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  • Morning Bell: A Mandate for What?

    Yesterday the Center for American Progress boldly proclaimed that Barack Obama’s 6-point popular voter victory represented “A Progressive Mandate.” Really? How many millions of dollars did the Obama campaign spend on TV commercials in the closing weeks to convince Americans that Obama would enact policies the Center for American Progress supported? Zero. Meanwhile, Obama did blanket the airwaves with an ad claiming The Heritage Foundation, a well-established conservative think tank, supported his tax policies. Obama’s claims were clearly false. But his campaign’s insistence on airing the ads after our continued objections proves that Obama did not obtain his vote totals by running as a progressive.

    Just ask Clinton special counsel Lanny Davis, who writes in the Wall Street Journal today:

    This is a man who defended the right to gun ownership under the Second Amendment; who arguably ran to the right of McCain on broader-based tax cuts for the middle class; who defied his left-purist base by supporting (with more controls) the president’s terrorist surveillance program; who talked of pay-as-you-go fiscal policies aimed at restoring balanced budgets; who insisted to black audiences that black men take more responsibility for their families; and who talked boldly of aggressive military action in Pakistan to take out al Qaeda and bin Laden.

    There is clearly a yawning gap between what the left expects from an Obama presidency and the rhetoric that Obama actually ran on. As to who the real Obama is — a pragmatic centrist or a progressive ideologue — our guess is as good as anyone’s. After all, Obama has never governed anything, so there is no track record to make predictions.

    Early indications are,  once sworn in Obama will move quickly on some small-bore items such as expanding Medicaid funding, lifting the federal embryonic stem cell funding ban, and extending time limits on equal pay lawsuits. An economic stimulus package will surely be next, and that is where Obama will begin to be tested. Unions will demand their long-sought goal to end the secret ballot be included. Their employees, especially the U.S. auto industry, will also come to Congress with their hand out.

    Will Obama give in to his leftist base and pass a stimulus bill closer to the $300 billion Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been asking for, or the $150 billion Obama campaigned on? With economists projecting deficits in the $1.5 trillion range, will Obama stick to the fiscal discipline he campaigned on, or will he let a Democrat Congress spend like drunken sailors? In almost every speech, Obama promised that tax cuts for 95% of Americans would be a key part of his “trickle up” economic philosophy. Will these promises even see the light of day in Obama’s first economic stimulus legislation?

    The voters who gave Obama his margin of victory are not nearly as liberal as Congress. In a poll of 12 swing congressional districts, 11 of which switched from Republican to Democrat, 73% of voters prefer the federal government to focus on “creating economic conditions that give all people opportunities to create wealth through their own efforts” over “spreading wealth from higher income people to middle and lower income people.” The new occupant of the White House and liberals on Capitol Hill ignore these American voters at their peril.

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    66 Responses to Morning Bell: A Mandate for What?

    1. GF, Edgewood, NM says:

      A sad day of infamy, America has been finally defeated from within. The questionb is how long will 50% of Americans put up with the claws of Marxism, or will we ever come togheter and rid our Nation from such calamity.

    2. Steve Hudson says:

      Obama hasn't governed much, but he did resist falling prey to the divisiveness of typical black militantism and cronyism that were expected of him both when he was editor of the Harvard Law Review and when he first took office. My feel (I am a conservative), is that Obama's respect for his own goals will lead him to enlist responsible, disparate talent to help achieve those goals and will refine, postpone, and slap the greedy fingers of the more partisan of his party if he needs to. I am hoping such will be the case.

    3. Sondra T says:

      Well, we are going to have to literally stick together and not be afraid to speak out in various forms. Don't let liberals and others (Chavez) run YOUR life. Keep us free.

    4. howard reed, durhamv says:

      Buckle up people. We have a huge country strapped our backsides with the most inexperienced Black Communist Muslim in presidential history, with a crew of huge tax and spend democrats flying the United States of America. It is going to be one heck of a bumpy ride. HELLO FOOLISH AMERICA! VOTE, LEARN AND PAY DEARLY! ENJOY THE RIDE!

      The Turban Torpedo

    5. Alain Toussaint, Mau says:

      Elections are not won with money. The leader is always voted in.

      Don't be impatient. Success will speak for itself !!!!

    6. Silent Majority1, Ma says:

      You make some very good points. We can only hope that Dear Leader will prove that he has hoodwinked the poor fools that voted for him. Wait and see–I expect the surprises are yet to come and when they arrive we will all regret his election to the greatest office in the nation.

    7. Kurt M. Rusher, Indi says:

      Yes, change is on the way as promised. As the Obama years progress more and more will awake to change. Change that will be profound and dangerous. Yes, tax brakes when the Bush tax brakes expire, yes, Partial Birth Abortion that your money now supports, yes, new thermostats that are government controlled, yes, no hunting privileges or personal protection without fear of being prosecuted, yes, the harvesting of stems cells and selling of fetuses as never before, yes, yes , yes change for all. I can only add that for those that awaken one morning to the change, look out the window and wonder what happen, was this the change we were promised? You were warned and chose not to hear. I thank the Lord for the Heritage Foundation, Rush, Ann, Sean, Greg and Laura

      for all they have done and continue to do. God Bless those millions of Americans who love the United States of America and have defended it with loss of life and the sweat of labor. I pray that this change be an awakening to the Greatest Country God has given the World. Amen.

    8. Larry Major Port O says:

      If Obama is a 'true' American, will he take the oath of office on the Bible using his FULL name?

    9. Larry Major Port O says:

      If Obama is a 'true' American, will he take the oath of office on the Bible using his FULL name?

    10. Proud Conservative, says:

      One question: Will the voter fraud issues and the illegal fund raising issues now be dropped? My guess is "yes". I see Mr.Dodd is still in charge of the banking committee, so nothing will change. With the censorship of free speech looming again with the Fairness Doctrine, I fear this would even encroach on the freedoms of institutes such as The Heritage Foundation. Nothing would surprise me anymore. We have at least 2 years to prepare to end the coming madness to take back, at least, Congress. That will be a good start. I'm ready to get going!

    11. Independent and cons says:

      Obama-Oprah mania has won, for now. The American people hood-winked again. I have always prided myself in freedom of thinking and freedom of speech which makes me independent and so be it, conservative. This country was founded on theses principles. The "Fairness Doctrine" is just a blatant sellout and vindictive attack on our freedoms from new, 21st century fascists. How ironic, some of the same people that questioned authority with me when I was younger, now do not like being questioned themselves. Thanx to the Heritage Foundation we must never give up our liberties and if we have to, take to the streets and the airwaves as a new "Radio Free Europe" for this country. Right on to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and everyone else in this country who has the backbone to stand up to the politically correct fraudsters.

    12. Darrel Baird, Kent says:

      I see one possible bright spot in this election.The re-emergance of the Southern Democrat Party .Look at thier choice of representatives then look at their choice for the President.Nancy P. saw that and immediately made a comment about legislating from the middle.That,as we all know,is not the honorable Speaker of the House's normal way of governing.I think that she realizes that there is always a chance that her normal attitude could cause some of these southern democrats to align themselves with the other side of the Isle.


    13. David Bell - Joplin, says:

      I would hesitate to address Mr.Obama as a progressive–it is an insult to Herbert Hoover who would turn over in his grave to find association with a man so lacking in character. I cannot imagine what Mr. Hoover's grand-daughter will think when she finds Mr. Obama holding ground for which her father, a Republican, charted course. As nearly as I can tell, Mr. Obama has no moral leg to stand on other than his associations. Those associations meant nothing to a majority of our population. Which brings to mind Franklin's observation 17 Sep 1787, where a necessary government is required an would be well administered for a course of years, only to end in despotism when the "people have become so correct as to be inacapable of any other(Sort of Governance). Mr. Obama's Character is similar but worse than Bill Clinton's. I might be on the FBI watch list for my political views(anti-statist, anti-government). I do not believe the man who fills the chair in the oval office should be a man who is known to associate with Terrorists, Marxist and Socialists. I think this speaks as much to the deteriorization of American Character as it does the twisted nature of Mr. Obama.

    14. M from NYC says:

      He is a politician unlike any we have seen before. We can underestimate him but seeing what he has so far accomplished, my question is: What if he is successfull? What will our movement look like going forward?

    15. Penny Krause, Ankeny says:

      Will any thing be done about the voter fraud? Will anything be done about future voter fraud? How can I be sure that no tax dollars go to organizations such as ACORN.

    16. joel carson,TMC(SS)( says:

      I may have misinterpreted but it seems to me that the center for american progress leans hard left.

    17. Richard Chaffee, Med says:

      Well this is going to be an iteresting four years. I am proud of Presiden Bush and his transition coments. I believe that this might be the final blow to wake up people to the fact that these people believe goverment is God and needs to be on top and we all serve it. It is upside down God is God and we serve Him. There is a standard being raised by these people but as a scripture says God will raise up a standard and defeat them. This is a nation founded by God and those of us who still believe it needs to return to one nation under God are still out here and we are praying for this country and for our leaders as the bible tells us to. God is the only one that can change man, Keep praying.

    18. Ken Denny, Palmer, A says:

      Unfortunately, Joe Biden is most certainly right in one respect, we will have a national crisis that will test the new president, although, I do not think either he or the cabinet he is selecting will be able to have the guts to stand up to such an issue. I predict that a catastrophe in national security and the economy is looming in the fog ahead of us. Another issue as a nation we face is because of Obama's background to immulate rather than form his own opinion and to make promises he cannot possibly keep, he will continue to try to please everyone to no avail. Think about it…how many of his donors does he now owe favors to?

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    20. Ira Portland Ore says:

      Reading the original piece is a sobering reminder that although we as a country have reach a major milestone

      The work really is just beginning.

      That said the comments of some of this board, Marxist, Socialist, the overall thought that Americans have been tricked, is sad indeed.

      I am a very educated, common person with a great deal of respect for true conservatives.

      I did my own research for nearly a year from every source from far right to far left and everything in between to form my opinions and ultimately my vote. Republicans should take notice, I was not tricked into voting for Obama and I am not fooled that he is going to solve all the countries problems. I know the tendency for any Politian to pander and exaggerate to get into office and that goes for both sides.

      That’s said what you saw on the 4th was a wholesale rejection of Rovian style negative politics coupled with a genuine real and legitimate dissatisfaction with the policies of the last 8 years. With the advent of the internet Americans had an opportunity to witness John McCain hiring the same companies that slandered him in 2000, used to slander the Obama. A testament to the hypocrisy and integrity issues the republican party is now burdened with. If the Republican party continues to proceed with the divisive tactics brought to us by Newt Gingrich, you will watch your party become as effective as independents of 8 years ago.

      The entire republican party and its supporters should be looking introspectively, not at what failed in the McCain campaign because that’s is not the root cause of the loss. Do not point fingers at the outspending 6 to 1, while it had impact, adds are not what won my vote.

      The reason John McCain did not win my vote is because his campaign represented everything that is wrong with how we do business in America.

      Americans are tired of the constant fear that has been shoved down our throat for the past 8 years.

      3,000 Americans died in the WTC attacks and we have spent nearly a trillion dollars fighting terror.

      Heart disease kills over 100 times that number and gets %1 of the funding the war on terror gets.

      If the Republican Party is to redefine itself they need to take a long hard look at the base of its party.

      What that base represents and what that base stands for.

      I read literally thousands of pages of message boards during this election cycle, I have never been so disgusted at Americans as I was in reading what the Conservative base had to say.

      Get back to your intellectual roots and legitimate discussion of small government, think Ron Paul with relaxed social viewpoints.

      While America is a nation built on Christian fundamentals, it will now reject Christian fundamentalists and the narrow world view that tends to trend with that.

      I wish you all well and hope that you will move forward and support our new president elect, because like it or not

      This upper middle class, educated white male voted for him.

      Not because of adds or hope, but because I do believe that America was built by the people and that we the people can rise again and take back our country. To marginalize this or get in the way of it, will in the end marginalize and be the end of the republican party.

    21. Crippy, Michigan says:

      "The voters who gave Obama his margin of victory are not nearly as liberal as Congress". How can you say this? What do you call Pennsylvania voting for a person that has vowed to bankrupt the coal industry? How much more liberal can an electorate get?


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    23. Andrew S. Massachusetts says:

      How many millions did moveon.org contribute to the Obama campain? A lot, and you can bet they expect Obama to follow their far left liberal agenda in return.

    24. cynthia overland, sa says:

      I'm with Sondra T. At the moment, I'm still in mourning,fearing I'm seeing the death of the America I have loved all my life. We must be viligant and stick together. Pray for America

    25. David Black, Sr. says:

      A mandate? No, not for the President-Elect. However, Sen. Obama and his liberal cohorts, in Congress, must use this language to avert blame later, when their programs begin to blow up in our faces.

      We did however witness a vote of "Mandate" if you will, and it is imperative that Republicans take heed of the message sent by the voters.

      We did not mandate for "Progressiveness", nor did we indicate that "We the People" wish for the government to move to the "Center-Left", or even toward the "Center".

      The lessons to be learned, from the electoral process, are;

      1. "Knowing who you serve", and 2. "Being faithful to the base". If Republicans want to regain any semblance of power, they are well-served to learn these lessons.

      To elaborate, Sen. McCain has made a career out of catering to the media and often flying in the face of the "Conservative Base". He found in short order, anything the media builds up, the media can tear down. Sen. McCain fell victim to "Media Character Assassination". He should have seen it coming from the guild in which he garnered favor for so many years.

      The final, fatal blow for the McCain Campaign comes from the fact that Sen. McCain failed to inspire the people, he came to realize too late, he needed most. It is my honest belief, a large number of the "Conservative Base" did not vote so much for Sen. McCain, but cast their vote against Sen. Obama.

      The Republican Party must use this defeat as a motivational tool, to drive the party into a realignment process, and return to our politically conservative roots. In doing so, we must stop being afraid to stand up for our beliefs. We must stop worrying about being portrayed as "Politically Correct" by a left-wing media, stand strong for our standards and convictions, and understand that when we compromise our standards, we succumb to defeat.

      We will, as a nation, survive this. As a Party, must learn from it. Remember, some of the best medicine is hardest swallowed. God help us, and God bless America.

    26. Johnny Furlong says:

      Mr Steve Hudson's hope is dashed before he can even finish his statement of, "is that Obama’s respect for his own goals will lead him to enlist responsible, disparate talent to help achieve those goals and will refine, postpone, and slap the greedy fingers of the more partisan of his party if he needs to. I am hoping such will be the case."

      Here is the short list so far he has announced:

      Rahm Emanuel –Chief of Staff

      Robert Kennedy – EPA

      Caroline Kennedy – UN Ambassador

      John Kerry – Top US diplomat

      Obama has a track record to those who pay attention…we do know his world view.

      No, he will not choose responsible people…as referenced above. So much for change…these are the same old Leftists who have been drooling for power for years and have now succeeded in implementing their Marxism over the people.

    27. U.Menzel, Hickory,NC says:

      In about 12 month from now…. the "I told you so" some times doesn't really say it!

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    29. Valerie, Carson City says:

      What was it Nikita Kruchev said? "America will drop like an over-ripe fruit into our waiting hands?"

      I'm sure I've paraphrased. We are 12 steps closer to falling into Marxist hands, BUT WE ARE NOT THERE YET! I see and hear a lot of despair and anger in the blogosphere and on the radio. Don't give up. Don't turn a blind eye and wait for someone to do something…or you may get your wish. Vladimir will be President again in Russia, and it's a sure bet that he will be waiting with his hands ready to catch that over-ripe fruit.

      There is a mid-term election coming. The Republican party lies in failure, a mockery of what it once stood for, and conservatives are angry, and don't know which way to turn. The Fairness Doctrine is lurking in the wings. WE HAVE TO TAKE THE POWER BACK!!! We have to consolidate. We have to rebuild the Republican party…from the ground up if need be, and I believe we must start in our schools, with the young people who will be voting in the next election. Let's get them fired up. Let's do what the dems do…they won't come to us, so we must go to them. WHERE ARE YOU, YOUNG REPUBLICANS??? I didn't hear or see any sign of them this past election, at least not where I live. It's going to be in your hands soon. Get busy, or there won't be a Republican Party…or any other party but one if you don't take this seriously!

      Mobilize. Teach the kids what it means to be a conservative, so the dems can't teach them the lies about conservativism. Believe me, most young people believe in and want exactly the same things we all do, they have just been lied to. Let's set them straight.

    30. DannyNew Smyrna Beac says:

      Dear Morning Bell: There is only one mandate, and that is America. Anyone,or anybody cannot improve on the greatest country in the World. What they will do however, is attack it's principles, and scoff at any person, who believes in God- and a moral, sensible life. If it was such a bad society of Freedom, seekers-just why would they want to ruin a system, and then destroy a righest people? Any person that has a negative comment about this home-should not seek some realection an ammendment/ or bill , but a Country that is not free, but run by a dictator- there i'm sure they can hug- their false beliefs, and wallar in un-Godliness- they will obtained happiness.!!!!.

    31. Charles Giltner, Ven says:

      I agree with Ira from Portland, OR. It was a consistant message, backed with supporting arguments and sound reasoning (oh so absent these long eight years) that garnered my support for "OUR" new President-elect Obama. Winning by a greater majority than either Bush. Would these disparaging comments have been so flagrantly flown in the face of John F. Kennedy's win?

      The burden of our time has come from the Neo-conservative movement that accumulates massive national debt, mortgages our future to third world countries by shipping our manufacturing base to foreign lands, dumbs down our youth by reducing educational supports, entrenches our military in un-winable wars, encourages torture and invasion of privacies, tramples constitutional foundations and stands idly by while financial securities become totally insecure through deregulation and negligence.

      As we have seen in the last four weeks, our country is now in dire economic times and this will worsen in time due to the trickle-down effect of failed policy. The blame will remain squarely on the backs of the Bush administration and its supporters (this means most of you reading this with distain.) When Bush ran us into an unjust war in Iraq, republicans challenged the patriotism of many who disagreed. Now feel the sting of your ways. Support for the poor, jobless, uninsured and uneducated have fallen to the bottom of priorities under this regime. America was once the moral high ground, now lost due to lies, tyranny, terror against its own people and institutions and torture in our military justice. The bell cannot be un-rung on this one. Through this action, now our military is subject to the same, worse and beyond. So called conservatives spread fear of Socialism and Communism, but coo to the sound of the financial bailout and the Government ownership of the financial sector. Twelve months from now, count the change in your pocket and long for the days when your mutual funds were ten times their value, when food was plentiful and health was taken for granted. Obama isn't our enemy, your blindness is far worse. Rush Limbaugh is no John the Baptist, he is Satan's voice, lying in your ear, calling you to doom by appealing to your pride and fear. George Bush and this administration are traitors to the American people and the Constitution. God bless the United States of America, we long to see your face again!

    32. Daniel, OK says:

      God help us all….I believe we as Americans can over come this and stop worrying about what other countries think. We are truly blessed when we wake up in the morning and see Ol' Glory flapping in the wind. Never forget, "One Nation under GOD"…..

    33. Don, Sheffield Lake says:

      I would like to respectfully disagree with Alain Toussaint and Ira from Oregon. Mr. Toussaint, unfortunately money did most certainly play a huge factor in this race, it bought votes. Both legitimate and fraudulent, without funding, the apparatus necessary to canvass the swing states for "voter registration" would not have been as massive, without the promise of another government handout not many of the "underpriveleged" would have bothered to get up to vote, without the promise of punishing those with wealth, many who consider themselves "intellectual" and "independent" thinkers would not have bothered either. As for Ira, sir or madam, what comments do you refer to? Most of the virulent hatred has come from the left, that aside, you cannot take the most zealous of either side and lump all in it as a whole, given the media capitulation of it's Constitutional role to become just another wing of the Democrat party, it's hardly fair to say the Conservative base should be ashamed of itself, have you listened to the other side? Even it's most educated have said things that are repulsive, and by that I mean, the "Fairness Doctrine", "redistribution of wealth", and the inclusion of the notion that if you do not vote for Mr. Obama you are a racist. My deepest concern this election cycle is that we may have put a man in the Whitehouse who may be disinclined to remove himself when Constitutional provisions require him to. The coming crisis prophecied by Mr. Biden may be just the catalyst needed to require him to become President for life, that may sound extreme but, history has witnessed his kind of politics before. I say this, when the public schools do not teach the Constitution and the other founding documents, politicians like him can get away with anything and they will.

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    35. kent/virginia says:

      Welcome to the Socialist States of America. Our President Elect at times sounded, on the campaign and in the debates, somewhere to the right of John McCain, but we will see how far left his core beliefs lie when he begins to govern. The man is a glib talking empty suit whose abilities and qualifications are far beneath the demands of the office he just purchased, and unequal to the challenges he will face.

      One thing we have already learned, he is adept at spending other peoples money, over seven-hundred-million dollars in campaign contributions! And that's not counting small donations made via international internet, the total and source of which the Obama camp refuses to reveal.

      His SDS friends and supporters must still be partying, especially after The Industrialist-Capitalist Market took its steepest plunge in twenty-eight years following their boys election.

      To those who helped pay the way; keep your wallet open, Pelosi and Obama will be glad to spend your money for you. You wanted change? It may be all you have left.

    36. Ron, Columbia, SC says:

      For the first time in my adult life, I am truly ashamed of America.

    37. dave schraub indiana says:

      in response to the educated liberals, that were educated in liberal schools, don't think because you went to college, and were indoctrinated by your socialist professors, that you are intelligent by any means. we have been going down this path since FDR, if they would teach true you history in school, they would know the great depression in 1929, was brought about by speculators trying to control the stock market, FDR's socialist programs only prolonged the depression, WW2 brought us out of the depression. the next socialist program was LBJ's war on poverty, 6 trillion dollars since that war started. then along comes jimmy carter, housing redristrubution program, failure. bill clinton's abolishing red lining credit checks, which means if you have a welfare check coming in every month you are qualified to buy a $150,000 home. then along comes fanni mae and freddi mac and the corruption on the left when the congress of the united states dictates who is qualified to own a home, that is affirmative action in it's truest form. the socialist of this country, have never seen a tax they didn't like. so in closing all of you socialist voters, be careful what you wish for. to redistribute wealth, you must confiscate it first.

    38. dave schraub indiana says:

      as for mccain being my pick, the liberals in the east crossed party lines and voted for mccain to be our nominee, because they knew obama could beat him. the only bright light in this whole election, was sarah palin. now the left is trying to destroy her, because they don't want a conservative to be the front runner in 4 years. if you notice the socialist try to destroy anybody that they think is a threat to their agenda. mccain will go back to his rino ways, and cross the isle to extend his hand in bi-partisn friendship only to get it slapped. you can't deal with people that hate you.

    39. Laurie, California says:

      Dear Morning Bell, We would be surely lost without you, Rush, Sean and Laura. I wish we could find a conservative wealth person to buy a TV station and the New York Times. The media has become so full of slander and outright lies that I can not read it or even watch TV news anymore (except for Sean). It is appalling and I have worked so hard all of my life, living on what my parents taught me, integrity, honesty, work, fairness and now at 65 years old, I am terrified and don't even wish for grandchildren anymore. I have visited Prague in the early seventies. I saw socialism in full action. My husband survived through the horrors of Hitler and Communism (He is 83 years old). He knows what its like to be in political prison, to have your home taken from you and all of your savings. It is a nightmare. We need lots of prayer to rescue us right now. HELP!!!

      Laurie, California

    40. Eileen, Alabama says:

      I think a better question to ask is will the democratic leadership in Congress allow him the freedom to govern, or will they demand that he follow them and their plans for our Country? Because if we are to believe his campaign promises, which don’t always match up with Congresses views, will they give him the room to make his own chooses.

      There is something very suspicious when I see a jubilant Nancy Pelosi with her Cheshire cat grin and drooling at the thought of a no veto congress be finally allowed to get her way and abuse the power that she has craved for 8 years. As she creates legislation that the American public is against, such as a permanent ban on off-shore or any drilling for oil, which 85% of the public disagree with or provide more funds to corrupt organization such as ACORN. So that the future for any conservative voice is fatally and finally distinguished in her mind. But, 56 million Americans when unhappy with the choices she made become angry, their wrath can be and will be devastating for any liberal and their anti-American policies. If they abuse the power that Americans gave to them on November 4.

      I believe the American public is fair, decent, moral and generally honest and forthright people clearly want at least a two party government system although the liberals clearly don’t, they want a dictatorship where they have total control without having checks, balances, and transparency. I think if Congress, the moment they try to do that, the public’s wrath will be quick and devastating for the democrats. They’ll need to tread lightly and I cannot believe that Mrs. Pelosi or Mr. Reid will do that.

    41. Eileen, Alabama says:

      As we watch our stock market plunge as well as the entire world markets take a huge hit because American made a choice against the free market philosophy and capitalism in favor of socialist ideals, despite the fact that it has grown our country for over 230 years and does work. But, greed from those who held financial power started to destroy it so they could become personally wealthy by standing on the backs of every hard working American. We also have watched European countries by into the socialist philosophy that almost destroy them, where unemployment was the highest in centuries become a very real issue for so many. They learned from there mistakes and Americans had they paid attention would never had voted for it here. They brought into it by a smooth talking con man whose true liberal ideals were pushed aside so he could gain the moderates votes to win one of the most lopsided elections in US history because our media refuses to provide objective coverage for both sides.

      I hope that I’m wrong and that Obama will listen to all Americans, not just the liberal voices and I pray Congress will allow him to govern. Will Americans hold him to the promises he made on the campaign trail and they become a reality and not just political rhetoric from just another career politician. I’ll give him a chance to shows us his policies and won’t hit him over the head with a piece of deadwood as the liberal did to George W. Bush.

    42. Deb. D. Bucks Co., P says:

      I feel frightened for our country for many reasons.

      Number one – the same people who call us terrorist for defending our freedoms by drawing fire on foreign shore think it is o.k. to rip unborn babies from a mothers womb and leave them to die. ?????? What's that?????

      Number two – I really feel sorry for our new president-elect. He will be "The Puppet" for the party, they will have their way. They picked him because his voting record highlighted his decision making abilities (i.e. Abstain, Abstain, Abstain, Abstain, etc.).

      P.S. New Rules:

      If you worked for it, you'll lose it,

      they will take it and use it.

      If you don't work and the system you abuse,

      you'll receive a nice house, fancy cars and designer shoes.

    43. Ira Portland Ore says:

      What worries me most about this country is reading comments posted on this and other message boards.

      I do understand and recognize that vile hatred is spewed from both sides of the aisle.

      I as person with great admiration for Ronald Reagan and current Democrat who voted for Obama, take a look at all sides of spectrum and base conclusions on what I find and see vs. what I am told to find and see. Rush, Hannity, Olberman, Savage all make a lot of money propagating and fostering the divide and hate in this country. Anyone who thinks that any of the above represent anything other than everything wrong with our media is delusional.

      Hate and Fear sells, and from the look of the last 8 years, it’s going off the shelves. When are people going to wake up and understand

      what is at work here?

      This whole Marxist, socialism, Liberal talk is being spoon fed to all of you via Fox news and RW talk radio. All media outlets that make money selling advertising same goes for MSNBC and CNN. Remember the phrase “Sex sells”?, Since America has begun to desensitize to sex, our media and corporate America has latched on to Fear as the new bill of goods.

      While the divide in this country is very real it is much more linked to culture and generational shifts than political policy differences.

      Fact is political differences and divides sell.

      The simple and focused pursuit of profit above all else will be the undoing of this great nation, when corporations are the greatest recipients of welfare and tax dollars our banking system reliant on trust, loses trust, all in the name of excess and greed. This is not a conservative issue or a liberal issues this is an American issue. United we stand divided we fall, do you all remember that?


      I encourage everyone reading this to stop trying to think of what makes us all different and start considering that we need each other to function in society. Give our new president a chance and all of us take responsibility for holding him accountable to deliver not a liberal agenda but one that benefits Americans. The day has come people that we need to stop fearing each other, American needs to learn to function without an enemy.

      The disdain we are feeling for each other will in fact be our undoing, Please, right now stop the self pity and hate and this is a plea to everyone on both sides of the isle.

    44. Tricia, Utah says:

      A mandate for a America, that sounds great! Let's start with redefining ourselves as conservatives who believe in the vison that the founding fathers had for our country … that all people, everywhere, are born with the inalienable right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Let's get out there and keep a running record of where our governmental leaders stand. Do they support life for over 53,000,000 aborted babies?

      Are they overreaching into our personal liberty

      like our 405K's and IRAS? Are they squelching our pursuits of happiness like Joe, the Plumber's dream for his own plumbing business? We need to clean house of all politicians who have compromised these principles. Let's get our congressmen out there to stand up and be heard even if they are defeated. Put it out there so we can see them in commercials, just like during the campaign, of them defending the right and the constitution. Our educational system and its revisionist history has not taught

      our electorate about our amazing founding fathers

      or our constitution. They don't know the extent of their sacrifices or the actual freedoms as outlined in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Before the new Administration, Congress, and the Supreme Court start clamoring for FDR's 2nd Bill of Rights, we need to let Americans have a fair chance through radio and t.v. and internet commercials…words from our founding father's likened to the American experience today; regular reports to the American people of conservative congressmen defending against government overreaching in radio, t.v.,intenet commercials; and the Constitution broken down into

      small bites so our niave electorate can see and hear its unique exceptional qualities. The war

      between right and wrong is still raging. Wars are built of campaigns that are broken down into battles and skirmishes. We have lost this campaign, but there are many battles and skirmishes and more campaigns to fight. Get angry, redirect that anger into positive action and words and go out and fight. Mc Cain got that one right! We have to continue to fight: fight in the schools and defend those young minds, fight in the communities and give national government an example of how they should run themselves;and fight in Washington by calling Congress and jamming the phones when our congressmen are infringing on our inalienable rights. John Paul Jones said, " We have just begun to fight!" Now, take courage, and get out there! That light shining on a hill cannot dim or go out. If it does, mankind will cease to be. Our cause is great and it is good. God bless the Constitution and the United States of America!

    45. Stephanie, New Hamps says:

      Ira, while you are well written in your comments, it doesn't mean you're right. I firmly believe that a liberal agenda (and that's what democrats pursue) is detrimental to my and my family's life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. So when you say things like, "Give our new president a chance and all of us take responsibility for holding him accountable to deliver not a liberal agenda but one that benefits Americans. " His agenda will not benefit Americans – I don't believe that at all. He's a proven liar and has already shown that he's complicit to help censor anyone in disagreement with him. That makes him dangerous. It starts at censorship but where does it end? While there is corporate greed and mismanagement, there it is also in the democratically controlled Congress. Many of the democrats in congress agreed with Bush on many many issues (most importantly Iraq). So blanket blame on Bush is unwarranted and a refusal to hold Congress accountable is rather partisan as well.

      What I find most appalling about your statement Ira is this: "The day has come people that we need to stop fearing each other, American needs to learn to function without an enemy." I fear Americans who push for a socialist agenda (whether it be due to ignorance or because they want my hard earned money so they don't have to work). Socialist regimes have been proven to suppress it's peoples. Rarely is there success and there is only an abundance of misery for the masses. But more importantly, America CANNOT even consider "functioning without an enemy" when America has always had enemies… and since before Bush came into office, sneaky cowardly ones of muslim origin. We must always be weary of an enemy because they are within and outside our borders now. We cannot operate in a vaccuum of our reality, Ira. We cannot stick our heads in the sand on this. To suggest that we do is folly.

      Ira, you say you did your homework. That must mean you know all about Obama and you're still okay with him? Then it means your judgement is faulty in my opinion, because between Obama and McCain (who was never my first choice ever), Obama is the greater of the two evils.

      Democrats campaigned dirty and with lies and then promises money to the masses and used all the fundraising to buy the Presidency. Ira, you are welcome to open your wallet to the Obama Regime, but they need to keep their hands out of mine. I need every cent I have (because I'm not Rich no matter how Obama redefines it) to raise my two sons and try to give them a future. I fear I won't be able to. That fear is real and justified.

    46. MARK , HOUSTON says:

      Amen , Daniel in O.K.We as Americans have a tough road ahead of us . We must fight liberalism EVERYWHERE WE SEE IT, in the classroom , in the courtroom and on the street. Never back down from our core values and beliefs. May GOD bless America , and may he DAMN TO HELL the liberal fools who don,t.

    47. David J, Florida says:

      How is the Banking crisis supposed to get fixed, when Chris Dodd, one of the primary perpetrators of the crisis, is still in charge of banking? Just how ignorant are we?

    48. Ira Portland Ore says:

      Dear Stephanie in New Hampshire,

      You state that “I firmly believe that a liberal agenda (and that’s what democrats pursue) is detrimental to my and my family’s life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.”

      I challenge you to articulate that a bit further? How would this agenda impact you and please be specific as to exactly what is going to happen.

      How I see it specifically is that the Majority of Americans both by 7 million in popular vote and by a huge electoral vote disagree with your opinion and world view. Your view is the same old parroted Rush Limbaugh Sean Hannity partisan hack speak.

      Anyone discussing Socialism, Marxism, Communism as related to this election or any of the policy put forward so far has a fundamental lack of understanding of our very own government and the terms above.

      A progressive tax system

      EITC – Ronald Reagan’s contribution to welfare.

      Are both systems designed to “spread the wealth around”

      I challenge one person on this message board to put forth how the Obama tax policy will impact you directly.

      Be specific or don’t answer, Parroted Generalities will not be accepted as an answer.

      I would take a wild guess that most of the people talking about having money taken from them in all likelihood do not fall into a tax bracket where they have to even consider it. Take Joe the Plumber, the guy who indicated he wouldn’t buy the business because he would pay more in tax,

      Fact is he would pay $973 dollar more per year at 250k net under Obama’s plan. Anyone making the choice to buy a business on $973 yearly increase in operating cost should probably not buy it to begin with. I am sorry $973 on 250k is not a deal breaker.

      The thought that businesses will not hire is a fallacy. Businesses make hiring choices based on the need not the money, in tax brackets large enough to be impacted anyhow.

      All this talk about Congress and blaming them for the ills of America needs to be rechecked.

      From 2000 to 2006 we had a republican president and republican majority, that’s 6 years of unchecked power and look where we are in large part because of it. You want to blame a dem congress for everything yet we saw 154 Filibusters on the part of the GOP in the past two years.

      Republicans have been in power 20 of the past 28 years and our country in my 38 years of life has never been more divided than it is now.

      The comments on this board are distressful, The more I read the more pessimistic I become that the divided between Americans is becoming too great as it was when we had our civil war.

      It is not lost on Americans that most of the states that went for McCain were confederate states. It is not lost all of the hate from both side sides of the isle.

      Like it or not Heritage board posters, American is moving forward into the 21st century, I guess the only questions left is will you be a part of the progress or left behind. The 1950’s were great but they are over. To coin a popular Republican sentiment over the past 8 years “You are either with us or against us”

      While you are busy fighting off the invisible demon of Liberalism, The intellectual conservatives, moderates and progressives of this country will be moving us forward.

    49. Ira Portland Ore says:

      David J, Florida writes:

      How is the Banking crisis supposed to get fixed, when Chris Dodd, one of the primary perpetrators of the crisis, is still in charge of banking? Just how ignorant are we?

      "primary perpetrators of the crisis"

      Please link factual information to supprt the claim.

      I am no Dodd fan, but stop posting things as fact without a source.

    50. The Precursor says:

      Obama will Bloat the Entitlement Programs to the point of Collapse.

      This is what he's planned all along.

      This makes for a perfect set-up for his Socialist/Marxist Kingship.

      This is what he's been after all along.

      One Party, One Money System, One Leader, in front of the United Nations, after he has destroyed our Economic everything, he's going to bring this to the U.N.

      If they go for it, it is the beginning of the real end, not this passing time while we will observe him destroying our Economy, along with everything else that might still hold this Nation together.

      He's out to destroy all the Forefathers did.

      How better a way to be in complete control of people!

      Imagine how he will be able to control people when there is no more Entitlement check-in-the-box.

      He will present that his way, is the only way they will be able to live.

      And, by that time, he will have the largest constituency in the world.

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    52. Jason Va. Beach, VA says:

      I will give President-Elect Obama the benefit of the doubt and wait to see how he responds to being President with his party in control of both houses of Congress. I hope he appoints moderate foreign policy advisors to his staff, because radical islamic insurgent groups are already urging for a pullout of US forces from Iraq and Afghanistan by stating "days that will be more difficult than the nightmare experienced by his predecessor".

      With Biden's foreign policy experience, I'm hopeful that we will continue to stand side by side with Israel on the "War on Terror". I, however, am fearful of what i have witnessed of Obama's past pro-palenstine leanings. I guess only time will tell, as Obama appoints key political advisors and geopolitical events unfold throughout the world.

      As I suspect this election was a combination of both a referendum on the Bush administration of the last 8 years and "Obama Mania", I hope Americans understand that we as a nation must deal with economic downturn while continuing to fight the war on terror. I fear failure to do so could led to catastrophic results that I do not wish on our great nation under any administration.

    53. Danny Hendrickson, G says:

      Being a backseat driver, I can say most of Bush's policy was spot on. Clearly, some policy was gravely mishandled.

      This is why Obama's victory spells a new conservative movement. There's bound to be another Newt Gingrich waiting in the wings. When that person comes into their own, watch out! But it sadly revolves around one question, will the republican's have enough backbone and people to filibuster?

    54. Jason Va. Beach, VA says:

      I hate to tell you this but Obama as the Junior Senator from the state of Illinois has voted 94 times to increase your taxes. Additionally, Obama claims that anyone making less than 250,000 dollars will not see their taxes increase. That is false. He also has advocated for allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire. By allowing the Bush Tax cuts to expire, your taxes will increase. I think there is even more question as to Obama's true intentions on tax increases, because Biden has stated anyone making less than $150,000 and Obama supporter Bill Richardson has stated $120,000. So is there is a slippery slope in play? I guess we will find out when Obama takes office.

      I haven't even mentioned that if you have a pension or Roth IRA that you need to be worried that more of your retirement funds will be taxed, because Obama has not opposed raising Capital Gains taxes.

      I am, optimistic, that the markets and not the political will of Republicans (in Congress) to oppose tax increases will limit Obama's ability to "Spread the Wealth". I just hope Obama doesn't practice the same economic policies as Michigan State Governor Jennifer Granholm. Governor Granholm's economic policies have made Michigan inhospitable to economic growth and job creation. Even worse, jobs have left the state at a remarkable rate. Compared with neighboring Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin, Michigan lost 36,800 jobs according to the Burea of Labor Statistics. Meanwhile, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin saw gains in jobs created 18,400 , 17,200 and 59,200. In response, she has enacted two economic stimulus packages that are "band-aids" to the bigger problem of creating an environment in the state that is friendly to both economic growth and businesses. Be put on notice that Governor Granholm was invited to Obama's economic advisory panel that met this Friday.

      Perhaps Obama would be smart to use Michigan's failed economic policies as a clear indication of what not to do.

    55. Nancy says:

      In this election, the McCain camp mentioned Obama's terrorist ties. Obama denied them and the story died. In this election, the McCain camp mentioned "progressive" causes like Obama's comment to Joe the Plumber. Obama denied it and the story died. People said, "Obama is a socialist!" Obama denied it and the story died. People said, "Obama is a racist, look at his pastor!" Obama denied it (and said people who mentioned it were racist) and the story died. The McCain camp said that the democrats were responsible for the financial meltdown. Obama was silent on this and the story died.

      After Obama's acceptance speech, Charles Krauthammer (on Fox) wrapped up by saying (paraphrasing), "We don't know what to expect because we don't know anything about him." I wanted to throw something at him, partial responsiblity for that is HIS fault. His and all of his so-called journalist brothers and sisters. Most of the fault lies with an uneducated America.

      52% of voting America (or somewhere around 13% of the population) elected a dishonest terrorist-supporting socialist America-hating man. Why not? The media TOLD them he was wonderful! THEY wouldn't lie!

      If we had not been asleep at the switch and allowed the socialist take-over of our schools, the young people would have recognized his programs for what they were.

      I weep for my country. I and my family will survive because we have done without in the past. I and my family will survive because we've seen hard times and know how to make do and adapt. We will work hard both now and when we all lose our jobs – to expose him and all the other socialists (communists?) who have taken control of the democrat party and now, our country.

    56. James E. Mullin Madi says:

      I spent much time reading all the comments and found nothing to worry about. First GOD made the choice, not the populas, because thet really had no choice. GOD has always and will continue to control the powers. Each Presindent hasd one thing to do, but did many things that was not intended. As and example Clinton was allowed to get in for only one reason. He was supposed to help the economy and did fairly well. Bush was allowed to sraighten out the Sumpreme Court and almost succeded (missed by only one). As far as Islam is concerned "GOD always destroies his enemies". At this point the only thing that I can see that Obama can do is cause us Christiasns to take a look at ourseft and get in line with 1Chronicals 7:14. At this point we may be forced to do this !! If you want to understand Islam/Jewish future just read Eze 38 & 39. The 3 referrences to Rev DO NOT hold water !!! Israel WILL NEVER BE DEFEATED, but the US best look out, because we are rapidly becoming GOD's enemy by ouy apathy and disobedience. So wake up Christians and face your responsibilities. If ANYONE wants to discuss this mastter 1 on 1, my home # is 440-428-7494 I am 69 and have seen many things in my life time. Jim Mullin W8KKK (HAM rasdio op. Masy the GOD of Creation richly bless you and yours.

    57. George, Boston says:

      This is the saddest commentary I've ever read.

      The country's in the toilet, guys; that's the reason Obama won. Slice and dice the numbers all you want, but his electoral victory was a LANDSLIDE.

      I voted for Bush both times and I was right there behind my President. Well, these are hard times and the economic tsunami hasn't fully hit yet — they are going to get harder. So I may not like it but Obama's our President and if we are going to lick this we are going to have to get behind him and work together as a community to help each other and the whole country.

      That's what being an American is all about.

      So take the long view and leave meanness and divisiveness until people aren't getting thrown out of their houses and out of work.

      America — love it or leave it!

    58. Jon Benson, Allegan, says:

      Obama or McCain – Does anyone really think that America would have won either way? Of course not! America choose their President by picking, who they believed, was the "lesser of two evils".

      As an American citizen, along with every other American citizen, I am a part-owner of this great country. Looking at it, from a business-owner perspective, would you have chosen either one of these two gentlemen to run "your company". Of course not (unless losing money and your business is your goal).

      I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I, personally, will never again vote for anyone that belongs to either of these two parties. The American people have given these two parties their opportunity to "manage" our business and every four years – "We The People" receive leadership that, in the end, leads us deeper in their failures.

      My Vote, Bob Barr, didn't even stand a chance. Why? Who in America even knew he was on the ticket for President? Less than 1% of the people. The News Media – totally ignored this man. Would not give him the time of day. They wouldn't even allow him into the debates.

      I grew up being taught that our elections were free. I guess that only applies to Democrats and Republicans. McCain and Obama both had the option to allow Bob Barr into the debates, but they only did everything they could to keep him out. What were they so worried about? Perhaps, just because he actually had real answers and real solutions for fixing the problems that Americans face everyday.

      John Adams, over 200 years ago, said that the two-party system would be the death of our government. Still, the idiots Americans are, continue to ignore this fact and continue voting the next worthless "leader" into office.

      As I stated above, I belong to neither party. I am an American, screaming at the top of my lungs, trying to wake up the American people to care enough about their country to take 5 minutes out of their busy day – to pick up the phone and call their Senator, Congressman, State Representative, or even their President and demand that these idiots do their job. Remind these idiots who they work for, as well as reminding them that either they listen to the American people or that you will no longer support their political party.

      FIRE WASHINGTON – that is the only way Washington will ever change. Simply voting in another Republican or another Democrat is never going to solve the problem. Vote for independents or Libertarians. What I find, when doing my research on these "other" candidates, is that their views/positions are always clearly laid out and open for anyone to view. Bob Barr's website, bobbarr2008.com, clearly laid out his positions on all aspects – it was clear to understand exactly where he stood on each issue and allowed me to walk to the polls knowing everything I needed to know to make my decision on the best candidate on the ticket.

      Under the two-party system, we have a government that is at constant war with each other, so that right and wrong no longer matters – and important decisions are made under all the wrong reasons.

      So, thanks America! Thanks for your vote for 4 more years of failure. Thanks for reassuring Washington that no matter how bad of a job they do – you will be right there to continue supporting them – until the day America is NO MORE. November 4th, the majority of Americans told Washington – yes, America is in really bad trouble in almost every aspect, but it's okay – just keep trying, knowing we'll be blind to all your failures. Thanks for voting for Washington to continue allowing our borders to be left unsecured and disregarding American laws by not arresting and deporting the 12-20 million illegal aliens living in this country and raping our social programs and local governments for services – real Americans can't even obtain. Thanks for telling Washington that Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid/Education/Employment/ Energy Independence/Freedom/Rights/etc. remain trusted in their care.

      America – soon to be a memory. In the end – don't blame your government. BLAME YOURSELF – because without you, it never would have gotten this bad. Had you taken 5 minutes out of your busy assed day, day in and day out, then these problems would have been solved years ago. When enough American's pick up the phone – politicans listen. Nothing worse then someone telling a politican that they either do what is right or you will no longer support them. Politicans leave and breathe support. That's why they spend 90 percent of their time campaigning for the next election. From day one – it's no longer about getting the job done that needs done – it's all about campaigning for the next election to come and raising as much money as possible to get re-elected. HOW ABOUT JUST DOING YOUR JOB – YOU KNOW – WHAT WE "ELECTED" YOU TO DO.

      Oh wait, then they wouldn't be a Republican or Democrat. Every American knows they open their mouth and lies spill forth. Still, we're the idiots who continue to support them – election cycle after election cycle.

    59. JB says:

      I hope everyone saves the last paycheck stub they receive under the Bush Administration to compare it four years down the road to the last pay check they receive under the Obama administration. Ninety-five percent of Americans should see a difference, according to "The One".

    60. David Hennessey, Dul says:

      You conservatives are so afraid but you have nothing to fear from President Obama. As President, he will do more to further true conservatism than any President since Ronald Reagan and perhaps including Reagan. He will seek compromise on the social issues such as abortion and gay marriage even though the vast majority of Americans are more socially liberal than he is. He will be more fiscally responsible and less interventionist than any Republican. Left-wing Democrats (like me) will be protesting his right wing foreign policies and his likely failure to end the forgotten war in Afghanistan. Rahm Emanuel will make sure that his Israel policy is more pro-Israel than Bush has been. Sure, you still won't like him but that's because he's black and a Democrat. The Republican Party left it's conservative roots long ago and you can't even describe it's policies in a coherent manner anymore because it is so contradictory in it's make-up and beliefs. Worse yet, you deride the "liberal agenda" but you don't even understand the "liberal" and Democratic Party policies that you are afraid of. I have no doubt that Barak Obama will be one of our best Presidents in our history, not because I will agree with his philosophy but because he can manage multiple tasks and organize people so well that his Administration will be remembered for competency, efficiency and little tolerance for corruption. Americans don't want a liberal government or a conservative government, they want a good government.

    61. BobBrown says:

      No mandate from the left? May be not from the left but the right wing starting with Palin and McCain assured us Obama is a Socialist! So, why should we not expect a mandate for Socialism –not from the left, but from the right! In fact, George Bush has already started the "nationalizing" of the financial and banking industry … way before Obama takes over the presidency!

    62. Dell, South Carolina says:

      O.K..So now I've read all the 1st, 2nd and 3rd day after election comments and I'm not surprised at the variations I see reflected there. I hear fear, desperation, disappointment and disbelief (with a little cautious hope, too). I hear blame, criticism, anger, fatalism..I hear people who, in some cases, seemed to think that whatever way of life they thought they had established was going to go on the same on November 5th as it had on November 3rd.

      Well, wake up, people! Didn't you hear the man say, "We're gonna change this country! We're gonna change this world"? Now, what do you suppose he meant by that? Do you really think he's going to put a chicken in every pot? His remarks (and "Billery's, too, back in the primaries) about renegotiating NAFTA already has Canada talking about the possible formation of an OPEC-style "cartel" with some European countries. What will America do if we lose our relationship with Canada? I didn't like NAFTA or CAFTA..living in textile country, we saw our jobs vanish almost overnight..but the fact remains that it's done now so all we can do is quit whining about it and either get to work strengthening the Republican party or find a viable option in a Libertarian, an Independent, etc. Someone

      who TRULY has America's interests at heart..not someone who got in the WH door because a lot of young kids believed he would make jobs appear for them; or "community organizers" who expect to be a part of his government (he TOLD them they would be); or the presumed disenfranchised who believe affirmative action caused them to be passed over at times whether it's true or not; and even the blacks who just wanted to live long enough to see a black president. To me, those are not reasons to put a man in the highest office in the land.

      But, as I said, it's done now so let's get together and fix it the best way we know how. I believe the first order of business is to see that the Dems don't get a filibuster-proof congress. Stopping that is the only check or balance we have at present.

      The second point I would make is that we need to reform the tax code we're laboring under right now. I would advise everyone to go to fairtax.org and find out how you could not only keep more of the money you earn but the government revenues wouldn't change that much and we'd all be more prosperous. However, the major reason I'm interested in the proposition is because it would totally eliminate the lobbyists and special interest groups. That alone would be a boon to the American taxpayer.

      Think about it. Research it for yourselves. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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    64. Russell, Orlando, FL says:

      It's not the office of the president we need to stop. We need to get together and elect a "We The People Party" that has a solid platform of reform (i.e. term limits, fair tax, congressional health care and retirement, balanced budget, etc.) If we could stick to our guns for six years and elect a group of congress people and senators, WE THE PEOPLE would finally be in control of our government for the first time in 100 years. Whoever holds office would not be able to veto the bills passed by such a party if we could replace every dem and rep currently in office and up for reelection in the next four years. It would get and keep criminals and the "ruling class" we've created and allowed to take over our capital and country.

      We can't do anything about the communist soon to move into our white house, but we can start to do something about the idiots in congress and the senate who are just as set on destroying our country as he is.

    65. Dell, South Carolina says:

      Well, I see that my comments about fairtax.org went unremarked. It's November 15, 2008 today–five months to the dreaded day when the stampede is on at midnight on April 15, 2009. Since we lost our entire 401K in the stock market, appx. $1.1 Mil that we worked and saved for for 35 years(!) and are now down to SSA and Medicare only, I'm going to sit back and watch all you people who expected your own version of a golden parachute in the form of tax rebates and "welfare checks" to magically appear in your mailbox and solve all your problems–let's just say, good luck! Your elected Messiah has already started backpedaling on at least 25% of the lofty promises he made as he glibly campaigned on "hope for the low and middle class families" of America. I want someone to have the guts to come on this site then and tell me how much more wonderful their lives are! Please, don't bother to do it in 2009–do it in 2010 or 2011. I know the taste of crow but I don't expect to be having to eat any of it. I'll save that for you.

      I heard one "talking head" on TV a day or so before the elections who predicted–rightly, I believe–that it wouldn't take more than a week until BHO's high-brow rhetoric would start to catch up with him. So what do you see him doing now? He's STILL not answering questions about how he plans to pay for his, Pelosi's and Reid's starry-eyed dreams of going down in history for saving the world for the little man. HA! and LOL!

      Also, has anyone noticed that all of BHO's acquaintances–not friends but just "acquaintances"–have started coming out of the woodwork like the little insects they are? Bill Ayres has re-released his hate-filled old book and still isn't repen- tant–(and don't forget, he and Khalidi are still teaching our young college-age people their anarchistic ideals); Rev. Wright, much more subdued but just as defiant, is now talking; Father Flegler; Louis Farrakhan–and, if he's still alive, I expect to be hearing from "Uncle Frank", O's mentor starting about 6 or 8 years of age, also another America-hating subversive–and every one of them smirking all the way back to their followers with their smarmy little grins–"We won!" Whoopee! I want to hear from them in a couple of years, too!

      If there's one red, white and blue-blooded American out there who doesn't want to learn how to march in lock step to a Marxist tune, you'd better wake up!

      PLEASE don't forget to look into fairtax.org. You'll learn some things there that'll make you think you CAN have your beloved country back.

    66. James E. Mullin says:

      This is my second comment on this matter.

      I would reccomend that you go out and get as many 55 gallon barrels and fill the with gasoline as you can afford. The sunden drop in gas prices ($1.90/gal in N.E. ohio)is only to convine the American people that they made the right choice, but as in a new store it is only to draw you in.

      Very shortly the price will slowly go back to the gouging price and maybe even higher since they now think they have more control in the U.S.A. .

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