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    It must really be tough to be a public affairs guy at the Department of Justice who has to explain why the Civil Rights Division is not carrying out its enforcement responsibilities. I have posted previously about the failure of the Civil Rights Division to enforce the Help America Vote Act against Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, who has refused to forward information about mismatches between the information contained on new voter registration forms and other state records to county election officials (they have also failed to sue the Wisconsin election board for the same problem). This is a real concern given the credible allegations of thousands of fraudulent voter registration forms being submitted by ACORN. In an interesting side note, John Fund has revealed in his Political Diary that Brunner’s campaign consultant in 2006 is a development director for Project Vote, an ACORN organization.

      No wonder Brunner doesn’t want county election officials investigating problem registrations.

      After being taken to task by the Wall Street Journal in an editorial on Monday, a Public Affairs official for Justice wrote a letter to the WSJ defending the Civil Rights Division. He excuses DOJ inaction by saying that Brunner has issued a Directive after “discussions” with the Division “regarding the processing of duplicate voter registrations and identifying deceased registered voters” as if that satisfies the verification requirements of HAVA. It certainly does not.

      If the Secretary of State is only sending information about duplicate registrations and dead voters to county election officials, then she is still completely neglecting to send county officials information on new voter registrations forms that have other problems that may be just as serious, such as registrants whose name, address, age or citizenship status don’t match with driver’s license or social security records. That could be an indication of a fraudulent form submitted by a noncitizen, a fictitious individual, someone who is underage, or someone who is lying about where they live (like an individual from out-of-state). However, Justice apparently doesn’t think the 200,000 mismatches in Ohio are important to litigate over and seems unwilling to do anything substantive about it.

      One final word – in the past, career lawyers in the Civil Rights Division have felt no compunction whatsoever about violating their professional ethics and leaking their opinions to the news media when their superiors have not agreed with their recommendations on legal matters. I despise unauthorized leaks by such staff, but particularly in this case, it would certainly be interesting for the political appointees to publicly disclose what the career lawyers in the Voting Section of the Division have recommended be done about the Ohio situation, and why they have or have not taken their advice.

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      4 Responses to Inquiring Minds Want To Know

      1. Lynwood Dunn, North says:

        McCain/Palin are going to shock the world by winning this election (Ihope). The church buses are lining up in the black communities down here to take voters legal or not to the poll's. I get so tired of hearing how white conservatives are prejudice, when you can compare the percentage of black voters voting Dem. to white voters voting Rep., and figure out quickly where the prejudice lies. Positions mean nothing in this election evidently. Thank's

      2. Spiritof76, New Hamp says:

        Where is the justice department protecting the civil rights of Joe Wurselbacher (Joe the plumber)? How come the government officials without a court order pry into his private life including his tax records?

        What we are seeing is the march towards the abuse of government power to the extent that we may not be safe at our houses. We may hear a knock on the door with jack-booted government thugs in the middle of the night.

        What recourse do we have? I think the only recourse left to ordinary people is to exercise our fading Second Amendment right. It is so sad to think that just in my lifetime America that I love has become a socialist country!

      3. Darvin Dowdy, Houst says:

        What we're seeing here is a complete and absolute breakdown at the top of our executive branch. George W. Bush should have the AG front and center at his desk – at 3 am! Demanding to know why this is not being addressed. It seems like poor Pres. Bush has just completely given up. Not willing to fight for the political party that has done so much for him. Its so very sad to watch. But he typifies the GOP hierarchy in their weak, doormat status. DD

      4. joel carson,waxhaw,n says:

        The people with socialist, godless agenda have infiltrated american society and gov't in local,county,state and national legislators.They are now so confident of changing america into a socialist country that they are blatant in their corruption of the system.obama like many lawyers became a constitutional law professor so he could learn how to defeat the intent of the constitution.John Adams said that the weakness of our constitution was in the fact that it would only work with a moral and religious people.You judge,is america moral and religious?My opinion,morality and religion are being eroded away.The socialist democratic party is trying to fool the american public into believing that they are moral and religious.They are in favor of killing babies.They promote gay and lesbian relationships as if they were moral and right instead of a perverted abomination as defined in the bible.They are teaching these morals to our children in a gov't sanctioned and supported school system and destroying the fabric of our culture.WE MUST TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK STARTING WITH THE SCHOOLS!!

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