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  • Morning Bell: The Most Fraudulent Election Ever

    According to federal election law, any presidential campaign that participates in public financing is automatically audited after an election. When Barack Obama broke his promise to the American people by forgoing the public financing system, his campaign became the first since public financing became law to have a chance of not being audited. Federal law does still allow the Federal Election Commission to audit a presidential campaign that doesn’t participate in public financing, but at least four of the six FEC commissioners must first vote to pursue an investigation “for cause.” No doubt there is great “cause” to be concerned about Obama’s fundraising efforts.

    Late last month, the venerable and independent National Journal tested reports that the Obama campaign’s online fundraising system was built to facilitate fraud. Veteran journalist Neil Munro bought two pre-paid American Express gift cards worth $25 each to donate to the Obama and McCain campaigns online. Munro purchased the cards with cash and then accessed the Obama and McCain campaign websites from a public library in Fairfax, Va. The Obama campaign’s site accepted the $25 donation, but the McCain campaign’s site rejected it. Contacted by National Journal, the McCain campaign explained its system rejected the donation because American Express could not verify that the donor lived at the address given with the online contribution.

    Contacted to explain why its campaign accepted the donation despite the existence of any safeguards, the Obama campaign replied by e-mail: “Name-matching is not a standard check conducted or made available in the credit card processing industry. We believe Visa and MasterCard do not even have the ability to do this.” But Juan Proano, whose technology firm handled online contributions for John Edwards’ presidential primary campaign, told the Washington Post it is possible to require donors’ names and addresses to match those on their credit card accounts. But some campaigns are reluctant to impose that extra layer of security. “Honestly, you want to have the least amount of hurdles in processing contributions quickly,” Proano said.

    Obama’s donation fraud facilitation does not end there. Pressed by National Journal to explain why the campaign failed to identify hundreds of thousands of low-dollar donors, the Obama campaign responded that it “would be a pretty hard thing for us to be able to process.” National Journal responds:

    But there is much widely used and inexpensive technology that allows Republican and Democratic campaigns to sort and identify millions of donors and to highlight or exclude overseas contributors. The technology is offered by companies that complete credit card transactions, by banks that provide credit cards to customers, by telecommunications companies that maintain digital networks, and by a variety of smaller firms that track Internet activity. … [A] five-minute phone call to Bank of America’s merchant-services department showed how a campaign could sort transactions to identify any credit cards that were used to make small donations under fake names and fake addresses. The campaign could download transaction data from the bank’s Web site and transfer the file into a database, such as Excel, said the Bank of America employee. “Then highlight all your transactions and click your sort button,” the employee said.

    So there you have it. Instead of making a 5-minute phone call to protect the integrity of U.S. elections, the Obama campaign did nothing. This is exactly the same approach the campaign has taken toward ACORN’s massive and well-established voter registration fraud campaign. Hear no evil, see no evil. ACORN takes a zero-effort approach to preventing vote fraud during its registration drives. Nate Toller, who headed an ACORN campaign against Wal-Mart in California until 2006, told John Fund: “There’s no quality control on purpose, no checks and balances.” And Anita MonCrief, another ACORN whistleblower, agrees: “It’s ludicrous to say that fake registrations can’t become fraudulent votes. I assure you that if you can get them on the rolls you can get them to vote, especially using absentee ballots.”

    Already Obama and Democrat staffers have been forced to resign for registering and casting ballots in more than one state. If Americans are ever to trust the electoral process again, a full investigation and audit of Obama and ACORN are an absolute necessity.

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    34 Responses to Morning Bell: The Most Fraudulent Election Ever

    1. Cindy/Wauseon, Ohio says:

      I just finished voting in Ohio. I found it disturbing that I had to LOOK for the McCain/Palin ticket. They had other names I didn't recognize near the top of the ballot, plus Barr, with Obama easily found. But McCain? At first I thought they'd forgotten to put him on there. But I kept looking, and there he was buried on the right hand side. I find this outrageous. The two top candidates should be the top two choices. It wasn't in alphabetical order, so there's no excuse.

    2. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      ALL campaigning should be done on the FREE Internet,

      and the HF

      should be pushing for it.


    3. Ron in North Carolin says:

      I am ashamed of the Democratic Party, Barak Obama and Joe Biden specifically.

      Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden are leading a dishonest campaign. There is no doubt about it.

      When people Lie, Cheat and Steal their way in elections or in Life — it shows a clear lack of honesty and character.

      What are we teaching young Americans ?

      Lie , Cheat and Steal your way through Life…

      our elected politicans do it — why should the young people of America be any different ?

      That mind set is NOT what I want my children to learn.

      I have NO RESPECT for Mr. Obama or Mr. Biden

      they Lie, Cheat and would do or say anything to get elected.

      Sleazy Politicans have a new role model today.

    4. vinroc, Denver says:

      Talk about hyperbole, but what else can you expect from a bunch of conservative hacks. Most fraudulent election ever? Not by a long shot. The voter suppression and intimidation, not to mention the highly suspect "accountability" from Florida SoS Harris in 2000 and Ohio SoS Blackwell in 2004, represented true fraud. There are already reports of intimidation and machine failure in VA, and of course it is occurring in black and/or democratic districts.

      I'm just glad that our nation is waking up and finally entering a new progressive future. Your movement has failed, and good riddance. I don't even know why I am bothering to write this – it won't get posted.

    5. Sarah in South Carol says:

      Hmm. This is interesting, because I had a gift card given to me (Visa) and I tried to use it to donate to the Obama campaign and it rejected it, three times, when I attempted to use it. I thought I had transposed numbers or something when it was rejected the first time, so I tried 2 other times. It was rejected each time–and mine was not even as large an amount as $25.

      So I'm not sure that the "gift card campaign donation" is really that compelling an issue– certainly not one that would qualify his as "the most fraudulent election ever."

      If you're looking for an issue to go after, look into the issues with vote counting and touch screens–now THERE'S where some real fraudulent behavior is going on.

    6. Cecile from Tennesse says:

      It's been a sham and an embarrassment to watch the Democratic candidate move through the process. He's very slick, he speaks to hypnotize, and he has the Chicago political machine behind him. But name one truly respected and wise adviser that he has; you cannot. He has had to distance himself from everyone he sought counsel from. On the other hand, there are those who actually believe he's going to by their gas and pay their mortgage. I heard them say it, and was left speechless at the thought of it.

      Today is election day. If Obama wins, we are entering a frightening new process of socialistic law. If he doesn't, the riots will be like none we've ever seen.

      Pick your poison.

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    9. Ken in Santa Barbara says:

      The response to this push article striking. I was driven to read the article. The HF is most effective in combining wishes with facts and obfuscating simplicity with denial and half truth. Still it is good to see that the response is not weighted and that others with a slant for the truth and knowledge often confused with liberalism are aware and read HF. I am pleased Cindy found her man and that was the least of her problems. LV I am neutral and fearful on the use of the "Free" Internet. Ron represents all that the HF represents to me….opinion made to sound factual (yes my opinion but I saw no facts from Ron or HF). Thank you to Sarah and vinroc for their insight and responses.

      Here's to a move toward our getting constructive, grounded, factual information and our ability to continue to share our success and our failures together.

      Let's take back the media

    10. Robert, Pennsylvania says:

      I just finished voting here in PA. On my way to the polls, I passed a school bus with a guy standing next to the bus holding a sign that read "Board the Obama Bus & Vote". God help us all!

    11. Dave McDuffie, lagun says:

      Vinroc in denver is a complete idiot! Go ahead and argue with the votes that were counted innumerable times and the dems STILL LOST, ALGORE sued to become president and DID NOT WANT THE MILITARY VOTE TO COUNT…and you braindead anti-American demorats claim voter fraud?! ONLY THE DEMORATS are noted and proven to have STUFFED the ballot box, had dead people voting numerous times, illegals voting with counterfiet IDs, and how about that upstanding group Obama was with, ACORN! The most fraudulent voter registration group IN HISTORY…all demorats! Just heard a black girl on the radio explain why she was voting for Obama…" Obama will take care of my gas and my mortgage!"! Oh, really? At who's expense? Why, at all of your expenses! You voted for the socialist, you knew he was going to take your money, he told you so, did you think he was kidding? Oh, you thought he was cute, and you thought you would just FEEL BETTER voting for a black candidate. Well fine, lets see how long your "feel good moment" lasts! Imagine Obama telling KOBE, "son, I'm gunna take half your income and spread it around the league to guys that just sit on the bench(except the white ones!)"." And that goes for you to A ROD, half your income is MINE baby, maybe more later on, and yours too Reggie Bush, gimme your money, theres lots of guys on the street who can use this money to get out of momma's house and maybe help pay for all those kids fathered!". " And all you Hollywood types with your millions for hardly even working for it, your money is mine now, so get used to living on an average wage and making the kind of movies we socialists want to see,movies about us and how we transformed racist America into a 3rd world country on a par with Cuba! I promised you change and now you have it!". "You voted for me so you authorized me to do what I want". "Hahahahaha, you voted for me,a total unknown, with not even one accomplishment to my name, and only 143 days in the senate, running the most negative, hate mongering campaign in history where I got the news media AND Hollywood to completely trash innocent, hard working and decent Americans like Joe the plumber and Sarah Palin and others, even the news woman who had the audacity to ask Biden a RELEVANT question was trashed along with her republican husband! Thanks suckers, now me and Michelle are gonna be runnin things around here and if you complain expect a visit by the authorities because the informers will be everywhere watching out for you!".

    12. Ed, Pennsylvania says:

      I do not think the democrats can run a legal election, they all seem to be wanting to be rulers instead of representatives of the people.

    13. Tracy Phenix City says:

      Please forgive me if my prose is not as appealing the one I am about to quote. I wrote down this quote many years ago by Ronald Reagan, sorry I don’t have the source written down. “Every new day begins with possibilities. It's up to us to fill it with the things that move us toward progress and peace.” I am thankful we live in county were we have free election and great changes of progress. After this battle weary election this county has to move. I pray that the losing side will move on gracefully and be content with what they did. For as the Bible say, “for what you sow so such ye weep.” For myself I am very grateful that we are going to have the first women as vice-president.

    14. Claudette, Oklahoma says:

      Ha! Tracy from Phenix. You may not quote or spell correctly, but your message was clearly understood.

      Go "old guys" and "tough gals."

      McCain-Palin 2008

    15. Michael J O'Bri says:

      Indeed the question of a Banana type republic election has come home to the USA compliments of the Democrats, ACORN, and Obama’s swift change not to accept Federal Election Funds. The results have been tainted, and will be questioned in historical terms, but at least the great Democracy and experiment has given more people the opportunity to select its leader ever in history. The democrats viewed this election this not so much as an exercise in democracy, but as gaining control, and at all costs; the means justify the ends. History will question Obama’s campaign tactics, the FBI is investigating ACORN, and the final chapter is yet not written. We gave seen the high standards McCain placed on his campaign, as a former Navel Officer and POW kept his promise, but lost to an individual who surrounded himself with American Terrorist Bill Ayers, the Rev Wright and other questionable people. My wife and I voted today at 6:00 am in New York and the lines were deep already. This proves one indelible point about Americans and the American experiment: we may necessarily not agree with what you believe neighbor, but we deeply believe that you have the right to profess it and we will help defend your right to believe and say it. However, we expect as Americans things are fair, should you bring 53 playing cards to the poker table brother, you will find yourself in deep trouble. God Bless this great nation.

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    17. Joe Texas says:

      My IQ is not as high as Obamas….but when the non-workers (non tax-payers)(voters)….outnumber the workers (tax-payers)(voters) there goes the Democracy…. I do have enuff common sense to know or recognize … socialism …or communism…

      May God help us…..

    18. DGC rich says:

      Is this the kind of CHANGEANISIM we need ??????????

    19. DGC rich says:

      Fraud is the only way the dems can win anything, we need to outlaw federal funding of ACORN and all other organizations like it. We need to get back to Christian values. The election polls need to be cleaned up as well as the media – hollywood – and most of the congress.

    20. LE, New Jersey says:

      Why do you bother investigating Obama's compaign? If the main stream media does not investigate and report, the uneducated electorate of the United States will not realise that they are losing the Rule of Law. The non-taxpayers have learned they can vote themselves money. I fear our democracy will not be able to turn off the path Obama, the democrat congress, and the soon to be liberal judiciat will put us on. I thought the founds set up checks and balances. Where are they?

    21. Laurie, California says:

      I am deeply distressed at the loss of honesty, fairness, democracy, corruption, fraud with Acorn and the Democratic Party's lies about who really caused the economic crisis created at the perfect time by George Soros. I understand he bought the mortgages, then forcelosed them at this time to cause the blame to go to Bush and (now the brainwashing done in Mr. Pres.-Acorn in his campaign by repeating hundreds of time…"we can't afford 4 more years of this type of administration.") This rhetoric was done by Hitler so eloquently when he was campaigning in Germany in 1933. Change, change, change. Boy did they get it. Repeat something enough times and the stupid non-thinking voters will believe it is true. What savages have we become!!!!

    22. Sandra, Florida says:

      Sandra, Florida writes:

      Your comment is currently undergoing moderation

      I believe in my heart this nation is headed for real trouble. The Bible predicts these events. The blind sheep are easily lead by the powerful and corrupt politicians with promises they never intend to keep. The eloquent speaker with his false promises is glorified. The man who speaks the truth is past over for the smooth talker. These sheep listen to the known liberal press and the so called celebrities, men who literally commit blasphemy, and extreme radicals???? I distance myself from them and their ignorance and naive mind set. Biblical principles have been dismissed and on that alone there will be a price to pay. I just pray those of us who do put Christ first and who do believe in and stand for the truth are not made to pay for their sins. As for me and mine we will continue to follow the LORD and look to HIM for direction.

    23. Robert Washington says:

      While the title says "fraudulant", nothing will be done about Obama, the demorats or the media. The noise will subside as we pull up our collective pants. There in lies the problem, left leaning repubs who allow the elephant to don chamelion clothing that when you look at the party it changes into a donkey depending how one looks at it. When the Republicans finally purge their left leaning tendancies then and only then will the true party stand upright as a pure party. Now this will only serve to strengthen the independants etc as long as the repubs waver in their backbone. The republicans allowed this loss, so they need to refocus right now to purge the left out of themselves. Not later.

    24. Clifford Rene Woods says:

      I agree with Sandra totally! We still know very little for certain about our President Elect thanks to his "Media Love"! We do know he a socialist and that system has failed whenever

      it was attempted because it is human to desire

      freedom! I do not understand why the "Young" can

      not or will not learn from historical mistakes why

      a man like Colan Powell would endorse someone like

      Obama! What I thought I knew about Powell before would have lead me to vote for him in the past but

      now I am confused! I believe a person should do what is right because it is right and that

      our "Forefathers" were right when they composed our "Constitution"! I don't believe it is "Flawed"

      as Obama said! If so why doe the rest of the world

      "Look Up" to us for leadership! As Sandra said the

      mislead young voters have put freedom and safety in jeoperdy!

    25. Kathy F. New Provide says:

      When I woke up this morning to the radio the first thing I heard was that Obama was in and McCain conceeded at 11pm. I was not surprised, but sooooo very disappointed. What are people thinking? Do they think that someone who has spent 4 years in the Senate is more qualified to run our country than someone who would have given his life up for our country? Are people really that stupid? This whole Acorn thing is really disturbing also. Do we really know that the votes that were cast were honestly voters casting their votes or were they people who were registered God knows how many times through Acorn voting and voting and voting?

      Kudos to Dave McDuffie of Ca…….couldn't have said it better myself.

      My feeling is that people of minority voted for Obama because they COULD, not because they knew what the heck they were doing or what he (Obama) really stood for.

      God help us all…..Obama is not going to be good for the U.S…..how can a man who will not salute the American flag CARE about the nation that he has just been elected to run? He doesn't care about the U.S………..my opinion and my fear is that he's come to destroy. We all need to watch our backs.

    26. Freedom's Daugh says:

      I have no doubt that Jennifer Brunner defrauded the election in Ohio. There are so many reports and allegations surrounding her. She is clearly suspicious, and complete and thorough investigations of her, ACORN and OBama need to be launched.

    27. Sandra, Florida says:

      Those of us who don't have scales over our eyes are dumb founded over the ignorance of the voters. We don't understand how seemingly intelligent people can be so gullible. Irrefutable proof of lies, greed, and corruption can be presented and these people will still ignore the facts and turn away. They only see what they want to see, what makes them feel good, what they wish were true. Nothing has changed since time begin. There is a book I read daily (the Bible) that has countless stories of just such bizarre behavior from the human race. Prophets of old faced the same blind ignorance. It's hard to see these events take place and get our minds wrapped around how this can happen. Not all of us can see truth for what it is and not all of us are willing to work for what we have. There are those who just want everything given to them. They believe there is someone out there who is just going to give them these things they desire. These people are in for a rude awakening. Unfortunately it will be the hard working Americans who pays the price while the rich and corrupt continue to line their pockets. They may share the hard working Americans wealth (which isn't much). They are not going to share their own. We also need to remain vidulant to the outside world. Those who hate America and all it supposedly stands for, those outside our borders would love to step in while we sleep and take all that our forefathers worked so hard to give us. If only America could remember and live by our motto IN GOD WE TRUST. Had we kept that pledge this nation wouldn't be in the turmoil we are facing. Again may GOD bless us and help us.

    28. Robert Francis says:

      So, what's the point? We lost the d—-d election to these savages who have not merely levered our system, but used their privilages as downtrodden minorities to break the laws of our country because they know that there will be no reprisal since all we ever damned do is cry about it and do nothing.

      So the lunatics are running the asylum. Congratulations John McCain for your HONORABLE adherance to McCain-Feingold rules, you got what you deserved for appealing to Liberals.

      And by-the-way McCain, Thanks for being so generous to Obama by just leaving out the fact that those savages on the left ripped us all off for TWO TRILLION dollars and as they laugh their a—s off at us, YOU let them get away with blaming George Bush. You called Obama a "decent man". You sir were once a decent man. But that monument to American Manhood that endured in Southeast Asia is not the man you are now. Please sir, if there is any decency left in you, retire away and inflict yourself on us no more.

    29. Jon, Allegan, MI says:

      America – Land of idiots. Okay, one more time – elections are held every four years (for President) and every time Americans vote for a republican or a democrat to be their next President. In other words, these same two parties have been in charge for over 200 years – promising the world and delivering the same bullcrap every time. That's okay, we're Americans, we're to stupid to end the madness and destruction to our country – we continue to vote for more of it.

      There is only one way to "FIX" Washington – FIRE THEM ALL. How? That's the easy part. Next time you vote, make it a vote that means real change. Vote for someone in the Independent Party or the Libertarian Party. What? Seriously. Take 5 minutes out of your busy day to take the time to look into all the candidates that are on the ticket for President. I know that all every news organization out there – and I do mean "EVERY" – made damn sure that the only candidates you would hear about would be from the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. Why do you suppose that is? I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that the American people might just hear the real facts about America's problems? Why else would they keep these other candidates out of the Presidential Debates? Maybe because they have answers that Republican's and Democrat's don't seem to have.

      Bottom line people – If you were the owner of a business and you needed someone to run your company – would you choose either McCain or Obama to run the company for you? Certainly not (unless you wanted to be in a small business and were currently in a big business – then hiring either one of them would make sense – you would just let them run your business and you would wait! Bingo – instant small business!

      Seriously, every American is an owner of this country. As owners, it is our responsibility to ensure that everything is being done to ensure its success. Neither candidate from the two-party system offered any American hope of success – American's merely went to the polls and picked, who they felt, was the lesser of two evils. That is just sad. I went to the polls and cast my vote for Bob Barr (again, thank the media for not informing you about him). I take the time out, each day, to make what is happening in our country important enough to me to want to do something about it. I do this through my website, take5america.com, by calling my Congressman, by calling my Senator, and by calling the White House. Since everyone in our Government is an "elected" official, I remind them that they work for us, meaning I am their boss and they work for me – not the other way around. I will continue to do my part and attempt to get others to do theirs. Only when "We The People" stand up and demand better from their leaders, will anything begin to change in Washington.

      Until then – I WILL NEVER AGAIN VOTE FOR ANYONE WITHIN THE REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRATIC PARTY. If everyone did that – they would all BE FIRED and replaced by individuals who stand for AMERICAN's, instead of special interest groups, Lobbyists, and big business.

      So, Obama supporters, talk to me in four years when the truth is known. Tell me – just how much better we are as a country. Tell me – how much brighter the future looks for those we leave behind. Tell me – how great we have become. It is going to be a short conversation – and that, my friend, is the saddest part of all.

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    31. William Rickard says:

      The fraud is disgusting. Hopefully, a full investigation will reveal exactly what happened. Based on this entire election process I expect Obama will get another pass. ACORN will continue it's very questionable behavior.

    32. Sandra, Florida says:

      Jon from MI is absolutely correct. However with the under handed and fraudulent way the elections are handled I am not sure not sure if even this would work. There are bus loads of people voting who haven't got a clue and whatever else they need they just create. Votes from those deceased, multiple votes from one person and votes from those not even eligible to vote. If they don't get the vote legally they need they will create votes. These people aren't of good moral conscience and don't play by the rules. The work to help us get the right person into the next election (if we are still free to even vote by then) needs to begin yesterday. In the mean time don't forget to pray without ceasing for this nation of ours.

    33. Sue, Florida says:

      Observations during the late eighteenth century from Sir Alexander Tytler (1742 – 1813)

      Scottish jurist, historian and professor of Universal History at Edinburgh University.

      "A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the Public Treasury. From that moment on the majority always votes for candidates promising the most benefits from the Public Treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy and is always followed by dictatorship.

      The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years.

      These nations have progressed through the following sequence:

      From bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to great courage; from courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance; from abundance to selfishness; from selfishness to complacency; from complacency to apathy; from apathy to dependence; from dependency back into bondage."

      a sad moment to ponder……

    34. Bev Korasack, ON., C says:

      Wake up America! We are running out of time at this moment. I do not have American citizen, but all my family members in USA do. It greatful either to have Obama or McCain to be a successful President of a Great Nation. The whole world had paid attention to see a blink of a big change in the History, we are at the invisible complicate war amongst ourself. I think what matters the most which leadership that we can rely on in the future. I knew that all the policians are liers but just pray for good cause. There is something wrong that the majority of citizens are still using the slavery system to build the economy. Now let's do the other way, use the system to be their slave, avoid using other human being.

      God blessed the whole world, not just America

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