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  • The $100,000 Guantanamo Question

    This Sunday Barack Obama repeated his promise to close Guantanamo. Since the media is still coddling their favorite son, CBS’s Steve Kroft did not bother to ask how. As Heritage Senior Legal Fellow Charles Stimson tells the Christian Science Monitor, it is the how that is the hard part:

    “It is easy to criticize. It is much harder to lead when you are accountable for the security of the country,” says Charles “Cully” Stimson, who served as deputy assistant Defense secretary for detainee affairs in the Bush administration.

    Mr. Stimson says he has personally reviewed every Guantanamo detainee file several times. “The incoming administration will see that there are some very dangerous people [at Guantanamo] who were appropriately detained and need to continue to be out of circulation in the world terrorism market,” he says. “What you do with them is the $100,000 question.”

    Stimson says, “Certainly there are a number of them who could be tried in federal district court, and that should happen. Others probably are better suited for a national -security court.” He adds, “There are a very small number that may be appropriate for a preventative detention regime – a baker’s dozen or less.”

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    6 Responses to The $100,000 Guantanamo Question

    1. MARK , HOUSTON says:

      If Mr. Obama closes "GITMO" what are the chances that these detainees will be placed on AMERICAN soil . If so , the ACLU (the ANTI CHRISTIAN LAWYERS UNION )will most likely get involved . All that will come of this is more thugs foreign thugs and criminals ON the streets of America instead of their home country . WAY TO GO MR. OBOMA!

    2. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      I personally think Mr. Obama could relocate them to Cape Cod to atone for the imagined torturing that took place in "Gitmo". See how fast the great liberals would oppose it.

    3. William Lulias, St. says:

      Quite simply all detainees could be placed one by one on the View for two weeks at a time. Oh, that's right the President elect has sworn to no torture. I suspect that we won't get legitimate resolution to the detainee issue, however we should all be concerned and look with watchful consideration how this security/terrorist/combatant issue is resolved by the President elect. This is no time to blink or be viewed by the world as weak.

    4. Barb -mn says:

      I'm not sure what torture is? Except what terrorists do! Except what happened to John McCain for years. Aren't these guys getting their nails done? Time to close it down!

    5. Keith-Clifton NJ says:

      Closing GITMO would be a huge mistake. I seen first hand the carnage of 911. I hope that nobody has to ever experience that again. I am terrified of what may happen if GITMO is cllosed. Just look at what is happening in India. The terrorist's are alive and well.

    6. Randy, Illlnois says:

      First off there is something called the Geneva Convention. For the past eight years we have violated it by torturing prisoners. Bush's own aides admitted to this. What gives us the right to live above the law. Isn't that what we are fighting against? Wasn't that our reason for wanting to free all the Iraqis from Sadam? I think this is a step in the right direction to becoming once again the voice of the free world. We are the country that stands up for the rights of everyone not the one we have become where we violate whatever treaty we want, fight wars instead of attempting diplomacy first. We were becoming the bad guys. So closing it i think is right. Now i am not saying that these people don't need to be tried and convicted in the courts for the crimes they committed against the U.S. and other countries but to do it legally, without breaking the guidelines set up by the convention. If the evidence against these people is strong enough they will be convicted and justly sentenced. It's just not right to try them for the same crimes the Bush administration committed.

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