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  • Ronald Reagan Did Not Lose Tuesday

    The Politico is famous for its fact free political analysis. Glenn Thrush continues this tradition today in an article purporting to identify the biggest losers from Tuesday’s election. Thrush writes:

    John McCain invoked the Great Communicator as his idol — and many in the GOP believe a return to Reagan-era conservative populism provides a path back to relevancy. (His visage still adorns the National Republican Congressional Committee’s home page.) But Democrats claim the economic crisis has called into question central tenets of The Gipper’s fiscal philosophy, including wide-ranging tax cuts, supply-side economics and deregulation.

    Is Thrush completely ignorant about John McCain? Did he follow this election at all?

    Big government, national greatness, George Bush/Teddy Roosevelt style conservatism lost Tuesday. Even before the massive spending increase in 2008, non-defense spending already grew 3.74% under President Bush. Compare that to 1.01% under President Reagan. There simply was no limited government Reagan style conservative for Americans to vote for in yesterday’s election. The Politico needs to get its facts straight.

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    8 Responses to Ronald Reagan Did Not Lose Tuesday

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    4. Margaret Welkner W says:

      We have a familiar job to do and that is to pray, as the Bible says to do, for the"authorities" above us

      It will be hard to pray for Obama but we must.

      John McCain will continue to be a great American and work to release us from the bondage of liberalism in this great nation MW.

    5. Steve Johnson, Virgi says:

      It amazes me when modern Republican embrace Teddy Roosevelt. It seems that they love the, "rootin' tootin'" Teddy, but forget that the official name of the Bull Moose Party was the American Progressive party and had in it's platform a call for national health care, the progressive income tax,substantial regulations on business and embraced immigrant rights. So I can hear the spin now, John McCain was rejected by the American people because his liberal embrace of the progressive Teddy Roosevelt.

    6. Dennis, Henderson KY says:

      John McCain is a great American! Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin George H Bush and George W Bush are also great Americans. Let us not stress over our loss. We lost and it is easy to be distressed like many folks are. I am one of them. Let us find our new conservative leaders who can unify the party so we can take back our country. I for one believe Sarah Palin and others like Romney, Jindal, Huckabee can unite us. We need to unite and then figure a way to develop grass roots development so we can go around the liberal media. All is not lost!!! God speed to Nancy Reagan!

    7. Larry says:

      Reagan did not reduce the size of government, he greatly increased government expenditures.

      Try looking at some facts, charts, real data, not Ann Coulter's cartoon scribbles.Reagan must have lulled some to sleep with slick slogans(Iran-Contra diversion, and all). He never balanced one federal budget, which grew so deficit spending splurged red ink.

      If Government was a problem, then nobody can ignore Reagan was the head of it( USA Gov), and that led to the Boy genius, George Bush—W, who may take the GOP party down the drain for 25 years.

      So, the slogan about getting Government off the backs of the clique, Dick Cheney did that, so Government auditors could not monitor the billions of Halliburton shell games, leading to gereat fraud, waste and abuse just ran wild.

      Dick Cheney is Ronald REAGANS BASTARD IDEOLOGUE CHILD, we now see it produced DICKENSTEIN, a vitural monster, who ruined the USA economy, drained people's pocket books, destroyed the value of their homes, made America less secure,

      but Cheney has a rich Condo in the Tetons, is building a big pad in the beltway, has another one on the shores in Maryland, he is in high cotton, but he left you high and dry, and scukered you, but you kept buying into his BULL, and now he, and Matlain, and blondy Ann Coulter are laughing at you going. Ha Ha suckers, a neocon special, tough luck suckers, give you deed to CityGroup, and the bankers–and stop whining…

      Dick Cheney destoryed the Presidency of George W Bush, but his father forced Dicky down his son's throat, but Bush(Sr) was right, Reagan was all voodoo economics, and the black magic has now come home to roost.(The Great American Depression of 2008-2014). You never did your homework as a citizen, you just got scukered, now you are going to pay: BIG TIME

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