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  • Science Still Not So Settled

    Earlier this week, President-elect Barack Obama told a crowd of globe trotting jet setters in Beverly Hills, “The science is beyond dispute, and the facts are clear.” Obama was referring to all the doom and gloom scenarios the enviro/left spews about the dangers of global warming. Obama is a busy man these days, so he probably missed a new study in Nature Geoscience. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports:

    Climate change may not be as severe as predicted, suggests an international study that shows current modelling of carbon dioxide emissions from soils are overestimated by as much as 20%.

    The view, reported in the latest Nature Geoscience journal, is based on a study of Australian soils that finds the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) released by Australian soils is much lower than previously believed.

    The team found by including realistic estimates of charcoal in their climate prediction models, the amount of CO2 predicted to be released from two Australian savannah regions under a 3ºC warming scenario was 18.3% and 24.4% lower than previously calculated.

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    11 Responses to Science Still Not So Settled

    1. MARK , HOUSTON says:

      of course the science isn't settled….there never was ANY science to settle in the first place . This whole global warming hysteria was created by a bunch of euro-elitists and hollywood nutjobs for the sole purpouse of social control.any time someone disagrees with them they get the" how dare you disagree with me, your nobody" speech . It's just another form of totalotarionism , just made to look "hip" and Fresh" for the youngsters.

    2. Scott, Iowa says:

      So the study talks about 2 soil types that occur in Australia. There are thousands of soil types in the world. The world contains more area than just Australia. So the point…?

      It is also bad science to extrapolate out one study to the extent at which is implied by this article. An article which is attempting to point out bad science.

    3. Dinah, Orlando says:

      The entire "Global Warming" hoax has been proven time and again to have come out of "bad" science and sold to the world by snake oil salesmen like Al Gore.

    4. Random10, Madison, W says:

      If carbon dioxide traps heat, then how is cold beer possible? We are going to have CO2 emission controls forced upon us unless we marshal massive public resistance. This will not occur until the public comes to accept that man made global warming is lie. This can not be achieved by arguing the nuances of climate science. This can only be achieved by getting the public to understand that CO2 does not trap heat, thus making a lie of all the other claims. If carbon dioxide traps heat, then how can icy cold Coca Cola exist? Every Coors, Bud, Miller, and Pepsi advertisement should be our ally for getting the public to see the truth about the lie.

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    6. Veronica, Michigan says:

      There are several comments to make concerning this discussion. First, CO2 from agricultural soils is of no concern to the leftists who have been researching climate change for the past 30+ years. There only concern is greenhouse gas emissions that are created by humans. The concern is the human impact on the environment; not nature's impact on nature. Secondly, CO2 traps heat. Not to say it cannot be in your cold Bud, but remember, if you leave that cold Bud out, it gets warm. Much in the same way the CO2 in the air gets warm when it's out in the sun, which it is all the time. The U.S. has passed laws to reduce SO2 emissions that cause acid rain and to ban CFCs that put holes in the ozone. What is the harm in reducing our CO2 emissions and seeing if that calms down mother nature and helps assure our children will grow up on the same Earth we know.

    7. In_utter_awe, Washin says:

      "If carbon dioxide traps heat, then how is cold beer possible?" I am embarrassed at the apparent failure of science education that this comment suggests. Despite the complete lack of dispute between experts worldwide, there are still people who refuse to believe that those who study the climate for a living know more than they. Climate scientists aside, an understanding of basic physical concepts should surely be a prerequisite to participate in this discussion. Perhaps such people should crack the occasional chemistry textbook, or maybe the most recent IPCC report, rather than that nice chilled beer.

    8. Barb -mn says:

      What about that "acid rain." Does it no longer exist? I see products in aerosol cans being used today, again. Did they lift the ban? What "greenhouse gasses" are being emitted by "humans?" Is it the government's job to protect the environment or the people? It certainly isn't both! The government is keeping us from warmth, from driving, from good health…from the ability to care for ourselves and from freedom. So, in other words, it's either nature or human life? Even though they go hand in hand? What about you, Veronica? Is your job paid by taxpayers? Your mind is a terrible thing to waste, especially on government waste.

    9. Clayton, NE says:

      Global warming is a very complex issue. Yes, the earth's average temperature may be rising but humans have only recently, in terms of geologic history, begun recording temperatures. Just because the temperature has risen over the last few decades does not indicate that the climate is changing, climate fluctuates. Large scale climate change takes thousands of years not tens of years. We are coming out of an ice age the temperature should rise. We will enter another ice age in the future and the temperature will fall. Ask a geologist and they will tell you that CO2 levels have been much higher in the past and they have also been much lower in the past. The earth is a huge and complex system to suggest that humans will kill everything if CO2 emissions aren't reduced is wrong. By the way, all of the "green" fuels being pushed emit CO2.

    10. Hootan, Memphis says:

      The global warming alarmist movement has nothing whatsoever to do with "saving the planet." It has everything to do with stunting and reversing human progress. The greenies fundamentally believe that humans are a scourge, that we have somehow overstepped our bounds. Of course, the US is the leading culprit and must be targetted first according to the green movement. Now, very few of the green-leftists will admit this anti-human belief is at the root of their efforts but it is self-evident. If you want proof, just ask any global warming alarmist about nuclear power. They will assuredly decry it use. But if the earth is hanging in the balance and mankind is at the precipice of destruction, why not use zero-CO2 emitting, nuclear power. Answer: the greenies don't want humans to have energy. Period.

    11. Richard, Missouri says:

      There are many scientists who believe that there is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide… is causing, or will…in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the earth's atmosphere and disruption of the earth's climate. But don't take my word for it. Go to howardelectric.com and click on global warming quotes, and read for yourself what scientists are now saying.

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