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  • Heritage Asks TV Stations to Stop Airing Obama's Misleading Ad

    Two days after asking Barack Obama to pull a false and misleading ad citing The Heritage Foundation, the campaign has not yet responded to the request. Heritage’s attorney, Alan P. Dye, today contacted TV stations directly to stop airing the ad. Dye’s letter was sent to TV stations across the country where the Obama ad is running.

    The ad implies The Heritage Foundation supports Obama’s tax plan even though neither Heritage nor analyst Rea Hederman said what is quoted in the ad. The text of the letter to TV stations is below.

    Dear General Manager:

    We are informed that your station has been running advertisements placed by Obama for President that contain false statement concerning my client, The Heritage Foundation. The ads and the reason for their falsity are described in my attached letter to the Obama campaign. The campaign has apparently ignored my letter and continues to run the false ad.

    As a responsible media outlet, we assume that you take seriously your obligation to ensure that advertisements appearing on your station do not mislead the public with false information. Accordingly, we respectfully request that your station discontinue the publication of these ads.

    Further information about The Heritage Foundation’s position on the Obama and McCain tax plans can be obtained at heritage.org. After reading them, we are sure you will agree that it is misleading in the extreme for the Obama campaign to suggest that The Heritage Foundation believes that Senator Obama’s tax plan would be better for middle class Americans than the plan proposed by Senator McCain.

    Very truly yours,
    Alan P. Dye

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    14 Responses to Heritage Asks TV Stations to Stop Airing Obama's Misleading Ad

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    4. dr of Omaha NE says:

      I saw this ad on two local television stations this evening. I hope that the stations remove them soon.

    5. Dinah, Orlando, FL says:

      I've found a wonderful way to reward television stations and magazines who only air or print whatever goes along with their political views. I simply don't watch the stations programs or news (CBS, NBC, ABC especially) and I no longer buy the magazines that I use to buy weekly (Newsweek, Time). I've found I can get both sides by listening to Hannity and Colmes, and all sides by chosing what websites I choose to read.

      I learned along time ago that just because something is in print or broadcast on the air, that doesn't make it true. Unfortunately, you now have to search for the facts and the truth. You can no longer depend on broadcast news, so called "News" magazines, or newspapers to tell you the facts and let you make up your own mind.

      Sadly, I am too old for a country that protects individual freedoms (are there any left in the world?) to allow me to immigrate. If Obama (backed by his mob of Congressional Idiots Reid, Biden, Dean, and the Traitorist Queen of the House) gets elected, the Constitution will be retired and this will no longer be a free country protecting the rights of the individual. If I had wanted to live in a communist state, I would have immigrated to Russia when it was still a communist country and before it discovered that the plans Obama and his thugs have in store for us, DON'T WORK!

      I'm ashamed to admit that I use to be a Democrat. The party left me when it became the "Socialistic Democratic Party" and stopped looking our for the rights of everyone and the especially the majority of our population, the middle class.

      If Obama wins, I have a new bumber sticker I'll be putting on my car. It has an American Flag with a black band over it and says:

      United States of America

      July 4, 1776 to January 20, 2009


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    8. Dave Boggan, New Orl says:

      Socilaist agenda….? hogwash…, but,…..

      Take a look at the Communist, Socialist playbook..or "Communist Goals for the Takeover of America", reveiewed by congressional commitee 40 years ago. After the publishing of "The Naked Communist" by Cleon Skousen..in 1963…..the final piece will be in place if O'bama is elected…control of the executive branch of government.

      This may be coincidental, but 44 of the 45 have occurred since 1963…it's real, and now.

    9. JWD, Texas says:

      Dinah –

      I wholeheartedly agree with you and love the bumper sticker idea. If Obama gets elected the country as we know it and LOVE it will die a slow, socialistic death. I don't think we'll have to worry about it but you never know. There are so many, so-called 'new' Democrats that have no idea what their vote for Obama really means. Let's hope they suddenly have moment of clarity.

    10. John,Orlando says:

      I saw the ad today on wftv channel 9 in Orlando

    11. Dash Riprock says:

      Can you say fraud? Can you say libel? Heritage should sic their lawyers on them.

    12. Lesley in Houston says:

      Hi, I am really angry about Obama calling hard working people "selfish" because we don't want to give even more of our hard earned money to people who don't want to work as hard. First he attacks Joe the plumber, then he tosses out the media, then he calls the electorate who pay a lot of taxes already "selfish". Obama calling us names is the last straw. We can't let this man win. We need to run ads with footage of Obama calling us names like "selfish" and call him selfish for not giving a dime to his poor relatives. I am so angry that he tries to intimidate everyone by calling us names. Can someone put this "selfish" in ads against Obama? I am a nurse and my husband is an engineer…we both worked hard to get through school, and now work very hard. Last year we earned a little over 200K and paid about 60K in taxes so we don't think that is selfish!!!

    13. faith kinzie, VA says:

      Dear Dinah, Orlando, FL,

      I would love to buy your bumber sticker from you as I also believe that too.


    14. Linda, Winston-Salem says:

      Wednesday, Nov. 3rd. I've seen the misleading Obama Commercial twice in the last hour. I guess Obama was certain nothing could be done to stop his campaign from running the commercial all that they wanted before the election was over. By the way, if you go to the website on the commercial you are sent to a site owned by the Obama campaign.

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