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  • The Federal Government Must Investigate This Election

    The Volokh Conspiracy‘s Todd Zywicki flags this video from an ABC affiliate in Atlanta, Georgia. This one television station identified more than 100,000 people who were registered to vote in both Georgia and also either Ohio or Florida. Despite the fact that this report aired before election day and involved only three cities, the station already identified three people that appear to have voted twice, and another 11 that could have. Zywicki comments:

    One really key concern that this story suggests is the potential for fraud among college students. Because there is no law that requires you to unregister in one state if you register in another, it is very easy to register in a new state and still vote in your old state (leaving aside the ethics of college students voting in a state where they have no plan to establish permanent residency). I really hope that this is not a big problem, but I fear that this hope may be somewhat naive.

    The Georgia Secretary of State had promised an investigation into the problem, telling WSBTV: “You vote where you live. You don’t get to pick and choose based on what is a battleground state.”

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    23 Responses to The Federal Government Must Investigate This Election

    1. Robert Smith Mainevi says:

      I seen first hand of voting fraud by a white male who was caught voting twice. Once by absentee ballot per the polling worker and then was given a provisional ballot to vote again. He claimed in a low voice that is was not him who was on the record as voting absentee. When ask for ID he had NONE. Odd wouldn't you say. Not even a insurance card that was ask by the polling worker. A liar if I ever seen one. Waiting two hours in line and behind this person to vote, I ask the polling worker what happens to his vote. No confidence in her answer. As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.

      Fair or unfair.

    2. Brendan, Virginia says:

      The poor system of voting, combined with the assault on the electoral college, is a huge threat to the success of our democracy. It's a great time to try and get states to follow the electoral processes of Maine and Nebraska.

    3. Barb - mn says:

      When running a national campaign to presidency, and in today's world of frauds, terrorists, corruption, illegal immigration, the government doesn't have an honest interest in their rightful duty to the safety of American citizens. If they did the candidates would have to prove their two qualifications of age and original birth. We know under a circumstance McCain is qualified, but Obama is made an exception to? I don't doubt Obama had people across the country corrupting the system as he continues to be made an exception.

    4. Crippy, Michigan says:

      There won't be any investigation, they got the result they wanted. God help us all. I'm just wondering how retroactive the tax increases are going to be.


    5. McGowan, IL says:

      I agree w Crippy. God help us all. What can we do to help the voter fraud situation?

    6. Arven D Hansen says:

      I could not agree more there is so very much voter fraud which should not be. The media left is partly to blame for this when are they going to learn I hope very soon.

    7. Jules Gilpatrick Lak says:

      There are countless examples of government not enforcing laws that are already on the books and when a problem manifests itself because of this their solution is to make even more laws. Government absolutely does not intend for these laws to be enforced as their non-enforcement (such as enforcing voter fraud laws) is advantageous to them. We will be very lucky indeed if, by 2012, we still have free elections.

    8. Sam, Idaho says:

      I live in Idaho and this year we were not asked to show our identification. I was not happy about that at all. There were pollwatchers there who could easily take down names of those who hadn't voted yet and call their friends to come down and use these names. When did we become so lackadaisical?

    9. kent/virginia says:

      Thanks to someone in Arlington VA the men and women in the Mideast will not have their ballots delivered in time to count. This has happened before in recent Presidential elections and it's a National disgrace. I don't care if it makes no difference in the final electoral count, our service men and women deserve –more than anyone else in America — to have their votes count! Americans should demand their elected representatives investigate and see that this will not happen again.

      Both Wisconsin and Ohio have reported 'possible' voter fraud, yet do not plan to investigate further. An article I read stated that some 200,000 registrations in Ohio were 'suspicious,' according to the Secretary of State of Ohio. She plans no action. ACORN was operating their get out the bogus vote tactics in Ohio. ACORN is a multi-million dollar, multi-national conglomerate. The man that runs ACORN, Wade Rathke is SDS. Obama worked for ACORN in Chicago, even taught classes to train their people, paid ACORN $800,000 for their services when he ran for State Senator. Didn't the President Elect have another friend that was SDS?

      Insist your elected representatives investigate.

      A word to first-time voters (7 out of 10 of whom voted for Obama) look up SDS, see what they stand for. They're still with us, still following Mao's Little Red Book and the agenda to subvert America. They had their 40th reunion at Loyola University last year.

      Did you vote for change? Check your pockets

    10. Matt says:

      Well folks, I can only guess the mess to come. I can however suggest a plan for the next election in two years. If they want to cheat and lie and scam the people of this nation, we need to play their game. If they can use ACORN tactics to bring in votes, so can we. I know it goes completely against the principles we hold and the ethics broken just make me sick thinking about it, but we can't just sit on sidelines and let this country be ruined by these worthless haters of liberty and freedom. By these people who have no conscience in their actions. It will be difficult to stoop to the level of a dog turd but drastic measures are needed now. They have tasted victory for the first time in a long while and have been able to get it through their new found game plan of voter fraud and poll manipulation. Not to mention these electronic voting machines can be programmed to the outcome desired by who ever handles them. They have been doing these things for several years now and it is finally paying off for them. Since we know they could not possibly win a landslide victory without using fraudulent means, it should not be too difficult to institute efforts to reverse the gains they have gotten in two years. And since no one cares about it, maybe it is actually legal now and we just don't know yet?

    11. Frances Tritten, Swi says:

      Mediacracy and not democracy has dominated the USA Presidential elections this year. Many voters were willed to vote for Obama through media frenzy, mass hysteria and psychological manipulation. Obama has been cast as a saviour. I trust that as the President CEO & CFO of the greatest business on earth – the USA – he will have been screened and tested at the highest level for absolute integrity, competence and reliability as would anyone destined to such a position. With an awesome agenda and stunning balance sheet, one would certainly hope for nothing less. To stand at the helm of an ark in today's floodwaters where floating mines abound and monsters lurk just below the waves, one feels uneasy but then was there much choice – could McCain have delivered and truly served the nation ? Surely one doesn't need to cheat as if we were electing the head of a banana republic – the States of United Afmerica?

    12. Gaile, Cartersville, says:

      I agree with Frances. Why or why wasn't the CIA, FBI, Secret Service or whoever asked to check Obama's background to see if he was truly qualified to be the President of the USA? If we wouldn't pass to be a CIA Agent or any of these organizations,then certainly he shouldn't be qualified to have access to all the top secrets of the Presidency and all the sensitive information that will come across the President's desk. I don't get it. Can someone explain this to me, please. Obama's various questionable associations alone would disqualify him for the CIA or the Secret Service. What gives? Who is protecting him from the scrutiny that should have been done long before this election.

      This is unbelieveable.

    13. laura waclawczyk,cen says:

      what really makes me angry is the fact that my tax dollars are subsidizing acorn, it's like pouring salt into a wound. they are no more than a bunch of thugs that have no regard for the constitution and the people of this great country. I would hate to think that there are no other alternatives left us, but to lower ourselves to their level just to have a level playing field.

    14. Mark, New Mexico says:

      A way to keep an election honest is to only allow tax payers to vote and have a federal tax ID card to prove identity.

    15. Kath, Orangeburg, SC says:

      May God raise up SOME with integrity, courage, fortitude, guts, authority to stand up against this travesty. Is there no conscience? Is there no fear of Almighty God? Are we still a people under law or are we ALL on the take?

    16. mth , MN says:

      I agree, I would like to see about getting rid of the ElectorialVOTE.

      Becoming more involved with our own areas can improve the wrongs of other. By us showing what honesty can do. Will help unite justice in what our for fathers had started for us to follow.

    17. Simone, Texas says:

      I agree with Mark, federal ID required to vote. I also think true campaign reform is needed. No ads, no journalist's opinions. 3 months prior to election, broadcast provides two to four hours per week divided by the candidates, they state their position on issues and their plan, and make a comment comparing their plan to what opposing candidate stated was his plan. Print media includes insert which includes previous broadcast transcript and comments from EXPERTS IN THE FIELDS – not personalities, in all Sunday papers and major week-day publications, monthly publications. Seeing commentators explain the mortgage crisis made me realize how little they know about what they tell their audiences.

    18. Dr. Conrado O. Limas says:

      need to see in action the CHANGE program of US president elect

    19. CHUCK MARIETTA says:





    20. LL, Canton says:

      We must demand that the FBI and CIA due their due diligence and investigate OBAMA. This just floors me that he even got in the Senate now to be handed our NUCLEAR codes. This is frightening for our children. Blogging wont get it done though. Everyone reading this needs to be contacting your individula FBI and CIA branches and start gathering supporters to pound them with inquiries as to his background and agenda.

    21. LG, Houston says:

      We need transparency and a revision of the voting procedures. I don't mind using my ID for identification and I don't think it is wrong to require others to do so. It is usually those who oppose using ID who are those are "bending the law". This was not a "fair" election.

    22. Dennis Aderholt Geor says:

      this can not be investigated, the democrats will never allow it. If the Republicans had won, well that is a different story.

    23. Arizona says:

      Can someone tell us how to start or join a grassroots orgination to force the government to address voter fraud???

      The Electoral vote is one of the checks and balances of a Republic — we are not a pure Democracy but a republican form of government based on democratic principles and the principles of Judeo-Christian precepts. We are ruled by a Constitution that many on the Left would gladly get rid of entirely and who have been ignoring for years… Joan

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