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  • Setting the Record Straight: Obama's Misleading Tax Ad

    Barack Obama has spent more money on political advertising than any campaign in history. In the case of his 30-second spot, “Try This,” we’d like the Democrat presidential to try honesty instead.

    The misleading and false ad suggests The Heritage Foundation supports his tax plan. Nothing could be further from the truth. We’ve asked the campaign to pull the ad and have contacted TV stations directly. Now we’ve created our own ad to set the record straight.


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    14 Responses to Setting the Record Straight: Obama's Misleading Tax Ad

    1. BG Brown - Highland, says:

      Thank you for taking aggressive action to stop the Obama campaign from claiming that your foundation endorses his economic plan. I hope you are able to purchase enough air time to get the message out all across the country.

      I appreciate the work you do.


      BG Brown

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    5. Dave, Riverside, MO says:

      CHANGE – A young writer only hinted of his powerful oratory, preaching success for all and a newfound unity. He built a small group into a powerful party to achieve his vision. His message of change appealed to people broken and downcast by economic and political chaos and divided by class rivalry.

      His party became the most powerful force in the republic, eventually taking complete control. This 43 year old campaigned and maneuvered into control of both legislative and executive branches of government, with little opposition and NO prior experience. He kept his promise of change, eventually influencing the entire world.

      It was 1932 through 1934 in the Republic of Germany and the man was Adolf Hitler.

      In 2008, we again hear a charismatic young orator with little executive leadership preaching a chillingly reminiscent message. However, the United States does NOT need change that undoes 232 years of progress.

      We need an experienced, conservative leader to make fine corrections to put us back on course.

    6. Delores Weatherly says:

      I have been seeing the ads that Heritage thinks Obama's tax planis better. When I got on your web site I could see that was not true. Is there anyway to take that ad off the air. It should be on the news that this is not true. It is a sad day that a man can control the news media and the air ways. Thank you for all the hard work. Delores

    7. B Millward - Dallas says:

      I've seen that ad twice in the last 20 minutes. O is the biggest liar ever. What a disgrace and tragedy it will be if he is elected.

    8. Sherrie says:

      How many times do we have to hear, “That’s not what Obama meant to say”?

      We SEE it with OUR own EYES

      We HEAR it with OUR own EARS

      Still we are being told that’s not what Obama meant to say!

      Fact Check Question: Did Obama say America “is” no longer “a” Christian Nation?

      Fact Check Answer: Here's what Obama meant to say, Obama,June 28, 2006 (prepared remarks): “Whatever we once where, we “are” no longer “just” a Christian nation;

      Fact Check said: Unfortunately for Obama, he stumbled.

      Obama campaign. The way it actually came out was, as delivered: “Whatever we once were, we “are” no longer “a” Christian nation – at least, not just. We are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, and a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers”.

      WHATEVER WE ONCE WERE? Obama – REFUSES to acknowledge America’s rich history was built on Judeo Christian principles.

      Obama a potential President just BLAMED publicly one of the largest Christian groups in America for hijacking religion to divide the nation!

      In the same speach Obama said Jesus sermon on the mount was to Radical for the Defense Department!

      I'm sure that's just what Jesus was thinking 3000 yrs ago…. jeeze I hope the Defense Dept will use my sermon as their guide!

      In One Day Obama told the world Christians are to BLAME for dividing the nation & the Bible is where they get their belief.

      We need to be alarmed!

      The rest of you think you're safe because you’re not one of the "so-called Christians", but if you agree with anything in the following list you're at risk!

      The “so-called Christian” right believe;

      Life – For the unborn, the Elderly, the mental & disabled

      Family – Protecting the sanctity of Marriage between one man & one woman

      Pro National Defense – Defend & Protect our citizens

      Pro Israel – Support for Israel – Christians we have a Biblical obligation to defend Israel and the Jewish people in their time of need. There is a new Hitler in the Middle East, Ahmadinejad who has threatened to wipe out Israel and America.

      If we learned anything from the Holocaust, it is that when a madman threatens genocide we must take him seriously.

      During the Holocaust, too many Christians were silent

      Tuesday Nov 4th, Bible-believing Christians must speak up and stand up for Israel.

      Our faith demands it. The times require it. Silence is not an option.



    9. pam guischard, new h says:

      Nov. 2, 2008. I live in New Hampshire, and i just saw the Obama ad on tv tonight. it was on the Hallmark channel at @8:50pm. I have seen it numerous other times in this past week.

    10. Marie Hinkle, Lacey, says:

      Thank you for clarifying your stance in regard to obama's tax plan. However,I thought you would like to know that tonight Nov. 2, on CNN Wolf Blitzer had a segment called the "truth squad" that stated that Heritage Foundation supported Obama's tax plan.Please keep up the great work you all are doing in separating fact from fiction and standing up for the truth! Thank you!

    11. JoAnn Mosholder says:

      It is good you have exposed the Obama campaign.

      These people are totally dishonest.

      one can only hope and pray it is not too late for the American public to open their eyes and see him for what he really is, a "Liar" with a capital 'L'

    12. B. Wilson, York, PA says:

      I had a good laugh over the weekend. I was lucky enough to actually have an Obama volunteer stop by house and ask for my vote on Tuesday. I had then informed the worker that I was a Conservative and a Capitalist as well as a Republican. She then actually had the nerve to tell me that the very same organization that I belong to, the Heritage Foundation actually supports the Obama Tax Plan. Needless to say that got me going; I then informed her of my membership and how wrong she and anyone else working for that campaign is in making those untrue statements. I invited her to seek a better understanding and education by visiting the Heritage Foundation’s website to view for herself the truth about that very issue which she had no idea about. I just hope that the American general population is educated enough to actually know fact from fiction.

    13. Rachel Bartlett, Ste says:

      All we can do now is pray for our country. I fear we are progressing toward the slippery slope of socialism. America is taking a step back through time if Obama is elected. Our higher education in this country has been training the Left to take over for the last 50 years. Obama is a product of the so-called transformational society that men like Ayers have worked for since the 60's. They have infiltrated our educational system and Obama is their first trial balloon. God help this nation.

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