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  • Obamabots Know Where You Live

    It’s hard to pick out the scariest part of the still unfolding story of how unionized state government workers violated Joe the Plumber’s privacy for political ends. The Columbus Dispatch reports today that President-elect Barack Obama supporter, donor, and director of Ohio’s Department of Job and Family Services Helen Jones-Kelley “had no legitimate agency function or purpose” for pilfering the files of Joe the Plumber. Last month the Dispatch reported that Jones-Kelley personally requested state employees to search Joe’s files after Joe publically criticized then-candidate Obama.

    The Inspector General report also found that Jones-Kelley committed a “wrongful act” when she used her state e-mail account to raise campaign money for Obama. The report also faulted other agency employees for their role in the computer checks on Joe and concluded: “the circumstances surrounding the unauthorized searches are exacerbated in light of the director’s sending and receiving e-mail related to a political activity through state resources.”

    Ohio State Auditor Mary Taylor has called on Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland to hold Jones-Kelley accountable: “I urge Gov. Strickland, who campaigned on the promise of running an ethical administration, to ask for the resignation or terminate Ms. Jones-Kelley immediately.” So far, Jones-Kelley has only received one month unpaid leave slap on the wrist as punishment.

    Now we now how serious the left actually is about ethical government and protecting your privacy.

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    20 Responses to Obamabots Know Where You Live

    1. Alex, Coral Springs, says:

      The lefty crazy whackos only want their privacy protected. if you choose to disagree with them, they let the attack dogs loose on you. They're the most HYPOCRITICAL people on the planet. They're motto and calling card is 'do as i say not as i do'.

    2. MARK , HOUSTON says:

      And so it begins…..

    3. Mike, Philadelphia says:

      OMG, an single Obama supporter did something unethical. Obviously, we should draw conclusions about Obama, Obama supporters, and the democratic party as a whole. You know, because no one in the GOP, GOP supporters, or self-identifying pumas have done anything unethical. Ever.

    4. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      The criminality here has nothing to do with Obama but has everything to do with the Ohio State government employees and the media zealots. If violating the privacy of a terrorist by listening to listening to his phone call to an American was such a despicable anti-American act according to the Democrats, how come pilfering into an ordinary American citizen's confidential record with out a court order is looked the other way? The Ohio governor's dereliction of his duty to protect the civil rights of the resident of his state should be an impeachable offense. I wish Joe will file a civil rights violation complaint with the FBI.

    5. Scott, Philadelphia says:

      Mike in Philly totally misses the point. Obama supporter or not, Ms. Jones-Kelley did something wrong for which she should face the consequences. The point of the article was not her motivation to commit wrong-doing (her support for Obama), but the left's hypocrisy in avowing to be ethical but then doing just the opposite.

    6. TheDude, Los Angeles says:

      Generalizing any group is dangerous but when a distinct trend emerges it sure lends credence to the generalization. Be respectful and responsible in your words and deeds because you will be judged by them.

    7. David, Kent, Ohio says:

      It is scary that the head of an Ohio state agency is not summarily fired for actively abusing her authority in seeking personal information about a citizen to help a candidate, Obama, she supported. I wonder how Ohio's Democratic Governor Ted Strickland would feel if the head of an Ohio state agency did the same thing in support of McCain? Strickland should apologize to the citizens of Ohio for his slap-on-the-wrist, look-the-other-way justice, and, definitely, Helen Jones-Kelly should be immediately and permanently removed from her position; to do anything else would be simply intolerable.

    8. Karen,Cincinnati says:

      She should be fired. Using the email doesnt bother me as much as my taxpayer dollars being used to go on a modern day "witchhunt" because a private citizen has an opinion.This is still a free country, for the time being. She needs more than a slap on the wrist.

    9. Ann, North Carolina says:

      Funny, you can't even ask a simple question of a Presidential candidate without getting investigated. Where is the "free speech" in this country?? Certainly NOT in the democratic party.

    10. John Miller, West La says:

      Our political culture has deminished our moral and ethical standards and as a result we seem to operate with a "end justifies the means" philosophy. We need to be held accountable for our actions and I mean all of us.

    11. Chrisseee/New York says:

      Free speech not being in the democract party, but certainly in the republican party, a free country for the time being,you-people make my fellow classmates and I laugh, everyone of you all know that both of these parties have done all sorts of things that were unethical for years and then some, go take an american history and goverment course for a year, not the kind they teach you in high-school, but in college,before you write anything on this blog and stop just making up stuff up, it is sickening

    12. conservativechic, In says:

      Wherever corruption is found – in one's own party, or among supporters from an opponent's party, it should be fought.

      She completely misused power and station in a grossly unethical violation of her duty. She should be fired – and blackballed. The liberal illuminati would have screamed protest through the mainstream media, had any Republican done something similar to an African-American supporter of Obama.

      Just because she accessed records via technology, instead of rifling through files with a flashlight at the Watergate Hotel, doesn't it make it less of an offense.

    13. Allan Garretson, Roc says:

      Remember the FBI files in the early Clinton administration?

      Hilary was the mastermind of that. Now she is up for

      Secretary of State. Obama has a good teacher. How many

      of the Clinton administrations will end up running the

      country over the inexperienced Obama?

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    15. Kahleeka, Palm Bay, says:

      Unfortunately Chrisseee in New York, they have changed your college textbooks so you aren't even being taught the truth!



    16. Scott, Guthrie, Ok. says:

      Chrisseee, while in pursuit of my college degree several years ago I did take a course or two in American History and Government. I trust that will qualify me to exercise my freedom of speech and contribute to all the "made-up-stuff" on this blog. It appears your American History and Government classes filled your head so full of all the important liberal "facts", but left you little time to pay attention to anything else. By the way, was your major English Lit.?

    17. Eric,in Iowa says:

      Kudos to Scott in Guthrie.As for myself it doesn't take a Rocket scientist to understand that Freedom of Speech is just that.

      Since we are supposed to have people elected to speak for the people in our best interest,then they should be doing just that.

      If Joe the Plummer asked a simple question it deserves a simple answer.Besides giving a simple answer cuts down on the time it takes to give a long drawn out answer that didn't even answer the qustion in the first place.

    18. Barbara Horvath, Por says:

      Regarding the problem, both Dems and Repub. have not been perfect-everyone does things they should not do. This lady probably has learned from this and for sure everyone who has been reading these comments is learning too-no person is perfect but let's all try to do the right thing=how about that?

    19. Mary H says:

      It doesn't matter if you did vote for Obama because you are going to get screwed the same as the ones that didn't. It so stupid to say he didn't have anything to do with the looking in on Joe's file . That's the way he does everything. He gets people to do his dirty work then gets out of the way so as not to be caught in the middle. This man is a hard knocks chicagian and knows the ropes. He is a strret wise , slick talking, promise the moon kind of guy that will leave us hanging. Look how easy it is for him to get a pass from the judges that are suppose to uphold the law and not doing it. How legal is it for a president elect to hide his documents that the other presidents had to show. So how are you liking it so far? He has already starting changing the country and no one seems to be able to stop it. We are on a fast downhill run that will stop only when this man is stopped. Perfect you say no one is perfect? True but we should at least expect a little honesty. Stop making excuses for this man that has more scandals than carter has pills. I never saw so much discontent in my life as i have seen this year when this unknow person pops up and shows us a whole new meaning of change. I am still trying to find out all these wonderful things this man has claimed by the democrats to have done. You want everyone to do the right thing then start with bO. He should do the right thing and remove himself now while things are just bad not wait until it gets unfixable.

    20. Dave M says:

      It was just an honest mistake. Come on people!!!

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