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  • Getting Education Policymaking Out of Washington

    Blogging at The New York Times, Pacific Research Institute senior fellow Lance Izumi writes on the future of conservative education policy:

    Republicans have always favored, at least philosophically, decision-making at the most practical and effective level of government closest to the people. They abandoned this concept during the Bush years, especially in education with the mandate-heavy federal No Child Left Behind Act. Republicans need to get back to their original principles and push for decentralizing education policymaking back down to the state and local level.

    Dan Lips, an education analyst at the Heritage Foundation, notes that federal Title I dollars, which are supposed to go to disadvantaged students but because of complicated financing formulas result in wide per-student funding differences from school to school, “could be delivered through a simple formula based on the number of low-income students in a state” and “states could be allowed to use Title I funds in ways that make it follow the child.” The result would be a “simple and transparent system of school funding.

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    2 Responses to Getting Education Policymaking Out of Washington

    1. kent/virginia says:

      More power to individual states regarding education and dollar allocation is an imperative our imperious federal government will never consider, but it would help education nationally. More power to the States and less to the Federal government would vastly improve our Republic overall and send powerdrunk DC bureaucrats into the private sector to compete for jobs with the rest of us poorly represented taxpayers. But our ruling class in DC is not listening.

    2. Barb -mn says:

      The state and local government is unfair…in MN anyway.

      Must eliminate unions backing any government education employment. UNIONS are a cover-up and an interference to transparency. UNIONS promote mishandling of funds, unnecessarily influences increased costs, exploits children as increased expense and protects, for instance, a pediphile, disguised as a teacher, who sexually abuses a student, once it is found out that so-called teacher is penalized a dismissal but with pay! Government unions send a clear message, no trust, no integrity in those we expect it from. We deserve and want TRANSPARENCY when it comes to all those working for and running the government!

      All PUBLIC schools should be compliant with FOCUS ON FACTS of education like it used to be. Public school teachers should not be allowed to indoctrinate anything but facts of basic standard education. It should not be allowed any bias on political influences as it did this past election! Students can research candidates on their own and come up with their own thesis w/out teachers' bias opinion and instruction.

      In Minnesota there is unfair expenses included that accomodates people that live in cultural lifestyles and who's children are taught according to their cultural lifestyles. The hiring is preferential and so is the teaching. This is a personal agenda and a private benefit that should not be permissable in PUBLIC SCHOOLS at the expense of the PUBLIC TAXPAYERS.

      Non-english speaking students are not disadvantaged. They are benefitted with a second language. When immigrants first arrived in this country, they accepted what was available. They learnt english anywhere they could, and they accepted it as an advantage. It is a bump in a log they overcame without infringement yet while their language of origin was spoken at home.

      Early childhood education need not be applied to the TAXPAYERS. This is the responsibility and choice of the parent and costs need be applied to them as preschools were once before.

      College should never be FREE. If people have a genuine will, the people find a way w/out infringement.

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