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  • Obama Continues Airing False Ad

    Barack Obama’s campaign continues to air a false and inaccurate TV ad that misrepresents the views of The Heritage Foundation. After formally requesting yesterday that the campaign pull its ad touting the candidate’s tax plan, neither Heritage nor our attorney have heard from Obama’s campaign (although a campaign spokesman issued a wholly unsatisfactory response).

    Heritage policy analyst Rea Hederman, who never said what Obama attributes to him in the ad, maintains that Obama’s campaign is playing fast and loose with the facts in this new video.


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    18 Responses to Obama Continues Airing False Ad

    1. chris manning, new j says:

      The ad ran today, 10/29/08, in the Philadelphia market.

    2. JAL says:

      As I emailed Heritage Foundation October 28, the ad was aired on ABC at about 10:45 PM during Without a Trace.

      Amazingly arrogant behavior on part of Obama — threatening other ads with letters to the DoJ, while not responding to HF — and continuing — an ad identified as false.

      Get ready for a terrific (read: horrendous) 4 years if he should win.

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    5. Daniel, West Virgini says:

      Well, it's probably tit for tat. The Obama campaign, with the complicity of Franklin Raines, has said that the Washington Post story that stated that Raines advised the Obama campaign was false (which it wasn't), and the McCain campaign kept making the (true) claim. So now Obama's campaign thinks they can simply say that you're lying now by refuting what the media reports you said.

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    8. Barb - mn says:

      What a shameful human being. What an outrage of commercial corruption. What a shameful country of leaders who are so easily influenced by his corruption. No matter what the cost to the citizens they lead. What a shame for the people that vote for him as they do not know his true agenda.

      Those who represent the Heritage Foundation,

      your honesty, dignity, integrity and will to the heritage of this country and the truth is outstanding and forever appreciated. Thank you for all you do!

    9. E.M. Mack, Missouri says:

      Still running ad here in Missouri as of 10/30/08.

      When I first saw the ad with the Heritage quote I was dumbfounded and knew it had to be a lie!

      Go sic 'em, Heritage Foundation!

    10. chelseabites, texas says:

      I'm amazed by the incredible amount of public interest in Sarah Palin. Good or bad, she's become somewhat of a pop icon. People are dressing like her to be and/or mock her all at the same time.

      For instance, I found this video on dressing like Palin:


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    12. F. R. Brawner, Texas says:

      I found it hard to believe that the Heritage Foundation agreed with or supported Senator Obama's economic policy. Their television advertisement gives the impression that you have conceded the validity of their argument, and give tacit support to Obama's election. Those who have studied history recognize the tactics…

    13. Dan, Pittsburgh, PA says:

      The ad just ran here in the Pittsburgh area at 10:40PM. Still running it.

    14. Ed Smithe, Virginia says:

      Why didn't the Heritage Foundation notify the Sun and ask for a correction? Seems to me that this could have all been avoided had they done so.

    15. Vito Rosati Kuna Ida says:

      It's ashame nothing will be done to stop this man from distroying America as we once knew her. This is the biggest lier the Democrates have ever had in their ranks. He makes Clinton look honest.

    16. Alyce, California says:

      When I saw that ad, I knew instantly Obama and co-

      horts were up to more of their "dirty politics"

      tactics. How dare they sully your good name and

      reputation????? I assume, there's a lawsuit in the

      works?? CERTAINLY HOPE SO!!!! I was offended on

      your behalf. There are people who unfortunately

      (for them) have not heard of your magnificant

      foundation and the great work you do for us and the country–don't want those people to get the

      wrong impression!! GO GET THEM, H.F.!!!!!!

    17. Jan Zimmerman, New A says:

      The deceit, lies and corruption by the Democrats, Obama and surrogates such as the major NBC, ABC, CBS, PBs "news" programs shows how desperate they are to win the election. The Democratic "economic justice" program will be a real eye opener if he gets elected. It is this very program (Community Reinvestment Act, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, CARE, ACORN etc.) which is ruining the country and economy. We will definitely be on the path of major socialism. What is unbelievable to me are the fools who are voting for Obama and his Socialist programs. Obviously they have not looked at history or traveled throughout Western Europe. Support for these type of programs is a condemnation of our education system which has been hijacked by leftist teachers both in the schools and the homes.

    18. Fred, Dayton OH says:

      Still running in Dayton market.

      Is John McCain aware of this? He may be able to afford an ad pointing out yet another lie or shady association by saint Obama. I know a lot of people think telling the truth is "going negative" but how else will the public get the information they need to cast an informed ballot.

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