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  • Barack Obama's Gonna Make Us All Rich

    Last week we documented Barack Obama’s devolving definition of who he considers to be rich. At first it was families making more than $250,000. Then it was those making more than $200,000. Than those making more than $150,000. Now Bill Richardson is telling New Mexico radio listeners only those making less than $120,000 can be considered middle class.

    If Obama keeps this up, none of us will have a dimes more wealth or income, but at least we’ll all be able to call ourselves rich.

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    4 Responses to Barack Obama's Gonna Make Us All Rich

    1. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

      After his election, the reality will most definitely be: you are rich if you still have a job!

      We are going to wish that we were living during the great depression!

    2. RJ Washington says:

      Respect our president and stop looking for excuses. You the 37% minority should understand that trckle down didnt work let's try the other way now. Give it a rest America has spoken. We still love you folks as fellow americans but it's time for a change and we got it. America the beautiful is back again not the cowboy effect of diplomacy by looking down a gun barrell……….

    3. Comrade Cody, Housto says:

      Seems like Obama was testing the waters to see how to guage what the 'people' consider to be rich. Too bad his plans neglect the fact that there are not enough 'rich' people(define whatever rich is) to fund them all. Once he realizes there isn't enough money he'll cut defense spending and raise middle class taxes(which still may not be enough) to pay for his random Social programs and Universal Socialized Healthcare. Which in the end- it wont matter if we are getting bombed.

    4. al franken, minnesot says:

      RJ Washington, Got news for you on several fronts. First of all study your history. "You folks" had your shot in the Carter (worst President in the history of the U.S.) years. Just read, no need for me to rehash the facts. America hasn't spoken, 52% has and that includes the largest racist group in America and that is the African American communities (if 95% whites voted for Mccain would they not be deemed racist? And if not racist are they not anything more than sheep? baaahh, change!!! baaahh change!!!!) By the way lets open the borders and pour in more future entitled DFL voters, but lets butcher the babies here that have not reached voter status age "they have no value". America is not beautiful anymore you have had your way in numerous major cities and your mayors and council people are the stuffed up toilets by your policies and by your corruption.

      Your Barny "Elmer Fudgepacker Fudd" Frank and Chris Dodd were taking it up their Fannie Mack's and doing the rest of America in while expanding your corrupt Acorn criminal enterprises.

      We do not love you, and you are not my friend or my fellow citizen and if this goes the course I believe it will be my 2'nd ammendment right that you will be looking down.

      Obama will never be my President, I will stand by and hope America flails, fails and falters at his hands and he stumbles and mutters and mumbles all over his eloquence. If you truely believe America has spoken then you are probably one of the moronic spawn of the 80's who bought pet rocks.

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