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  • Morning Bell: Congratulations, President-Elect Obama

    After a hard-fought campaign nearly two years in the making, last night a candidate was elected president of the United States. That candidate promised to “cut taxes for 95% of workers and their families,” expand the Army by 65,000 and the Marines by 27,000, and enact “a net spending cut” for the federal government. Lower taxes, a strong defense and shrinking the size of government. These are core conservative beliefs. Anyone who claims yesterday’s election was the end of conservatism simply was not paying attention to the campaign.

    Despite a political environment that heavily favored the party of the left, Barack Obama still managed only a 5-point margin of victory. Compare that to a true conservative, Ronald Reagan, who bested his liberal opponents by 9 points in 1980 and by 18 points in 1984. According to last night’s exit polls, Americans who voted yesterday are 34% conservative, 44% moderate and only 22% liberal. As Newsweek admitted earlier this year: “Should Obama win, he will have to govern a nation that is more instinctively conservative than it is liberal.”

    There is no doubt the Republican Party has lost its way. Non-defense federal spending has risen 3.74% under President Bush compared to 2.93% under President Bill Clinton and 1% under Reagan. Federal spending now tops $25,000 per household annually, and the coming Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid costs threaten to add another $12,000 per household per year. Conservatives have a lot of work to do.

    One of the many tasks conservatives will happily perform is making sure Obama keeps his promises to lower taxes, strengthen the military and cut spending. The Los Angeles Times reports: “[S]ome Democrats are already debating whether Obama’s promised middle-class tax cut should be scaled back to lessen the hit to the budget. ‘He should be able to persuade the country that some promises are going to have to be put on hold,’ said Will Marshall of the centrist Democratic Leadership Council.” In just 76 days, we are going to start finding out if the next president’s actions will match his rhetoric.

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    52 Responses to Morning Bell: Congratulations, President-Elect Obama

    1. pbaker says:

      Move on!! Get over it !! Give this guy a chance and no one is perfect because you cannot please everyone and solve every problem.

    2. Dawna Montgomery says:

      I am saddened by the election results. I am concerned with the security of our great country now that Obama, who has a questionable past and marginal intent for up holding the Constitution, has been elected. I want to be pro-active instead of reactive. Where can we conservative republicans go to be of use? I want to work with a group of people who are set on keeping Obama honest, security tight and our Constitution upheld. Please give me, and millions of other conservatives, a voice, a place to be active in protecting our great country.

      Thanks, Dawna Montgomery

    3. Robert, California says:

      "That candidate promised to “cut taxes for 95% of workers and their families,” expand the Army by 65,000 and the Marines by 27,000, and enact “a net spending cut” for the federal government."

      ….and you actually believe that?

    4. Troy, Mary Esther, F says:

      If you are trying to convince me that a conservative was just elected, you have failed. BO does not have a conservative bone in his body and raising taxes when the country is going through a downturn in the business cycle is not exactly a prescription for growth. This man will be the worst President in 100 years and will probably be impeached within the first term.

      I do not congratulate Mr. Obama. I pray to God to spare us from this man's intentions.

    5. Jason, NY says:

      obama has proposed almost $1 trillion in new spending. this is considered "shrinking the size of government"?

    6. Diana Ward, Aurora, says:

      Obama may or may not be what anyone on either side thinks he is. In my life experience, he'll probably be just as messed up as any other politician. Supposedly we elected a President, just part of the balance of power, not a King, so even if he really was Obamassiah he probably couldn't do everything he promised.

      But Oprah has to be seriously disturbed if she really believes that Obama’s victory was “the most meaningful thing that has ever happened.”

      That is about the saddest thing I have heard in a long time, even if it is historic that so many blacks voted and a half black and half white man was elected President.

    7. Henry Los Angeles, C says:

      God lefts up, and God puts down….Don't worry God is still in control.

    8. Sandi, Colorado Spri says:

      It's amazing to me how much some of the posts reflect negativity. Both Democrats and Republicans have shown a lack of any scruples. I'm tired of Pelosi and I'm really tired of Bush. Those interested in being miserable will continue to be. It's obvious from some of the sour grapes that people were voting party "line" rather than from a balanced place based on facts and education. Instead of the bitching, it would be nice to see a post from a Republican that says "Though I didn't vote for Obama, I respect that he is the President of my country. (remember Country First?)"

    9. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      "Conservatives have a lot of work to do."


      So, What do YOU tell someone that has

      Medical Bills they can't pay?

    10. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      The First thing O should do is

      end the Cap on Soc Sec earning.

      Make ALL pay into Soc Sec and medicare


      just like MOST people do.

      If He ends the Cap

      there will be enough $$$ for Soc Sec and Medicare



    11. Patty, Miami, Florid says:

      As someone who is first generation American, I am disappointed that my hispanic race has helped elect a President that stands for some of the philosophies that our hispanic families have been attempting to escape in Latin America – redistribution of wealth. I have seen it fail miserably in other countries but I guess Americans are tired of their economic situation and the easiest way is always to hand over your problems to the government. I told my children that with this "change" will come some positives and some negatives. I can only pray that the positives outweigh the negatives and America redirects its passion and energy away from Change and back to Hope- the real American Dream.

    12. Jay, Phoenix, AZ says:

      Why in the world would you believe what Obama promised?

    13. Robert , SC says:

      Those who love socialism, murder of unborn, high taxes, large government, weak national security, godless rhetoric, worship of man, terrorism and poverty should be happy that Obama was elected. McCain was a weak candidate too. We need to pray that God raises up a man for the future to lead us. May God prepare that man while we wait for the next election. Christians will continue to trust in God and the true Messiah, Jesus.

    14. Ricardo Dieguez - Mi says:

      Indeed it was a hard fought battle, but the only side who always plays it fair, is our side. ACORN, Black Panthers intimidating voters, the LEFT mainstream 150% BIAS media, etc., etc., made things so much easier for Senator Obama's election.

      Regarding Oprah's comments, did she forget that there were many more important events in history such as, the birth of Jesus, the Declaration of Independence, WWI, WWII, the fall of the great USSR, the creation of Israel and much more?

      What we need do is, not to do any business with those who sponsor Oprah and will see how soon, Ms. Oprah will change her thinking.

    15. Dean, Minneapolis says:

      The Republicans have lost their way and that responsibility falls on the President, Congress and party leadership. It's a rebuild from the bottom up.

      Obama stands for everything and stands for nothing. As he said, "It's just words" and he actually means it.

      When the country allows the media to elect our president, we get what we deserve. Pelosi, Reid, Obama….a perfect trifecta for the left.

      When the republican party allows the people in the spotlight to be Hastert, Frist and DeLay, no wonder there's a fracture down the middle. They caused the problems at the start.

      Of course, McCain, bless him, he doesn't know how to fight. Senators are always pleasant, arent' they. The Dems know full well how to do it (read I'll take public funding, but only after you agree, and then I'll not do it and kill you with money).

      There's a reason only 3 sitting US Senators have been elected to the White House since the founding our our country. It's because they haven't done anything of substance except flap their lips. And we had 3 Senators in this race.

      We'll rue this day, you will see.

    16. Hum, AZ says:

      Pondering but not taken–I am still for the Lord of Heaven and His plan is eternal. BHO cannot say that–because he is likely the one who will be indwelt with the big question…real Christians and Messianic Jews know what that is. All you say so "Christians" still have an opportunity to be saved…try Him.

      Remember: His victory is on the Day of the Lord…hallelujah!

    17. Raghu Nathan , Banga says:

      Best wishes to Mr.Obama on this historical victory.On his foreign policy though,I feel ,there is going to be a bumpy ride. Despite mistakes made by Mr.Bush , I feel , he and his team , correctly assessed how to deal with Terrorism inspired by religious beliefs.These terrorists are fanatics & are beyond reason.There is no way one can sit & discuss with them in a civilized manner.Force is the only language these guys understand.One would like to wish Mr.Obama

      success on his 'dialog' approach to solving problems relating to terror.But I believe , he will quickly realize how it does not work in real world with irrational people who don't play by any rules.Let us wait before we demonize Mr.Bush as the worst President US has ever had.

    18. Bryan, Georgia says:

      While I'm disappointed in the result, there is a "silver lining"….CONSERVATIVES will now be able to get back to basics. Candidates like Sarah Palin(a Reagan Conservative)and others will point the way. GET INVOLVED LOCALLY,SUPPORT CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATES AND IN THE END OUR "BRAND" WILL LEAD THE REPUBLICANS OUT OF THE WOODS!!! KEEP THE FAITH. We survived Clinton, we'll survive Obama !!

    19. Susan Drollinger M says:

      This is the real concern about the election. Voter Fraud, illegal immigrants voting,the military vote being left out. As long as it is a fair election great, but how many people are aware there are still several states that do not require valid IDs!!!! Some of these states had close races. People we are in danger of our freedoms being stolen!! What about the blantant preferential treatment the media gives their "chosen". The same standards should be applied to everyone. Barak if you don't have anything to hide, show all your records and allow an impartial investigation. Otherwise stop telling us how great you are-prove it!

    20. mike hutchings says:

      i believe he is a tool and a good one for the establishment all good sixties people set them selves aganst. the real shift is the leftist structure that has put enviroment before jobs. shipped said jobs to china bemoaned thier going and still promote themselves as friends of labor when they aid the destruction of its employment base. thier base is now academics and goverment and creating marginal service jobs and open borders to ensure the poor will be with you always but must be given just enough handouts and shovelfulls of hope to form a dependent voting block on the order of the paris mob of the french revolution.i like the fact that we have a black president. i dont like that he is a socialist. it(socialism) does not work but it is not meant as a solution it does make it easier to control large groups of people with the ones on bottom continually looking about for signs of others getting above themselves. creating wealth achievments such as haveing three cows got you shipped to siberia or say an suv or a flat screen tv in our version of the comeing paradise or your 401k that they want to roll into social security for the greater good.a lot of things are done for the greater good but most of the goods extracted are for the good of the greater.

    21. danarechelletxs says:

      Lets quit dwelling on this and prepare our Republican base. Time is short…only four years.

    22. J. Mariana, Austin says:

      "…it would be nice to see a post from a Republican that says “Though I didn’t vote for Obama, I respect that he is the President of my country. (remember Country First?)”

      Well, Sandi in Colorado, you can ride that tide of guaranteed failure if *you* want to; I will do everything I can to resist the upcoming presidency (without becoming unhinged like the liberals were during Bush's terms, of course).

    23. E.M. Perry, NY says:

      To Mary Esther in FL:

      I don't think they were implying that Obama was a conservative only that he pitched conservative values and that is why he was able to win. If he had come out pitching secular progressive propaganda, he would have been voted out in minute.

      This election needs to be a learning experience for the Republicans. They ran a traditional campaign and that does not work anymore. They need to tap into the pulse of the people without selling out the values and principles that made this country great.

      If Republicans were smart they would start a major campaign to teach people how to be educated voters. The Dems just love to tell people to "Get out and Vote." The Republicans should teach people how to use that right responsibly. Then when people cast their votes, they are doing so according their conscience and values and not because of media hype.

    24. MARK , HOUSTON says:

      This is truly a sad day for America , may god help us .

    25. mario sampaio - port says:

      elections are when politicians read to the public their letter to santa claus… we all know that by now. obama promissed many things but there is one thing he delivered lots of: HOPE AND SOLIDARITY. other than that, he is another very nice well intentioned human being.

      in my group, we wish the best for america after this election, this new president ellect, if he protects himself from harm, may be able to help america move on, but only if americans – the overwhelming majority of americans – pro-actively want the same, and all work in a big great team to achieve your goals, that is after all, the unique strength of america, team work! the 'achiles heel' in my opinion are the two to five percent of the population that hold 80% of the economy (don´t quote me on these figures being rigorous)

      the world needs a strong america, I recognize an inverse relationship between the global power of america vs. the power of china and russia, iran and so on. no further comment on this issue!!!

      and for all those who have criticized america, although some of the 'war related procedures' we all agree have been wrong, nonetheless i acknowledge that the real and emminent threat is there and that.. someone has to do the dirty work.

      we all learned as children it is impossible to win playing clean against someone playing dirty!

      some large countries in europe have criticized america but in total hipocrisy because the driving force in NATO is america, our freedom peacefully rests in america's technology, war power and nuclear threat!

      the point is the conditions are met for the united states to move on, to continue to create the tools of development for the next century, show the world that it is possible to live in freedom, peace and prosperity… with hope and solidarity.

    26. Woodward Bennett says:

      Rev. Wright begged "God, Damn America!"

      And I am afraid God just has!

      I believe these times shall be a great test. If we truly love and believe in our Constitution and the vision our Founders had for this once outstanding Nation, we must not compromise our principals. We must not concede and we can never betray that which we know to be right, for if we do so, then surely we deserve that which we receive.

      Until I may locate and apply for citizenship in Galt's Gulch, I shall fight against any and all enemies of the individual. I will never concede that Socialism or Collectivism has a place alongside liberty and freedom.

      Dear Mr. President-Elect Obama, I extend to you the respect that the office you shall occupy deserves. Understand, however, that I shall resist your ideology with every fiber of my being.

    27. Susan Drollinger M says:

      Voting is a privilege and a greater responsibility. Productive members of society should have more voting power. For instance, all military should have five votes, tax-paying citizens two votes, retired former tax-paying citizens two votes. Business owners three votes. Illegals no votes, the legal Americans on public assistance, one vote. The UN, negative (-1000 votes, the UN owes us! As John Smith stated, "No work, no et." If some of you youngsters don't know who John Smith was-google him-he didn't believe in entitlements and guess what, everyone was equal.

    28. R. Marin Marietta Ga says:

      I didn't vote for "O", but he is my president and the historical implications are enormous. The republicans have lost their way and need to stop whinning and begin to mobilize.

      Oprah is a fraud………

      This election was less about "O" and more about "W". Change was in the wind, and he captured it.

      It will be interesting how his rhetoric matches his performance.It is a difficult time for our country and we need to galvanize behing our leaders, and pray that we are headed for the right kind of change.

      The negative campaigning from both sides was deploring. I am a Sarah rooter and hope we hear from her in the future. I also like Jindle, perhaps the reform notion will catch fire with fresh blood in there.

    29. Rich, Oklahoma says:

      I'll say it, I voted McCain but wish the new President luck. I hope that he is a man of his word when pertaining to taxes, the military and government spending. If he proves not to be then he should stand accountable for his failures.

      To quote Paine "those who expect to reap the benefits of freedom, must, like men undergo the fatigue of supporting it. I am prepared to be very tired…

    30. Felix Hernandez says:

      I think that this is a great time for this country when we have our first black president, for that I'am very excited. Too bad he is not the right one.

      I'am glad that GOD is still in control.

    31. Gary; Massachusetts says:

      As the Patriots do, the season is over. Let`s learn from our mistakes and move on with a better game plan

      America may be ready for change, BUT they are not ready to be Governed like in the CommonWealth of Massachusetts

      It is time to regroup, the next political play offs are 2010 We need to aggressives search out traditional conservetive canidates for the senate and congress. NOW !!!!

      and " NO R-I-N-O's It will not do Our Conservetive cause any good if only the " R " next to their name makes them a republican.

      With the ultimate Political SuperBowl….win back the White House in 2012

      We need to get this grass roots 50 state freight train rolling now…Let`s go to Work !!!

    32. Ed W., Bucks Co., PA says:

      Obama & Biden want us to share our wealth but they don't seem to think that they need to share their wealth. I make less than $100,000.00 last year yet I gave more to charity than both of them combined!!

    33. A Hubbartt says:

      Are you kidding us!?? B.Hussein Obama is not going to do any of those things listed in the email. Those are conservative ideas, but from him they are just liberal lies.

    34. Dave McDuffie, lagun says:

      OK, Obama is going to be president. His acceptance speach was pure "CONSERVATIVE" stressing togetherness, country first, creation of jobs(which socialists NEVER ACCOMPLISH), EQUALLITY(not taking from one and giving to another!). This was a REAGANESQUE speach if there ever was one and the guy should be commended and I as a used-to-be republican(because of that idiot Bush!)and now indie will support Obama, until he makes a left turn and that will be it! I was totally dismayed to here the black woman say, on the radio, that she could stop working and Obama would help her pay for her gas and mortgage, and I sincerely hope she was jiving! Obama wasted a lot of money on this campaign because of his free ride from the media and of course Hollywood's lampooning of McCain and Palin really did sink their ship. With the combined efforts of the left wing news media and left wing Hollywood there was NO WAY OBAMA COULD LOSE!

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    36. Michael J O'Bri says:

      caveat emptor..pray for the Republic….let's see what the liberal media do with this guy…

    37. Matt, New England says:

      First off, I'd like to preface this comment with the fact that I come from an extremely progressive minded part of the country, and the family I grew up in reflects this. Personally, that is typically where I fall on many issues. Recently, I've been making a very deliberate effort to understand the roots of Conservatism. I want to understand why New England, a place that was formerly a stalwart of Conservative idealism no longer votes for the "Conservative" party. I find it ironic that I can agree with the basic doctrines of the Conservative idealology, yet when I research the realities of what each candidate stands for in their actions and words (and yes, words do count for something) I'm not always finding Republicans with the strongest Conservative ideals. I think that this article is a great example of how this can be true. I admire this website for acknowledging the fact that yes, BO in fact does understand some of the things that Conservatives value, as hard as that may be to hear for some folks. Even if you didn't vote for him, at least have some Faith in him. I hope that insightful conservatives will be able to look back at what happened in the Bush years and learn from it. When that happens I think we'll all be better off, regardless of what color your state is on (insert any given media outlet here). I don't know which party has a tougher row to hoe right now. It seems to me that the Republican party can do nothing but improve at this point- I believe that that can and will happen if there is a return to the core values of what makes Conservatism such a fundamental part of our nation. No matter what, the anger and name calling needs to stop from both sides. I think Emily Post knew a fews things about Politics! Thanks for reading, and lets all try to keep learning; I know I'm trying to.

    38. Orlando Baylor, Ston says:

      As a life long right of center African American Democrat I applaud Barack Obama in his election as President of the United States of America who just happens to be a Black Man. Notice I said President who happens to be Black and not Black President. These were the hopes and dreams of Dr. Martin Luther King. No one really consider George W Bush the White President.

      As I read the many comments listed on this conservative site, I can’t help but laugh a bit at how many readers feel the country will go to hell. Simply because this man happens to be politically left of many of the readers. There’s a lot of passion in elections but let’s explore some simple facts. As much as conservatives hated Bill Clinton, the country did not go to Hell in a Hand Basket, even when considering his personal indiscretions. The growth in big government was actually less than under George W. Bush. These are by your own numbers.

      The only thing that really disturbs me is Fear many conservatives express over the fact that this man won the election. I find this emotion confusing and totally unjustified. While I was upset when Bush won in 2000 and 2004, Fear was not something that came to mind. Though in looking back at a wasteful war in Iraq, a Budget deficit that boggles the mind and an increase in the size of government that most certainly makes the most liberal blush, perhaps fear is justified.

      Conservatives lost. Get over it. It happens. Both liberals and conservatives will have their day from time to time. Consider this however. In some countries, the losers would be grabbing their guns about now and going after the winners. I’m proud of this country and how we accept the will of the people and true Democracy and such actions are the last thing on our minds (Civil war not included).

      We are truly an example for the rest of the world.

      Whether you agree or disagree with the policies of your new president elect, I ask that we all get behind him and hold him to the promises he has made. After all if you remove the rhetoric and examine his proposals they are not that different from what many conservatives seek as well.

      A strong economy, personal responsibility, a closer working relationship with our friendly nations, growth in jobs, lower government spending as a result of more jobs, better education for our kids and a health care system that makes sense.

      We could have a very good debate on all of these issues and more if those who truly care to have such a debate would care to eliminate the rhetoric and actually consider the facts and history as a guide.

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    40. Mark , Croton on Hud says:

      There was nothing conservative about adding 5 trillion dollars to the deficit or the Bush doctrine of preemptive war leading the US to attack Iraq. Had the GOP stayed true to their conservative ideals we could have maintained the a true lasting majority envisioned by so many for at least another decade. Take the invasion/occupation of Iraq, the war created such a huge distraction that worsened the impact of natural disasters and helped usher in man made ones like the current financial crisis. The deficits enabled run away spending and directly impacted the election outcome.

    41. Steve of Oregon says:

      If President Bush had been a better leader, Obama would not have a stood a chance of getting elected. Conservatives need to be sensitive to working Americans and stop pandering to the ultra wealthy. Bush is quite possibly the worst president in American History! Sadly, Americans do not know who is the real Barrack. Rev Wright no doubt had a profound influence on him which cannot be understated.

    42. Dave from Central Pe says:

      Given that the Republicans allowed Bush to run unchecked (no checks and balances from the Congress), the outcome is not at all surprising. Hopefully Obama has learned from this and we'll get back to a way of doing business that the constitutional writers had expected. If not, we'll see another wild swing in 2012.

    43. Tony Hollick, Bristo says:

      Well, I'm glad that American voters followed what seemed to me would be Barry Goldwater's advice.

      A true, quiet patriotism is the love of the _idea_ of a country, as Michael Levin once wrote in Heritage's "Policy Review".

      Quote: In 1944, Nash-Kelvinator Corporation ran this magazine

      advertisement, showing a grim pilot, about to take on Zeros at

      twelve o'clock, imagining this staccato message to his partner:-

      "I want to tell you what I'm fighting for.. It's you and our little house and the job I had before… and the chance I had,

      the fighting chance, to go ahead on my own.

      That's what all of us want out here… to win this war… to get home… To go back to living our lives in a land — and a world — where *every* man is free to grow as great as he's a mind to be… where *every*

      man has an *unlimited* opportunity to be useful to himself and his fellow men …

      "Tell 'em we'll be back… Nothing can stop us…

      And tell 'em

      no matter what they say, no matter what they do… to stay *free*… To keep America a land of *individual freedom*!

      _That's_ what we're fighting for…

      _That's_ what we're willing to die for…

      _That's_ the America we want when we come home."

      "We had better figure out what happened if we expect _any_ army, conscript or volunteer, even to _remember_ what it's fighting for."

      – Michael Levin

      ———– * * * * * ———–

      I love that America. I fought for it as a kid of five in the playground. People all over the world love that _idea_ of America, and many are immensely pleased by the choices of the American voters. I've given that America all bit my life.

      My greatest hero and personal friend Admiral Noel Gayler won three Navy Crosses at the Battle of Coral Sea. He commanded USS Ranger. He designed the Single Integrated Operational Pan, America's niclear warfighting strategy and systems. He directed the National Security Agency. He served with distinction as ConCPAC, disregarding Kissinger's orders to leave those "little brown-skinned people" (as Kissinger called them) who had fought with America and Cambodia behind.

      He commandeered every boat he could get, and took countless thousands of the people we were supposedly fighting for to safety.

      In his retirement, he worked with George Kennan, the architect of Containment policy, to bring the Cold War to an end on terms favourable to the West AND to the Russian people.

      And to get rid of the vast peril of nuclear weapons. American kids no longer have to have nightmares of imminent nuclear destruction.

      And he succeeded. How many of you have even _heard_ of this magnificent American? He's the officer who welcomed John McCain back on board after he was rescued.

      I can't and won't speak for him on the Election results.

      I find it hard to imagine he'd be displeased…

      Tony Hollick

      Anduril at STARGATE.uk.net

    44. Pat, Michigan says:

      What's done is done….however, I don't want to hear any more "equal rights" from the African Americans anymore. I will watch and see what happens from here. I am an "Independent" and we all knew how this was going to end. I'm sorry that the maverick didn't win because he is a great american.

    45. Marc, Orem, Utah says:

      Will someone or the author of this post, Conn Carroll, tell me where and when Barry Hussein Obama promised to build the military and reduce gov't spending, i.e. smaller gov't. He repeatedly said he won't raise taxes on 95% of America. That is documented, despite voting twice to raise taxes for 2009 on those making over $42K. But how about the other two conservative values mentioned?

      If Barry holds to those three promises, great! He'll also alienate his left-wing base and drive them nuts! If he doesn't, let's hold him to that and while we conversatives pick up those mantras once again like the days of Ronaldus Magnus.

    46. Neal Thornton; LIBER says:

      Campaign promises are just lists. Lists and plans are management tools. Candidates are elected to be leaders, not because of their management skills. Most people don't know the difference. We always elect (at every level) candidates because of things on their lists and then are suprised when he or she shows no leadership. BO provided us a list (though certainly not his own) of things he intends (maybe) to do while managing the Executive branch. When an event occurs (and it will according to Joe Biden) that is not on the list, his leadership will be called on. I don't know that he has ever had a chance to practice this technique and certainly not to the degree that JohnnyMc has. Little George had the same problem and when an event occurred that was not on his list (9/11, then Katrina) he showed questionable leadership skills when dealing with them. The decisions that came out of the Executive branch of gov't didn't always turn out favorably. Remember who the country turned to after 9/11? JMcC!

      "Those who refuse to learn history are doomed to repeat it"

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    48. DestinyBender says:

      He successfully lied his way to being elected, he muzzled his nasty, foul-mouthed wife, his racist Pastor, his anarchist pal Ayers, his convicted Felon financier – Rezko and everyone else he knew on his way up including family members living in abject poverty. His appointment of Emanuel as Chief-of-staff is all anyone needs to know about where his administration is heading – and it ain't down the "let's all come together highway".

    49. Lee, Iowa says:

      The slim majority of the people voted for who they thought they wanted, or voted in anger against George Bush, whose biggest failing was with the media. Many people voted on emotion and emotion and intelligence are two separate things.

      Anyone who thinks that there is anything conservative about our new President is kidding themself. Sandi in Colorado wants a Republican to congratulate our new President. I will respect the Office of the Presidency, and I intend the person holding it no disrespect. However, over a period of over 22 years in the U.S. Army, I swore several times to, "protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…" I considered William Jefferson Clinton a domestic enemy of the Constitution, and the current President-elect has some proving to do before I think otherwise of him.

    50. Dell, SC says:

      Soo…His Highness gave his first press conference today and, as usual, he spoke many words but said nothing. All I keep hearing is how REPO (REid/Pelosi/Obama) is going to throw a bunch more money at any problem which rears its ugly head. Well, that's just plum swell but where's the money coming from? Last time I heard that you could just keep printing money as long as you want to..as long as we have the gold reserves to back it up but, beyond that, if you still keep printing it, pretty soon you have inflation..can you say "Great Depression"? If there's still anyone out there who sincerely believes they're going to get a significant tax cut, I wanna meet 'em!

      And, as for those wonderful tax rebates for all the people who don't pay taxes anyway, the "windfall" has been loosely calculated to be something like $500..PER YEAR!!! HA! Like the girl in the Progressive Insurance commercial says, "That's maybe a big, tricked out name tag"..Pulease! At least. she gets paid the big bucks to sound stupid! Oh, forgive me. I guess Obamarama is getting some pretty big ones, too, huh? Guess he'll have to join the actor's union now! Whoops! He can't do that..he's going to abolish secret voting there!

      Well, all this jocularity aside, one comment he made before the election was something like, "We're going to change this country and then we're going to change the WORLD"!!! If THAT God-complex-driven pronouncement doesn't tell you he thinks he really IS the Second Coming..well, I have this little property I'd like to sell you..it's worth about a buck and a quarter but just for you, I'll part with it for only..oh, say..$1 or $2 Mil..and you don't have to put any money down or show a reason- able ability to make the payments..shoot! Why bother with those small details..c'mon, you can do it!!! No need to thank me..if you can't make the payments, there's always this Big Brother who lives up on a hill in a big white house who'll bail you out! No problem-o!

      I suppose I should apologize to all of you who have posted very serious concerns about this mess. Maybe I shouldn't be laugh-

      ing about it but the alternative is too grim to consider. Somehow, we conservatives have got to quit crying and figure out what we have to do to put some brakes on that slavering horde! Pelosi and Reid and Frank and Paulson..they all have visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads and I'll bet their feet haven't touched the ground since Tuesday!

      O.K., straight face here..does anyone know of any factions to join where we might gather our skirts up under us and start figuring out what we're going to do in the near future? We lost our entire 401K in the stock market (apx. $1.1M!) so we can't do much more than talk but everybody says my husband has never gotten a word in edgewise since we've been married! So if I can blow the right people away with words, I'll be more than happy to. Just point me in the right direction and I'll be there! In the meantime, cheer up! (so he cheered up and sure 'nuff, things got worse! LOL)

    51. Phil Johnson, Roosev says:

      Dear President Elect:

      My greatest hope for this nation and your presidency is that you be HONEST!!!!!!! Honesty is hard to find among polititians. Please surround your self with HONEST advisors, staff and cabinet. How about Mitt Romney for Sec. of the Treasury?

      Please, honesty is most important to the American people. If you and your staff are not honest, nothing else matters.

      Keep in touch with Jim Matheson (D) representing Utah's 2nd District. He (and his brother Scott) are honest men!

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