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  • Why Voter Registration Fraud Matters


    Buried deep in this Slate article Jack Shafer finally gets around to explaining why ACORN’s indisputably proven record of voter registration fraud matters:

    As [University of Kentucky professor Tracy Campbell] notes in his book, compromising an election’s integrity in any way qualifies as fraud, whether it changes the outcome or not. So when John McCain shouts fraud in response to the sham voter-registration forms submitted by ACORN for “Mickey Mouse,” “Donald Duck,” and the Dallas Cowboys starting lineup, he’s right. Just because these registrations might have been purged before a vote could be cast with them doesn’t invalidate his charge. Fraud is fraud.

    The more aggressive the Democratic registration effort, the more likely that “quality control” will suffer and fraud will result, and every relaxation of voter-registration rules increases the likelihood of “mischief.” For example, while the passage of the “motor-voter” bill in 1993 enfranchised many of the disenfranchised, it also made it easier to commit voter fraud. (See this think-tank critique, which declares the whole motor-voter process highly corrupt.)

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    10 Responses to Why Voter Registration Fraud Matters

    1. Barb MN says:

      Everything the democrats create costs wasted millions if not billions. They are unproductive in what use to be a strong government system of democracy. They are incompetent! They are embarrassing. They are immature and highly unqualified. They are dishonest and ugly.

      We deserve honesty and dignified people to lead. Or we don't need a democratic party. Everything they've created is easily corrupted! We deserve the people who are involved with Acorn, Motor-voter, the housing crunch and everything else corrupted and corrupting in the federal, state and local governments to be reprimanded immediately. Before the election.

      We are sick of the wasted government jobs!!! Influencing people to work for them instead of building up the free market. But this was all intentional. All a set-up for socialism. Please stop this! Before the election. We have a right to know that socialism will not be conducted and any socialism in any state now will be removed. For the sake of our future, please. I will NOT HAVE MY SONS FIGHTING FOR A SOCIALIST COUNTRY! I'd like to know if what Obama is threatening (socialism) is ethically allowed in our country. So we can move out.

    2. Barbara Clayton says:

      I hope you can answer a question that has bothered me for a long time. If a person has a driver's licence and/or a social security card, how do they verify that person is a citizen of the USA? I have asked my local county clerk's office and several people. No one has had an answer. Also, how do they verify if they register on the internet?

      Thank you Barbara Clayton San Diego

    3. Dean, Colton says:

      This entire line of reasoning is faulty. If someone sends in a registration card, and that person never shows up to vote – how can that have *any* effect on the election? The fake registrations that ACORN filed were not people with fake IDs. They were completely fake names, addresses and SSNs. In other words, there is no way any of these registrations could end up as a vote. Period.

      Anyone who says otherwise needs to provide some evidence that this could occur, and how. Simply saying "It could happen" is a blatantly false line of reasoning because it relies completely on a conclusion without any facts to support it.

      America is about *DIVERSITY*, it is about *RIGHTS* and *FREEDOMS*, which means that every person has a right to express and follow their particular religious and/or political beliefs without being persecuted and demonized by some self-righteous group of wackos who think that only they are the 'real America'. While those people may have a right to express their views, they do *not* have the right to suppress other's views, or persecute them because they believe differently. Period.

    4. Dean, Colton says:


      A social security number is not a simple thing to acquire. Yes, there are fraudulent means to do so, but they require a lot of effort and money. This is not a wide-spread problem, despite the claims of fear-mongers.

      I have an adopted son who was issued a SSN at birth under his birth name. I adopted him when he was 5 years old, but failed to change the name on his SSN at that time (The birth certificate was changed, however). Just this year (he is 12), I went to change his social security info.

      I had to supply his new birth certificate, his old SSN, my adoption papers and school records showing that he was registered with them under his new name.

      A person creating a fake ID has to make some extraordinary efforts, and actually provide evidence that the fake person 'exists' by producing records from various entities that he/she resides/works/attends – which would require he/she 'live' as that other ID for some period of time. Again – this is not something that is a widespread problem or something that can be done for millions of people over the course of a few weeks or months. Period.

    5. paul campbell, seatt says:

      fraud – "A deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain." What gain occurred when someone filled out a form with "Mickey Mouse" ?

      None of us want to see any invalid vote cast.

      But, in this case the fraud was against "Acorn" who paid the solicitor for this invalid registration. Acorn identified them as invalid but was compelled by law to submit it. I doubt a single Mickey Mouse vote has or will be cast this year in the US.

      Now, have legitimate voters been denied the right to vote by erroneous removal for the rolls? Have legitimate voters been delayed because insufficient resources have provided for voters? Would these acts deserve the label "fraud" more than this "mickey mouse" fraud ?

      Complain about the real problems not the imagined "frauds".

    6. Paul Delacot, Abilen says:

      I know people who came to the US and have a Social Security card but are not a citizen. America can have all the laws that it wants but nobody is enforcing them, or is stepping up to show the American People that we still have Honor in our voting process. Democrats are not standing up to show Honesty for the US election process. I feel that the Democrats know the truth regarding the Acorn election process and have turned aside to allow their Victory any way that they can control the Government.

    7. Barb says:

      Paul C: have legitimate voters been denied the right to vote by erroneous removal for the rolls? What do you mean by this? People choose to vote and in a presidential election it should only apply to independent, law-abiding, taxpaying people who know what they're voting for and who will go to any extent to vote. Have legitimate voters been delayed because insufficient resources have provided for voters? Of course not. It shouldn't be up to taxpayers money to provide voter resources. That's something people do for themselves. Would these acts deserve the label “fraud” more than this “mickey mouse” fraud? Only if you insist on your excuses. If you can't follow the rules applied to all without government programs influencing the outcome or the corruption, your vote is disingenuous and not appreciated.

      Without ID the fraudulent voter registrations, with or without inside help can apply to a vote from anyone they bribe with taxpayers money, off the street. All due to no enforcement of the process. Another tax paid program. Their minds have become deranged and dishonorable because there is no discipline or enforcement on the government. There's nothing far fetched in this election.

    8. Peter Gaeta, Illinoi says:

      It's obvious to anyone paying attention that the hue and cry over ACoRN and voter registration fraud is a smoke-screen to take attention away from the massive voter suppression campaign waged in every election by the RNC and their surrogates. I've been listening to John Fund on C-SPAN and his attempt to give a balanced and academic presentation of election issues is a joke. He cites instances of a single person here and there committing voter fraud (none of them substantiated) as the biggest danger to our electoral system, yet when it comes to caging and voter suppression his standard changes to "it has never been proven on a massive scale to have affected the outcome of an election". What we have here, as with most of your organization's output, is a weak attempt to put an intellectual backing on the fear tactics and whisper campaigns that are propogated in a dumbed-down (further) version and given weight through repetition on Fox "News".

    9. Roger H. Hippsley, W says:

      Third parties (such as ACORN) should not be permitted to submit voter registration forms on behalf of individual citizens.

      The State of Ohio enables citizens to register in person at any of the following locations:

      The office of the Secretary of State or any of the 88 county Boards of Election.

      The office of any deputy register of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

      Offices of designated agencies that provide public assistance or disability programs.  .

      Public libraries.

      Public high schools or vocational schools

      Citizens also may download a form from the Secretary of State’s web site or write or call county Boards of Elections to request forms to register by mail.

      Individual citizens who lack the responsibility to register also lack the responsibility to vote intelligently,

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