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  • Morning Bell: We're About to Have a Jobs Terminator in Washington

    In a taped message shown yesterday to California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Governors Global Climate Summit,” President-elect Barack Obama reiterated much of the same rhetoric from the campaign trail: a federal cap-and-trade system, cutting carbon emissions by 80% by 2020, $15 billion a year in new spending, and 5 million new green jobs. The globe-trotting delegates at the posh Beverly Hills conference swallowed every word. London-based Climate Group chief executive Steve Howard told attendees: “It looks as if we’re about to have a climate emissions Terminator in Washington.”

    Let’s leave aside the jobs question just for a moment. Obama also told the attendees, “The science is beyond dispute, and the facts are clear.” Obama is right; the science is clear. But not in the way he used it. Obama was referring to the litany of green fear mongering always listed with global warming: rising sea levels, stronger storms, droughts, etc. As bad as all of these things are, there is absolutely no scientific evidence that Obama’s carbon capping targets would solve any of these problems. If the U.S. reduced carbon emissions by 75% by 2050, it would result in just 0.013 degrees Celsius of “prevented” warming by 2050. Studies show that stabilizing carbon at 2000 levels would do nothing to stop the rising seas. And we haven’t even talked about China and India yet. The Electric Power Research Institute in Palo Alto, Calif., calculates that even if the United States, Europe and Japan turned off every power plant and mothballed every car, atmospheric carbon dioxide would still climb from the current 380 parts per million to a perilous 450 ppm by 2070, thanks to contributions from China and India. Let’s recap: There are no environmental benefits from Obama’s green agenda promises.

    So what are the costs that we have to bear for Obama’s cap-and-trade plan? Obama says he will take the proceeds from his plan (which is just an energy tax dressed in drag) and spend $15 billion a year to create 5 million new green jobs. But the environmentalist left has already admitted these numbers are completely bogus. Apollo Alliance co-director (and self proclaimed coiner of the “green collar jobs” term) Kate Gordon recently told the Wall Street Journal that her group’s job estimates were arrived at “just to inspire people.” Sure, if the government spends $15 billion, some jobs will be created. But raising that $15 billion will come at a cost. That’s just Economics 101. Heritage’s Center for Data Analysis studied the economic costs of the much less stringent Lieberman-Warner cap-and-trade plan and found that it would cost the U.S. economy a $4.8 trillion loss in GDP and a net 1 million loss of jobs by 2030.

    There is a reason European Union countries such as Germany and Italy are insisting that the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions targets be eased; they are experiencing the economic pain of the green agenda first hand. The EU’s cap-and-trade program is in complete collapse. Now is not the time for the U.S. to import Europe’s failed and job killing environmental policy.

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    4 Responses to Morning Bell: We're About to Have a Jobs Terminator in Washington

    1. Virgil Bierschwale, says:

      15 BILLION to create 5 MILLION jobs.

      That is only 3,000 per job.

      Two or three weeks pay and that is gone.

      Lets create some real jobs that won't cust us a dime and they will boost the economy over night.

      Go to http://www.KeepAmericaAtWork.com and read the articles "Global Economy" and "Your wages do matter"

      Then send me the names of the CEO's and their companies that are offshoring our jobs so that I can add them to the "Wall of Shame" on my site.

      All of the things in the news today such as sub prime mortgages, bailouts, etc. are SYMPTOMS of the real problem.

      The real problem is that the American consumer accounts for 70% of the spending in America.

      If 20 to 40 million of us are out of work as I suspect, you can see why our retailers, manufacturers and raw material producers are going bankrupt.

      Put America back to work.

      Offshore your offshore partner.


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    3. Martin McCary, Hous says:

      After taking my family to Washington DC in June 08 for our family vacation, I was in awe of the history of the buildings and the documents (Constitution, Bill of rights, etc) in the national archives revealing the very purpose and existence of the United State of America. I couldn't help but notice that there were basically no goods or services being produced in the DC area. As compared to any other part of the USA where goods or services are produced, all tax dollars flow into this small geographical area and a % of the taxes are funded or disbursed back to the citizens by people that are supposedly the brightest and best. With the current financial mess that has been unraveling it would be nice to see that our elected officials when pointing their finger at the cause come to the realization that they have 3 fingers pointing back at them. Thank you Heritage for being a beacon of light during a time without conservative leadership.

    4. Kate Gordon, San Fra says:

      The Wall Street Journal, in an article about clean energy investments and green-collar jobs printed on November 7, 2008, incorrectly asserted that varying job creation estimates are “squishy.” I was surprised by a quote attributed to me that implied that Apollo’s five million job number is “just to inspire people.”

      Well, the projection of five million green-collar jobs is accurate and inspiring. It is inspiring to think of a federal investment strategy that can catalyze the American economy by creating new demand for clean energy and energy efficiency systems. It is inspiring to think about the investments in job training to help scale up America’s workforce to prepare to make, install, and maintain these products. It is truly awe-inspiring to think of the millions of Americans that can be put to work all over this country, in a huge range of occupations, moving America toward a clean energy future.

      But it is not just inspiring – it is accurate. In the New Apollo Program, we argue for a $50 billion investment program over ten years. It is an investment in all sectors of the American economy: from green construction to energy efficiency retrofits; from our transportation system to our power grid; from our existing factories to cutting-edge research, development and deployment opportunities. Based on a comprehensive study on a very similar set of proposals that was done for Apollo in 2004 by economist and Nobel laureate M. Ray Perryman, this level of federal investment will create or retain at least five million jobs in America. Most of these are on-site construction, manufacturing, and transportation jobs – jobs in industries that tend to pay a family-supporting wage and benefits, and that have anchored America’s middle class for generations.

      Dr. Perryman’s data show also that the economic benefits of the Apollo investment strategy don’t stop at on-site jobs. These investments will create millions more jobs in associated industries, like the trucking companies moving the wind turbines, the lawyers and accountants helping broker deals between new clean energy businesses, or even the small restaurants and stores catering to the linemen and women upgrading the transmission grid in countless towns across the country.

      Other studies, such as the “Green Recovery” paper recently released by the Center for American Progress, also include the positive economic impact created by, for instance, lower energy bills as a result of more clean energy options. Lower bills equal more money in consumers’ pockets, equal more spending in the local economy, equal more jobs. (See CAP’s response to the Wall Street Journal article here: http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/2008/11/su

      These “indirect” jobs are included in President-elect Obama’s green jobs calculations, explaining why he comes to the five million job number with a lower initial investment. The different numbers are by no means “squishy.” They are the result of different initial assumptions, leading to different results.

      What is not in doubt is that clean energy policies and investments create jobs. Just look at Newton, Iowa, where laid-off Whirlpool employees are now making wind turbine blades for General Electric. Or Sacramento, California, where a disused nuclear plant is now home to a solar array capable of generating as much power as the plant ever did.

      At Apollo, we are awestruck every day by stories like these, and by the sheer potential scale of the new green economy – an economy that can and should create millions of high-quality, decent jobs for hardworking Americans who want to make a decent wage while also fighting back global warming.

      Darn right we’re inspired. Aren’t you?

      Kate Gordon, co-director, Apollo Alliance

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