens fire on a group of people clinging to their guns and religion ?

    3. Dennis Aderholt says:

      Well teh true Obama is coming out now. It was wonderful the way he spoon fed the American people before the election. The media is just now beginning to wake up, but they will never allow the truth to come out as then we would all know how they distorted the truth in the beginning. He dose not like the military so he wants a civilian security force. I believe that Hitler gave a very similiar speech in his time. I wonder where this will go.

    4. Jeanette Ft Worth says:

      In other words, they're planning to carry out ANOTHER act of false flag terrorism to scare the crap out of the sheeple in order to try and justify this Brownshirt program. Are we going to allow it? Seig Heil!

    5. EscapefromObamastan, says:

      This is what happens when you appoint Israelis to positions in the U.S. government.

    6. Rob, NC says:

      Won't recognize it in four years? Damn, I don't recognize it now!

      Rome burned.

      The thing masquerading as the USA is next if history is any indication.

      My advice, buy bullets. Lots of them.

    7. Rob, North Carolina says:

      "what role will our millitary play WHEN this so called civilian force opens fire on a group of people clinging to their guns and religion ?"

      Ask the Branch Davidians.

    8. John Taurus Georgia says:

      Whites should simply refuse to serve! Being second class citizens who have to take "left-overs" such in jobs, college admissions and etc, then Whites should refuse to serve in the military and the civilian corps.

      The US would have no military without Whites because Whites do most of the fighting while the minorities stay in the rear offering "support".

      Whites should move en masse to the Eastern coastal states, take over those governments and vote to seceed from the Union then set up another country. This country is done for and like the Titanic has only limited time left before it turns into another Zimbabwe.

    9. Mark says:

      It's slavery. Maybe it's only 3 months but it's slavery. Not surprising though, coming from the party that loves to send American Jobs to wage slave factories overseas… Slavery is alive and well…

      Fact is, millions will really dig this program… It will give the politically retarded something do…

    10. Clayton Jones, Albuq says:

      Okay Everyone listen up! Can everyone say "Brown Shirts?"

      The Nazi Brown Shirts became teenage snitches and then murders. They even turned in their own mothers and fathers that dared to disagree with Hitler! I have a lovely thirteen year old daughter and there is no friggin way that I am going to allow them to conscript her into this army from hell. Rahm is a psychopath! Good day….

    11. Bob says:

      Well the 13 Amnendment is against forced things of the nature. The 2nd. Amendment is there for the militias (not the National Guard) to protect against things of this nature. Hitler had the youth groups called the Brown Shirts and we as Americans do NOT need this type of activity. We have both Girl & Boy Scouts that are very good at helping out in times of need.

    12. John Kralik says:

      The day is comming when we will be fighting in the streets. I know, I know I sound like a nutcase

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    14. Dave says:

      Rahm Emanuel being the radical Zionist (and Israeli citizen),would like to get more cannon fodder comprised of gullible Americans in order to expand the war into Iran for the benefit of Israel.

      Many of these war mongers realize that there is way too much resistance to a military draft,so the next best thing is a "mandatory volunteer" force that can easily segue into plenty of ground troops after the US has had a false flag event…no,I mean "terrorist attack by people who hate our freedoms".

      These people who have a foreign nations' interest in their hearts should be outed,ridiculed and criticized thoroughly to stop this madness.

    15. Mike, Arizona says:

      Huh, are you guys not paying attention?!?! He is only a president-elect. The issue of Obama's citizenship has been in the news for weeks, as multiple legal claims have asserted the Democrat is not a natural-born U.S. citizen. There have been claims he was born in Kenya, that he's a British subject because of his father and that he lost his citizenship in Indonesia.

      Two of the cases are pending before the U.S. Supreme Court by Decembe 1st. When they rule that Obama is NOT a US citizen than the charade will end and the civil wars will start.

    16. Joe, Brooklyn NY says:

      Hey Dallas, half of the Neo Cons are Jewish.

      How much $ has the Bush admin pissed away over the last 8 years?

      We are going to pay dearly for the stupid "war".

      Lets blow up a country and try to rebuild it. Yeah,,,,,,

    17. David Ontario says:

      What is this for? so the youth can be trained to spy on their parents?

      Something is wrong in America ,when each govt. starts with the premise that there is going to be attacks something is desperately wrong.America is the safest place in the world

      yet the Govt persists on making the world hate America

      to the north and to the south no attacks?

      only America has to cower to fictitious attacks brought on or even caused by their own Govt.

      America will be split up into 4 or 5 parts fragmented due to

      Bull crap from the govt. the youth will round you up and chain you up and lead you off to the camps.

      No this must not be allowed to proceed .Mandatory Brown shirt

      service is something that cannot be allowed in America.

      You voted for Change now your going get it.

    18. MC, Peoples Republic says:

      Two words, al Quds. The Iranians have the same type of force, and it's called al Quds. It's a product of Jimmy Carters abandonment of "the evil" Shah which gave rise to the Ayatollah's, which in turn led to the creation of al Quds. Al Quds is a secret force that rivals the regular military, drawn from the youth of Iran when they are identified as sympathetic to the regime's doctrine. There should be no doubts that once our youth are required to participate in the so called "civilian national security force" there will be a screening process which will identify those that are sympathetic and committed to the current Socialist/Communist doctrine now emerging, which will lead to a grooming process for future leadership roles. We are already entering a battleground to fight for true American freedom. The civilian national security force should be resisted at all costs.

    19. happy nine mars says:

      last time i checked we the people are protected by the 13th ammendment. we the people must stand up and protest this anti freedom rule. for those that choose that path so be it, but to make this mandatory is evil. i did not vote for the abomination. WE MUST TAKE A STAND IN EVERY STATE, AND CALL A NEW MARCH FOR FREEDOM! THIS MUST BE DONE! WE CANNOT LIE DOWN AND LET THIS HAPPEN! I CALL FOR A HUGE RALLY! WHO WILL TAKE THIS ON AND PLAN? WE NEED A DATE, A TIME AND PLACES!!!! WE MUST ACT OR FOREVER LOSE OUR FREEDOM! BEFORE THEY PUT THE FAIRNESS DOCTRINE SET IN MOTION!!!!!!! WHO IS GONNA TAKE A STAND IT MUST BE NOW!!!!!!!!

    20. Oh Really? says:

      And what exactly will they do when they get ahold of smart people that they cannot control? There is the possibility that once they get the training, they will turn the tables and takeover their masters.

    21. Jay, St. Louis says:

      "Hitler Youth" and "Brown Shirts"? Sounds like someone is a sore loser to me.

      The idea is to get our youth to put down their video game controllers and get off their butts and give something back to their community.

      Think how hurricanes Katrina and Rita would have gone had there been some people there who actually knew how to respond to such situations.

      And as far as war goes

      Switzerland is the most peaceful country in the world, yet they train every adult male in the military.

      The Swiss have a saying "There's a rifle behind every door".

      Here's an excerpt from the internet:

      At about age 20, every Swiss male goes through 118 consecutive days of recruit training in the Rekrutenschule.

      Even before required training begins, young men and women may take optional courses with the Swiss army's M57 assault rifle. They keep that gun at home for three months and receive six half-day training sessions.

      From age 21 to 32, a Swiss man serves as a "frontline" troop in the Auszug, and devotes three weeks a year (in eight of the 12 years) to continued training. From age 33 to 42, he serves in the Landwehr; every few years, he reports for two-week training periods. Finally, from ages 43, to 50, he serves in the Landsturm; in this period, he only spends 13 days total in "home guard courses".

      Over a soldier's career he also spends scattered days on mandatory equipment inspections and required target practice. Thus, in a 30-year mandatory military career, a Swiss man only spends about one year in direct military service. Following discharge from the regular army, men serve on reserve status until age 50 (55 for officers).

      Members of the armed forces keep their rifles and uniforms in their homes for immediate mobilisation, as well as 50 rounds of ammunition in a sealed tin, to be used for self defence while traveling to the mobilisation points. Additional ammunition is kept at military bases where the militia are supposed to report. Swiss military doctrines are arranged in ways that make this organisation very effective and rapid. Switzerland claims to be able to mobilise the entire population for warfare within 12 hours.

      There's nothing wrong with being prepared.

    22. Grant, My Gun Safe says:

      I'm all for a civilian national security force, just give me a tank, a 50 cal. mounted on the roof of my SUV, some rocket launchers, etc. BIG FUN!!! What an idiot… Hope all you Obama sheeple are proud of your vote, say it with me, Oh-Baaaaaaaaaa maaaaaa… fools!!

    23. Ken, Georgia says:

      Perhaps this all started when we stopped using the term "constitutional republic" and started using "democracy". We, this nation, are a constitutional republic NOT a democracy! First let's get the terms correct and go back to what we are, or were and rebuild out strength.

    24. Ken, Georgia says:

      I can't believe someone at the Heritage Foundation used the term democracy and not republic when referring to our nation.

    25. Edward S., New York says:

      Whenever anyone tells me that Obama is going to change things now that he's in the White House, I always compare it to this…Substituting Barack Obama for George Bush is like switching from Al Capone to John Gotti. Both are members of the criminal syndicate which runs this country and the world at large. For some really expert views on Obama, listen to free MP3 downloads at http://drop.io/Summerbird Alex Jones interviews Webster Tarpley, Jerome Corsi, Larry Pratt, Alan Watt and others.

    26. Derek, Wisconsin says:

      "we cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. we've gotta have a civilian national security force that's just as strong, just as powerful, and just as well funded." how does this get taken out of context? military is for defense not attack. you defend on your soil and attack on foreign. i agree with Bob in St. Louis it does sound like Hitler Youth. you already see little kids singing for Obama too.

    27. jonny - michigan says:

      now that tears it…i now see how constitutionally illiterate "we the people" have become…this is a red flag of the utmost…

      state militias are designated for EXACTLY what they want our children for…so ask yourself this one very important question:

      why does the government (state and federal) keep trying to arrest them, infiltrate them (many state militias are listed on terrorist watch lists!), they refuse to fund them even though all 50 states have a state and federal constitutional provision for them, they consistently refuse programs to cross-train with other emergency/civil state agencies, and every single time the word "militia" is brought up they are referred to as "nut jobs" and "survivalists" and gun crazy" (and in michigan "white supremacists"). These people are volunteers who put in hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars of their own money into preparing for the very things listed in the article. They are consistently turned away when they offer their services in a crisis (and in a few states they have been denied PARADE PERMITS for july 4th celebrations!…) just imagine if your volunteer fire department were treated that way…oh, that’s right, in michigan they are…

      It is so cliché, but occam’s razor is the only way to look at what is happening in this country – it is blatantly obvious: they are gearing us up for an all out, last man/nation standing, and completely unconstitutional, world war III…and they need to get any and all opposition under control or out of the way…

      I have known many Europeans (Slovakia, Czech Rep., Israeli, Jordanian, German, Swiss…) who did their mandatory service, and as soon as they finished and were ready to go back to school, work, what-have-you, they got marching orders for either NATO, a “peace keeping mission”, or “homeland security”….that’s the kicker no one is pointing out:

      While in the “civilian training program” you are considered ACTIVE MILITARY PERSONNEL….PERIOD… that means you refuse to fight you go to military prison…how in the hell is that “civilian” or “voluntary”? rahm, barky and co. have lifted their plans verbatim from these NATO countries, so don’t think for a second that what I told you isn’t going to happen.

    28. ngaio beck Arizona says:

      I agree wholeheatedly with Mr. Emmanuel.The only point on which I would disagree is the length of service.In a few months you can't even get your feet wet.Two years would be more like it.They could work on the infra-structure,take basic training,and be a battle ready force where needed.It sounds like we finally have a president with intelligent people,and solutions.As a matter of fact I would hope he would conscript all of the unemployed a-la-John Kennedys' "Peace Corps",and F.D.R's CCC camps and WPA.

    29. Terri says:

      No surprise at all, he told you in early debates who he was. Had you gone to opensecrets.org you could have seen he was funded more than ANY other candidate by Goldman Sachs and the like. Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, Dennis Kuchinich were the only sane choices.

    30. Quahadi Hill Big Spr says:

      Now I know what the FEMA camps will be used for. Been U Tubing and looking at those camps and wondering what their use is. Knew it wasn`t for disaster.

    31. James DeKalb Illinoi says:

      Thats the best plan I have heard in years. All young people should serve in the military. It's a service to the country. I had to go in the Army during Nam. My son served in Iraq willingly. Most kids are too soft today.It'll do a 'em world of good. You people need to stop being paranoid wussies.

    32. Noah Shoah Dallas says:

      Perhaps you folks should read some of the work of Dr. Edwin Vieira,Jr. He has written extensively on the need for a militia, for and by each state. The framework is already in place in our Costitution. Unlikely as it seems that Kenyan Obama could pull this off, Dr. Vieira's proprosals are quite thoughtful, and timely.

    33. Danny Adams says:

      Maybe liberals would like this idea less if it were called "the draft".

      Maybe conservatives would like this idea better if it the civilian service members were called "Minutemen".

    34. Danny Adams -- Roano says:

      Maybe liberals would like this idea less if it were called “the draft”.

      Maybe conservatives would like this idea better if it the civilian service members were called “Minutemen”.

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    36. JO NC says:

      i think that the ones on here,tv,radio really beleve in this crap this new PRESIDENT and HIS APPOINTED STAFF,ARE WANTING TO PUT IN PLACE,then you and your children just line up,sign up for any thing he wants to do to you and your children,,not me or mine and the true americans will be standing by to recover your a$$$ and help you become unbrain washed,if any one thinks all americans will stand by idle and let this happen,,then you had better wake up,do you realise how many veterans and military trined people are in our every day lives,,we took AN oath to protect and defend this country against ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC[MEANING HOME GROWN],THAT OATH STANDS AS LONG AS THERE IS LIFE IN OUR BODY,WE HAVE OUR MILITARY PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE TO PROTECT THIS COUNTRY,

    37. John, San Diego says:

      We're all on the kibbutz, now. Get it? Kibbutz? Well, I thought it was funny. Oh yeah, one other thing… just where is the money for this going to come from? Citibank?

    38. mystic says:

      Having a volunteer army has proved a disaster for this country, but that's how Iraq and Afghanistan were waged. That and no pictures of returning coffins made people feel they did not need to sacrifice anything. I don't agree with Rahm on everything, but he's onto something here. In Israel, military training is for everyone except the ultra-orthodox who get paid to stay at home with American taxpayer dollars. But that's another story.

    39. Joe, Tucson, AZ says:

      I've read and read about Rahm's plan for conscript service…much like that of Israel's. However..Israel is in a constant state of alert due to Hezbollah and Hamas (Iran/Syria supported). First…three months is not nearly enough to do anything. Secondly…why a "civilian defense force" This appears to violate the Posse Commitatus (sic) Act of using "military to enforce civil law" I believe there should be something mandatory of today's youth in order to repay their country and communities. I don't feel it needs to be in the form of the military service (I'm retired military and have twin nieces and my oldest daughter in the USMC, all heading to Iraq within the next two months.

      The all-volunteer military force of today doesn't compare to those drafted during Vietnam. We have a much better professional and educated military.

      With Obama's socialistic and liberal background and these words of "civilian defense" being tossed around…I strongly feel we're heading for some serious internal strife. We're heading towards socialism, like it or not. Both Democrats and Republicans with their outrageous bailout packages have sold our souls to the devil and now Obama wants to sit with leaders of North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba and Iran? Be very afraid of our what our government is about to do and where it's headed. God bless our troops and God bless America!

    40. IraqWarVet says:

      Good luck General Rahm…As I recall, you like your boss avoided military service…There is a oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution, anything less is subversion and treason Rahm…

      As for Jay in St. Louis…You sir are an idiot ideologue and are ignorant of history. What have you done to set a better example?

      And by what Constitutional authority does the president have to impose national service?

    41. Ken Storch Oklahoma says:

      I am neither a democrat nor a republican nor an independent. I am an american and a constitutionalist. The founders of this nation risked everything both male and female. The gift that they handed to future generations is only preserved if we follow the constitutional law. That means with force if the govenrment does not listen. The gun founded this great nation, the gun protected this great nation and it will be the gun that takes this nation back. The reason ladies and gentlemen, is that the genie is out of the bottle back in 1776. FREEDOM!!! Trying to put that one back in the bottle is akin to pushing a rope…ps I have said this to my mother at the dinner table…

    42. Jay, St. Louis says:

      IraqWarVet, Lets' not resort to name calling shall we?

      Read your constitution. Bush led us into two wars. The president doesn't have the power to declare war, only congress does. By what constitutional authority did Bush declare war?

      As for what I've done, I donated my time at the local food pantry, I've filled sand bags in an effort to save people's homes, I volunteer my time with the local cub scout pack.

      It's called Community service.

      I think all young people should be required to perform some sort of service for their community.

      We need to get rid of the sense of entitlement that today's generation has.

      I also think there should be some basic survival skills taught similar to the old civilian defense corps.

      There is a mindset in this country that the government will protect us and take care of us.

      If 911 and Katrina have taught us anything it's that for the most part we will need to fend for ourselves, at least until help arrives.

      Having people with training in what to do in a disaster situation makes a lot more sense to me.

      I'm prepared, I'm trained, but I guarantee none of my neighbors are. Yours probably aren't either.

      When the next terror attack comes–and they seem to come right after we change presidents–I'm ready for it.

      It would be nice to know that my neighbors have been preparing for it too instead of playing Playstation 3 and smoking doobies all day.

      Just my 2 cents.

    43. new5thpants says:

      i'll say this, had we had something like rahmbo's universal draft during the run up to Iraq war#2, we'd have never gone.

      conscription forces the voters & their elected representatives to PAY ATTENTION.

      as long as our professional military can be rolled out at the whim of the chief exec [the constitution gives war making powers to congress], we'll continue down this un-American post WWII imperial path.

      and yes, as IraqWarVet points out, the constitution provides NO authority for the president to impose national service. thus in order to get us there, we'd be looking at some sort of national service amendment to the constitution.

      and the chances of our fat, lazy, brain-dead, greedy, spoon-fed, let-some-son-of-poor-rural/urban-family-fight-my-wars-for-me country people voting for such an amendment are virtually ZERO. so baring 35% unemployment and massive state orchestrated military action on US soil. fear not barry's brown shirts. it'll end up like no child left behind – i.e. another unfunded federal government mandate.

    44. Paul, Independence, says:

      John Kralik writes:

      The day is comming when we will be fighting in the streets. I know, I know I sound like a nutcase

      No you are not a nutcase. An ancient writer of political texts in approx. 12th century once stated that in order for a king to keep his people from revolting is to keep them well fed and stupid. We are becoming neither. I really think that the US as we have known it. is about to end. I work for the federal government and many of my colleges are buying survival goods aggressively. Hope to see you all on the other side.

    45. MC, Peoples Republic says:

      I'm glad to see so many reasonable comments being posted on this subject. I personally feel, having seen for myself first hand, that there are too many people that are more than willing to give up their freedom willingly in a "call to service" from an individual that we really know NOTHING about. Being voluntold that you will be giving yourself to public service is certainly not a free choice. If there is any doubt what this can lead to, just watch the creepy video online of young children that have been indoctrinated into Obama worship. Make jokes about "brown shirts", but watch video's of both and you can't deny the simularities, and the cult of personality. Be afraid, be very afraid.

    46. nygrump says:

      Hey IraqWarVet,

      Don't you know presidents don't have to obey the Constituion, Bush has been proving that for 8 years now. In case you don't believe me, I'll just point out your phones are tapped.

    47. The Rock of Ages says:

      Those that have been imbibed with the new Administration hooch, let me say in all seriousness, the election has been over for less than three weeks and the writing is already smeared all over the walls. Those that were successfully put into a political stupor with fancy words, promises of 'change', and lofty intellectual head games, my sincere condolences; the 'Don't Blame Me, I Didn't Vote For Obama' bumper stickers must be in full production. I fought and served in 1968-69 Vietnam with the ill fated Phoenix Program. (right program/wrong war) This experience certainly equipped me with a rare insight into the comings and goings of the U.S. Government and war policies. Mandatory 'anything' in the United States short of a National emergency or disaster is a recipe for more disaster. I fear this is exactly what the doctor ordered. I have found it useful to study the faces and expressions of our elected public servants. What I have seen lately has scared and startled me in ways long forgotten.

    48. Becky W. Guilford, says:

      Obviously, both Rahm and Barak do not understand how a security force operates. The concept of a security force requires a paramilitary organization. As soon as you add the concept of a rank and file organization you are essentially creating an army or a national police force. Neither of these are good ideas as far as the nation goes. Anyone in a leadership role in any standing army or security force should NEVER, I REPEAT, NEVER be a political appointee!!!! Talk about an potential abuse of power and infringement of rights. This all smacks of COMMUNIST RUSSIA. Remember them?

      I am convinced that the progressive liberal mind is not capable of understanding the concept of a military force and how to use it. The farther to the left these people get, the more likely they are to think of any force held by the government such as POLICE or the ARMED SERVICES are inherently bad. It is like we are back in the 60's again.

      I guess Obama thinks armies of political organizers can march forward ordering people to vote democrat or else and "assisting them: in the voting booth. If they actually start to make this concept real, I am very afraid of what will come. You know this organization will be chartered to work specifically for Obama and his minions.

    49. Jen, Australia says:

      It will be interesting to see what kind of mandatory civilian service Rahm Emanuel persuades the Obama administration to adopt. Emanuel's father was a member of the rightwing Jewish terrorist group Irgun whose leader Menachem Begin later became Israeli Prime Minister. As a former Israeli citizen, Emanuel himself may have had first-hand experience of serving in the Israeli Defense Forces and may still be maintaining contacts with people in the IDF. He might definitely know something about how to institute a mandatory youth service program in a way few Americans would suspect would resemble the military draft for 18 year old people in Israel. Americans, you must use your Constitution and laws to oppose any compulsory youth service program that might be a backdoor to a compulsory military draft.

    50. mystic says:

      I am getting the creepy feeling that even with Obama elected, all is not all right nevertheless. I'm not referring to everything broken that needs fixing. What bothers me is that after the election almost every day changes are hinted at that maintain the Bush dictatorship. Tax cuts for the rich will now continue, Gitmo will not be closed after all (!), neocons are filling the cabinet positions, there those empty FEMA concentration camps, and now hints that mandatory conscription service which sounds like Brownshirts to me. I think we have all been conned into thinking Obama would have accountability for war crimes and that looks like it won't happen either. Am I dreaming? The whole thing looks exactly like martial law to me.Why was everything set up exactly for that?

    51. W Howard Baker, Bard says:

      People, this is the beginning of the end unless we listen to the founders. As the founders were writing the Constitution, they added the Bill of Rights. The second amendment was added as they looked at the history of the governments they were aware of. They saw that the people of these countries had no way to defend themselves because they had no CIVILIAN MILITIA and all arms were in the hands of the standing army controlled by the king or tyrant.

      Later, our fathers saw what happened when the civilians were disarmed and a civilian military corps was put in. It was called the SA, Sturmarbeiten, or "brownshirts" and they were used to quiet dissent in Germany and later to round up the Jews. Since the people were disarmed, the SA could just use batons to bust up printers that printed dissent and work over men and their families if they didn't toe the line.

      It is obvious that this president intends to have zero tolerance to dissent. Already we have heard that he intends to use either the "fairness doctrine" or "localism" to quiet talk radio and then he will come after we who write letters and complain to the government.

      The answer is to join the NRA or a local gun club and learn how to shoot. Become friendly with your law enforcement officers, a lot of which are NRA members. Don't bother with handguns but learn to shoot at 300 yards or more. If it comes, we will be small in number but we can be effective as snipers. That is the way we held our own in the Revolution, at New Orleans, at the Alamo, in WWI, and WWII. For those that can afford it, buy a long range sniper rifle while we still can. Buy all the ammo you can afford also while we can. Obama has a list of 33 gun laws that he wants to get passed in the next five years that will effectively ban firearms. That's right, he has a five year plan like Lenin and Stalin always had.

    52. Dave, Louisiana says:

      I believe wholeheartedly in compulsory service. My grandfathers' generation had it, my father's generation had it, and my generation had it. Why not this generation? Are they so spoiled that they can't serve their country? My only difference is that compulsory military service should take precedence. If we are at war why shouldn't everyone share the burden of fighting it just the way the previous generations did. We are living the American dream on the backs of a few volunteers and it is not right!!

      If we had compulsory service maybe the politicians wouldn't be so quick to deploy our armed forces and take the political heat from the fathers and mothers of those called to serve. As long as it is someone else's son or daughter we don't have to be concerned with whether deployment is right or wrong. It doesn't affect me so it's not my problem.

      And what's wrong with serving your country in some capacity? You and the country might be better for it.

    53. DAWK southern califo says:

      PONDER this: if the USA defaults on the slippery slope-worthless dollar,and creates the 'AMERO" , which is what europe esentially did to unite various countries-for financial means,via the EURO,then IMAGINE….every person-country in the WORLD,when america defaults, will be wanting REVENGE!!Will these dollar holders plan various attacks? that's lots of angry people .

      Could THIS be WHY OBAMA needs to create this young security (now unable to find a job?)force? It makes sense,if the 'americas' were to turn to(ISOLATIONALISM) via this new currrency,then it becomes 'us against them', that-be any-all holding the defaulted-dollar,no longer worth the paper it was printed-on!!AND…vice/versa-ditto for the EURO!!It would be spendable,ONLY in europe.

      WE would not simply BE facing the common terrorist,but all sorts of NEW attackers,who lost-big time,holding NOW…worthless 'dollars'.


    54. Bucky, Canada says:

      There are lots of things that could be done to help America.

      Rebuilding our rail system, cleaning up our waterways etc.

      Asking young people to render their time and energy to effect these kinds of services would benefit everyone.

      I didn't interpret President-elect Obama's words to mean a civilian military service.

      His election can signal a time for America's renewal.

      I trust him for his intentions.

      Think positive!

    55. Gleno, Australia says:

      Why do American citizens bother to vote all. It is obvious that your real government is appointed and not elected.

      "All Americans between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five will be asked to serve their country by going through three months of basic training, civil defense preparation and community service."

      Isn't this what they do in Israel?

      "basic training, civil defense preparation and community service" ROFLMAO

    56. Cydnie, Arizona says:

      When a person doesn't have control of their time, that is slavery plain and simple. Community service is already encouraged through scholarship programs given by colleges to students with community service organization time under their belts. This is what should be encouraged, not yet another government program sucking us dry with nothing to show for it but bloat. How many times do the political elite have to prove to us that they are a failure and disgrace to founding principles of this country before people wake up? When there is no food left on the shelves and the government offers you some for joining their "civilian national security force"? This would be the only way to force otherwise good Americans into such a scheme. A true patriot would not accept the corruption going on today let alone allow them to expand it. No matter what pretext it is under.

    57. Russ, Colorado says:

      So who is going to do anything about this, who is helping Ob1 make his decisions? Are any of you writing to your local represantatives demanding change instead of fussing on some website? And in order to have the Hitler Youth wouldn't we need a Hilter? We're not a nation who picked up a maniac because he was able to make us feel good about getting defeated in WWI. Nope, Obama will not be all of the things he is dreaded to be; just a guy trying to do a job he's sorely underqualified for. You want to insure our Constitutional freedom, they make sure Obama knows what they freedoms are and why they're important to you.

      The old adage applies here…Lead, Follow, or get the hell out of the way.

    58. Dave, Louisiana says:

      To Cyndie in Arizona. So the members of the "greatest generation" were just "slaves" when they were drafted to serve in WWII? And the same in WWI?

      We truly have lost something if we think serving our country in a volunteer or compulsory way is slavery.

      I served in Viet Nam with many a draftee. Most of them would have preferred not to be there, but they did their duty as citizens when called upon. That's who we used to be in this country. What has happened to us?

    59. Tim Buck says:

      Dave, Louisiana: Do you not recall how many of those draftees refused to go to war in Viet Nam? Do you remember what the US military did to those who refused, JAILED them! What about the poor young boys who were killed in Viet Nam when they should've kept their American a55es at home?! That was a war that we should NOT have been involved in & if it hadn't have been for the people against the draft protesting against the war, we probably would've stayed there longer.

    60. Gleno, Australia says:

      To Dave in Louisiana.

      "We truly have lost something if we think serving our country in a volunteer or compulsory way is slavery.

      I served in Viet Nam with many a draftee. Most of them would have preferred not to be there, but they did their duty as citizens when called upon. That’s who we used to be in this country. What has happened to us?"

      So being press ganged into compulsory military service is not slavery?

      "What is happening to us?"

      The slaves are waking up and saying NO.

    61. D.Berry PA says:

      I know it sounds odd, but ask Isreal how is has been working for them since 1946?

    62. Tom,Chicago says:

      Little rimbos "Plan" for America is just another step in the zionist takeover of America. Just the mention of the word zionist gets your post pulled as mine was yesterday. Sure it's not P.C. to call a spade a spade,but that P.C. garbage is just commie Mind controll. rimbo's parents were zionist Terrorists,the irgun, who Murdered British soldiers,planted Bombs in marketplaces,and murdered U.N. officials. As well as sending letterbombs to governmental offices in London. Understand this America,these "people" are not normal as normal people think of normal. The very act of not guzzling ALL the koolaid makes you their enemy in their eyes. Kind of like,"either your for us or your for the terrorists" mentality. Lets not forget the "highlights" of the clinton years,Ruby Ridge,Oklahoma City,and Waco,rimbo was in place for all of those bloodbaths. The dumbest thing around is a herd of cattle,until they get to stampeding. Then they flat'in everything in their path. While the words can be "moderated" the Thought has been launched. America First!

    63. American Patriot says:

      There is ZERO evidence or rationale for mandatory service or a civilian security force as Rham Emmanuel the Israeli wants. His beliefs come from his terrorist father's moronic way of thinking.

      A few highjacked planes do not justify mandatory service or a new civilian force that is as powerful as our military. Air marshalls were hired to prevent more false flag attacks, I mean highjackings by Israeli Inside Traitors.

      Let's not forget that half of congress is Jewish. The others are run out of office if they aren't loyal to Israel at America's expense. Leninists believe and planned to rob Americans from within through faux wars and by stealing our money under the pretense of financing wars. Leninsts are primarily warmongering thieves. Most Jews in power in America are Leninsts. Alan Dershowitz the retarded big-mouthed Harvard maggot being a prime example of one.

    64. Linda, says:





    65. eric, Idaho says:

      I'm glad that there is a lot of controversy and opposition over Obama, if there wasn't I would be VERY concerned. Point being there is still the spirit of resistance in this country from those that embrace the Constitution and Bill of Rights. As for Obama he could not pass a security back ground check for the military in view of his associations in his past, therefor he is NOT fit for presidency and as I have read from a variety of sources, he WILL NOT be seen as an actual president. Further the 2nd Amendment was put in place by the founding fathers so the citizens could forcibly over throw tyrants whom impose THEIR will on the people..does anyone have the gonads to start the revolution ?

    66. winnie, so cal usa says:

      how mandatory service from politicians? service to country, to a balanced budget, to reputable actions and behaviour?

      we should be getting what we're paying for not the clambones we now have.

      anyone ever bother to see what congressional and senatorial health benefits, retirement benefits, housing benefits etc are? is that what GW meant when he said he wanted to americans to have the same benefits the "Senate" has?

    67. Pingback: America Serves Program Update - Language On President-Elects Transition Website Changes | Matt Domerofski

    68. man t. free says:

      Jay, st. louis is great, but where'd you're education money go?

      It's called "NAZI-AMERIKA"

      "social security will never be used for identification", " read my lips, no new taxes"," I'm with the government , I'm here to………."

      ………. the greed monsters own the government, the media, and they are going to "ask" for "three months service" to teach "civil defense". BS. It will be 18 to 24 months of brainwashing, then go back home and report to your leader on YOUR NEIGHBORS.

      Lets get those chips implanted and scanners issued.

      google… "russo, rockefeller".


      wake up.

    69. wayne mississippi says:

      well since we can only work for the government and capitalism is a thing of the pass. King Obama will now have his army to squelch any uprising of the masses with his brown shirts. The true lost of liberty is when you go to vote in four years and your beaten by one of these kids who has been brainwashed by the anointed one if you don't vote for him.

      God help us all

      God Bless America ( oh i forgot you can't say that in public)


    71. Pingback: Obama's Youth? - Ajarn Forum - Living and Teaching In Thailand

    72. T M says:

      A militia is NOT a TOP DOWN organization. It was made up of real volunteer local citizens- they were NOT government controlled. And the president could only request their duty – not command it.(Note: George Washington hated using the Militia because he could not command them or count on them — they did their own thing in the middle of battle resulting in poor execution of his battle plans) Obama's youth corp is NOTHING like our Militia/Minutemen of days gone by. If our founders were faced with this dilemma they would be training a counter group of youths, real patriots, the kind that actually protect the Constitution instead of make a mockery of it. Here are some words out of history – from Elbridge Gerry ….

      "What, Sir, is the use of a militia?

      It is to prevent the establishment

      of a standing army, the bane of liberty. …

      Whenever Governments mean to invade

      the rights and liberties of the people,

      they always attempt to destroy the militia,

      in order to raise an army upon their ruins."

      ———–Quote by: Elbridge Gerry

      (1744-1814) of Massachusetts, Signer of the Declaration of Independence and Member of the Constitutional Convention

      Source: spoken during floor debate over the Second Amendment, I Annals of Congress at 750, August 17, 1789

      Obama's youth corp will be used to stop the real militia — That is — each and everyone of us that still believe in the Constitution. We are the enemy, we are the threat, We still hold dear the concept of the rule of law and the Constitution. Have you read the DHS's report on domestic threats???


      PS- Read George Orwell's Animal farm, "two legs bad, four legs good" , said the sheep!

    73. Pingback: ‘I Participate’

    74. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      We’ve been hearing arguments about National Health Care, its comparison to the military draft, whether it’s constitutional or not, etc. But what’s seldom pointed out is that jury duty is just like the draft – refusing it can result in fines or imprisonment. However, the military is a far superior deal. Even the bottom of the military pay scale equals $7.75 an hour for a 40-hour week. The military also gives you free food, housing, medical care and veterans benefits that jurors don’t get. And in the military, you can also learn a trade or acquire skills that can be used to obtain a good job later. The only compensation jurors get is, e.g., $40 per day in New York and $15 per day (when I served there 12 years ago) in Florida . That's less than minimum wage for an 8 hour day!! Also only the young get drafted – under 30 (or 26 or 27?). But with jury duty, your age or length of service is irrelevant. You’re never freed from it!!

      Therefore, I don’t appreciate people who always complain about the military, but never about mandatory jury service. Unlike the anti-war/anti-draft hippies of the 60s and 70s, we never see people burning their juror cards. If people want to use the 13th Amendment to stop involuntary servitude, why not argue against the jury system instead?? BTW, yes, we should also argue against NHC, which will mean higher costs for all of us with inferior care.

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