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  • The Greatest Trick the Socialists Ever Pulled

    Attempting to answer whether or not “Barack Obama supports Socialized Medicine?” CATO’s Michael Cannon writes:

    Socialized medicine exists to the extent that government controls medical resources and socializes the costs. … What matters—what determines real as opposed to nominal ownership—is who controls the resources. The particular decisions that government makes about those resources are likewise irrelevant. It matters not whether the government is stingy about medical spending (as in Canada’s Medicare system, the British National Health Service, or the U.S. Medicaid program) or obscenely lavish (as in the U.S. Medicare program).

    What matters is who decides. By that definition, America’s health sector is already well more than half socialized. Government purchases 46 percent of all medical care. … others posit that government ultimately controls about 60 percent of U.S. health spending. … To paraphrase Keyser Soze, the greatest trick that supporters of socialized medicine ever played was to convince the American people we don’t already have it.

    Turning to Obama’s plan, Cannon concludes:

    Though no rigorous projections have been done on the Obama plan, the Lewin Group estimates that a similar plan would enroll 40 million people in a new government insurance program, which would be akin to doubling the Medicare rolls. The Lewin Group projects that plan would increase federal spending by more than $140 billion per year,30 which some observers consider a vast underestimate.

    Further, Obama’s proposed National Health Insurance Exchange would let government dictate who must purchase coverage, how much coverage they must purchase, and the premiums for every insurance policy in the nation. Reasonable people can disagree over
    whether Obama’s health plan would be good or bad. But to suggest that it is not a step toward socialized medicine is absurd.

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    9 Responses to The Greatest Trick the Socialists Ever Pulled

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    3. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:


      THE question that NEVER gets answered.

      Medicare, Military Medicine, and Veterans Hospitals


      Medicare should start at Birth for ALL.

      What do YOU tell a 50 year old that needs cataract surgury and can't affored it?

      Or, a 35 year old that can't afford a Hernia Operation?

      Those that BRAG about being Cs

      are really ONLY HATERS.

    4. Ben West, Laurel, MS says:

      Ken Jarvis,

      What the government would probably tell the 50 year old that he'll have to wait 6 months to get the cataract surgery, or that they don't really believe he needs it like he thinks he does. Both people you talk about should have bought insurance, and the average person can certainly afford it, even if it's an independent plan. What I would tell the 35 year old is "Go have the surgery." He can't work with a hernia. It'll cost him more to not get the surgery than it will to get it, and he can pay it off later. People buy more house than they need in that manner. Why can't they get an important surgery in the same manner? Is a nice house more important than good health?

    5. Duane Phinney Pensa says:

      Depending on the hospital, they would require a large deposit or payment in full. Worse yet, they charge 5 times more if you have no insurance. There is help available and most hospitals know where to find it.

    6. Roy Vega, Norway says:

      Having to wait 6 months for surgery? In Norway the medical world in runned by the Government, and we often have to wait much more than 6 months for a surgery. On the other hand, the US may put more attention to those who really fell through the net and fall too much – down and out – of medical reasons. They are not that many, but and here is really a but, in Norway the Governmental administration administrate that much in the health complex that management lives its own life, on the cost of the individual who really need it, and need to be seen, need to be listened to.

      You may ask if you can work with hernia. We have to ask who we have to back us up and place us on the waiting list for surgery. Next challenge is how long time we have to remain on that waiting list to make it. Months, for some – years. This is namely the other part of the "golden medal" of a complete governmental health system. Let me ad up that health insurance is the most upcoming insurence businessin Norway these days, even for our kids. Life is not easy.

    7. Marie says:

      I would like the government out of my life! We were founded as a Republic, NOT A DEMOCRACY. The reason for the revolution was to get the government out of our lives so we could live free and responsibly. They took God out of the schools, made the government responsible for people's well-being, and now we are looking at possibly a socialist president. When did we give the government so much freakin' power? They are out of control. We need another revolution to get it back. Democracy doesn't work it leads to socialism. A republic is the only true free way to govern.

    8. M. Schmitzer says:

      Take it from someone with 17 years in health care. Yes, they government has already succeeded in taking over 60 percent of healthcare with the creation of Medicare. But what I am thinking is people don't realize health insurance is a relatively new concept, not 100 years old yet. Employers began offering group plans to attract good employees in the 1920's. Fast forward to 2008 and most folks think health insurance is a "right". First, look up inalienable rights, folks. Health insurance is a privilege tht you earn by paying for it yourself or by working for an employer making enough profit to provide it to their employees. Please stop telling me health insurance is a right. It is not. Liberals are selling this one to get their hands in yet another large piece of pie-the private insurance industry. Please wake up. I have no country to move to when lierals/socialists take this one down. If you love the social experiment so much-move somewhere where you think it works. I like it here.

    9. Dennis Aderholt Geor says:

      Socialixed medicine is not the way to go.The government is way to deep in our lives as it is. People have grown used to the idea that the government will always take care of them. Well the working person is the one paying the bill. How much more can we stand to pay??? When the working people give up who pays for everything???? The government will fold like a deck of cards, and the denocrats do not seem to see this comeing down the road, tax and spend is their way.

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